Topics regarding layoffs at Broadcom Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Broadcom Corp.

Sorry this is a redundant Q

As a VMware employee, we haven't been given visibility into most of BCs benefits and it's an extremely stressful time. Can a current BC employee talk to the maternity leave provided in the US? If it is state dependent, CA?

Divesting time period

For those of you that are at BCOM now, during previous acquisitions, how long before divested business units were sold after closing? Asking because EUC and CBlack are likely meeting a similar fate.

RSU question

On my offer letter it stated RSUs are awarded on a quarterly basis. Is it common place given good performance that X amount of RSUs are awarded every quarter ? If so what do you typically get awarded ?

BC expense policy

VMware person here. What is the BC expense policy for customer facing travel in software sales and customer success? Are you forced to stay in 1/2 star flea pits out of town, or are you allowed to stay at location relevant rates in 4 star hotels... —  read more 

IC RSU at Broadcom in sales

Hey BC folks, What is the average RSU comp for a sales IC, are you able to share? I hear it’s usually in a quarterly vesting cycle, but would be good to know on average what most folks get as the salary seems to be fairly static.

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