Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Fresh Blood

Rebuilding Chip Industry — Purdue Starts Comprehensive Semiconductor Degree Programs in U.S.

We were lucky

I was reading through the VMware board and all the things people who worked at companies acquired by Broadcom are saying make me realize just how lucky we got that our sale fell through. I feel bad for the people there who are about to go through a... —  read more 

$100M Snapdragon Fund

This is interesting and it may be indicating where we will be going a few years from now: In March, Qualcomm Ventures and its parent, Qualcomm, announced its new $100 million... —  read more 

Wasteful bureaucracy

Wasteful bureaucracy is common in large corporations, but it is really frustrating here. How many times have you wanted to leave Q just because of bureaucracy? I'm still here even though I think my earnings could be higher somewhere else, but it's... —  read more 

Erosion of skills

I don’t think my skills have atrophied here, but I see people saying that Q has become a place where skills erode. I would be ashamed to say that my skills are declining because of the company. Aren’t skills primarily a matter of the individual and... —  read more 

My hope...

I hold out hope that once the aging , useless VPs and SVPs that have been mismanaging the talented engineers that Q does miraculously manage to attract, causing them to inevitably quit in disgust, FINALLY age out and stay out of the way in their... —  read more 

The garbage

Cowards Backstabbers Liars Credit thieves Blame others Avoid responsibilities Project thieves Unethical Kiss ups No original ideas Lazy Avoid work Try delegating own work to others Disrespectful Dishonest Disgusting Amoral Undeserving Waste of Q's... —  read more 

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