Topics regarding layoffs at Accenture

Topics regarding layoffs at Accenture

Accenture Bench Peril

The minute you hit the bench the clock is ticking on you. If you're on the bench for more than a couple of weeks questions start to be asked about what's wrong? The Partners and Senior Managers watch the productivity measurements like hawks. You... —  read more 

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Accenture's Whole Game

Accenture's whole game is acquiring niche businesses, wringing the life out of the acquired employees and outsourcing the jobs to India. I've been through it with them when the small high tech IP Consulting firm (150+ employees + 200 contractors) I... —  read more 

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5 percent every year

Accenture cuts around 5% of their lowest performing employees at each career level each year. In 2022 this number increased to around 10% due to market conditions and projections for 2023. These mass layoffs happen after the end-of-year cycle, but... —  read more 

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Earnings seem good

The report is today and it looks that the numbers will be good. Growth is expected in both EPS and revenue, which is great. That fills me with at least some hope regarding the future and layoffs. I just hope I'm not being too optimistic in advance... —  read more 

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Peraton TSA contract warning

For anyone on Peraton TSA contract (and their subs) be aware they are at least $45+ million over budget. The current plan is for salary cuts and layoffs December 2023. I strongly encourage anyone there to protect and prepare yourself. Cuts were... —  read more 

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ESG has ruined this company

I’m not talking about equal opps for all - that’s a nobel goal and one to which ALL employers should embrace. I’m speaking directly to the current climate of shoving certain behaviors down one’s throat. Accenture wants SO BAD to adhere to this that... —  read more 

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I want out

I want out but I can't muster enough energy to look for a new job. I'm burnt out and all I want to do when I am done with work is sleep. That's what Accenture has done to me. I am now hoping to be laid off. Maybe that will give me the energy jolt I... —  read more 

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Grateful Accenture Management

By having their clients lay off their employees Accenture is able to save some of its own 19K by filling in the client positions. Accenture is grateful to all their clients and want them to layoff their own employees and consider Accenture to... —  read more 

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2.5% layoffs is a spin

Most of the 19,000 layoffs are US. They are looking to outsource 80% of corporate functions from the US. There are 70,000 in the US so we’re talking double digit layoffs in the US. They call it Re-Imagined Corporate Functions but everyone knows... —  read more 

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Accenture Layoffs US

Guys, there's a question. If we are currently on a campaign and performing well, should we worry about layoffs? These layoffs only apply to people who are on the bench and are underperforming? Please provide any information you can. Thank you

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