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Should I expect getting cut?

Got a 4 the last review cycle, as my senior management didnt like the proposed project solution chosen. Choice was driven by recommendations given by other teams as well as by schedule vs available staffing. Solution worked but definetely could be... read more
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Stock Markets tanking across the world...

Everything is connected. Layoffs don't happen for no reason, though so many want to believe that little fairy tale. Your illustrious political leaders will never tell you the truth about the economy until they absolutely have to, and by that time... read more

Ce team size

Why do we need such a huge team in India? They are trying to steal our jobs.

Employment lawyers

Any good employment lawyers that you can recommend? I am getting jerked around a little on the package and need some leverage. I am so sick and tired of hearing the term "business needs." What ever happened to employee needs? Employees have been on... read more

Stock almost at May 2000 levels post splits

BUT Looking at INTC, TXN etc., they have not performed as well either. Infact qualcomm performed far better than those. Therefore why beat Qualcomm. Instead cane the management. QC will be back in action in future. No Layoffs for those who are... read more

Yay! We weren't taken over by Broadcom!

Barely a week later and those declaring victory over Broadcom are already eating crow. Let's see how China retaliates against Trump's tariffs, with QC and other companies as a prime target. Why buy QC when you can, oh I dunno, ban them? Restrict... read more

When will SM finally leave ?

Where is the guy? What kind of a leader is nowhere to be seen during time of crisis. He needs to resign ASAP or be kicked out ASAP. He’s done sod all since becoming CEO - what a waste of space.

Volunteer news

They said that they will only layoff only the volunteer not others. this is legit.

Huge share buyback

Is it true? If NXP does not go through Massive 400M stock buyback for $30B That will in short term send the stock to $70 again

Will they sell the corporate jets?

As part of cost cutting will they sell the fleet of gulfstreams? May get close to 500M and save another 200M/year in operational expense. In 2015, Q bought a new gulfstream along with the cost cutting exercise. May be this time they will buy two... read more

QCOM stock - I'm tired of it.

Geez - QCOM stock is nosediving again! In general QCOM has averaged to the low side of flat. I should have dummed that stock years ago.


Looks like the news moved away from qcom to the facebook now. Lets see how ceo handle things there. Should there be something our management to learn from.

Volunteering for Layoff not Fake news

Guys, this isn’t fake. Lots of groups received this email today. They want volunteers to notify their management by March 26 if interested. Thereafter the actual layoff begins mid April. May 21st seems to be the date by which people would leave... read more

CA to become CEO

SM will step down this friday after market closes. CA will be promoted as the new CEO. CA is busy with last minute PR training to give bullish speeches, TV interviews on how new changed Qualcomm under him will be the leader in 5G, Automotive, IOT... read more

Hope CA does not become CEO and destroy QCOM completely

He does not have any vision. He is always late on his vision and just follows the market. Qcom should have done RFFE 3 years before it started and same on ML and other things. If there is no leadership and vision - one should not be CEO.

Good Things Ahead

Hang in there Qualcomm employees and you will surely beat Intel in the 5G race. I have a phone ordered with the 845 chip and I am most anxious to put it through a series of speed tests.

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