Topics regarding layoffs at CA Technologies (CA Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at CA Technologies (CA Inc.)

Layoffs, layoffs

I have heard that some people have received notice of layoffs, but the information has not been verified. This could be just a rumor but I'm wondering if anyone has more information on this? If true, I wonder if they are targeting certain groups and... —  read more 

A few points...

Some manager said that... It seems that there will be layoffs in the US (high %) PM will move, if is an open position available, to another HCL departament EMEA consultants move to other HCL area, other CA products with projects... —  read more 

ESD sale to HCL imminent

HCL was not happy in spring talks with hock. Hock consistently said the franchise was growing, but HCL pointed to numerous social media of dozens let go. HCl then lowered their valuation only will agree to previous price if Broadcom can restore... —  read more 

The Truth

Most people at Broadcom like to complain Reality is all other tech companies work from home , why can’t Broadcom ?? Truth is Broadcom employers we come from dying companies like CA. We were lazy, not motivated. Least talented individuals in... —  read more 


serious ask...any idea how long the current rotation remains in place? a few bros from other companies tell me their working home until at least Sept/Oct. one dude is home til end of year. i've never been more productive than ever. i also have no... —  read more 

HCL deal on ice.

According to my sources Hock was looking to buy “work day” in his typical summer time company buy. He needs to free up some credit and looks to unload about 8–12b in CA groups . HCL was looking to buy However , the original work day offer... —  read more 

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CA India

What is happening in Hyderabad? I heard rumours of a leadership exit. I don’t know what is true or not since communication outside of my country is limited. I used to work closely with mates in India, but don’t any longer.

Next generation APM agent

Tiger team of four people has been quietly working on NxGA. Exploring ways to replace the existing design, they recently arrived at a MVP. Additional people have been read in and we all asked to continue to operate in stealth. The secrets make me... —  read more 

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