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Green card for sale

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Qcom life

Heard they are going to spin off this unit..any updates?

Why is Q paying $127.50 for NXP?

Old technology Overhead like in house fabs Revenue shrinking per latest earnings release Has not integrated Freescale fully. Major cultural differences Q should pay the $2B breakup fee and walk away. NXP is not worth the premium.

Management transparency

If the management in Qc was transparent and open and not giving politicial answers to questions then we will never need a website like this to discuss or know what’s really happening in our own company . I myself consider to be a positive person but... read more

Cobra Amount

Anyone already received their Cobra info? How much per month for individual plan? How much per month for family plan? Unfortunately you can't get this info until they mail it to you 2 weeks after termination....kind of makes planning difficult. I... read more

Jana is going to get its wish

I think the next thing coming is the splitting of QCT. A major semi conductor company is going to buy QCT. This is based on some activities happening right now. Could also be based on the fact that I am doing #2 now.

US trade deficit halved?

Hal Varian, chief economist at Google, said that technically, if statisticians can better capture the value of software developed in Silicon Valley and embedded in global smartphones, the United States The trade deficit is expected to be halved... read more

Request to leave early

QDT engineer here. Can anyone affected by earlier layoffs comment as to whether a "request to leave early" is likely to be approved? I understand this would allow starting a new job before the end of the notice period. (but would be after the last... read more

More good news on NXP front

"China’s approval of a small US chip merger shows Beijing is actively reviewing such deals again after a brief pause to show its displeasure over US trade tensions."... read more

Who else sees Qualcomm going the way of HP?

Once renowned as one of the best tech firms to work for: positive work environment, innovative, high-flying stock, generous benefits... Sought growth through acquisitions, many of which were only marginally successful or abject failures. Continued to... read more

PTE SVP leaving

After being forced to report to his rival, PTE SVP is planning to finally leave..

What if the NXP deal falls through?

Everybody seems so excited about the forward movement in the NXP deal, even the projections of Qualcomm stock rise have gone significantly up, but what happens if in the end the deal really ends up falling through? How bad will it be for Qualcomm... read more


You guys, whether white, asian or indian, should read the documet here: https://www.infoq.com/minibooks/software-developers-diversity .Ha

I see they interviewed Qualcomm employees

Also, who do these 59 percent who are confident of job security work for? Asking for a friend. The latest data from an annual Gallup survey shows that 11% of Americans believe they might lose their job within the next 12 months but 59% of Americans... read more

Paul and Sanjay

Where is the prior posting about Paul and Sanjay working together to take QC private - Did HR have it removed? PJ and SJ - that would be a great outcome - great leaders and visionaries who would oust the entire current management team and make QC a... read more

Is Raleigh Datacenter heading to the guillotine?

So far I only heard that RTP datacenter is ripe to be sold. Does anybody from there or otherwise know if that is indeed happening. I have a choice to move to datacenter but there is so much uncertainty now that it may be a bad decision? Thx

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