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Glassdoor Reviews

Looks like more and more exciting reviews on
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GM moving to choice

GM is officially moving to choice with dealer's websites. Dealers will no longer be contractually obligated to have a CDK site. Thoughts?

Express your Opinion Where it Counts!

In anticipation of the November mid-terms and expressing your true opinions with a vote... I'd encourage all the watchers on this channel to fill out a "1 Star" (that is as low as they go...) review on Glassdoor! Let's help Brian, Dan, and their... read more

How about that CDK Global Stock price?

I fell into into the burning ring of fire I fell down down down into the deepest fire And it burns burns burns the ring of fire The ring of fire Stock is 75% of what it was 7 months ago
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CEO salary justified?

Employment Attorney Contacted???

Has anyone already contacted a Law Firm regarding CDK's layoffs OR last weeks decision to tie the Sales Equity payout to signing the Arbitration Agreement? I plan to.

MMA Now Required for Equity Awards

New twist to screw with employees, the previous MMA Mutual Arbitration Agreement you were allowed to opt out. Now, it is required if you were awarded restricted stock. I say F#&! your equity award CDK!

Latest 8-k filing

On September 18, 2018, Robert Tarkoff tendered his immediate resignation as a director to the CDK Global, Inc. (the “Company”) Board of Directors (the “Board”) in accordance with the Company’s Corporate Governance Guidelines and his change in job... read more
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Recommendations for attorneys?

Please post good recommendations or experience you’ve had with employment law attorneys. or workers rights firms. To review or advise on severance packages. Or related advice.

Why are there so may job openings at CDK?

Isn't it curious that with all the layoffs we've been having, some as recently as last week, there are so many job openings advertised by CDK? A bunch of them were posted just yesterday (just check Glassdoor if you don't believe me.) Talk about... read more

All Billing to India

Well, here is the next shoe. All billing is heading to India. Account Specialists and all billing functions will be transitioned over to India by 2019. I wonder what the OEM and Dealers will think about that? Dealers are already mad, LMA’s are... read more

Rolling Your 401K to Another Provider

I call CDK HR recently to start the process of rolling my 401k plan to another provider. I was told the plan provider doesnt allow you to roll to another provider unless you are age 59 1/2, retired or no longer employed by CDK. This is a problem.

American management at its financialized worst.

American management at its financialized worst, in the theme of taking formerly strong companies like IBM and GE, and looting and slowly killing them. Kind of like organized crime skimming off the top and gutting formerly good companies. From one... read more

CDK 401K move to 'Empower'

For any of those considering moving your 401K to an IRA or a new employer's 401K plan, it would seem it's a good time. In reviewing the fee statement from Empower I received today, they definitely plan to make some money off of all of the... read more

Voluntary Departures

Now that bonuses have paid out, and stock options to vest on Monday, how many people will be leaving voluntarily?

Latest rumor

Rumor has it that CDK will be sold and taken private on the 15th of September. Also, 6 Project Managers resigned in the last two weeks. Kinda glad I got 6 months severance in July.

K8 Filing

Any idea what this means?

Where did the tax cuts go?

This is not intended to stoke political arguments but simply stated that CDK Global benefited greatly to the tune of 18.5 million dollars in savings directly attributable to the tax reform per the FY18 financial documents. Where did this money go... read more

Class Action Lawsuits Against CDK Global LLC

Current and ex-associates of CDK. If you are part of, or aware of any class action lawsuits against CDK Global related to hostile onsite work conditions, bullying, violations of labor laws, exempted vs non-exempt employee status, being told to... read more

And Now CDK is Going After our 401K

And now CDK is going after out 401K. They are leaving ADP Retirement and moving to I'm sure to further reduce CDK's financial obligation to their employees and to reduce their fees so the ELT can take another 50... read more

Still no severance

A friend from the office who was laid off by CDK over a month ago says he still didn't receive his severance. Is this possible? How long does it usually take for severance to be paid out? Should he worry about this or is it business as usual? I'd... read more

We're #1

Remember when CDK scored a pathetic #16 on the list of worst companies? Well, management has turned that around. The glassdoor rating is... read more

screwed over..again

I just received my merit and bonus payout information from my supervisor - even though I got a 4 rating, even though I worked nights and weekends throughout the year with the promise that "I'll be taken care of when bonuses come around" I got... read more

ADP sheds Dealer Services - now called cdk

ADP sheds Dealer Services - now called cdk YTD 2018 stock performance for both; ADP + Up 22.5 % meanwhile cdk - Down -12,8 % ADP management sure was wise.
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Sinking ship

Wanting when it will fully sink.
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Still a hot mess

It has been 3 weeks or so since this bad idea of a layoff. I have heard numerous leaders complaining that cuts were too deep in certain groups. A rumor is going around that at least one laid off person might be offered a contract to come back because... read more

Restricted Stock Anyone?

I just noticed that all of my restricted stock, which was due to be fully vested in September and November has suddenly been cancelled. I can only hope they are re-issuing the RS according to pro-rated description in my separation letter. Anyone else... read more

This is not just CDK

CDK Global is worst company to work. They are looking for cheap resource and moving all work to low paying country. They are posting and showing recruitment effort to avoid lawsuit by employees and regulators. There is NO new innovation in CDK... read more
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