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company car

Wasnt clear if we had a company car, what happens to that now we all got fired.
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Dear fellow Q people:

This is something I have been doing a lot lately: http://www.flickriver.com/photos/gdgstudio/2530523873/ FYI, I am not Indian nor Caucasian. Btw, when you are doing it, remember to stick your tongue out LMAO!


How sad is it that we consider nearly 100 jobs lost a small layoff that is irrelevant? (Which I am sure it especially is to people who lost their livelihood this week...)

Lies, lies and more lies during Layoffs

SD union tribune reported 94 jobs cut but in reality is over 150, why do they lie? Is the department of labor checking on this? Is so bad QC management keeps doing things illegally !!

This is not moving jobs to India

I think this is become norm for all companies not just Qualcomm. they are not outsourcing jobs. They just rehire with lower pay.I see consultants getting extended since June layoff. They will still extended for next 6 months when company ready to... read more


where art though? you were the IT man in our heydey😢


Hey, thanks, Mary!!! Good fugging job!! President Bone Spur gives corporate CEOs a 40% tax break and did any of us see ANY of that money? NOPE. But I bet a LOT of stocks were bought back. Qualcomm tried to outsource the callcenter years ago. It... read more

I told you so!

Check yahoo finance. SM and his team will get a big pay increase for his skills dur Na difficult times! And we losers get fired, no bonus, no increase! I’m going to puke.

La Croix Impacts

Most flavors in the breakrooms unimpacted, with the exception of punk-a-- pure. Who drinks that stuff anyhow?
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Whatever happened to XCOM ? Arey they growing ? Still hiring ? What happened to Paul’s big plans about acquiring Qualcomm ?

Lost credibility

If you reference this site in your blog or news articles. I mean, half the posts here are about selling food from ones trunk.

Was there a huge layoff last week or no?

I'm thinking I'd have heard about it for sure, but just wanted to check anyhow. It would be ironic if we received media coverage for a layoff that didn't happen, and we never receive it when we really want the world to know what's going on. Qualcomm... read more

Because this is what we should be focusing on...

Why focus on innovation and new products when we can focus on litigation? Yay us. "Apple Inc. and Qualcomm Inc. are heading to the International Trade Commission to fight over a potential ban on imported iPhones, in the latest battle in their global... read more

Layoff coming ?


Qualcomm is an all round failure

Qualcomm is an all round failure It used unfair practices to reach this stage. It reached its peak. Now its time to hit the ground. What goes up comes down.


How is QCAE doing these days ?. Any lay offs ?

Is Qualcomm ditching 7nm?

As per internal news, the yield is pretty bad, and 7nm will be ditched. Back to 10nm it seems.
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WT Ops Layoffs

Heard they are going to reduce some managers. Anyone else hear the same? I hope so, they don't do anything anyways.

Never Trust an Analyst

Watch the videos. 2016: https://www.thestreet.com/video/13870141/jim-cramer-says-qualcomm-s-deal-for-nxp-is-quot-brilliant-quot-stock-can-go-higher.html "Qualcomm goes from being a cell phone semiconductor company to be a company that is Internet of... read more

No more layoffs

No need for them. We are doing great. Mark my words. Stop worrying and enjoy life with job security.


What is our cmo up to these days. After spending millions changing fonts what next. Change the color from blue to pink or something more glittery.

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