Topics regarding layoffs at Red Hat

Topics regarding layoffs at Red Hat

Don't trust your boss

About a month ago, my boss along with my colleagues was singing praises about how crucial I was for the upcoming projects. My boss even said that my contributions were going to be so important for the success of the team. And then, out of nowhere, I... —  read more 

The Day Red Hat died

and Ba----d Baby Blue was born.....layoffs when profits are good a sign of corporate greed and malfeasance. This is the antithesis of everything RH stood for. IBM better hope RH technology can catch them up to Google AWS and MS because peoplewise... —  read more 

And now we wait

I find it especially cruel that the leadership decided to let us know layoffs are happening and then add that it will take several weeks to implement them. That leaves all of us to think of nothing else but layoffs for weeks to come. And we all know... —  read more 

This was quick

We already have some media coverage. Red Hat cutting hundreds of jobs, CEO says in letter to employees “We will reduce the associate base of Red Hat over the next few weeks,” Hicks wrote in the email. He said the layoffs would be “just under... —  read more 

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Red Hat Is The New IBM

Specifically, sales of software (includes hybrid platform & solutions, transaction processing) reached $5.8 billion, up 15.4% yoy at constant currency; hybrid platform & solutions up 10% in constant currency; and Red Hat up 21%. +21%, eh? ... —  read more 

Who's doing fine here?

Some say RH can actually be a pretty good place to work. Is anyone doing good here except those at the top of the hierarchy and maybe those for whom RH is a first job and are just getting their first work experiences?

Let's double

IBM Hopes to Double Sales at Red Hat in Next Three Years International Business Machines Corp. IBM -1.97% hopes to double sales at its Red Hat open-source software unit in the next three years as Chief ... —  read more 

Red Hat CEE 2020

Congratulations CEE VP's & Directors. You've finally acheived your goal of top down management & ruling with fear. No more questions & input from those annoying OG RHatters. IBM assimilation will be complete with the virus layoffs that are sure to... —  read more 

Culture @ redhat

I've been at Red Hat so long now (12 years) that it can be easy to take things for granted, but the biggest thing is just how open and transparent a company it is. There's not a lot of silo's or little kingdoms fighting each other, we're all... —  read more 

Red Hat layoffs Sept 2019

A dozen that I know of personally across several divisions. Most were 10+ year veterans. The layoffs were kept on the down low as it was only a few in each department. Senior management continues to trumpet about how "smooth the merger is" and never... —  read more 

Getting Ready

Red hat people, you may think you're safe, but the first year revenue stumbles, the absorption will start. It'll begin by moving to common benefits, then common salary bands and other hr practices, then aligned development processes, and finally... —  read more 

most of products taken over by IBM soon vanished from market, it has lost its touch with product development

most of products taken over by IBM soon vanished from market, it has lost its touch with product development. It will have stop being a services firm to rediscover innovation as the process orientation of services destroys innovation and make company... —  read more 

After one year, all bets are off

Execs and seniors will be on retention bonuses. So you wont see much change for 1 yr plus. After that ... all bets are off. Your current departments will get merged into IBM. It will start with sales and support. They will be asked to eventually... —  read more 

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Start looking for new jobs

Don't be naive folks. More importantly, don't lull others into false sense of security. Chances are, by this time next year half of you will be gone from Red Hat. IBM is known for laying off en masse from companies it acquires. There is no reason for... —  read more 

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