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We made the list again!

Glassdoor Reviews

I find it so interesting that as soon as a bad review goes up on Glassdoor, it is immediately followed by two or more 5 star reviews from India. What are they trying to hide?

Screw this backstabbing company

Company is known for going behind people’s back and depreciating stuff without telling others. They will lie and say what ever they can to retain while they outcast you. Get out and force them to bite a lose!

CDK UK voluntary redundancies

UK Product & Engineering team just offered the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy if they don't buy-in to the new strategy. Folks have until May 20th to decide if they'd like to take up offer. No comment on whether positions would be... read more

Auctioning to the Highest Bidder

The next wave of riffs is coming very soon. ELT is currently accepting bids to purchase the Front and Back End Implementation. CDK will have core internal team of BSC's that will oversee installs. The BSC's that are not chosen for that internal team... read more


Does CDK have a non-compete agreement? I am not sure if I signed one when I received stock awards or not.

How is this company still running!

Holy c-ap I just got offered a job and it’ll the I talked to some of my old colleges that used to work here. Turns out it is a sham, lying, deceiving, cut off, on its last legs gasping for a bankruptcy. I’ve been told that they deceive teams while... read more

Most dishonest company I have ever seen

I just turned down a manager position.Managers are required to lie or disinform employees about lay offs which are common. I was told that I’m going to have to dismantle 8 teams across several offices. When asked how they said for now tell them they... read more

People leave bosses

People don’t leave jobs. They leave bosses. The men who have been promoted to leadership positions at CDK leave a lot to be desired. They can’t think for themselves and are constantly keeping their associates down. Don’t question why. JUST DO... read more

Don't be so quick to leave CDK

I did, and I regretted it within a month. The job I moved to turned out to be completely different than what I expected - and completely different than what I was led to believe during the interview - and let's just say that managers leave a lot to... read more

Misinformation Alert

Ok so I just looked at this site after being hired and brought it up. What you people are saying makes zero since considering I just landed a job at Portland. They are not moving anyone! They Might be open ring s new location in Silicon Valley soon... read more

Finally leaving CDK

I finally made the decision to leave CDK after several years of hoping things would get better and watching them get worse and worse. I finally realized there is no future here - and I really hope everybody else realizes the same thing sooner rather... read more

Portland and Seattle offices will be closed

As I was leaving the company the new CEO was having high level discussions about moving engineering to silicone valley (where he lives) - it’s a long process but it’s 100% happening. If, for some reason you still work in R&D in Portland or Seattle... read more

Layoffs again ?

Layoffs again ? i see people leaving are they asked to leave or forced to leave It has become hostile environment in CDK

BK took a good first step today

Rajiv's departure is long over due. Hopefully BK continues with Amy, and the rest of the worthless C-level people that were put in place by BMac.

Norwood is being downsized..

They are moving everyone from two buildings into one and eliminating two floors worth of office space. This was sent out this morning: Dear Team: In 2016, we announced that we would create a new Customer Experience Center (CEC) in Norwood. Over the... read more

How is Rajiv still the CTO??

Seriously... I’ve never worked with such a petty, unquestionably unqualified executive.. I’m sure there’s many other issues, but he can’t be helping the situation given his toxic, political gamesmanship... all that seems to be left in engineering are... read more

CDK buying

seems a long shot, how can we afford to buy a $2B shrinking listings business...

VP Major Meeting with CTA’s in Norwood CVR

Not sure what’s going on, but the Vice President over CVR is meeting with all of the CTA’s tomorrow. They are actually shutting down the call center for an hour for this meeting which is highly unusual.

Good idea

So let's get serious. We know the products, the dealers, the market - there are now more of us with knowledge on the outside than on the inside most likely. I'll bet many have not signed a non compete and for those that did, they aren't forever... read more
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GSO Outsourcing

Any truth to the rumor that GSO is being outsourced since they are not back filling any of the reqs?

CDK is not a good company

There's many companies out there where most people are happy. Those are good companies. If CDK were a good company you wouldn't go to work or go online and see and hear nothing but people ranting about how terrible it is. Yeah there's always a few... read more

ELT visits

I heard BK and the ELT are coming to the Portland office tomorrow to meet with employees. Haven't head about this at other locations. Maybe someone should ask him why we have not been backfilling all the jobs lost from the layoff and after. Thankful... read more

CDKs Lot Management sale fell through?

Heard rumor that CDKs plan to sell off Red Bumper / Lot Management has fallen through? And that CDK might be compelled to retain this afterall? Assuming in the process CDK may need to hire more people or overload the already thin running teams that... read more

Pay Cut for all of Sales January 1st

Merry Christmas from our new id--t CEO. Conference call last week informing sales we are getting an increase in quotas and a reduction in commission percentages! Outstanding way to immediately turn sales against you BK. Even Big Mac wasn't that... read more

Tough calendar in 2019

Every $1 the stock drops now is $138,000 loss for BMc. If there is a weak Q2 (and I think it will be) I could foresee it falling another $5-7/sh before end of Q3. That is half the value it was just 9 months ago. Under the Accelerated Share Repurchase... read more

Turned $15k into $11k

Big Mac managed to turn my FY17 Sales Equity bonus into $11k after just 12 months of his brilliant decision making. I was "awarded" $15k in August 2017 and now its worth $11k. In addition to the stress and pay cuts he managed to devalue my bonus by... read more

Loose lips

move away from websites digital has been a drag on the company will get worse deemphasize digital reductions to management, sales?, training, content considering first consolidate to detroit, too hard to recruit talent and expensive in seattle be... read more

Directors receive stock.

Each one received 3,256 shares at a cost of $0.00 on 11/13. It's hard work running a company into the ground! aprox 500 more shares than received last year. Now, if we can repurchase another 500M of company stock (as is planned) , instead of... read more
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Talk about hostile work environment

Off all the companies I worked for during my nearly three decades long career, never have I seen anything remotely as bad as at CDK. I started working here four years ago expecting a positive work environment, but I guess I didn't do my homework... read more

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