Topics regarding layoffs at Broadcom Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Broadcom Corp.

We seem to be the bogeyman

I've just read through some posts on the VMware page and people are terrified of being acquired by Broadcom. I don't understand why. I personally enjoy my job and I am paid well for it. Actually, I'm paid above the industry standard, which is not... —  read more 

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Some advice

After almost eight years here, I’m finally leaving. As soon as I submitted my resignation, I immediately felt a huge relief. What advice would you give to those just coming here? I think one of the better tips for new hires is not to stay here very... —  read more 

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Some advice

I would love to give some advice to people at VMW, but I can't think of a better advice than to start looking for something else right away? Those who do not lose their jobs in this whole process will probably soon realize that Broadcom is the... —  read more 

Ugly feeling

I'm still here only because I'm paid well, otherwise I'd leave. It's an ugly feeling to hear how disappointed and displeased are the employees of the company that will be acquired by Broadcom. Not only are they afraid of losing their jobs but they... —  read more 

I hate the office

In fact, what frustrates me the most is that everything I do in the office, I can do much faster and much better at home, where I do not have so many distractions. Does the leadership really think that any of the young talents will want to come... —  read more 

Bigly BSG News!

Hock is planning to announce that Mike Gregoire will return as President of BSG. After months of negotiations, Mike has agreed to return in exchange for a lifetime supply of padded spandex shorts.

Today's surprise

So, what brought about today's surprising news? I'm sure it wasn't done out of the goodness of management's heart. Too many people abandoning ship? Or just a carrot that can easily be revoked by fudging the numbers come December.

Outdated technology

It's interesting how much is being said here about technology, innovation, and the real truth is that Broadcom doesn't really care about new technology or innovation at all. Everything we have is obsolete. An engineer can only waste his time here... —  read more 

Name change for BSG..?

i heard there's discussion of a new name for BSG, to better represent the core values that we deliver to our clients. Apparently based upon a lot of deep, intimate conversations with our customers at all levels and angles. the proposed name is... —  read more 

Skills eroding here?

Unfortunately, I didn’t start thinking about this problem on time. I needed a job and I didn’t think much about whether my skills would erode here or not. It is only now that I am looking for a new job that I become aware of it and regret that I... —  read more 

What are they afraid of?

Isn't it weird that the company would rather spend money on rapid tests than let us continue to work remotely? It makes no sense to me at all, especially when I know that most people, like me, are much more productive when working from home. What's... —  read more 

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