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Any sign of layoffs?

Not that I;m trying to evoke layoffs but it’s been unusually quiet at my location and within my team. Are layoffs going on in any part of the company these days?

Layoffs Planned for Q4 2019

I’ve heard from a very reliable source that QCT is planning a large layoff in Q4 of 2019 as part of a restructuring as the product lines move into a more commodity model.

Irrelevant skill sets

This guy who has spent 13 years at Qualcomm tried to add me on LinkedIn, and I felt really sorry for him. He put stuff like C programming, WCDMA, RF on his LinkedIn. These are totally irrelevant skill sets in 2019. The only thing this guy has gained... read more

wht shld q have done?

so i hear a lot about how bad the strategy has been ..but what shoudl have been the strategy for Q to have had continued success?

Whaaaa ....?!

Now South Korea rolling back fine penalyzing the mighty Qualcomm after 10 years. Seems to support USFTC ruling in favor of Qualcomm. Sorry Applerettes.
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Back to Qcom

Does Qualcomm hire previously laid off employees? Please answer question only, not looking for advice. Serious responses only please.

Any bets on when the spring-culling will begin?

Last year, affected people started being notified in April. I wonder if there will be another big round of layoffs this year. With so many good people leaving, will it be necessary? I’m hoping for some good TV.
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It seems that at my team a lot of people are taking jobs at other companies and I know some are in talks with other companies. I wanted to ask the folks on this board are there similar experiences at other teams and locations, in other words, Is... read more

A company that loses in court

Regarding the ruling that Q has to pay $1 billion rebate payment, I think that the ruling can potentially make more damage for the company than we expected. 1 billion is a lot of money, but Q is a big company, and should it come to that, pazing that... read more

FTC rules in Qualcoms Favor!

took many years but keeping nose to grindstone really paid off. So long mav your days are numbered. so many bright days ahead. Oh by the way it is Japanese FTC.

More litigation less innovation

If you google news about qualcomm the first 20 or so articles that come out in the search engine are either about the lawsuit against Apple or the FTC case. Is it possible that the leadership is turning all of their thoughts and resources towards... read more

Fear of 5G is real

And I suspect growing... https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/5g-speeds-national-city-seeks-public-input-for-small-cells-installation

Qualcomm is still not that bad in general

I moved from Q to one of the so called big companies. . the culture in every big company is bad, add to it the stress of living in silicon valley with no affordable housing, traffic and general overpopulation and you start to wonder why anyone would... read more

Unvested RSUs at Apple

Does anyone know whether Apple compensates for unvested RSUs or not? I know many big companies ask for new hire's eTrade statement and give the RSUs to compensate for unvested ones, in addition to new hire RSUs. Does Apple do that?

Shareholders meeting 2019

Given the dismal performance of the board last year will there be a show of thumbs down atleast for the ceo by the big firms that hold qcom? Conveniently no mailers were sent this year soliciting our votes.

Humongous Mistep By Mav

Apple dealt a blow, loses star witness in Qualcomm trial A former Apple engineer who Apple says co-invented one of the patents in question is no longer intending to appear. He got cold feet. Apple lawyer juanita says QCOM got to their witness. If... read more

Whining not winning

Right about a yr ago those loser nanny state execs went to the president to complain AVGO was about to take their gravy train. Right now WSJ reports on the same whinging execs running back to the white house asking for another bail out since the FTC... read more

the agony of dealing with Qualc-ap

Had the displeasure of working with them a few years ago. They had this support portal and oh f--- was it agony. You kinda gave up using it after months of learning the Qualcomm engineers replies would be : slow, muddled and barely make sense... read more

Advantage Apple

At the workforce advisory meeting Ivanka is on Trump's left and Tim Cook is on his right. It seems to me Apple has the political advantage...

$55 !!!

We all want $82, but settle. SM is settling with FTC, settling with AAPL and you should settle for $55. Its not $82, but quit quibbling, close enough !

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