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Broadcom will bring things in order

Broadcom’s model works and they will do what should have been done a long time ago. Cut the place in half. Europe has a lot of expenses and doesn’t bring in the appropriate amount of revenue. CA overall spends money on things that aren’t revenue... read more

What’s it like on the inside?

I was let go in May as part of the latest RIF. How are people handling this news? I see a lot of posts about Islandia but not much about other locations. Has the company been communicating or did I read correctly that the executives are all on... read more

European offices and business units

Other than Prague which we all suppose due to mainframe dev will remain open, do we know anything about the rest of European offices. Namely Slough, Munich, Milano, Madrid, Barcelona, Düsseldorf or Paris ? I understand that no townhall takes place in... read more

New Chairman?

Did I hear correctly that Mike was made Chairman? Seems odd to promote someone when half the company will be fired? Is this his reward? Doesn’t seem fair or deserving if you ask me.

Town Hall?

As an Islandia employee who is apparently not getting a Town Hall from our current or future CEO is there anybody from CA's Burlington, Plano or Santa Clara office who can give a summary or some insights as to what was communicated? Our HR VP gave... read more

The CDC closing

Someone in IT had a good one that the executives are already on garden leave. I know of only 1 or 2 that are actually working like others said earlier and knowing those 3, they will continue to work until the end comes for them in November. The CDC... read more

Did you sign a severance release when you left CA?

Did you sign a severance release when you left CA? Just because most of CA will be fired, doesn’t mean they still can’t be witnesses at a trial if sued. Final piece of advice. Lawsuits against employers typically don’t result in the former employee... read more
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Worldwide Legal

I will also post in the Broadcom section but wanted to know if anyone had any positions on what they will do with our Legal Department. We are a very small group company, less than 100 people. Everyone is being interviewed by Broadcom and some also... read more


Do all Broadcom employees really fly coach? Does this include C level execs too?

You thought CA was bad?

If you ever thought CA was bad! Wait till you see what Broadcom has to offer. Very little. If you thought you had job insecurity before you ain’t seen nothing yet. They will lay off people on a daily basis. Their policies are not employee friendly at... read more


Reposting a question from below. Can anyone confirm if the thread about the Executives coming to work during this time was posted or referenced on Yammer recently? Interested in knowing how the company will respond to this or if they are even aware... read more

Experienced employees leaving in droves

Anybody else noticed that there is currently a mass voluntary exodus of seasoned employees, at least those that have not already been cut by the company? I guess everybody realizes that with the acquisition, there is no room for people who know how... read more

Prague office

Hello everyone, I am interested if there are some of layoffs announced or expected in CA Technologies Prague office since CA is being acquired by Broadcom? Are the employees expecting it?

Are the Executives coming to work still?

Are the executives still coming to work or are the counting their money already? Are they working from home when the rank and file employees are no longer allowed? At their vacation homes all summer most likely? Are they hiding from people?... read more

We will witness MASSIVE LAYOFFS soon!

Broadcom has to remove over 1.5 billion from CA for it to make sense. If CA has roughly 11,000 employees today, that would mean they probably need to cut about 80% of CA. If you think CA isn't bloated right now, make no mistake, it is going to get... read more

Islandia Campus

I would not bet on the Islandia Campus continuing to operate. The facility was designed to hold over 8k and now has less than 1000. It's almost like a graveyard and CA sold the property in 2006 and the lease expires in 2021. I expect Broadcom will... read more

Weirdest. Acquisition. Ever. Broadcom buys CA Technologies

$19bn to meld chipmaker and software museum into mission-critical amalgam CA Technologies, long a byword for making acquisitions, has been acquired by Broadcom. The US$18.9 billion cash purchase of the software company is so distant from Broadcom’s... read more
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Broadcom Acquisition

Folks get ready for a different culture - fast decision making, every decision about bottom line, no WFH policy etc. This is coming from someone who went thru acquisition/integration with Broadcom. Here's what to expect if you are in Finance, HR, and... read more

Acquisition Ready

They chucked ALL customer care languages to India. Newbies who know nothing about the processes, or the products, or the company, and worst of all, know nothing of the markets they will serve, have replaced seasoned professionals. Our team of 10 had... read more

Acquisition bait--- Broadcom @ 44.50

Ticker for Broadcom is AVGO. Hot off the wire: Broadcom is nearing a deal to buy software company CA Technologies for about $18 billion, according to people familiar with the matter. Broadcom is to pay $44.50 a share for CA, formerly known as... read more

Layoffs will continue

They already told us that the layoffs that were announced will continue into the fall. They haven't reached the 800 that were originally announced. There's nothing vague about it. The layoffs will continue. Pretty much what @TGcd2mD-3avd said. We are... read more

This is not ethical

Obviously layoffs are difficult - for all involved. The best option is to handle everything with integrity which is currently in question where CA is concerned. The timing - down to the week - is of utmost importance to both the employee and... read more

What is better?

Somebody in another thread wrote how management was very open about these layoffs and how that's a good thing, and it got me thinking. Is it better to get all the info on layoffs in advance, but not know for months if you are among those who are... read more


How visible has management been on this layoff? I am wondering if they are communicating with employees or hiding in the Ivory Tower. I know for a fact they are not in Islandia but any idea on how they are “showing” up?


How many of the new jobs are going to Vietnam?

How bad will this week be?

Any thoughts on how bad will this week be regarding layoffs? Or will we maybe get a short reprieve? I just hope they don't continue as they have so far and spread it out over a couple of months, with fifty or a hundred laid off each week. That would... read more

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