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APIM Vancouver layoff soon?

During today's townhall, I accidently saw Serge's notes from his share screen. There is a line stated: 80 R&D in Vancouver. He also mentioned APIM have too many peoples in his previous meeting. You know what it imply.

Broadcom HR

Does Broadcom HR follow these posts? Because I’m wondering why HR sets policy that has no teeth? I’ve been working from home every week. My team we all ignore the rotation schedule, just leaving our phones at desk. Had to go in the office the other... —  read more 

ESD Reorg

I heard my org blaze meter and apm are moving to Prague. Handoff transition plans will be communicated next month. Anyone hearing the same?

3 sites in emea

It seems Octane wants only 3 offices in emea, Prague, Warsaw and I think Uk not sure about the last one. For sure german unions are fighting to avoid the Darmstadt Office closure. Good luck guys.... that was,is and remains a company


So they are now requiring all US employees to carry corporate phones for contract tracing purposes. I am in the office for my shift this week, our exec spent 2 hrs in the office so far.

Temp checks

Can someone please explain to me the temperature checks when leaving the office? I get the beginning of shift, but why the end? Are there other companies operating this way? Legitimate and curious question regarding post shift check.

No coronavirus reprieve

Looks like there are plans for major layoffs at Broadcom in the works in the next several weeks to a month. And apparently nobody is safe. It's great to know we have one more thing to worry about when things are extra stressful as it is. We'll see... —  read more 

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