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What groups will start to lay off first?

I think layoffs are inevitable given the sharp downturn globally. The demand for consulting evaporated over last 2 weeks. Services are working fine as they are long term things, so that's all good but consulting is about to get butchereed big time. I... —  read more 

Accenture Severance Payment

Do you know what would be severance payment for a: Consultant US West Resources I am sure cuts are coming. Please let me know.

Acquisition related layoffs?

Any ideas on how will Accenture's acquisition of Context Information Security affect us? They are not too big, but I can still see some consolidation taking place. Not to mention, this company never misses an opportunity to cut some costs (meaning... —  read more 

Accenture to Acquire Sabre

There are rumors flying on our site (Sabre) and I wanted to see if someone here on Accenture's board had more info. Here it goes: or @12uKBds6

Accenture Federal Services Severance Package

I cannot find the info on Accenture Federal Services Severance Package - I checked "Rewards and Benefits" site and there is nothing there. I do not want to trigger a flag by calling HR, career counselor or whatever - I just want to know what they... —  read more 

Mike Salvino

What does anyone know of this guy? He is leaving to become CEO of DXC. Anyone know him or have anything to say about him?

Age Discrimination at Accenture

Age discrimination Lawsuits: Accenture, Facebook sued by sales boss for favoring 'new blood' Source: —  read more 

Accenture Restructure

What are your thoughts? I know we restructure every September but this one seems to be a big one - P&Ls are shifting, it's a tectonic shift indeed. Some things that we implement this year will have a long lasting impact on how Accenture operates for... —  read more 

Yeah, right

This would all sound much more honest if we didn't have layoffs at Accenture ALL THE TIME. Accenture execs explain why a company's true investment isn't in AI — it's in retraining its current workforce... —  read more 

Accenture HR

I was cut also. They outsourced my role to Buenos Aires. Entire HR divisions will be moved off shore. Any chance you can tell us where this info came from? Is it legit? I'm nervous lately as it is, I don't want to enter full blown panic mode for... —  read more 

Accenture June Layoff

All the people on the bench may be laid off soon. Accenture have hard time to find business to bill people in USA.

Government Shutdown

Accenture Federal is experiencing major disruptions due to the government shutdown. Lots of people on the bench and decision will be made soon

Is there a more active board on this topic somewhere

I guess the good news is that there has not been a lot of action about Layoff's @Accenture for quite some time - only warnings a bout with 3-5 replies...not a lot of depth in discussion. That could mean that so many are productively employed and... —  read more 

FS IG lead asked to leave?

Hearing news that FS IG India lead asked to leave, not sure whether this is due to bad FS Q4 results or any thing else? Any info

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Reduction in force

AFS is trimming the fat in the next few months due to a really rough FY end on the federal side with the company not meeting it’s plan for the year and FY19 federal contracts looking even worse

Layoffs coming before compensation info comes out

They are deciding compensation and bonus information and realizing that some people will need to be cut in order to dole out nice increases to the top performers. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing layoffs before info is released next month.

Federal sector seeing down turn

I have noticed a lot of projects ending recently and the bench is full with people and I am getting worried that there are going to be layoffs soon. Any input?

Layoffs in DC Metro area Accenture Federal

As we enter the new fiscal year many contracts are ending and they will not be able to maintain the current staffing levels. Admin and indirect folks will be first cut.

Accenture Fedreral Services- layoffs coming

It seems like a lot of contracts are coming to an end soon and we don’t seem to be winning the new contracts. 2019 is going to be a very difficult year for AFS. Get your resumes ready now, we already have a huge bench and they are asking folks to... —  read more 

Concerned about increased employee turnover?

Has any one else notice a large uptick in employees leaving Accenture. There has been huge turnover this year and I am not sure if this is natural or if these might be forced resignations. Anyone else have any thoughts on this or also seeing an... —  read more 

Layoff for internal function roles

5% reduction will be made in certain North American markets if the deduction is not achieve naturally through attrition before the end of Q4.

Accenture Federal- Border Patrol

Accenture’s Federal division has a large contract to help recruit and hire thousands of CBP agents. These are the same agents separating families at the US border. If you work here you should know that your company is involved in this and it could... —  read more 

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