Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Qualcomm Inc.

Q culture is wild

More like working with a group of wild dogs. No matter how well your work is they paint you really bad in review if you make them feel like fool. Too many fools bundle together and their major job is to bite good ppls, at least gsoc. These ppl need... — read more 

Intern to Fulltime hires?

I recall that there was a thread about intern hires a few months back. I heard from our Eng Ops lead that only about 25% of all US interns were rolled over into future FT roles this year (previous years it was like 80-90%). That’s a pretty big ROI to... — read more 

CES Snub??

A little bird mentioned QCOM has been caught doing some shady dealing. A small number of influential companies plan to ignore Qualcomm in Las Vegas. No open hostility, just no time for Cristiano and his gangsters.

layoff: against dissent

It's fu--ing funny, an excellent CE veteran I know was laid off and is now being hired by a big customer company, and the boss who laid him off is now going to service him - his boss laid him off purely to fight against dissent.

More cuts

What are the chances the leadership will let us get acclimated to the new year before hitting us with the next mas-layoffs announcement? Or can we expect something like that in the first or second week of January? Looking at history, the chances of... — read more 

Small world

I just got hired at a new company… and the person who hired me was my former boss at Q who had been fired previously…. Funny how the world works! Even if you don’t like Q - some people at Q are worth keeping in touch with

Happy to have a job

I am just happy to have a job. My roommate (of 2 years) was let go my Q and I was retained. He is having trouble finding another position in SD and will probably have to leave the area! I am happy to cover his part of the rent until he lands... — read more 

Making India look good

I heard that C-level IT management is telling their direct reports to make the QIPL teams look good even though they’re not doing a good job and to divert the credit for all work to QIPL teams even when the majority of that work is being done from... — read more 

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