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Turned $15k into $11k

Big Mac managed to turn my FY17 Sales Equity bonus into $11k after just 12 months of his brilliant decision making. I was "awarded" $15k in August 2017 and now its worth $11k. In addition to the stress and pay cuts he managed to devalue my bonus by... read more

Loose lips

move away from websites digital has been a drag on the company will get worse deemphasize digital reductions to management, sales?, training, content considering first consolidate to detroit, too hard to recruit talent and expensive in seattle be... read more

Directors receive stock.

Each one received 3,256 shares at a cost of $0.00 on 11/13. It's hard work running a company into the ground! aprox 500 more shares than received last year. Now, if we can repurchase another 500M of company stock (as is planned) , instead of... read more
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Talk about hostile work environment

Off all the companies I worked for during my nearly three decades long career, never have I seen anything remotely as bad as at CDK. I started working here four years ago expecting a positive work environment, but I guess I didn't do my homework... read more
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CDK Digital Advertising

What is the scoop on this? Does GM now let their dealerships choose website provders? BK has said in interviews he wants to shift focus away from advertising. If I am in Seattle or Detroit will I continue to havea job?

New quarterly dividend of $0.15 / share! Woohoo!

As employee morale and customer loyalty/stickiness are swirling around the bottom of the bowl, the turds at the top are taking care of each other and financializing more. What a company!
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CDK Global broke our spirits

Does anybody else on this board get the feeling that we are being overworked to a degree that borders with inhumanity? People are leaving the company left and right, as they realize that the pay at CDK Global has become a joke and as the benefits... read more

CDK Board Member Lesile Burns

Lesile Burns- CDK Board member needs to be the first target for the new incoming CEO. This clown supported and approved of McDonalds behavior and only forced him out when the stock price didnt support his personal financial interest. Out with Burns... read more

Glassdoor reviews

It looks like HR is at it again writing up positive Glassdoor reviews. Such a joke! News flash, no one beyond ELT is happy here.

Employee morale

If you are focused on employee morale you have failed miserably!

More good news from CDK

email went out telling sales there is currently a 30 day wait to just get a contract produced! WTF? Dealer says "yes" to buying something today. It takes 30+ days to get a contract for them to sign? Congrats Mac Don, you've figured out another way to... read more

Too Big to Fail?

CDK Is starting to sound a lot like Sears. There's now a corporate culture where the upper management is truly detached from the customer base AND employee base; thinking that the customers and employees are simply 'wrong.' What will it take to turn... read more

GM moving to choice

GM is officially moving to choice with dealer's websites. Dealers will no longer be contractually obligated to have a CDK site. Thoughts?

Express your Opinion Where it Counts!

In anticipation of the November mid-terms and expressing your true opinions with a vote... I'd encourage all the watchers on this channel to fill out a "1 Star" (that is as low as they go...) review on Glassdoor! Let's help Brian, Dan, and their... read more

How about that CDK Global Stock price?

I fell into into the burning ring of fire I fell down down down into the deepest fire And it burns burns burns the ring of fire The ring of fire Stock is 75% of what it was 7 months ago
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CEO salary justified?

Employment Attorney Contacted???

Has anyone already contacted a Law Firm regarding CDK's layoffs OR last weeks decision to tie the Sales Equity payout to signing the Arbitration Agreement? I plan to.

MMA Now Required for Equity Awards

New twist to screw with employees, the previous MMA Mutual Arbitration Agreement you were allowed to opt out. Now, it is required if you were awarded restricted stock. I say F#&! your equity award CDK!

Latest 8-k filing

On September 18, 2018, Robert Tarkoff tendered his immediate resignation as a director to the CDK Global, Inc. (the “Company”) Board of Directors (the “Board”) in accordance with the Company’s Corporate Governance Guidelines and his change in job... read more
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Recommendations for attorneys?

Please post good recommendations or experience you’ve had with employment law attorneys. or workers rights firms. To review or advise on severance packages. Or related advice.

Why are there so may job openings at CDK?

Isn't it curious that with all the layoffs we've been having, some as recently as last week, there are so many job openings advertised by CDK? A bunch of them were posted just yesterday (just check Glassdoor if you don't believe me.) Talk about... read more

All Billing to India

Well, here is the next shoe. All billing is heading to India. Account Specialists and all billing functions will be transitioned over to India by 2019. I wonder what the OEM and Dealers will think about that? Dealers are already mad, LMA’s are... read more

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