Topics regarding layoffs at Broadcom Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Broadcom Corp.

OK, when is it enough?

Over the past few months, I’ve been constantly getting more and more work. At first I thought it was just a phase. Then I thought they will eventually realize that an employee really can't handle that much work and stop giving me more. Now I'm just... —  read more 

Sick of this company

Is it possible that a new employee here has a better status than a hard worker who has been loyal to this company for years and who is fully engaged with his job? I have nothing against newbies, but I notice that some of them achieve something easier... —  read more 

January bloodletting...?

i heard next round across the board targeted for January. With Tick-Tok worried about a recession in 2021, i'm sure he's lining things up... and actually...this may relate to the other thread speculating office closings or working remote. of... —  read more 

APIM Vancouver layoff soon?

During today's townhall, I accidently saw Serge's notes from his share screen. There is a line stated: 80 R&D in Vancouver. He also mentioned APIM have too many peoples in his previous meeting. You know what it imply.

Broadcom HR

Does Broadcom HR follow these posts? Because I’m wondering why HR sets policy that has no teeth? I’ve been working from home every week. My team we all ignore the rotation schedule, just leaving our phones at desk. Had to go in the office the other... —  read more 

ESD Reorg

I heard my org blaze meter and apm are moving to Prague. Handoff transition plans will be communicated next month. Anyone hearing the same?

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