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No coronavirus reprieve

Looks like there are plans for major layoffs at Broadcom in the works in the next several weeks to a month. And apparently nobody is safe. It's great to know we have one more thing to worry about when things are extra stressful as it is. We'll see... —  read more 

Broadcom shares take a hit

320++ once upon a time to 195$ - is octane having a sound sleep at night after all the hype around shares ... expect layoffs

Symantec Enterprise Security support slashed

BIG layoffs (30-40%) by end of April announced for acquired Symantec Enterprise support organization. Existing managers to get the axe. Pity the customers.....REAL Internet security will tank!

How many people work at Broadcom?

What's your guess on how many employees the company will have before the end of the year? How about the overall headcount? And headcount at Irvine?

Broadcom doesn’t need to lay-off

People are quitting on their own ! Just realised what a horrible acquisition this was for Symantec. No strategy , no vision , no focus on being a cyber security player. It’s all messed up! People are getting better jobs with higher pay . Broadcom... —  read more 

Accenture buys Security Unit from Broadcom Possibly making CA Siteminder, PAM, PAM SC Accenture Products.

Broadcom is selling its RF unit,

Broadcom wireless/RF unit has been part of its core business, now that it's for sale, does that mean it's winding down core semiconductor business and shifting strategies ?

Broadcom Layoffs 2020

This is a generic discussion thread to capture comments about potential Broadcom Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Benefits at Broadcom

What are the regular employee benefits at Broadcom on top of rsus, private pension and health insurance? Do they offer ESPP? Gym / fitness membership? Food subsidies? Anything else?

401(k) loans

Current Symantec employee here who is planning to buy a house. Symantec’s 401(k) plan enables employees to take a loan of up to $50,000 from their 401(k) towards the purchase of a house. Does Broadcom’s 401(k) plan include a similar... —  read more 

Broadcom culture ?

Does Broadcom organise social events, team building, luncheon, parties ? How’s the experience would be ? What is it like working in Broadcom ?

Broadcom Bonus Plan Discussion

Two years old discussion on Broadcom Bonus Plans... See it here @L4Dqud8 I hear that Broadcom's bonus plan is better than Qualcomm Is that true? I'm considering which company to join, which has better future .. —  read more 

Remote employees

Does Broadcom allow employees such as product managers to work entirely remotely?

Prague Layoffs

I heard the entire sales and presales in Prague will be laid off, and PTC will be transformed into developer-only office, are these rumors true?

Everything comes second to making money

Former CA here, Tech Support. I had a stay offer and left. Broadcom has only one thing going for them, paying money. They have the worst HR department I've worked with so far (and I have 2 decades in the industry in both Services and Tech Support... —  read more 

Major layoffs coming

Heard after Trump Infinity Gauntlet snap Huawei, the Octane business went from bad to worst. Share price drop more than 20% & the last resort for Octane is to share next 6 month sales order gap. —  read more 

Layoffs in May?

People at the office have been talking about possible layoffs sometime in May, but I thought Broadcom only does layoffs in March and October. At least that's what I was told (and read here in a few threads.) Did i misunderstand? I'm still new here so... —  read more 

Multi yeat equity

Any ball park number of the multi year equity grants for Principal Engineer in US ?

Wow !! Relieved !! No news of layoffs !!

Normally Broadcom does layoff few in March and mostly in October. Now it is February and there is no sign of layoff actions. That is pretty good news for any employee !!

Broadcom severance policies

Can someone please advise on official broadcom severance policy in US ? I hear it’s not written anywhere and no clear answers are given. Is it 2 weeks for every 1 year of salary with a max of 40 weeks? How does it apply for CA folks? Thanks —  read more 

I'm so excited to join Broadcom

Wow, I'm so excited to join the great Broadcom family via the acquisition of CA I can't get enough of that stuff... What I really love is: the great and new managers having a span of control of up to 50 people and more - it's confirmed, you're just a... —  read more 

Another Blockbuster quarter !!

Hock is able to deliver quarter after quarter. All the employees are pleased with the financial performance and their own financial gains !! Thank you Hock... It also means no need for RIFs ... Be Happy !! —  read more 

Today's cash cow is tomorrow's liability

And with the kind of treatment R&D gets from Octane, everything is bound to become liability eventually. How many market leading products were envisioned and launched AFTER deal from acquired companies (Agilent, LSI, PLX, Emulex, erstwhile-Broadcom... —  read more 

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What to expect for stay employes after first RIF?

After 5000+ just termed from the CA acquisition, what should STAY employees expect? They don't know the new comp package details for almost a month. Will new offers include only salary or any bonuses or RSUs if so how much on average? When are newly... —  read more 

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