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Being investigated by the FTC for antitrust.

Hock being Hock. Can tell me a guy signing off on hundred dollar POs doesn't know about its business practices. Hock is also selling... read more

Working for the wrong side in a trade war

How does it feel working for a software company that not only fires 60 percent of the company, and k--ls any new software development, but is in bed with a country trying to steal IP from the US?

For those on transition and gone, did you get your bonus?

For those of you who were transition and now gone, did you get the transition bonus you were promised? Have you had any problems collecting it? Also, did all restricted stock awards with future vesting dates accelerate and did you get those too, as... read more
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Thank you

For everyone let go today, thank you for your service. To the team members who cared and enjoyed your work, it was obvious. You will sincerely be missed!

Stay offers to transition engineers Emea

Hey guys! I heard Matt did a tour of the support centers to get poeple to accept his stay offers, and rumour is he is expecting something around 70% acceptance rate. How successful was he? Have a lot of engineers accepted? Was it a better offer than... read more

Ditton Park

UK guys, have you left Ditton Park, if so, will octane sell it? What about the other companies that are on the building?

Non core clients

A long while ago, before leaving i heard the non core clients had to be managed, from the support side, by a partner. What is the status?


Do you have a list, by country (lastname) of the worst chocolate noze who survived to the brcm take over? Take a screenshot, this could be erased...

Layoffs method

I'm no longer CA but after months, still i don't understand what was the method BRCM used to lay off people..... do you have any idea?

Vancouver office relocating

The Vancouver APIM office is moving to suburban Richmond. A steady stream of people are leaving. Looks like the APIM product won't be around too long if all the senior engineers walk out. Any other office losing people due to relocation?

RSU Vesting

Has anyone who was on WARN received their stock yet?
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How has the acquisition worked out for you?

I see by some of the posts here that there are people who believe that Broadcom acquisition is the best thing that could have happened to CA. I certainly don't feel that way but I'm curious to find out how many people really feel like they are better... read more

Islandia Closing

Heard from an outside Commercial Real Estate Company that the building owners are working on a contract with another organization on renting out the property. Makes sense since the building is not at full capacity,,,....

Mike Gregoire

Hello everyone, What has happened to our old boss Mike? Is he term as well, since he was just recently promoted to board director of CA?

More layoffs?

Layoffs might be happening at CA and not Erstwhile BRCM Read this over on Broadcom page, is there any more info on it? Are we really looking at more layoffs at CA as soon as March? I'm really getting tired of constantly having to worry about possible... read more


Most people in Islandia are not all that worried because nothing has been definitively said about the fate of the office. In fact, no one in either side of mgmt has said anything about there not being an Islandia location post acquisition. So again... read more

Transition end

Has anyone had their transition ended early - either by requesting it, Broadcom ending it early, or Broadcom firing you for cause? Any negotiating for the first two scenarios?

Broadcom Release

The Broadcom Release letter demands a lot of things, and offers very little. Is anyone refusing to sign this? Are people considering legal action/class-action?

Female Leadership?

Honest and sincere question here for anyone with Broadcom history. Are there any females in leadership roles or higher levels? I understand this industry is currently predominantly male, but wasn’t aware how obvious this was until they consolidated... read more

Base pay frozen in time

Broadcom was nice to offer such a great package. Rumor is base salary is frozen unless promoted. Curious is this true?

How is job hunting going?

In case people who were laid off still check this forum, would you mind sharing with us how is the job search going? One of my former coworkers is complaining that the situation is bleak and anything he gets offered is significantly lower in pay than... read more

Welcome Letter Improvement

I’m laughing at Broadcom’s deadline :) I get improved offers over and over again with more RSUs, cash signature bonus and compensation raises! Let’s see how far they go!?

CA Services to HCL Transfer letters

Received in Europe today. Very generic, not information attached about IC, benefits (lost de company car, lost full insurance health for all family) Your opinion?

More layoffs?

There was some talk about more layoffs after the holidays. Any news on that?

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