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Sinking ship

Wanting when it will fully sink.
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Still a hot mess

It has been 3 weeks or so since this bad idea of a layoff. I have heard numerous leaders complaining that cuts were too deep in certain groups. A rumor is going around that at least one laid off person might be offered a contract to come back because... read more

Restricted Stock Anyone?

I just noticed that all of my restricted stock, which was due to be fully vested in September and November has suddenly been cancelled. I can only hope they are re-issuing the RS according to pro-rated description in my separation letter. Anyone else... read more

This is not just CDK

CDK Global is worst company to work. They are looking for cheap resource and moving all work to low paying country. They are posting and showing recruitment effort to avoid lawsuit by employees and regulators. There is NO new innovation in CDK... read more
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CDK recruiting at OSCON?

Was attending OSCON this week, and they have a booth already recruiting new employees less than a week after laying off 500+ people. What a screwed up company, with zero loyalty to their own. All they care about is inflating the stock price for the... read more

More rumors, more stressing

Now people at the office are saying that we can expect more layoffs before the end of the month. Can somebody here please tell me this is not true? I'm hoping it's just a case of speculation gone wild. I need a few weeks without worrying about my... read more

This had NOTHING to do with performance

As someone in management at CdK let me be clear: front line managers were in no way involved with this layoff. We found out literally the day before the layoff. We did. It select who was to go, only told it was happening. Many people were let go with... read more

I see things haven't changed

Haven't been employed at CDK for a year now, but I see few things have changed. Going through all the posts here (I still have friends who work at CDK and I heard about layoffs, wanted to see what was really going on,) I see morale has not improved... read more

A true story

Was layed off 2 years ago int the 1st round after McD took over. One day a couple months after a client I had calles my home phone and asks me why I wasn't coming ouit on his emergency call as his dealer site was completely down. I said that I had... read more
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A bit more detail

Please can anyone advise in a bit more detail which teams/offices/products got hit Monday 16th in particular? in particular in the International HQ at Hungerford, UK or India Hyderabad. I would look around and try and find out but keeping my head... read more

No more reviews on CDK Facebook Page

Did anyone else notice all reviews were removed from the CDK Global Facebook page? I would love it if all of our customers would email MacDonald directly with their complaints. Maybe he can resolve all their issues with "straight talk."

Another brilliant town hall

This is a gem - told us that the reorg preceded the RIF, and then went on to show us a temporary org chart. Man, they must think we're id--ts.

Customer First!

The resounding battle cry at CDK. Yet every move dictates the exact opposite. Here is the priority: 1 CDK 2 CDK 3 CDK 4 Shareholders (they don’t know they’re being screwed yet; think Toy’s R Us) 5 Customer 6 Employee’s
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Things will only get worse

Let's face it. CDK is being prepared for a sale. And once that happens, nobody is safe. Literally nobody. I can bet that within a year of a sale, at least half of the workforce will be laid of or fired or be forced out in some other way. Anybody... read more

3 weeks for 10 years

I had worked at the company for more than 10 years. I was offered less than a months severance. Disappointed wouldn’t began to express how I feel. I hope CEO sleeps well at night, I, and my family won’t be.

Contact your local news

Let locals in your town know CDK isn't a good place to work. Don't let them get away with this with some press: Hoffman: Portland: Seattle:... read more

Call Center

Worked for CDK for 2 years. They hired some good talent and under paid them. My management always said we were not a call center, however, they ran the operations like a call center. I sincerely feel bad about the layoffs. I left on my own due to the... read more

Who decided?

Can somebody explain to me how the decision was made on who will get cut? Why did we lose some of our best people? This makes no sense whatsoever. This certainly was not based on merit, from what I can see. I guess it was more about how much you make... read more

Seattle office

Any rhyme or reason to who was cut in Seattle? Anyone know the numbers?

Not sure this will work out

Just wondering, how are departments and locations that are now left with less than bare bones after the latest layoff round faring today? Are the few people who are left expected to do the work of everybody who was let go? Which, I know, is... read more

Is this really how it's done?!?!?

CDK sent my friend a meeting invite - a normal daily thing since she works/ed remotely - and when she joined the meeting, all the other participants were grayed out/hidden... so she waited and finally a recorded video appeared notifying the group... read more

What's going on?

Is anything happening today? I've heard from enough people that they believe layoffs will spill over into this week that I'm now seriously worried. Does anybody know for sure it is done? So I can relax instead of watching my blood pressure shoot... read more

CDK Global to Acquire CRM Firm ELeadOne

July 15, 2018 — CDK Global will announce Monday morning it is acquiring the auto retail industry’s leading customer relationship management firm ELeadOne, according to several sources familiar with the deal. The acquisition checks off several boxes... read more

This is the scary hidden side of CDK Global

In Indian IT market, CDK Global is very well respected and treated company. People giving interviews here also feel proud that they atleast got an opportunity to clear some of the rounds. May it even be 3rd round or so. But after seeing this layoff... read more

Stop spreading fear and misinformation

Simply that. If you don't have something official to cite, or anything more valuable than senseless rumors, stop spreading fear. There was a large round of layoffs and many people were left in fear from that, then they may Google what's going on and... read more

Layoff ATAC Norwood cincinnati

Norwood Cincinnati layoffs coming Monday 16 July 2018 ATAC Manager were asked to cut 3% off they staff. Your direct manager or supervisor are to choose who to layoff

What the hell is CDK trying to do?

CDK executives blame the reorg but why would a company do a reorg every 6 months. Are they not able to get it right first time or after multiple attempts? Leadership is in such a bad state that they are now justifying the need to keep changing the... read more

CDK is Drowning Car

MacD, You failed to treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customer...

Detroit & Seattle Office

Should the Detroit & Seattle offices expect layoffs? There the only two offices that we haven’t heard about yet.

CDK is buying eLeads on Monday July 16

Peositions are eliminated based on age and compensation. The longer you’ve been around and the more you make the more likely you are to be let go. Why? Eliminating you has a bigger impact on the bottom line. CDK had to eliminate 600 people Friday to... read more

severance package in India

What is the severance package in India? Is it of 2 months; just like notice period? Do they give full salary or they give just basic salary?

scary workplace

Glassdoor can tell everyone what is wrong with CDK. One day, we are working with some knowledgable senior guides (in the USA), next day, they are let go. Many people, who are not productive, are not touched. It's very clear that eyes and ears of... read more

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