Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

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Keeping the skills sharp

A close colleague recently moved to another company and told me that he had a hard time getting that job because he turned out to be a lot less marketable than he thought it was. The reason is atrophy of skills after staying here for many years. So... —  read more 

Exciting times ahead

What is your reaction to news like this: MediaTek is slowly eating away Qualcomm’s share of the mobile chipset market ? I agree with the last... —  read more 

Give us more layoffs!

I've become a convert. I now believe layoffs are the best thing that can happen to any one of us. Walking away with a nice sum certainly beats continuing to work for this loser company. It also beats being fired, and that's been happening more and... —  read more 

The need for invention

Someone here mentioned that in the last 15 years, all the company has been doing is buying or incorporating things rather than inventing something by itself. I know people who say it's not that much of a problem. Do you also think that it is not so... —  read more 

Qualcomm Stays with You

I've noticed that with the majority of other companies, people move on once they leave. Whether they were laid off or walked away, they never look back. Not with Qualcomm. Years on, people still hold on to the hate. You mention Qualcomm to them, and... —  read more 

In your opinion

I know this isn’t the place for this but I need some advice. I was hired on almost 2 years ago and sometimes I feel as if my career is becoming stagnant. I’ve spoken with my manager about the possibility of being placed in another BU to gain more... —  read more 

Rule 70-something

Rule 70, 72, 75 keeps being mentioned on various Qualcomm-related forums but I can't figure out what it is. When I Google it, some of it comes back with some investment cr-p which I'm sure has nothing to do with it and some gives me some legal bylaws... —  read more 

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