Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Super long management chain

When will C suite do anything to the super long report chain in Qualcomm especially to these people managers don't do any actual work? Meta CEO's already been thinking about this while Qualcomm report chain has alway been like Staff manager + senior... —  read more 

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International Flights

Guy in group going to Finland but VP denies Business class and puts him on an Economy flight for 18hrs. Pretty cowardly. Support teams have been holding QC down for a few years. Wonder if the VP is willing to go Economy.

Everyone walking in egg shells

Work has gotten interesting… people walking in egg shells… less collaboration…. And some people have stopped training… maybe to protect their jobs… anyone else notice the tension and awkward behavior or is this just normal??

Fruit company won

Everytime CA mentions Microsoft as a critical partner in all hands meetings I can't help but laugh considering how low performing the chips are. Here is emperical evidence.

Headcount is needed

In my opinion, whoever thinks that more cuts are not needed is delusional. The only problem is that this company, instead of cutting useless slackers and dead wood, cuts people who do all the work. Just saying.

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