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Topics regarding layoffs at Broadcom Corp.

Bonus Payout

On what date do you have to be on payroll to be eligible for annual bonus payout? Is it mid of DEC or beginning of Jan?

Severance package?

Does anybody know what kind of severance package Broadcom gives to laid of employees? Can anybody who was recently let go share, please? I have read that October layoffs are coming, and I know I have a good chance of being among those affected. I'd... read more

Singapore Office Closing or Drastically Downsized?

From Grapevine. Forced to paying more tax to Singapore Government, so now will be moving HQ from Singapore to Penang, Malaysia. Major layoffs in Singapore coming up. Some would be willing to take a major pay cut and relocate to Malaysia.

layoff in July 7?

Somebody received notification of July 7 layoff? Which BU get affected? How is the severance package?

Possible layoff in Penang Malaysia?

I have heard there will be layoff for our Penang team in Malaysia. if that's the case, it will be very sad for Broadcom to lose a very productive team. All engineers in Penang are wonderful people.

Layoff model?

My impression is that the BU needs to layoff employees if it can not achieve the target goal quarter by quarter. Is it true?

Layoffs in BCG soon?

There is rumor BCG will have layoffs before the end of Q2 2017 cause they think there are too many people in the system engineering division of BCG. Is that true?

US$250 per meal per person when traveling!?!?

I heard that with the old Broadcom before being acquired by Avago... everyone was allowed US$250 per meal per person multiple times a day while you're on a business trip? Is that true? The guys from old BC kept boasting to us of the good old days... read more

Trade off of Broadcom

first of all, let me say the positives, money is good, i work in the valley, in semi industry, the new avago/broadcom rsu and bonus is something. now the bad, most of my co-workers are either quit or in so-called transition, which are worse than... read more

No worry about layoff

Just stay as long as you can(until you got layoff with package), if you can survive more than 1 year, congratulations you will safe for another 1 year.

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