Topics regarding layoffs at Lionbridge Technologies Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lionbridge Technologies Inc.

Lionbridge 2023 layoffs

I was laid off of Lionbridge US on late February together with a few other employees. I am unable to find information published about this. There has been word of layoffs in their offices in other countries.

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HIG Capital Creates No Value

They come, buy companies, load them with debt, layoff people, sell assets and sell the company? How will this help Lionbridge? How is this innovative and creative? Anyone can do things like this - HIG is not a magic solution for our problems. Mark my... — read more 

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Lionbridge to layoff 119 people

Seeing news articles online about the layoff that is planned for June 2018 in Washington state. It is for Lionbridge company personnel, not the temp workers that they have under contract to other companies, at least not yet.

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