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Good news? What goes around comes around?

Is it true that there's a hiring freeze for mainframe roles within Broadcom? And, if true, is this a short-term decision or is the honeymoon over for mainframe employees within Broadcom? I'm hoping the honeymoon is over. I'm sick and tired of the... —  read more 

HCL deal on ice.

According to my sources Hock was looking to buy “work day” in his typical summer time company buy. He needs to free up some credit and looks to unload about 8–12b in CA groups . HCL was looking to buy However , the original work day offer... —  read more 

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CA India

What is happening in Hyderabad? I heard rumours of a leadership exit. I don’t know what is true or not since communication outside of my country is limited. I used to work closely with mates in India, but don’t any longer.

Next generation APM agent

Tiger team of four people has been quietly working on NxGA. Exploring ways to replace the existing design, they recently arrived at a MVP. Additional people have been read in and we all asked to continue to operate in stealth. The secrets make me... —  read more 

Accenture buys Security Unit from Broadcom Possibly making CA Siteminder, PAM, PAM SC Accenture Products.

Welcome to 2020

After Broadcom closed Santa Clara office I WFH all the time. I just don’t like the San Jose office. Serves as nice excuse, I practice interview questions and don’t really work. I see my cubicle neighbor practicing in the office where as I only... —  read more 

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CA Layoffs 2020

Do you think there will be CA Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

1 Year On

It's been a year. most of the last of the transitions are leaving this week and next. How has your year been? For those that left, and those that stayed, how are you getting on?

Final day for old CA HQ in Islandia

Its a shell of its former self, so not that hard to say good-bye - but still. End of an era - was a heck of a place when it was humming (anyone have any pics of that model they used to have of the whole campus with exit 57a? That was about a month... —  read more 

Broadcom culture?

Does Broadcom organise social events, team building, luncheon, parties ?

CA Identity and Access

Does CA still have an Identity and Access Mgt. team? They were a big player in SSO. The team seems to have disappeared. Anyone know?

Broadcom severance policy - Symantec employee asking

It looks like the acquisition of the Symantec enterprise business is going to happen. Due to my many years with Symantec I’d be looking at a severance of 5 months of my full OTE under Symantec’s policy. I’m trying to understand if Broadcom honors... —  read more 

Prague Layoffs

I heard the entire sales and presales in Prague will be laid off, and PTC will be transformed into developer-only office, are these rumors true?

Broadcom Discord or Chat?

This site is supposed to be for layoffs. But it seems that a majority would like to talk about other related topics. Is there some online place where this is happening?

Any advice for us?

CA folks - do you have any advice for those of us at Symantec? In case the Broadcom acquisition goes through? Should we ride it out or should we start looking for a new job right away? I skimmed through posts here and I have a bad feeling that the... —  read more 

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It seems octane is buying/destroying another company... Symantec

New layoffs

Heard rumors some people marked as Stay are getting let go, especially Prague and ITC. Happening this week - can anyone confirm?

Getting ready

Is Prague no longer the masters of management? Heard the ax fell on a few or perhaps Monday too? What is happening?

Octane stock valie

The brcm stock is at 283/285$ hoping it will go down to 100 so all the remaining marron nozes will see the meaning of being without money to the last massive ca tech layoff. F--- off broadcom

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