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Stage 1 - November 17,2017

Date was set today, Nov. 17. Total quantity: 350 - 400. Groups included: QCT Ops, Program management, PTE, VI, RF systems, PTE PMIC, SLT, Quality, Sales, Marketing, R&D test, QCES, procurement, IPS. Good luck!!

QC exec. "We are in serious problems"

Traveled to San Jose with a QC exec. He mentioned that QC is in "Serious problems". He came to San Jose to discuss with QCA the quantities of people which will be layoff, he mentioned this will continue through the year and next. Few exec. Are... read more

Qualcomm Layoffs 2018

Cannot believe it? Really? Rumors? Lies? Hoax and other things - people do weird things and will lie to you - there are no layoffs again in San Diego.

What a mess

Is it just me or is Qualcomm a great big train wreck? How will Qualcomm manage a bigger business with the NXP acquisition when we can't manage what we already have. What a tragic mess.

Huawei is the next nail in the coffin for us

https://hothardware.com/news/huawei-kirin-970-ai-processor-best-apple-a11-snapdragon-835 full Huawei Solution Huawei is next one after Samsung with everything inhouse. Apple own modem solution soon... Licensing business also declining.. Good years... read more

Employees manage and contractors work

Not just contractors, even good technical people cant survive Qualcomm If your rapport is good with manager , a hardware engineer will lead a software project and hire contractors to get the work done. How do such employees get hired at first place ?... read more

Cellular modem chip business is a dead end

The whole cellular modem chip business is a dead end anyway. You all know it. The „What’s next?“ questions are comings more frequently than ever before. We are already the only company that can make money from modems in the higher end market. Soon... read more

Why all the advertisements?

Everywhere I look I see ads for Qualcomm, but what's the point? We have no direct to consumer products, and no one really cares what chip is in their phone as long as it works. I could see it if we went back to making devices, but Q sold that... read more

Why Wait?!

Why wait for layoffs? I just accepted an offer from Apple and very excited. Goodbye Q. It used to be a great place to work before talented people were driven out or laid off. Now, not so much. Endgame is here folks. Make your own decisions. Staying... read more

Inclusion and diversity video

I want to congratulate Qualcomm on the great job creating the Inclusion and Diversity video, which gives a clear overview of policies and programs. I also want to encourage Qualcomm to review diversity in all departments, for example HR where the... read more

Layoffs put on hold for NXP deal

Layoffs were planned, but are on hold pending NXP deal (approval of which is now extended to end of October). Also there was some expectation of MAV going more with Intel, but for now we are keeping the same numbers as on the iPhone 7, which helped... read more

Retention RSU's

I heard few people got retention RSU's even before the review meetings were over. Is it true ?

Sep 25 and no layoff

So much for crazy people and their rumors of layoffs. I'm so glad I did not panic and go to work at apple. 🍎

Qualcomm needs to make 2 changes.

Allow employees to work from home on Tuesdays or Wednesdays or Thursdays. One work-from-home day a week will significantly boost productivity. Don't allow Mondays and Fridays as work-from-home days! Start a system where every work day, employees (ALL... read more

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