Topics regarding layoffs at Synopsys Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Synopsys Inc.

Enough is enough

I understand that the situation is not easy right now for us or any other company, but Synopsys has really been overdoing it with layoffs. How many is enough? Will there even be enough people to do the work once the situation is back to normal if the... —  read more 

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What about this week?

Are we looking at even more layoffs? The coronavirus crisis doesn't seem to be slowing down so I'm pretty sure we'll see more cuts before it's all over. It'd just be good to know when to expect them. Just worrying about layoffs every single day is... —  read more 

Info on layoffs

Layoffs were done yesterday via email since everyone is working from home. Early retirements were also offered. They just did one end of last year, seems to be an annual event. But yesterday's layoff took employees by surprise. This was posted by... —  read more 


Heard total 50~80 people mostly senior AEs and few other non-performers. I personally know 12 people and heard about the rest.

Layoffs every year

I've been with Synopsys for a little over five years, and while I truly do enjoy working here, the constant layoffs are taking their toll on me. Since I've been here, we've had a round of layoffs every single year. This has become a pattern, and we... —  read more 

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