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Layoffs in May?

People at the office have been talking about possible layoffs sometime in May, but I thought Broadcom only does layoffs in March and October. At least that's what I was told (and read here in a few threads.) Did i misunderstand? I'm still new here so... read more

Multi yeat equity

Any ball park number of the multi year equity grants for Principal Engineer in US ?

Broadcom severance policies

Can someone please advise on official broadcom severance policy in US ? I hear it’s not written anywhere and no clear answers are given. Is it 2 weeks for every 1 year of salary with a max of 40 weeks? How does it apply for CA folks? Thanks

I'm so excited to join Broadcom

Wow, I'm so excited to join the great Broadcom family via the acquisition of CA I can't get enough of that stuff... What I really love is: the great and new managers having a span of control of up to 50 people and more - it's confirmed, you're just a... read more

Another Blockbuster quarter !!

Hock is able to deliver quarter after quarter. All the employees are pleased with the financial performance and their own financial gains !! Thank you Hock... It also means no need for RIFs ... Be Happy !!

Today's cash cow is tomorrow's liability

And with the kind of treatment R&D gets from Octane, everything is bound to become liability eventually. How many market leading products were envisioned and launched AFTER deal from acquired companies (Agilent, LSI, PLX, Emulex, erstwhile-Broadcom... read more

What to expect for stay employes after first RIF?

After 5000+ just termed from the CA acquisition, what should STAY employees expect? They don't know the new comp package details for almost a month. Will new offers include only salary or any bonuses or RSUs if so how much on average? When are newly... read more

2000 Layoffs and Not a Word Here

Nobody thought that 2000 people getting the axe was worth mentioning I guess. And for those who "survived" all I can say is your survival will be short lived, that is a guarantee. When corporations start chopping heads this severely, there is a... read more

It’s official- The CA acquisition is complete

Broadcom announced today that it has officially completed the acquisition of CA Technologies. For those who are interested in the statements of company officials that were made in light of the official announcement of the completion of the... read more
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Expense Policies

Anyone have insight into the Broadcom Expense Policy? Curious if you all have a per diem or a daily limit? Restrictions on hotels/mileage/rental cars?

New Opportunities

Once we join Broadcom - how do we get more involved in the patent trolling efforts? Is there an after work club?

Broadcom Title Hierarchy

What's Broadcom's Title Hierarchy, top down. Please post if you know. I am not an employee, so a full disclaimer there.

Looking forward to joint layoffs

We are so excited to join your company in three weeks. Quarterly layoffs are best shared with fellow communists! I can’t wait to look into those dreamy Octane bedrooms eyes with bags so big he looks like Conor McGregor after a UFC fight. We’ll be... read more

Will Broadcom keep Veracode ?

The Vercode BU was acquired by CA in 2016 for $600M. It doesn't deal with mainframes but I heard it's one of the better CA BU's, even if it is not > profitable

RSU award

Does Broadcom issue RSU to retained engineers in acquisition ? What is a typical vesting over 3 year grant ? 10% of base salary ?

RSU grants?

Heard a few folks in some wireless BUs were recently granted additional RSUs, kinda like a pre bonus. Do you know if it’s true?

CA India center will be closed?

How is Broadcom India center. Is it true that Octane shift jobs from India to Malaysia? There is post going on CA page that India center will be closed and jobs will be shifted from India to Malaysia.

Customer service and support?

Broadcom folks... CA guy here with a question. is it safe to assume that positions in areas like customer service and tech support are destined to be outsourced to India?

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