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CA Technologies New York City Office Shut Down

CA is moving its global HQ from New York City to Stamford or Hartford, Connecticut in late 2018 or early 2019. The move is intended to make life more convenient for the CEO, CFO and CMO who all live in Connecticut and don't want to commute into New... read more
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No remedy for bad management

There’s no remedy for bad management. Bad managers hire only bad managers because any good managers will recognize the incompetence and escape the recruitment process. Bad managers blame engineers for management issues. Bad managers point the finger... read more

CA Technologies severance info correction

I'm not sure where the info below came from regarding severance, as that is not in the current plan. It's two week per year, as it has been for last two decades. Also, your severance does not get reduced if you are asked to stay during a transition... read more
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11/29/2017 Fort Collins axe will fall

Maybe this will be the official WARN event giving 60 days notice of site closure. Maybe it will just be the usual layoff. Maybe Boulder (Rally) will be included. Maybe some upper managers will also get the ax. Please reply if you know more than... read more

CA Layoffs 2018

Financial Market keeps going up and down, there is a ton of uncertainty and people are talking about layoffs in NYC.
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Always more layoffs

CA Technologies does not have major layoffs because they are ongoing, every three months we lose people, no matter how we do. There is zero job security here. I don't remember a time when I went into work not worried about whether it was my time to... read more

Political minefield

CA is a really crappy company to work for unless you are a Golden Boy or Girl. If your boss likes you, you get ALL the plum assignments, but if they don't you get the really crap jobs/accounts or nothing. I saw this happen multiple times, and I saw... read more

Advice on Layoffs?

Our company just got acquired by CA. Being an individual contributor working for a manager who doesn't really appreciate my work, what are the signs I should be looking for in terms of impending layoffs. Anyone else here who has been laid off after... read more

It's happening now!

I just got laid off from the Fort Collins office. who ever thought spending millions of dollars on a new building to make one agile was a fool.

CA Layoffs 2017

I haven't been around long time (oh, well) but I already heard about possible job cuts in NYC.
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Only the big layoffs are publicized at CA

Only the big layoffs are publicized. Sometimes you don't even hear about surgical cuts from inside the company. Occasionally. you'll see your colleague from another Dept drop off instant messenger and you know sudden death has occurred somewhere in... read more
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Layoffs x 1/yr

Layoffs were once a year for years then stepped up to twice yearly. Just s matter of time before your numbers up. Don't kill yourself working mass hours like I did. I was also surrounded by competent people who did the same. We are all gone. Nobody... read more

Laid off from CA

I was a manager at CA who was laid off. My manager had a team of loyal buddies reporting to him and a couple of us outliers. When layoffs came, he gave my job to his friend whose project had just gone away. He had no management experience, even worse... read more
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CA Technologies Severance Payment

It took me 2 months and a threat to hire a lawyer to get my separation package. Management keep the their friends that they hired that didn't know a thing about writing or testing software. Heck one of the people they hired into the click hadn't work... read more


The only reliable thing in CA are layoffs. They come constantly, after every quarter or whatever other opportunity they see fit, and it doesn’t matter how good you perform or how experienced you are, if you stepped to someone’s toe, you will get... read more

The great pretender

CA is such a great pretender, leaders talk about need to growth and innovation, but do nothing to inspire innovation nor to fund growth. They just do layoffs and reorganizations, to stay on top.

CA Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of CA layoffs in New York in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

Islandia/Long Island

Do you know if 600 will come from Islandia/Long Island only, or is this global?
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Mike Gregoire, the butcher

600 axed this week, more to come, thousands will leave and he accomplished nothing. CA used to be a great place and he'll bury it.

Unhappy Customer

I really hate your products and pricing - CA products are buggy as hell and your pricing is super expensive. I would not be surprised if you were to close the shop because everyone I talk to about you says the same. People are just unhappy customers.

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