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Multi Year RSU

Someone asked about this program. Now that it's public info, I can share limited details, see SEC filing for more info. Multi Year RSU is a program where you will be given 4 separate grants but all at once (each grant vest over 4 years). CA employees... read more

BOD seeking new CEO

To whom it may concern, The BOD of our corporation has narrowed a list of candidates as the next CEO. One such candidate has recently served as CEO of CA Technologies prior to Broadcom close. As a research exercise please provide any and all feedback... read more

why did CEO succeed and fail?

From a shareholder point of view, sure I get it returning a premium to the shareholders, that's what it is all about these days. but putting that aside, the company basically had unlimited money and marketing machinery and an executive team brought... read more

Transition staff Hunger Games

Anyone find transition people jockeying for position - hoping for permanent positions? People who underperformed for years are suddenly making one last push to be important. Some notes to those people’ve already been fired would be mad to... read more

AVGO earnings

If you haven't seen it, read the Broadcom earnings transcript. There is specific confirmation from Hock Tan that: 1) The focus will not be selling into new accounts 2) The focus will be on mainframe, and then pulling into other solutions 3) "growth"... read more

Stay people what is the state?

I’m a stay and my office is still in this state of limbo nobody has a clue on direction. Management seems to not have the slightest clue as to what’s next. Rather than be honest with us they are pretending which is making it worse for me. Anyone else... read more

The bait and switch

So how many of the former "Stay" services employees that have been forced into the divestiture are going to bail instead of going to HCL. I was talking to one of the security guys, he had a job lined up but was willing to give the new role a try, but... read more

Children of a lesser God

Folks I know that in such bad situation nobody cares about anybody but please tell me: how could you possibly live with peole who during the transition have been moved from CA PS to some sales position at Broadcom? From sure DIVEST to firm STAY.

How bad of an idea is this?

I'm thinking that when my time comes to be laid off (and I'm assuming it'll happen sometime next year,) I use the severance as a starter for my own small business. Something small and completely unrelated to what I'm doing now. I'm so tired of big... read more

CA joining offer - what should I do?

Hi folks, I have a joining offer from CA technologies for December 2018 for a non-MF BU..Havent received the BC letter and the HR says the same will be issues post onboarding..Need advice on what should I do looking at the current developments.

Global Support Department

Guys from CA Support, what's going on in your department regarding new roles compared to former roles? I see lots of SDMs are gone, but who will take their place for escalation purposes? Also, we managed to get some good customer feedback from the... read more

How many are left?

Did we ever get a final number on how many people were let go from CA? Or what I'm more interested in, how many are still left working for Broadcom now?

Reverse ageism and horse trading US staff

Looks like there was some possible reverse ageism and horse trading. As in my previous post the average age was virtually identical in both term and keep group @ 45 . Median is as well at 46. Total US impact was 40%, unless you are 60+, then it was... read more

Job Posts

Hi everyone, i was wondering when the job offers for Broadcom will be open again? I am mostly looking for Security BU information. And if anyone can tell me when this reorganization will end, i would like to apply for a job there.

Big chunky "Welcome Pack" for STAY - rumors

Rumors about a fat "Welcome Pack" for people in STAY. What do you guys know/think? Sounds more of a desperate defibrillation for a dead patient... company car is gone, offices close, morale is dead, commission only if you reach 70%, development is... read more

Are January layoffs a certainty?

I'm considering leaving CA Technologies on my own, but I've seen more layoffs in January mentioned here a few times. I certainly don't want to jump the gun and leave now and find out I could have received a severance if I had waited just a little... read more

January cuts at Ewing Township office

It’s been reported that CA issued a federal WARN notice and that it was stated that 54 employees could probably lose their jobs in the Ewing Township office. Think there is little possibility that the cuts in January will stop at this location. We... read more

Customers Plans....

I'm from services and working on customer site. Today I heard that they are going to prepare a replacement plan for all CA products. :-(

situation in Prague Offices

Hi guys, is it expected layoff also in the IT department of Prague? I've been offer a Job there but after reading everything that is happening I'm in shock and wondering if moving there to join the company is a smart thing to do right now?

Wanna know your fate? Decode your cost center

Open contacts (g-suite) Look at the cost center. There's a pattern. My guess: XXnnnn-nnnnnn-00000000-603225-xx-0000-0000 -> STAY (sales org) XXnnnn-nnnnnn-00000000-605892-xx-0000-0000 -> TERMINATE XXnnnn-nnnnnn-00000000-605894-xx-0000-0000 ->... read more

Spewing BS to customers

Just had a lovely customer meeting - fed them he precanned BS on how much Octane spends on R&D and how this is the new CA. That’s great they said - how much of treat is going into the products we purchased from CA? What is the roadmap? Errrr.....I’ll... read more

We certain US is done?

I'm assuming this week will be okay anyhow as I doubt even Broadcom would pull the plug on folks' jobs on Thanksgiving week, but I was thinking in general? People seem confident that we are now the only safe ones, and I can't figure out where that... read more

ANZ decimated

Most of ANZ gone. Melbourne and Canberra offices shut down. Approx. 85% gone (guess). 4 direct sales people left from what was a team of about 30. Most presales retained (not sure what they'll be doing with no sales team). All customer success people... read more

Rome wasn't built in a day but...

...can be destroyed in one week There are no any presales here in Rome and many Sales fired as well. Customer started to ignore CA. So, CA Rome destiny is clear

Automic the next?

In EMEA Automic people was decimated. Only few presales and no Sales was saved. So the logical question is: will Automic be the next to be sold? When ? Who's the next ? API ? It is clear now that the quickest way to to have s ROI from CA acquisition... read more

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