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RSU grants?

Heard a few folks in some wireless BUs were recently granted additional RSUs, kinda like a pre bonus. Do you know if it’s true?

CA India center will be closed?

How is Broadcom India center. Is it true that Octane shift jobs from India to Malaysia? There is post going on CA page that India center will be closed and jobs will be shifted from India to Malaysia.

Customer service and support?

Broadcom folks... CA guy here with a question. is it safe to assume that positions in areas like customer service and tech support are destined to be outsourced to India?

Legal Question

I have a question for you O.P (in thread @UuKh5eS ) since you are on the Legal department. Do you think it worths lawsuit Broadcom after the aquisition? CA played with my feelings and I had my back stabbed at least 3 times in the last 10 years. I had... read more

Worldwide Legal Department

I wanted to know if anyone had any positions on what they will do with the CA Legal Department. We are a very small group in the company, less than 100 people. Everyone is being interviewed by Broadcom and some also having second interviews. We are... read more

Broadcom Steady, Stable on Growth Path

Broadcom is the only semi company among larger players seen as having bright future. We are hiring selectively in all geographies and growing steadily. Acquisitions are helping us to fast pace the growth. Kudos to management.

CA employee severance question

There's a rumor floating around that any tenure a CA employee accrued as a CA employee won't carry over after a year with Broadcom and that CA employees just become 1'st year Broadcom employee so that if laid off they wouldn't benefit from their time... read more

Broadcom IT truncated

Now with CA news is 70% of BRCM IT will be gone and 80% of CA. Hock management is typical Ch* with no mind.
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1K axed

6-14 Update: In 10-Q filing Broadcom adds some color to restructuring charges with the information that it's terminated about 1,100 workers in connection with its merger with Brocade Communications. The overall restructuring charge was a bit under... read more

Octane A flop show, brought back to the ground

Octane thought he was a great businessman. He wanted to outsmart and buy a real engineering company and break it into pieces and sell it off Now the whole world knows his reputation is only to make money. Not to invest in R&D just wants some sales ... read more

Ocatnes baloon loosing air

Out xurrent BRDCM stock proves that it was all a house of cards. Without Qualcomm aquisition the stock nose dived. No organic growth..just some idiotic share buybacks which was a hollow bullet. Worried about cuts now that the stock is going down and... read more

More takeovers

Anybody else hating the fact that Broadcom is moving to US? This will give the company plenty of room to start acquiring US companies, which will always be followed by consolidation layoffs of those of us actually working here. I could definitely do... read more

Its officially, 27 laid off in WCC

27 people were let go from WCC, affected people have recieved their letters. Last day is 30th March. Severance is one month of pay for every year completed with Broadcom.

Layoffs in WCC

Today a bunch of people were let go in WCC Bay Area and San Diego including a person I was working with very closely. I don’t know the exact numbers or the percentage. But it came to me as a shock because WCC is very lean and actually understaffed... read more

Question on Stock Options (I've been laid off)

Just been laid off and told I have to sell my old Avago Stock Options within 90 days. My ESPP and RSUs do not have these restrictions. I doubled checked and my options are NSOs instead of ISO. Am I really still bound to the 90-day window?

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