Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

It is the time

I think the time is now to go to the intel. I have exhaustion from all time work and no of the respect. I do not understand pursuit of the guidance from this site. Why does successful engineer threaten departure. If the work is not good then... —  read more 

People exaggerate

I visit this forum sometimes to see if there are any new juicy rumors. There are no rumors about layoffs, but there are too many complaints. Do you really think that there is an ideal company in which everything will be just as you imagined? —  read more 

Switching to Apple

Hi everybody. After working 10+ years for Q, I am thinking this is probably good time to jump the boat. Can you please comment if it is a good move (to go to the fruit company), considering both compensation and working environment?

My only complaint

This is the best company I have ever worked for. I say this without exaggeration. Of course, everything can always be better, but for now I am very satisfied. Sometimes it’s stressful, but that's just the way it is. Although I have learned a lot... —  read more 

Redefining business model

I stopped by the forum to see if there were any new juicy rumors, but most of all I saw a lot of criticism that Qualcomm’s business model is outdated. Purely out of curiosity I wonder how you think the existing business model should be redefined? —  read more 

Best employer in CA

Qualcomm is a great place to work if one is looking to work with leading edge technology! Q always hires the best and brightest and has allowed me to have my selections of jobs - if I ever wanted to leave! But when one is working for the best, why... —  read more 

This shouldn't be normal

I gave my notice and I can't say how happy I'm to be leaving Qualcomm. Three years here were three years too many considering the people I had to deal with daily. What got me, though, is that nobody asked me why I was leaving. Not a single soul. Not... —  read more 

Extra pocket change

Beside way to milk the system is to have an expensive lunch or dinner on Q's dime and then put fake customer names down in the expense report. Mr Pandit is the master of this and has made ten's of thousands of additional income to pay for his... —  read more 

Promotion rat race

I worked very hard to hopefully get a promotion, but it didn’t happen in the expected time. Obviously hard work is not enough? I'm interested in how hard it was for others to get a promotion here, what other people's experiences are like.

Qualcomm is WOKE

Today lady was promoted to lead a department full of engineers. She has a bachelors degree in history for. 3rd rated college. She was chosen over men with engineering degrees from MIT and other Ivy League schools. And people wonder why Qualcomm is... —  read more 


How much did you make when your stock vested. I come from a world that doesn’t offer this so I’m curious about what kinda numbers people are talking about.

PMIC team in San Diego?

The PMIC team has had very bad reputation for years. It is known as one of the most toxic departments in Qualcomm. There is no training giving to new hires, you are not allowed to ask questions or make any mistakes, otherwise you will be thrown under... —  read more 

Is zeku a good company?

Recently a company called Zeku actively contacted me to ask to join the company (with a lot of promise, of course). Does anyone here work for or know about the company? Any input is appreciated. No bu-----t answer, plz.

Shareholder info:

Shareholders need and deserve to hear news that should be available to the public without having to wait for leaks to cause price declines to affect the share price. PROVIDE MORE INFORMATION TO SHAREHOLDERS

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Keeping the skills sharp

A close colleague recently moved to another company and told me that he had a hard time getting that job because he turned out to be a lot less marketable than he thought it was. The reason is atrophy of skills after staying here for many years. So... —  read more 

Exciting times ahead

What is your reaction to news like this: MediaTek is slowly eating away Qualcomm’s share of the mobile chipset market ? I agree with the last... —  read more 

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