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Got fired today :-(

Got excellent ratings and was promoted to Staff not too long ago. They escorted me out right away. Did not even get a chance to copy my personal docs from my machine. Super bummed.

Lay-off being planned

As I know there will be a huge lay being planned within the two months, demand from China declining, phone shipment declining by 50%. Management wanted to postpone layoffs but cash reserve is depleting faster than everyone thought.

Coronavirus-related layoffs

Everybody is mentioning future layoffs, but what about right now? Have there been any coronavirus-related layoffs? Shouldn't we be more worried about that happening - if it hasn't already in some departments - instead of worrying about September and... —  read more 

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Apple vs Qualcomm

Can anyone in this forum who has worked for both Apple and Qualcomm provide comparison about working environment and compensation structure between the two companies? No troll answer please.

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