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Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) was an American multinational corporation that provided information technology (IT) services and professional services. On April 3, 2017, it merged with HPE Enterprise Services to create DXC Technology.[3][4]
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Layoffs in Australia

At least a dozen in consulting / industry this week. Crossed paths in the elevator with an upset lady I'd never met before 'outsourced to India' she said, last day next week. All our desk in main office are being reorganised- I saw the plans. My team... read more

CSC Layoffs again

CSC has basically destroyed their sales doesn't matter how you performed.... how long you have been there.....for management to receive bonus based on meeting OI......everyone is just a number. This has to be one of the worst companies... read more

High-Cost to Low-Cost to Automation

"CFO Paul Saleh told investors that CSC has shipped some 1,500 positions out of high-costs locations and is using automation to get more efficiency in low-cost locations. Roughly half of CSC's workforce is based in low-cost locations today, Saleh... read more

Not a great Company to work for now

Was at one time, but no more...1101 to go and I went yesterday after 20 years. 7 top managers in 5 years gone, no direction, no annual pay increase...avoid!

ITAR Candidates in Puerto Rico question

Question for ITAR job applicants in Puerto Rico. I know that the economy there has been devastated through no fault of your own, and am curious if this has impacted your Credit ratings used in the US? For access to many ITAR accounts that CSC... read more

A few observations I have regarding CSC POD's

Here are just a few observations I have regarding CSC POD's: Blythewood (2010 - 2012), Titusville (2012-2014), Pittsburgh (2014-2016) CSC POD's all opened and closed in 2 years. CSC purchases Axon located in Isabela, PR from Pratt and Whitney/UTC to... read more

Consider jumping ship

PR is hiring at what is now a very accelerated rate. We were told that we were augmenting, expanding the capabilities of CSC. Especially with a specific account. Not quite the bill of goods that we were told. I was looking at CSC as a way to move... read more

Serious advice for a young graduate at CSC

I am a young Graduate at CSC and joined the company almost 5 months ago. Seems like I joined in the middle of a sh-- storm. I haven't been working on anything particularly exciting and most importantly I don't feel like I've added much value during... read more

Layoffs keep getting pushed back...

Can anyone explain to me why the layoffs keep getting pushed back? I first was told mid January, then it was the end of January. Now it is the end of February or mid March. I have heard CSC is having a hard time hiring in India and some people in... read more

Will hire thousands in India in the coming years Time for people to go into fields that cannot be outsourced. These jobs require someone to physically be... read more

2016/12/15 Thursday More layoff's

More layoff's don't know who or how many just yet. You would think they would at least wait to the new year, so people can get 1 month of insurance and there 401K match. Now Mike Lawrie gets $16.5 million in stock awards and $3.6 million in options... read more

With the change...

HPE has been staging contractors on those government contracts... obviously, NewCorp wasn't going to be allowed to keep those contracts under CSC ownership. With the change, it means a bloodbath on both sides, as HPE sheds all those "expensive"... read more

CSC Talent

CSC only has talent in one place and they've invested in themselves don't you worry. Nobody else has talent and is worthless. The sooner CSC can afford the restructuring charges to remove all of these thousands of talentless people, the more the two... read more

HPE Acquiring CSC..

BRUSSELS, Nov 18 (Reuters) - The following are mergers under review by the European Commission and a brief guide to the EU merger process: APPROVALS AND WITHDRAWALS -- Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and real estate developer Hammerson to... read more

UK, brace yourself

UK, brace yourself. More layoffs have just been announced. The affected areas: Insurance BPS, CSPD, sales, healthcare, GBC, corporate functions, management, and I'm sure more to come. Usual reasons - 'headwinds', 'continuous challenges', etc etc no... read more

401K plan adminstrator

At HPE we have fidelity, for the CSC folks what is your plan administrator. I say this because our obamacare type coverage conveniently is like yours so the other stuff is probably the same. What are the terms, company match etc.

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