Topics regarding layoffs at Adobe Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Adobe Systems Inc.

This will lead to cuts

Now we have to pay $3 million to settle kickback allegations involving federal software sales. I know that's not a huge number, but it's enough to cost a few people their jobs. Sadly, it's happened many times before - when losses were recuperated by... — read more 

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Our turn is coming

There's no way we're going to avoid layoffs when the rest of the industry is cutting people left and right. My guess is that we'll hear something about major cuts before the end of this month, or at the latest in February. This will be a rough year... — read more 

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Product innovation

Leadership keeps repeating that product innovation is one of the top priorities. I’m not happy with how innovation is driven here today. There used to be a much bigger focus on innovation. I don't know how you feel about it, but I personally... — read more 

Job security at Adobe

I'm overjoyed to have received an offer from Adobe but I need to know that it comes with job security. My current company is notorious for having layoffs every three to six months and that's one of the main reasons I'm leaving. I need a job where I... — read more 

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Layoffs at Adobe

Is Adobe trigger happy when it comes to layoffs? I'm thinking of joining but I don't want to end up in similar circumstances as my current job (constant fear of layoffs.)

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US Staff reduction - IT

With the new CTO, having brought in teams of his people including a new CIO, with the CIO filling in management positions with inadequately experienced people - there has been advertising of pay equity in India. The reality is that the IT Management... — read more 

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FY2018 Layoffs

As FY18 began (on Monday December 4th, 2017), I was told that my position had been eliminated from Adobe's Digital Media division, as part of a Reduction in Force (RIF) exercise. There were 3 out of 15 people who were affected (including myself) from... — read more 

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Happens all the time - I've been working here for four years and one thing about Adobe is that it is not predictable - backstabbing is wide spread and you will not be safe here - you need to watch it

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yiihaa - techcrunch reports today that the almighty Adobe is planning to eliminate 700 folks employees as part of a hmmmm, let\'s call it,...

yiihaa - techcrunch reports today that the almighty Adobe is planning to eliminate 700 folks employees as part of a hmmmm, let\'s call it, restructuring plan. this is almost one tenth of the work force and things will not be pretty down in silicon... — read more 

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