Topics regarding layoffs at ON Semiconductor Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at ON Semiconductor Corp.

Is it done?

There is so little info available on what's going on with layoffs. I have no idea if it's ongoing, ended, will be continued... Nothing! Can people who know what's going on please let us know? I don't see any other reason for the complete lack of... —  read more 

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Have layoffs started?

So I read on another thread that layoffs began on the 4th. I haven’t heard anything about it on the day or since. Did this really happen or is someone just trying to scare people? Is there someone who can confirm or deny this just to put people’s... —  read more 

SoylentGreen time

Those of you who fall under SGA headcount.....prepare yourselves. Those of you overpaid product managers of parts multiscourced with fairchild popcorn. Prepare yourselves. And will someone please get overpaid dinosaurs to be recognized as an... —  read more 

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