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So months later, what is their strategy?

Is it still believed that it will be mainframe only and everything else will be divested? Chop shop on everything else? I see lots of BS on this site. Does anyone have any credible insights? I’m not worried about being laid off. I’m cool with it... read more

Trek sponsorship

I for one don’t ever want to hear another f---ing thing about that pet sponsorship or any CA cycling events. If I ever see Bikeboy we won’t be competing in cycling, it’s going to be an MMA match. Folks should google his bicycling record - he’a Really... read more

CA management really incompetent

I work for Broadcom integration team. CA delays caused us to put bonus at risk, letters might go out in 2019. You are all in for a rude awakening, this performance will not be tolerated at Broadcom.

Go Go Go Karting!

Great news! Bike Boy has asked Hockey to create a Multi-Level-Go-Karting (MLGK) track in the ITC Multi-level-Car-Park (MLCP). Hockey likes the idea it seems, as it will drive a lot of running revenue (pun, along with all the fun, is intended). ITC... read more

5 more working days for ITC to go..

ITC folks, 5 more working days for Big day.. are you guys ready to start reporting updates of your respective BUs in the interest of global community.. get ready for the exciting 2 weeks

CFIUS Review

There will be a CFIUS review after acquisition closes. Because of the "fake memo" that went around, government is aware someone or some group is trying to manipulate the stock. By announcing a CFIUS review after the deal closes, the stock price will... read more

How to know if you are safe?

Broadcom runs things very flat, lean management. Look at their most recent public numbers, $17b in revenue with 14k employees. That is $1.2+ Million per employee. Saw one post a person was on a team of people making 1 million. Sorry. Not worth... read more

WARN getting bypassed

Keeep hearing persistent rumors that US WARN notifications will not be triggered. Any idea on how Hock’s loogies figured out how to bypass WARN, or if others have heard that WARN will definitely be triggered in some locations like Herndon or... read more

What happens to CA if acquisition fails

I was wondering, what will happen to us if Broadcom gets acquisition-blocked? I was reading an article that was speculating on this from Broadcom's perspective, and it basically concluded that Broadcom really doesn't need CA and it would be OK one... read more

Still no sign from the management

Still no sign from the management. Keep telling us it will announce the changes in next week or so.. I am in a small development team working on a product which generating revenue of a million an year... any chance to survive coming month or even... read more

commission payout

Will be termed on day 1 and am looking to see if anyone knows how commissions from September/October will be payed out. Will we get that as we walk out the door or will it be paid out on some sort of schedule?

Take extra vacation!

Take the week off before November 5th. Take a week of in November if you are staying around. No way Hock’s loogies will be able to track any of this. Most managers are getting fired, it won’t even be clear for weeks who should actually approve... read more


I just found out that I'm a Day 1 Term. (I'm a manager and my entire team is also termed.) It's still verbal and informal, but the source is extremely reliable and has regular conversations with 2 EVPs. It's what I was hoping for and waiting for, and... read more

Bikeboy and octain

Bikeboy realised he hadn't delivered any value in 5 years so had to try and find a buyer. Make some big cuts to make it somewhat attractive for sumdumfuk octain to come along like a crazy rich asian and buy it, only to have it broken by the time he... read more

We are safe for a year, that's it

Broadcom will try to let go most tenured people 12 months + 1 day after the close. Because CA severance policy is only in effect for 12 months after closing. After that Broadcom will only honor Broadcom time which would be 1 year. I hope people will... read more

I would suggest getting a lawyer on retainer

I believe that is the strategy. Have people just jump ship so BRCM has to pay less severance. I contemplated leaving early after 14 years with CA. Had a job offer in September but I'm not giving BRCM that out, they are going to pay me to leave. I've... read more

CA Customer Confidence

CA is dead now. I don't see customer confidence coming back regardless, AD's that are left will struggle to sell whatever BU's that are left after this bloodbath.

Good business synergies

Why staying with Broadcom is not a fantastic thing? look where they they stock was 4 years ago and now and CA stock. better benefits better management ..


I want the severance but I'm not waiting forever. If they drag this on much longer it's not worth it. I'll say that if we still don't know our status by end of November i'm jumping ship. If they offer me a permanent position at Broadcom i'm still... read more

Who is ready for this to be over?

However it ends for me personally, I know I am. Anything is better that stressing so much from all the uncertainty. I'm at a point where I'd happily volunteer to be laid off, even with miserable severance. Do you think that is the goal? Tire us out... read more

Fantasy stories from people on the way out

We have a whole host of people on their way out who are getting well paid off and also pretending to know at the same time that staying on with broadcom is a fantastic thing. If you are leaving and taking a package do yourself a favour and don't give... read more

Wishing for a miracle...

That this deal falls apart in the last minute. Something, anything, president cites national security, etc. After all Broadcom is a company working with Chinese military. I just hate the fact the ELT cut and run. I would just love to see them come... read more

ITC Head is also kept in the dark

Looks like the ITC head (who thinks himself to be the jack of all trades) is also being kept in the dark by Broadcom. He like others has absolutely no clue wat to tell people, so it's convenient to b---s--- and lie.

Hey Guy

I don’t give a sh-- how hard Broadcom is working to figure out how many people they should fire. But please keep us posted when they do figure out if the day 1 layoffs are 3000, 4000 or 5000. And please make sure the Broadcom folks remain well... read more

open enrollment

"Dear CA Colleague: Annual enrollment for your benefits for 2019 will be November 12 through November 27, 2018. ..." Aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha! Seriously??

For those worried...

If the deal goes forward, yes Broadcom will honor severance payouts. It is written into the sales agreement. If Broadcom does not honor the terms, the deal is off, or they are subject to penalties for breach of contract. Just wanted to throw this... read more
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Note to GDL

On Yammer you asked an employee whether they were an expert on which departments would be cut by Broadcom. Yes - many of us have had to become armchair experts on what departments Broadcom might cut because management disappeared four months ago. You... read more
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Why do people do this to themselves?

When I read this board I think that everybody is well informed and aware of what's most likely going to happen to most of us very soon. But then at the office, I realize that majority of people I work with have not started looking for a new job, not... read more

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