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Mid-Year Review Axed

The company just axed mid-year reviews due to revenue for non-graduates quietly announced on the Home Page. No promotions or salary changes. Wonder does that also apply to performance categories as well. That would be a nice cop out to... —  read more 

Precursor for layoffs today

Expect a lot of "we need to make tough choices" in the company all-hands today. Any criticism of political narratives adopted by senior leadership will put a black mark on your profile (even if you ask anonymously on Zoom, it's not anonymous to the... —  read more 

COVID Layoff imminent

Following the quarterly earnings many projects are now under review, nothing is getting PAT approval as the covid situation leads to a full blown recession. Best of luck to all, may your next venture have more clarity than ARM's diversity brigade.

Mass layoff expected

I'm close to those near such discussions. COVID-19 may be the excuse, but after this years key products go out the door there is a mass layoff expected to hit like in September 2018, probably a lot bigger even. It will likely be around the same... —  read more 

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