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http://investor.qualcomm.com/eventdetail.cfm?eventid=186693 2018 Annual Meeting of Stockholders Mar 6, 2018

Thank you president Trump

For quietly fixing the abuse of the H1B visa program. Companies like Qualcomm have been abusing this program for decades. Indian curry-breath scum should start packing their bags soon.

Is Qualcomm already sold to Broadcom?

Back when they sold infrastructure to Ericsson they were telling employees that infrastructure was not being sold well after the deal was done. They wanted to keep the employees from the truth as long as they could. I get the same vibe now I did... read more

No Layoff until next Summer

Until NXP finalize and apple issue resolve, no more layoff...Q4 financials are looking better than ever...huge growth in China......things are not that bad....pl don't spread layoff rumors......

Contract to perm ?

This is very important to me guys . 1) how is CE eng team as in growth and compensation ? Is it at par dev eng salary ? Bay area 2) how is chances of conversation from contract to perm ( now situation like bcm and nxp and apple) ? 3) I got full time... read more

Small scale layoff

Layoffs have happened in small scale at SCL campus. At least 40 plus attrition at this time. Waited until RCU vesting to avoid lawsuits. Seeing someone voluntarily leaving each week around my office space... Haven't heard anything about this. Anybody... read more

Layoff is called off

The layoff rumors is done. Shame on people for scaring Brown and whites people with gossip. Qualcomm is victory force in world. Apple is downhill. Victory Qualcomm!

IOS tricks and traps

Regarding IOS, if you want to move to a new area to acquire new skills, then this used to be useful but with lots of caveats in present times such as your promo will get delayed (4 years I have seen), you will have to put a lot of effort to learn the... read more


Now that RSUs vested and bonus paid for the year, how is the attrition trend in your teams? Last week a bunch of key people in our team resigned. I am very concerned about the work load for those of us left behind and success of projects. Comment for... read more

@Indians: Multiple H1-B visa frauds exposed !

H1-B backlash is happening for a reason.. Here is why !! So disgusting & demeaning for the Indian community http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/12/05/fremont-woman-gets-four-years-in-prison-for-visa-fraud/

Company logo removed from all floors

At my location all the 'lobby signage' was removed from every floor, and will replaced with the new logo over the next few weeks. 'Next few weeks' got be thinking whether this was in preparation for the BroadCom logo. Does anyone know anything about... read more

IOS negotiations

Does anyone know if one can negotiate base/signup bonus/rsu during ios? Serious replies only please

CR&D mass exodus

The current attrition looks like rats abandoning a sinking ship. The only ones left behind are the ones ready to bail at any time, the original company men who ruined CR&D for good and some hapless individuals that are invested in San Diego way too... read more

Should I buy or rent?

I recently accepted a position at Qualcomm and will be relocating from the bay area. Should I buy a house or rent? It seems like San Diego is in a market peak again.

Full overhaul of management

If HT doesn't like the Board, it also means that there will be a mass change in the Executive management because HT wants supportive management once the bid is thru. Mass layoffs at the Exec level expected.

Staff fair pay

Staff, 10 years of experience, base 135k. Glass door says my base should be 155k+. Is GS exaggerating?

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