Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

Maybe they are losing control

It looks like they have no intention of retaining anyone, regardless of how talented and capable the employee is. Of course, maybe everything got out of control and they don't even have the possibility to retain anyone anymore?

Too many managers

I don't know how it is in other departments, but my department has almost more managers than workers. This is not normal and of course no company can be sustainable in this way. If CDK would get rid of at least some of them who are totally... —  read more 

mgmt encourages leaving

They are probably doing this with the aim of not giving many people severance pay. It is obvious that the management is deliberately overloading their employees. Is it even worth waiting for the package here? I have no other option so I have to put... —  read more 

Falling behind competitors

It's sad for me see this because I used to really like working here. I think the reason why CDK is losing ground to competitors is that the leadership does not have a clear business vision and goals at all. I know that some people think that... —  read more 

Sad excuse for leadership

We have leaders who know they're incompetent and who have surrounded themselves with yes-people so they can never hear any criticism of their decisions. That's why we keep losing our best people to layoffs and attrition. There's nobody brave enough... —  read more 

I'll gladly volunteer

If more cuts are being planned, I'll gladly volunteer for it. I'm certain I'm not the only one who feels this way, so hopefully, the management will be smart enough to offer voluntary buyouts before any major cuts. Giving people a chance to leave on... —  read more 

More layoffs are coming?

I heard that some of the best employees were cut. I hope that everyone affected will soon find new and better jobs. I am frantically looking for new opportunities because it is easier to get a new job when you already have a new job. Is it true... —  read more 

Welcome to the NEW CDK!

Well, I guess a few of us have made it and still have a job.. Guess all is ok again. BUT welcome to the new world where there will be layoffs every quarter. So from here on out. Welcome to the new world of looking over your shoulder to see if another... —  read more 

How is it done

Can those who have been let go share how the deed was done so we can be on the look out? Also, was severance offered? Inquiring minds :) yes I am looking to get the he-l out of dodge asap. Please, if somebody is willing to provide details, it'll be... —  read more 


All implementation managers were let go this week plus other full time implementation specialist Like I’ve said in past comments about 22 Kforce and 33 dataset on 7-22-22 were laid off plus other CDK full timers


I was laid off Friday 7-22-2022 I heard there was about 22 Kforce people laid off and 33 data set and few others who were hired directly with CDK as well same day. (I posted this Saturday but I don’t see my comment so I put it again plus new... —  read more 

Status quo company

CDK has turned into a status quo company that allows no innovative thinking or individual contributions if they deviate from the norm even a little bit. Everything has to be done the same way it has always been done, because...I don't even know why... —  read more 

Exit interview

I'm planning to leave in the next month or two and I'm hoping there's an exit interview because if there is, I plan to be completely honest about why I'm leaving. I especially plan to be open about my manager and his bullying management techniques... —  read more 

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