Topics regarding layoffs at AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.)

Layoffs this week

I can't find anything in the news but I'm hearing talk about AMD having layoffs earlier this week. Nothing huge, from what I understand. Can anybody who knows what's going on confirm or deny whether there were any cuts? Supposedly, Client Business... —  read more 

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Pensando acquisition

Should we expect any layoffs on our side from this acquisition? My first instinct is to say no, but you can never know with situations like these. I think this is a good move for the company, I'm just a bit worried that some of us might end up paying... —  read more 

Server-side growth

Yes, the biggest sequential jump in the data center market share in 15 years is now old news, but I wonder if you believe AMD will continue chipping away at Intel's dominant share of the data center market? What are your expectations? I think Intel... —  read more 

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How common are layoffs at AMD?

I've had a job offer and considering that my current company is very layoff-happy, I really want to accept. But I want to cover all my bases first to not end up in a similar situation. What I've seen so far on this page looks good (my current company... —  read more 

Layoffs after Xilinx acquisition?

What a surprise! AMD and Xilinx deal is really big news! There is a lot of speculation about what benefits both companies will have or what it will mean in the battle with Intel in the data center chip market, but I am most interested in whether it... —  read more 

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Joining AMD

Hi I have left Intel and joining AMD. Would like to have some suggestions. I am going to stick to my decision n hoping AMD will be one of the best company I will work for.

Risks facing AMD's future

On Intel's "failure" to move to 10nm - Intel is shipping its 10nm chips in Lenovo and NUC computers right now. A patent firm tore one down and wrote a 20 page paper on it, and proclaimed it at least as good as competitors anticipated 7nm... —  read more 

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Does anyone have the dimensions for the EPYC socket? Can't find dimensions online yet and working on a workstation design.

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