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Not sure why there was a very light media coverage?

Here it goes anyway... Dozens of San Francisco employees of Autodesk were laid off Friday, in line with the company’s previously announced... —  read more 

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Something smells wrong here

If Auotodesk is laying off after "5% growth" it doesn't bode well does it? Or Is that 5% number just B.S.? I don't understand why any company would lay so many off while growing at 5%. Doesn't add up, something smells wrong here. —  read more 

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Bass: All Is Good at Autodesk

No worries bro: "To be clear, the restructuring announced today is not related to anything we are seeing in the macro-economic environment. We ended fiscal 2016 on a high note with very strong fourth-quarter billings growth and continued demand for... —  read more 

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Internal communication on Layoffs

Really sorry for everybody affected. Internal communication so far is poor and full of corporate BS. Just watched a video of a senior VP talking for 10 minutes without saying anything. If anybody has more information about which teams and products... —  read more 

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New brighter door opens

I'm also part of the laid off group, after 26 years of service as a software developer there. I agree that things seem a bit messed up. I hope things work out for Autodesk, given all my coworkers and friends that are still left there... some very... —  read more 

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So which products are affected by this?

I wonder which products are affected - are those 900+ people across all segments of the company, or are they trimming down one area in particular?

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They cut 20% of our development staff.

What's worse, they just cut out entire products with their staff, thereby losing some of our best/longest-serving developers rather than taking the opportunity to be selective in who we kept. Our office's senior management had less than 12 hours... —  read more 

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Autodesk is starting to look more and more like Yahoo.

The lunatics really have taken over the asylum. Carl Bass is doubling down on a commercially unproven product (Fusion) and pulling resources from all over the company to prop it up. This company is starting to look more and more like Yahoo.

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I was part of the 'laid off group'...

15+ years of loyal service in product development groups. Honest severance package, but no real effort to keep you around, besides the "we encourage you to apply on open positions". The irony is that about a week ago, I was informed by another... —  read more 

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10% cut announced today - 900 folks out

Major job cuts, RIFs, layoffs are the norm now – everyone is used to it. You could be the best employee, but if you get caught in the politics, watch your back – you will be gone in no time. The politics at Autodesk are suffocating, it’s really bad... —  read more 

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2014 Layoffs at Autodesk

Do you think that we'll have a better year in 2014 (if compared with 2013) - things are getting worse

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Digital design giant Autodesk laid off 7% of its workforce Thursday, sources tell Mashable. That totals around 500 employees — including a...

Digital design giant Autodesk laid off 7% of its workforce Thursday, sources tell Mashable. That totals around 500 employees — including a number of 3D developers and several product managers. Many of the layoffs were handled on a one-by-one basis... —  read more 

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