Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Here’s a Q-tip

After looking for another job it's reassuring to learn that there are a number of companies now providing hybrid job opportunities. This means that I won't be required to work in the office for the full five days per week.

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Time for a career pivot

Many companies are currently hiring and experiencing financial stability, it's important to note that in this particular case, the sales of the company may be down due to a lack of innovation and differentiation in their product or service offerings. —  read more 

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Bring Marisol back for heavens sake. So that guy and his homage to the urns feels fulfilled. Or, maybe reality is just too much for him. And we leave it be. You all know that neighbor. It is what it is.

Company wide AHM BS

no talk about layoff no talk about relationship with Apple and rumors to extend the modem deal no talk about share price at 52 week low kept pumping BS AI which will be like everything else Qcom tried and failed no mention of hefty... —  read more 

Friendly reminder

For today’s company AH meeting. Can someone remind that one employee in ONEit to not stand up to speak on women not needing a title. On behalf of Qualcomm women- Please don't speak on behalf of women and suggest that we don't need job titles in a... —  read more 

Isn't natural attrition enough?

There are lots of rumors about the next round of layoffs, but I wonder how much sense it all makes given that natural attrition will be increasing. More of my colleagues have left recently than in any other period I've been working here.


Omg … META didn’t have enough money to payoffs the media or the state of California and was forced to file WARN Act today! But yet Qualcomm still has not filed WARn act for the massive layoffs that happens on the 17th! Too many Qualcomm workers... —  read more 

Call for strike

Stock is 52 weeks low, employees fired, executives and directors get millions in reward and keep quiet. Time for employees to strike. If we don’t provide support to customers across teams for a single day, executives will submit to our demands. —  read more 

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