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Bottomline Technologies lays people off regularly

In case anyone is looking for information as to whether or not Bottomline Technologies lays people off regularly, the answer is yes. Not a judgement of the company, just a fact of our cultural pattern. Look up reviews on to see comments... read more

2015 Layoffs at Bottomline Tech

Do you know if we will be having a reorganization that will result in layoffs? What about UK folks? Also, are layoffs going to be in the first or second half of 2015?

2014 Layoffs at Bottomline Technologies

I've heard many rumors but I can tell you that I am not aware of any plans to lay people off here at Bottomline Technologies, at least in Portsmouth. You hear people talking about rumors, acquisitions and all kinds of things but after all the fact is... read more

Happens after every acqusition

Happens after every acqusition. Expect to first sse it in Finance and Marketing then later in Dev, Implemenation and Support.
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