Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

Genpact Long-Term Plan

There are a number of older messages referencing Genpact. As many may now be aware there was a second wave planned impacting more senior level employees, there’s a third wave, and so on. It’s a total of a 5 year plan with continuously lower cost each... — read more 

Why do you allow that?

Lots of people complain about being overloaded. I am genuinely interested, why do you allow yourself to be put in that position? Of course they will overwhelm you with work when they see that you are putting your head in the sand. Why is it so hard... — read more 

$1000 to stay...

Customer Care is offering cash bonuses if you stay through the end of the year. Things must be bad internally. They might be hoping people won't see the problem with this. Aug/Sept etc rolls around and suddenly people in Customer Care are getting... — read more 

More layoffs

This week 7 close colleagues of mine were laid off, all of them are engineers. I can only imagine how many were affected company wide. I used to think this was a great company to work for, but it's evolved into a toxic mess. Some other colleagues... — read more 

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