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I heard DX is laying off people.

I heard DX is laying off people. With the latest acquisitions, I'm sure there will be a thinning of the herd (even more than the usual layoffs here and there sprinkled throughout the year). I'm wondering if any culling will happen before the fiscal... —  read more 

US Staff reduction - IT

With the new CTO, having brought in teams of his people including a new CIO, with the CIO filling in management positions with inadequately experienced people - there has been advertising of pay equity in India. The reality is that the IT Management... —  read more 

FY2018 Layoffs

As FY18 began (on Monday December 4th, 2017), I was told that my position had been eliminated from Adobe's Digital Media division, as part of a Reduction in Force (RIF) exercise. There were 3 out of 15 people who were affected (including myself) from... —  read more 

Adobe Systems Layoffs 2018

I spent last 10 years with our company and it'd be a real shame if they were to decide to lay people off from our offices in San Jose.

Layoffs, Growth, Potential and Micromanagement at Adobe

I’ve been with Adobe for about 9 years now, so I’ve seen good and bad years as well. Overall things are not as bad as you see in some other tech companies today (enterprise software, etc.) – We do have layoffs, it’s almost an annual thing and people... —  read more 

Adobe Systems Layoffs 2017

Just focus on work, focus on work, work, work. I know that people are concerned but there is nothing you can do about it - yes, I did hear about layoffs in San Jose.

Adobe Systems Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Adobe Systems layoffs in San Jose in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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Bloody Q1 2014 (Jan, Feb and March)

It looks like 46 resources in San Jose and 25 in San Francisco will be cut, a WARN notice has been filed. Cuts to be completed by end of March. We already cut around 50 in January (same locations)

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Happens all the time - I've been working here for four years and one thing about Adobe is that it is not predictable - backstabbing is wide spread and you will not be safe here - you need to watch it

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