Topics regarding layoffs at CA Technologies (CA Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at CA Technologies (CA Inc.)

No high hopes

It's a bit sad that almost no one here expects any improvements but only that things will get even worse. Everyone I know is looking for a way out. Sometimes I can't believe that this company has been run into the ground so badly.

Mike Gregorie

I have a question, does anyone miss Mike G? From my view, Hock is a much better CEO. While I may not agree with everything he does, he knows how to run a company and really is present. Something Bike Boy never did. I still remember the time I was... —  read more 

VMware acquisition

How many people did Broadcom get rid of after they bought CA? We're hearing crazy numbers being thrown around, it'd be nice to get some info from somebody who knows what he or she is talking about. Too many people like to use situations like this to... —  read more 

Always the same

These days I am especially bored of this place. Same issues, same atmosphere, just ole boys club .... There hasn't been any change for the better for months, if not years. Anyone else feeling bored? I should have left a long time ago.

Ca support

I left a long while ago... sometimes i go back posting something for curiosity... is the ca support , based on different countries, still existing or, has everything centralized to.. Prague in Europe for example..

Clown Hall Meeting

whoa what a time hall meeting last week. im sooo psyched to be part of BSG. i especially like that the first 2 letters of our illustrious division is "BS"....lmfao. and wow "we're a top 10 software company" or whatever nonsense was spewed... are... —  read more 

Amazed new people...

are actually coming to work for Brcm ... you guys must be scraping bottom of the barrel... i left a while ago but heard of some new peeps joining... they must be desperate.... or old...

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