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Base pay frozen in time

Broadcom was nice to offer such a great package. Rumor is base salary is frozen unless promoted. Curious is this true?
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How is job hunting going?

In case people who were laid off still check this forum, would you mind sharing with us how is the job search going? One of my former coworkers is complaining that the situation is bleak and anything he gets offered is significantly lower in pay than... read more

Welcome Letter Improvement

I’m laughing at Broadcom’s deadline :) I get improved offers over and over again with more RSUs, cash signature bonus and compensation raises! Let’s see how far they go!?

CA Services to HCL Transfer letters

Received in Europe today. Very generic, not information attached about IC, benefits (lost de company car, lost full insurance health for all family) Your opinion?

More layoffs?

There was some talk about more layoffs after the holidays. Any news on that?

Happy 2019 or not...

I’m happy with my with my offer, but something doesn’t feel right. Hmm maybe it’s just that Broadcom leaves this odd taste in my mouth. Maybe the RSU just feels like a bribe or they want us to not pay attention to something. I think I’m going to... read more

COBRA Continuation run around

Anyone else having a problem trying to enroll for the remaining of their COBRA for 2019? I was part of last year's wave. Things have been going great while working with CA HR. Then it when it came time for open enrollment I found out that going... read more

“Welcome” letter

Has anyone signed it yet? Their conduct is very illegal in Europe. The ship is sinking. Seems like management are now panicking with the number of resignations and push back on the new package and threat of legal action. Ashok says in Town Hall... read more

Don't be naive

Are there people here who honestly believe we are done with layoffs? That Broadcom will happily keep on everybody who is left forever and ever? Seriously? Get real, people. The former CA employees will be continuously trimmed until all but a... read more

Substantial changes at CA

If you read between the lines this article, that is based on Broadcom's CEO’ plans for CA it is obvious that more cuts are on the way. Substantial changes, less costs-more profits, focusing on existing customers are just words that signal significant... read more

Not Facebook or google numbers

People please these offers are only good for India. The rest of world they don’t even come close to the top tech companies. My offer for level 4 is what a new hire at Facebook , google, LinkedIn would get. Not Netflix , but they earn more in base... read more

Vesting policy

I have got 400 rsu..does that mean from 2019 every year I'll be getting 100..and if I'm fired I'll be getting all 400 at once

Broadcom ranks

Can someone from Broadcom clear up this confusion. We had these software engineer titles As I recall CA had these titles Associate se Software engineer Sr se Principal se Sr principal Consultant Staff Distinguished I believe the first 5 titles map to... read more

Welcome Letters / Stocks

Most everyone should be getting their letters today. Mind sharing some details as below: Level: Principle 4 yrs RSU: 2500 Bonus Target: 25%

Broadcom c-aps will you get snake eyes?

So word is we are going to get big chunky offer Monday. The first grant won’t vest until spring 2020. Lots of time for Broadcom to pull the rug. I heard Broadcom likes to manage out the bottom 20% every year. Broadcom c-aps? Hunger games ? Game of... read more

HCL offers

US folks going to HCL, I hear you have offer letters but I hear nobody talking about them - are they the same as what you had before?

Will HCL buy CA Products ?

HCL company has just announced that it has acquired some IBM products Given that many of the CA service people will be in HCL soon, it is logical to assume that the next move will be the acquisition of some CA products (and very soon I am afraid)... read more

Multi Year RSU

Someone asked about this program. Now that it's public info, I can share limited details, see SEC filing for more info. Multi Year RSU is a program where you will be given 4 separate grants but all at once (each grant vest over 4 years). CA employees... read more

BOD seeking new CEO

To whom it may concern, The BOD of our corporation has narrowed a list of candidates as the next CEO. One such candidate has recently served as CEO of CA Technologies prior to Broadcom close. As a research exercise please provide any and all feedback... read more

why did CEO succeed and fail?

From a shareholder point of view, sure I get it returning a premium to the shareholders, that's what it is all about these days. but putting that aside, the company basically had unlimited money and marketing machinery and an executive team brought... read more

Transition staff Hunger Games

Anyone find transition people jockeying for position - hoping for permanent positions? People who underperformed for years are suddenly making one last push to be important. Some notes to those people’ve already been fired would be mad to... read more

AVGO earnings

If you haven't seen it, read the Broadcom earnings transcript. There is specific confirmation from Hock Tan that: 1) The focus will not be selling into new accounts 2) The focus will be on mainframe, and then pulling into other solutions 3) "growth"... read more

Stay people what is the state?

I’m a stay and my office is still in this state of limbo nobody has a clue on direction. Management seems to not have the slightest clue as to what’s next. Rather than be honest with us they are pretending which is making it worse for me. Anyone else... read more

The bait and switch

So how many of the former "Stay" services employees that have been forced into the divestiture are going to bail instead of going to HCL. I was talking to one of the security guys, he had a job lined up but was willing to give the new role a try, but... read more

Children of a lesser God

Folks I know that in such bad situation nobody cares about anybody but please tell me: how could you possibly live with peole who during the transition have been moved from CA PS to some sales position at Broadcom? From sure DIVEST to firm STAY.

How bad of an idea is this?

I'm thinking that when my time comes to be laid off (and I'm assuming it'll happen sometime next year,) I use the severance as a starter for my own small business. Something small and completely unrelated to what I'm doing now. I'm so tired of big... read more

CA joining offer - what should I do?

Hi folks, I have a joining offer from CA technologies for December 2018 for a non-MF BU..Havent received the BC letter and the HR says the same will be issues post onboarding..Need advice on what should I do looking at the current developments.

Global Support Department

Guys from CA Support, what's going on in your department regarding new roles compared to former roles? I see lots of SDMs are gone, but who will take their place for escalation purposes? Also, we managed to get some good customer feedback from the... read more

How many are left?

Did we ever get a final number on how many people were let go from CA? Or what I'm more interested in, how many are still left working for Broadcom now?

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