Topics regarding layoffs at CA Technologies (CA Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at CA Technologies (CA Inc.)

Clown Hall Meeting

whoa what a time hall meeting last week. im sooo psyched to be part of BSG. i especially like that the first 2 letters of our illustrious division is "BS"....lmfao. and wow "we're a top 10 software company" or whatever nonsense was spewed... are... —  read more 

Too understaffed

Sometimes it seems to me that our leadership would most rather have this company to functioning with only 10 employees. We are incredibly understaffed. How do you deal with CA being so understaffed?

The car is almost out of gas

All that can be seen front the front seat are too exhausted and overworked employees due to the beyond lean philosophy. Customers know things are not right and scramble to leave. Employees "heroically" and reactively try to fix things. Employees are... —  read more 

The CA way lives on

Change Always. The ghost of Charles still lives in MSD. Let's reorg all of the teams for the he-l of it, even after a record breaking fiscal year. Got to hide those bodies and open up new slots for your IBM buddies. New layers of management filled by... —  read more 

Favoritism to relatives

I really wish someone would make a diagram of relations here. The diagram would certainly look shocking. It seems to me that nepotism has never been a bigger problem here??? There has always been nepotism around here but now it has become... —  read more 

the email

nice email from the Tan-man. our financial performance has suffered too much from this WFH. our earnings, revenue, etc. our ability to innovate...seriously suffering. we are handicapped. get your bu-t into the office. or you're fired. ... —  read more 

Layoffs, layoffs

I have heard that some people have received notice of layoffs, but the information has not been verified. This could be just a rumor but I'm wondering if anyone has more information on this? If true, I wonder if they are targeting certain groups and... —  read more 

A few points...

Some manager said that... It seems that there will be layoffs in the US (high %) PM will move, if is an open position available, to another HCL departament EMEA consultants move to other HCL area, other CA products with projects... —  read more 

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ESD sale to HCL imminent

HCL was not happy in spring talks with hock. Hock consistently said the franchise was growing, but HCL pointed to numerous social media of dozens let go. HCl then lowered their valuation only will agree to previous price if Broadcom can restore... —  read more 

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No regrets about leaving...

I left after 1 1/2y after the CA acquisition. Glad that I did. No regrets about leaving. Everyone has its price - I took some shares during the time and dropped almost half a million USD in RSUs. I don’t give a sh– about that money - I prefer the... —  read more 

The Truth

Most people at Broadcom like to complain Reality is all other tech companies work from home , why can’t Broadcom ?? Truth is Broadcom employers we come from dying companies like CA. We were lazy, not motivated. Least talented individuals in... —  read more 

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