Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

Nobody at the wheel! cdk is dying great purchase Brookfield you got swindled by BM who only wanted back to sc--w the people who fired him

700 ish people fired, price increases... hmmmmm search Brookfield vs cdk global Brookfield won because of cdk lying about the value. the very next month layoffs and then price increases fastest way to show a profit! HAHA if they don't sell the... —  read more 

Stub Bonus Payout - Sham

Just learned that no Sept - Dec 2022 Stub bonus will be paid to employees terminiated on Dec 15. This is what I figured would happen. Work like a dog until the end and then get SH*T on by Brian and company. Good Riddance CDK and best of luck to BM

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Top Heavy

CDK went and hired another executive this week. Another high priced person to micromanage the peons that slave away here in the field. They are so top heavy it’s not funny.


Hope you have a good manager, because I feel drained but I can't get a vacation. My requests for vacation are continuously denied because the company needs me to do work. Anyone else with this problem? I need advice. How did you act in a situation... —  read more 

Poor planning

It's terrible how disorganized this company has become. Have you experienced this much poor planning anywhere else? I doubt it. They have absolutely lost their direction, as if they don't know what they are doing at all. I consider it pure luck... —  read more 

Clients need to be altered

We all worked so hard supporting our clients. It was personal. Cdk clients need to be very aware of what’s going on. Support is going to be nothing A very large probability of it being an India associate that has no business supporting our customers... —  read more 

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