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SL from QCAE

How did SL become vp of engineering?? Dude couldn't write a for loop for crying out loud!!!

More PR BS about post-apple strategy

Smoke and mirrors to prop up stock price so executives can cash out before the crash. Folks, there is no strategy because after apple, samsung and various chinese and korean OEM there is no REVENUE BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO SALES..... For those bad at... read more

A turbulent year for Qualcomm

There is no doubt that a lot has happened at Qualcomm in the past year. Found this article to be an interesting read, as it sums up all the setbacks that Q faced in 2018. You may like or not like working at Q, you may support the leadership or not... read more

Heads up team

ELT is preparing for stock price of $38 as new strategic plan is finalized (RIF) Don't sell RSU unless you absolutely need cash for important personal expenses as stock will rebound to $70 by January 2020. Once all the dead weight is gone it is... read more

We got very lucky

I just read that Broadcom laid off nearly 6000 people from CA Technologies in the last few weeks, from what I understand just a few days after the acquisition became official. Basically, we dodged a major bullet. I think by now there'd be less than... read more

Semiconductor Sales

Samsung is projected to surpass Intel in semiconductor sales for a second year in a row as the South Korean company's revenue growth surges past its American competitor. The forecast comes from research firm IC Insights, which posted its 2018 sales... read more
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PMIC VI San Diego Review

In the PMIC VI people are doing low tech tests on the PMIC modules. Those tests can be done by any experienced technician or a fresh graduate. They hire people with industrial experience or advanced degrees to do low level bench test job. They lie... read more


Seems like truth of customer losses and product failures is making its way through wall street tech analyst. So glad I sold my RSU at $65 Looks like new RSU grant will be worthless soon.

SEC to drop Qualcomm SoC and MDM

Heard it through the tech grapevine this weekend. Does anyone know what "SEC" means? I thought Securities and exchange commission but that doesn't make sense. Any insight would be helpful.


14% of my base salary. S---s

What % of Qcom revenue comes from Apple?

a. What % of Qcom revenue comes from Apple on a yearly basis (for 2017 or for 2018)? b. What % of Qcom revenue is predicted to come from Apple next year? c. What % of Qcom revenue is predicted to come from other companies that Qcom sells to for next... read more

Enginner Level

Engineer leve here, we the ones who keep up with all your c-ap. Got NO RSU, c-appy 7% bonus and a 3% increase after killing my self, this is my 5th year, lowest of all. Are QCT benefits going to the Fuc... toilet? We already lost our vacation! It... read more

Stay Tuned.....more bad news to come this month

All of 5G projects and products are in jeopardy.....SOC, Modem, Antenna, IoT, Auto.... Development problems in PD, Layout, Memory, Fab...not to mention bad news about to break regarding radiation risks due to 5G propagation. Put on your seat belts... read more

Management must go

For the simple reason apple and others don’t want to negotiate with them anymore. And, of course, they are incompententes. Just look at the numbers. Middle school Math.

Have there actually been any layoffs lately?

Everybody keeps talking about layoffs but have there been any in the past month or two? If there were, we are talking 2-3 people here, nothing serious or noteworthy. I'm not saying there will be no more layoffs ever, but I do think things have been... read more

Why pay $83 for buyback?

If 52wk high is just $76 Qual­comm said it re­pur­chased 254.6 mil­lion shares val­ued at $21.14 bil­lion in the Sep­tember pe­riod, ful­fill­ing a com­mit­ment it made af­ter aban­don­ing its of­fer for NXP.

Layoffs inevitable?

With declining revenue they will be forced to settle for peanuts. Fiscal 2018 cost of revenue was 10b , 2019 9b ? Arent they going to buy back another 9? That leaves them with another 10b cash reserves fiscal 19 if they can sc-ape 20b in revenues ... read more
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The Father of Jenkins is Japanese? COOL!!!

https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/11/09/jenkins_interview/ Interview The father of popular code pipeline Jenkins has big plans for its future while admitting that it owes its existence to his habit of introducing bugs to code. After delivering a... read more
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BCG report

BCG already gave us a roadmap, it says close all division except profit making royalty business.

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