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RIF lists in development

Well friends it looks like the FTC might be the last straw in the demise of Qualcomm. Super confidential meetings underway to prepare RIF lists. I overheard project name but it was in an Indian accent so I did not understand. Might be a spanish or... read more
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Friday testimony

Lenovo- Blumberg >>>>>>>>> . @Lenovo's Blumberg testifies that @Qualcomm never threatened to not supply chips Attorney reads email between @Lenovo execs saying that @Qualcomm said it would keep supplying chips, even if the companies don't reach a new... read more

Jacobs Says Time Isn't Right for Takeover Bid

Jan.16 -- Former Qualcomm Inc. Chief Executive Officer Paul Jacobs, who left the chipmaker last year and then said he was preparing a bid to take it private, said the “time isn’t right” for such a move. He speaks on "Bloomberg Technology." He is... read more

The future is dim....no need to wear shades

well it looks like the end is near. If global courts won't uphold our licensing agreements...well, then there is no more Qualcomm. It's that simple. It was good while it lasted. I'll save my negative comments for later. We all know the end is coming... read more
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Qualcomm’s second lawsuit against Apple dismissed

The second patent infringement lawsuit that Qualcomm has launched against Apple in Germany has been overruled. The court in the German city of Manheim dismissed the lawsuit as being groundless. https://9to5mac.com/2019/01/15/qualcomm-lawsuit/
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Business Image Management

Here are some tips for your personal business image mgmt, see the note below.... White Board Never, ever, clean your whiteboard, the busier looking the board, the better. Don't ever erase anything, ever. Use your hand to smudge things all over if you... read more

It’s over! Start packing

Florian Mueller @FOSSpatents · 24m Combination of break and long sealed testimony (Lasinski) now. But will be back later. Quite eventful. The #FTC is in its low-key, unspectacular way inching closer and closer toward victory, unless #Qualcomm has... read more

GPU team salary adjustment again?

Heard from my friend in GPU team that there was10-20% base salary adjustment early this week, on top of 15-20% adjustment last year. This makes the GPU team pay ridiculously high compared to their roadmap and workload. After this adjustment GPU... read more

Did Christiano Amon mess it up for us.

"Blevins (Apple exec) hoped that the iPad mini 2 could help begin a longer-term relationship with the chipmaker, and had a meeting with Qualcomm president Christiano Amon in 2013. Amon, however, simply told Blevins that, “I’m your only choice, and I... read more

Finally, hopes for H-1B?

We be Citizens? Just to let u know, I am not H-1b. https://www.news.com.au/world/breaking-news/trump-flags-changes-to-skilled-work-visas/news-story/67ad05fb62d17a388280983c6bf0fcc0

SM testifies in court today

The company CEO SM is scheduled to take the stand in court today, in the case regarding the FTC lawsuit. This article contains a short video announcement of SM’s testifying in court. What can we expect from SM appearing before the court? Is it a... read more

PTO and quitting

Do I get paid for unused vacation time if I quit? Thanks in advance if somebody knows the answer.

Sh-- is getting serious

SM decided to shut down my department completely in order to minimize cost. Expect more cuts this year. At least it was a peaceful Xmas..... I can't say any more, sorry

stack ranking performance review

great article at https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/08/facebook-culture-cult-performance-review-process-blamed.html grass always greener on other side of fence

No, that's not true!

The biggest news that Qualcomm has made this year in CES is not its product. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/amazons-alexa-interrupted-qualcomm-exec-during-ces-speech-2019-1 Here is the video. 13 Min 20 seconds. You are welcome... read more

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