Diodes Inc. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Diodes Inc.

Many issues

Check it out here. Not good. https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Diodes-Reviews-E841.htm

H1b's save the day again

If it wasn't for those good old desperate H1b visa people, Diodes Fabtech wouldn't have an engineering department at all.

This Sounds like ON to the core!

https://www.forbes.com/sites/lizryan/2017/04/12/ten-signs-youre-failing-as-a-manager/#3922e0b7d256 Here are ten signs you're failing as a manager. If these signs look familiar, that's your signal to stop and reflect on what's really holding you back... —  read more 

Diodes Fabtech Finally Curtain Call

When they finally take down the words "Diodes Fabtech" from the building will someone please record and post the event. It would be nice for all to see.

Team Diodes now are you kidding me!

So funny have yourself's a laugh. Your jobs are gone get over it. Just like you when layed people off and they lost their jobs. Where was their champion? You weren't their for them. Just like you forced people to quit by making their life hell. Now... —  read more 

City of Lees Summit sold out to Cerner

Diodes spent $1.8M in Lees Summit buying from vendors and suppliers in 2016. Metro wide they spent upwards of $9M in the Kansas City areain 2016. Diodes offered a large sum of $ for a signing bonus to renew the lease. This company has been... —  read more 

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It makes me sad reading all these negative posts. Sure we aren't prefect, but what company is? Praying that FT shuts down and put many people out of work, makes me sad again. This company is our livelihood and how we make our house payments and pay... —  read more 

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I only have one wish for the new year

My only wish for the new year is that Diodes Fabtech's business sinks, and layoffs are a plenty. I wish I may I wish I might see Diodes Fabtech go out of business in 2017?

Diodes Fabtech caught fire again

This place has a toxic work environment, not only the chemicals, but the managers as well. I wonder if the constant turnover has finally worn away the knowledge that kept people safe. This is what happens when you treat your employees like crap, this... —  read more 

Here is why we need to start a union

Check out the article below, it explains why all the people in the fab need to organize and join a union. Semiconductor work is dangerous and could cause long-term health effects. We need some to have our back and give power to the people. If enough... —  read more 

Diodes Fabtech not a place you want to work!

If you come across this page while contemplating working for Diodes Fabtech, please stop and forget them. They have tons of job openings now, because people are leaving in droves. Awful management, dangerous chemicals, and no opportunities, except... —  read more 

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