Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

Just the big 'D' First Cobalt, now Kerridge... back to just the big D - Dealer Services

Shameless lying

Quit after one day. Was told the company values openness and curiosity. Was met day was with “did you see my email yelling from someone setting right next to me. What part of communication does this soon to be bankrupt company not understand ... —  read more 

Cutting Jobs in Norwood

To get tax breaks, CDK has in recent years committed to employing some number of workers in various places ; is Norwood one of those? Is their commitment there now expiring? Anyone know which localities are now buying CDK head count and in... —  read more 


CDK has outsourced most of CVR/AVRS engineering to India to cut cost. Moving support doesn’t make sense since they are customer facing. Maybe they are really looking to tank CVR/AVRS and sell it

El Paso

CVR had a good thing going when it was in El Paso. Wait times were reasonable and the issues got fixed. Here’s another great example of upper management just looking at numbers and being greedy. Good job 👍. CVR will tank in less than a year.

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I worked there up until some months ago. Got out because of horrible management driving the support staff into the ground. Was told CVR/AVRS couldn't be outsourced to other countries because of laws or regulations with DMV information. Oddly though... —  read more 

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What about innovation?

Want to understand? Look big. ADP had a good product, generating tons of cash. But it was getting old and locked into legacy issues. Nevertheless it generated cash. So they spun it off as a cash cow. CDK 'management' stepped in. One thing they knew... —  read more 

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The BIG BOOM is Here!!!!

The IT Company Infosys Headquarters: Bengaluru, India has purchased CDK front end implementation and has officially begun installing CDK applications. The company is currently installing approx 15% right now and will be installing 95% or greater by... —  read more 

Worse now than under BigM

Morale within the sales organization is the worst I’ve seen in the 11 years I’ve worked for ADP/CDK. Hard to believe but even worse now than under MacD. Quotas raised again, commissions cut again, bonuses paid quarterly now versus monthly and tied to... —  read more 

BK should just stop leading

His tenure at Intel was a complete disaster. Morale in 2016 was at its lowest point in decades. He lied to the BOD about new process technology delays (10nm) that caused Intel to slip behind AMD for the first time in over a decade. He sold every... —  read more 


This company will soon be dispersed and liquidated. I strongly recommend everyone at all levels to QUIT now. I can’t say who I am but I hope this message helps at least one person the one who left before the storm

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