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Apple vs Qualcomm

Can anyone in this forum who has worked for both Apple and Qualcomm provide comparison about working environment and compensation structure between the two companies? No troll answer please.

Salary increase in several groups?

I heard that several groups in the company received large salary increase recently. If it happens to be you, can you please share which group and how much increase you received?

Get ready for lay offs (and try to save your jobs)

It is 2009 all over again and cuts will be deep and jobs will not come backs. Products not selling, supply chain starting to shutdown due to coronavirus, and employees get holding the bag and RIFed. Execs will get bonuses for cutting jobs.

Hello $50 Price....

And so it begins the inevitable....stock back to 50s...sure you can say Coronavirus but the reality is outside of 5G there is nothing. And even 5G is a competitive space with the usual QCOM dropping of prices and op margin to 10% in no time. In a... —  read more 

Earnings ahead ?

What will happen to stock tomorrow? Company 4q 2019 earnings release COB tomorrow.

Qualcomm W2 Download

Where can I download Qualcomm W2. I was let go last year and will need to download a copy for my 2020 taxes.

Lay off

Now suddenly our managers started listing potential employees for lay offs. Is something big coming up? My VP asked me to find essential employees to conduct regular jobs for next 15 months. It seems like some lay off coming.

Great revie and Bonus

If QCOM treated us like that every year, they would be the best compa ny to work for! thank you qualcomm! but keep doing that! don't screw us again next year!

Performance review - 4

My manager just sent me my performance review as rating of 4. Can I get promotion with that rating? Do I need a 5 for promotion? Will the performance review also shown if you are promoted?

Retention in HW

Former svp was strong opponent to the retention program and ended up loosing many strong folks in the CA offices.What are his successor thoughts about retention. Is he more willing to give packages out?

G buying Fitbit

They are coming to San Diego too... This is good for all of us (Reuters) - Google owner Alphabet Inc has made an offer to acquire U.S. wearable device maker Fitbit Inc, as it eyes a slice of the crowded market for fitness trackers and... —  read more 

only got 2 in performance review

manager told me 2 is the new “3–meet expectation”. Is that true? or just indicates I will be let go in the coming lay-off, if any. I never had a less 50% score like 2/5 since I joined Q.

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Huge lay off

Earning for this quarter should be decent, however terrible for next quarter as China slowing and cut orders by 45%. Brace for huge lay off As management working on Laying off workers who is with the company for 8+ Years. 5G roll over not as... —  read more 

Job offer for "Automation Support Technician"

Got an offer for 'AST' @ 'Qualcomm'. After reading everything on this board, considering not bothering, and holding out for another opportunity. Is it worth giving it a chance, or do I move on? Appreciate any feedback.

The curious case of a fresher named Jonathan

Jonathan joined Qualcomm from a tier 1 college. Jonathan was abused day and night with shift testing work though in a dev team. Jonathan was given low salary. Jonathan tried his best to prove his capability, but was shut down my the scavenging... —  read more 


Jeremy used to work for Qualcomm. Jeremy was a very evil boy. Jeremy used to abuse his team members. Jeremy used to steal credit from team members. Jeremy used to behave like good boy in front of his manager. Jeremy's manager was also super evil... —  read more 


What is wrong with the PMIC VI group? Every single person I've meet from this group is complaining. Engineers in this group look depressed all the time. What is going on there?

ONEIT all hands

Mrs. Gendron, what you've just said is one of the most insanely id–tic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you weven close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is... —  read more 

Samsung Silicon Laying Off (Austin, TX)

https://www.thelayoff.com/samsung https://www.samsung.com/us/sas/Business/Technology World-Class Infrastructure Samsung first began its foundry business in 2005. In 2017, Samsung Austin Semiconductor became a part of the foundry family... —  read more 

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