Topics regarding layoffs at Accenture

Topics regarding layoffs at Accenture

2.5% layoffs is a spin

Most of the 19,000 layoffs are US. They are looking to outsource 80% of corporate functions from the US. There are 70,000 in the US so we’re talking double digit layoffs in the US. They call it Re-Imagined Corporate Functions but everyone knows... —  read more 

Accenture Layoffs US

Guys, there's a question. If we are currently on a campaign and performing well, should we worry about layoffs? These layoffs only apply to people who are on the bench and are underperforming? Please provide any information you can. Thank you

5 reasons for layoffs

CRN breaks down five reasons why Accenture is likely terminating 19,000 of its global employees: Accenture’s Headcount Explosion In 2022 Accenture Acquires More Companies Than Anyone Accenture ‘Did Not Account For’ High Cloud Costs .. —  read more 

Microsoft Accenture Campaigns

Should Accenture employees be concern and worry about their employment if they current work on Microsoft Azure campaigns? If by any chance they will close the campaign, will they put me on a bench or Accenture will automatically terminate my... —  read more 

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Accenture US Layoffs -

I am on the other side - at a competitor. I am getting a few resumes across my desk from Accenture US folks in the northeast and southeast region recently laid off. All in the cloud and consulting business. I am trying to help and push the resumes... —  read more 

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Accenture will layoff about 10%. Can this be confirmed or is this just somebody guessing and getting a kick out of making people worry and stress? I haven't heard or read anything that would support this so it would be really nice if somebody who... —  read more 

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