Topics regarding layoffs at Analog Devices Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices Layoffs 2022

Analog Devices Inc. ($ADI) layoffs will involve 61 job cuts in Milpitas, California, on June 24, the Silicon Valley Business Journal reported. The pending job cuts surface after Analog Devices acquired Maxim Integrated Products for $21 billion in... —  read more 

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Moral is at an all time low

ADI is not the same company that it used to be. Moral is at an all time low.. I’ve never in my 35+ years have ever seen it this bad. This started before COVID and has just gotten worse. I feel like when they took the service awards away that was the... —  read more 


There has been, there is now, and there will always be layoffs occurring at ADI. In short, its the driving force in this corporation.

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Management turmoil

Could someone tell me how many senior managers or Vice Presidents have left the company recently? I can count at least five and all have resulted in downsizing of their departments. With purchase of Linear Technology, can more layoffs be far off? For... —  read more 

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Has all Test been moved to Analog Devices Philippines? They initially told us only some of the test operations would be moved, primarily Assembly would leave US. I am not involved with this part of the Business.

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Chelmsford, MA Growth Outlook

What is the likelihood of Analog Devices consolidating operations or closing Chelmsford, MA? It seems Analog Devices Management has made a strategic decision to trim Hittite Microwave catalog after Qorvo cut access to TriQuint Fab. Please let me know... —  read more 

References questions- October layoffs

First, I am sorry if anyone was affected by the annual October layoffs. Would you mind sharing if those who were part of the RIF had to sign a waiver that said to not disclose your last Manager as a Reference. I understand some companies do this to... —  read more 

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