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Only Don is right

Everyone else - US, China, Korea, Taiwan, EU, Somalia, Apple, Intel, Samsung - IS WRONG

Return Bonus SM

SM and his team got awarded too soon. Give bonus back... you cannot keep saying... “All success are because of management team and all failures are because of engineering..”

FTC Rules Qualcomm Violated Anti-Trust Laws!

The Federal Trade Commission Ruling that Qualcomm engaged in Anti-Competitive Behavior Is Devastating! Qualcomm Stock has dropped 8 points so far today!
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RFFE Restructure

Reorg happening, directors "stepping down", directors being terminated, departments being merged, anybody has any info?

How will this affect us?

I know this is bad, but I think some people are already panicking too much when very little is known. It might not be as bad as some might think. I was wrong before, though... read more

Interview Question?

I have been interviewing recently with companies all over, some of them are big names in industry some are not. The question I get quite often especially from smaller companies is "Why do you want to leave Qualcomm? It is a great company!!" We all... read more

Someone help me understand this phenomena

of folks working and sending emails between midnight and 3AM in the morning. They show up at work at 11AM leave at 4PM, are not seen in their cubicles in the intervening period. They are very much physically located in the US and not in any other... read more

No experience necessary

Does anybody ever feel that when Qualcomm needs to hire managers, the posting says "no experience necessary?" Because it certainly feels that way once we get them. /rant over

Two-weeks notice

I've heard that people who give their two-weeks notice are escorted out immediately. Is this true? Why would this be the case?

SD employees listen up!

Send a message to the board and executive team. No one show up to happy hour and human 5G Ariel photo! Employees should have gotten bonuses first before executive team. Do this in honor of those hard workers forced out and of all the blood, sweat... read more

Unconscious Bias -- Funny

it is indeed everyone in top has such Premature skill, Something u can't get away and this is one such nice to talk, btw, these are derivatives of not just alcatel

Have we really lost some of our best talent?

Some of the best people at my location have been laid off in the past year. Others left on their own. All end all, some of the best people are not working anymore. Is that the case at other locations? Is it safe to say that we lost some of the most... read more

No layoffs? Is it really possible?

Why aren’t people talking about layoffs? Is it really the case that there aren’t any at Qualcomm at this time, at least in the numbers that the people on this board find worth debating? If that’s the case, I have to say I haven’t seen it happen in a... read more
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Where is my bingo?

In recognition of the outstanding efforts of the executive management team, both individually and as leaders of the teams involved, in achieving the recently announced license agreement and chipset supply agreement with Apple, Inc. (“Apple”) and the... read more

Losing best talent

Why is Qualcomm so willing to let go of our top talent without even putting up a fight? I'm not even talking about layoffs (even if that certainly is a part of it) but people who are leaving to join our competitors and are finding no resistance here... read more

Is now the time to sell?

$7B settlement to $4.5 settlement to fruit company.. why? I'm from Finance team... I smell that there is a mutual exchange of $$$.. The pivot person made a nice cashout..along with the b-ngo brazili Stock should have been at $100 by now..

Are better days really in front of us?

Is it possible that the resolution of the Apple dispute caused the positive effects this soon. I don’t see people getting cut, morale is much better, at my location they are taking in new hires, even this board seems to be quieting down. Dod it all... read more

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