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2019 Rumors

What's Octane up to? Any layoffs planned for 2019?

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January 2018 Layoffs

Does anyone know what groups or functions have been impacted by the latest round of layoffs that will officially happen in January?

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January layoffs

More employees got warns for Jan exit Found this in an older thread, I was wondering if anybody knows what this is referring to? I haven't heard that anybody got a notification of being let go in the last few weeks from Brocade, and especially not in... —  read more 

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Are you kidding me, Brocade?

Mergers are never good news for regular employees, but this takes the cake. Brocade just announced mass layoffs, and the reason? Broadcom merger complications. Still not sure how many or from where, if anybody has some inside info, it'd be great if... —  read more 

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Summer Layoff

Does anyone have insight on the number of employees will be laid off after the Broadcom deal closes?

Brocade Acquisition Rumors 2016

Rumors are flying left and right about Brocade Acquisition in 2016, probably Q2 or Q3. Would anyone care to chime in. I am looking at this from layoffs perspective and could care less about the direction of BRCD's stock price - please do not... —  read more 

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More cuts slated for April 2014

Did you hear something about this? Just heard rumors, with Brocade you never know, always on my toes...

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Brocade Boy

If you did not know, we are in the process of letting 7% of our peeps go - SEVEN!!! It's a major chunk of the workforce and you can expect the numbers to go up. I'd say that 2014 will bring even more layoffs, so you might want to start preparing your... —  read more 

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Brocade Communications Systems Inc

Brocade Communications Systems Inc. is reportedly pursuing a potential sale that could mean big changes for San Jose’s fourth biggest tech employer. The company has looked for buyout opportunities before, including in 2009 when it held talks with... —  read more 

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More than 300 people got let go today

More than 300 people got let go today. This affected all levels and there is a general consensus that more is to come...

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