Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Little room for growth

I know that no matter how much effort I put in I will not be promoted, so I have lost all motivation. I am a bit skeptical whether the situation is any better with direct competitors in this regard. Thoughts?

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One hand washes...

The US realized it couldn't trust Beijing, not by a long-shot, which is why it banned Nvidia sales. However, Lebanon will likely come to Beijing's aid and steal whatever is necessary from the US and pass it to Beijing, just to ingratiate itself in... —  read more 

Skills atrophy

Don't get me wrong - I'm no cheerleader, but when someone starts talking about the atrophy of skills at Qualcomm, it really gets on my nerves. Why do people think that Qualcomm is to blame for the fact that their skills have atrophied? That's so... —  read more 

Layoffs 2018

I was laid off in 2018 and it caught me by surprise. I was told we were going to be hiring more soon and needed to request more H1Bs due to a shortage of engineers…. A month later over 1500 employees were let go… 3 months later all the refs went up... —  read more 

Q never has layoffs

Q is the best company in SD! Never has layoffs and is always hiring! Q uses very little H1Bs and only in emergencies. You couldn’t ask to work for a better company, that always takes care of its employees and pays top notch

Fresh Blood

Rebuilding Chip Industry — Purdue Starts Comprehensive Semiconductor Degree Programs in U.S.

We were lucky

I was reading through the VMware board and all the things people who worked at companies acquired by Broadcom are saying make me realize just how lucky we got that our sale fell through. I feel bad for the people there who are about to go through a... —  read more 

$100M Snapdragon Fund

This is interesting and it may be indicating where we will be going a few years from now: In March, Qualcomm Ventures and its parent, Qualcomm, announced its new $100 million... —  read more 

Wasteful bureaucracy

Wasteful bureaucracy is common in large corporations, but it is really frustrating here. How many times have you wanted to leave Q just because of bureaucracy? I'm still here even though I think my earnings could be higher somewhere else, but it's... —  read more 

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