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Did they see it coming?

Wow. AWS released a Call Center product that is probably cheaper and better that PureCloud or anything else Genesys has. Did our smart MBAs who are laying everyone off (via Synergy Spreadsheet) see this coming? Surely this is part of their master... read more
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Genesys - Judgement Day

Hey All, I understand that there will be epic cuts to PureCloud soon. June will be Judgement Day. This division needs to finally show some profitability or it is going to get pruned back like CIC. Anyone else hear this?

Cuts this week

Here they come again! ~20 from CIC R&D. I am getting tired of this sh--. Even if you are not one of the people getting whacked it makes it very hard to see this place as somewhere you want to stay long term. It is clear all the jobs are leaving. We... read more

Rest in Peace Interactive Intelligence (ININ)

Interactive Intelligence is no more. Maybe I am drinking a little too much today. I am now surrounded by mostly naive millennials, "Senior Software Engineers" who cannot code, and "Business People" who provide no value. I cannot believe some of the... read more

Cannot take it anymore

If I hear about one more really good person leaving the company, I am going to cry! This place is becoming a dead husk of 2nd rate talent fast.

The glory days are gone

Curious to know what people think? When did ININ reach the tipping point? When we made the new building? When we started PureCloud? When JoeS left? When SteveH left? When JeffG left? When JimO left? When we bought Orgspan? The 120M Convertible loan?... read more

Big one on the Way

Genesys is making a list, checking it twice, going to eliminate alot of jobs; Genesys is coming to town!

upcoming cuts

It looks like we are heading for more layoffs in 2014. This year (2013) was pretty bad but I think that Interactive Intelligence will have even more challenges next year. Miracles happen but I do not think that our current management will be able to... read more
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