Topics regarding layoffs at ARM Holdings PLC ADS

Topics regarding layoffs at ARM Holdings PLC ADS

D&I Update

What did folk think of this? There was a lot of talk about the ‘data’, but a notable lack of it actually shared. Just broad assertions like “women and people of colour are underrepresented” and “white men had the largest advantage in the hiring... —  read more 

Another Hiring Freeze

Yet another. Seems the market is in a strange situation and the semiconductor shortages likely raising alarm bells behind closed doors? With the acquisition looking doomed and an IPO profitability needs to be maximised. And not to mention a lot... —  read more 

ARM Price Hikes

So apparently the company cancelled the review cycle mid-year, but now the company has had its best ever quarter performance? Something doesn't make sense here, could this be due to price hikes which will boost performance over the short term? ... —  read more 

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Cancelled layoffs

Numerous layoffs were cancelled at the last minute in the former ISG division, after rounds of redundancy consultations and loads of stress and worry for people. People are aghast to say at least. Rumour has it that Simon Segars was told by UK... —  read more 

Gervais Principle

Anyone familiar with the Gervais principle? It seems to be on full display at ARM. Not just the structure (middle managing clueless id–ts and upper management sociopaths) but with the acquisition this is usually the last stage in a companies... —  read more 

Mid-Year Review Axed

The company just axed mid-year reviews due to revenue for non-graduates quietly announced on the Home Page. No promotions or salary changes. Wonder does that also apply to performance categories as well. That would be a nice cop out to... —  read more 

Precursor for layoffs today

Expect a lot of "we need to make tough choices" in the company all-hands today. Any criticism of political narratives adopted by senior leadership will put a black mark on your profile (even if you ask anonymously on Zoom, it's not anonymous to the... —  read more 

COVID Layoff imminent

Following the quarterly earnings many projects are now under review, nothing is getting PAT approval as the covid situation leads to a full blown recession. Best of luck to all, may your next venture have more clarity than ARM's diversity brigade. —  read more 

Mass layoff expected

I'm close to those near such discussions. COVID-19 may be the excuse, but after this years key products go out the door there is a mass layoff expected to hit like in September 2018, probably a lot bigger even. It will likely be around the same... —  read more 

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