Topics regarding layoffs at Accenture

Topics regarding layoffs at Accenture

Missing the mark

My team and I are struggling to meet our goals because there is one person that is so complacent with his head in the clouds we can seldom get any work out of him. He acts like a know it all, and when he is called on it he becomes spiteful and... —  read more 

It’s my turn

Over the last few years I’ve watch as a few of my colleagues gave their 2 week notice and as the days progressed they seemed more alive and happy. Each and every one of them smiled and seemed to have a pep in their step again. I can’t wait to feel... —  read more 

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do not take PTO!

I took PTO twice in two years- three days between Christmas and New Years, two days at Easter. I was assigned to short term contracts WHILE ON APPROVED LEAVE and received negative feedback from the PM on both contracts for not being involved. I... —  read more 

Working more than ever

While I might be much better off at some other company, I’m happy here because I’m doing a job I love. When you do a job you love, you usually don’t even feel like you’re doing it. Yet lately I’ve been so overwhelmed with work that it’s taken all the... —  read more 

An HR Question...

When a prospective employer runs a background check, does HR tell communicate reasons for leaving (quit, fired, etc.) or just dates of employment? I was fired in September and wondering if I am required to tell them (upon asking why there’s a... —  read more 

Have you been preparing?

Accenture is no stranger to layoffs and I believe it's only a matter of time before the next major round occurs. Nobody is safe, the least of all older and experienced employees. I don't know about you, but I've been preparing for the worst for the... —  read more 

Honest management

It s—s that there is so little information available on what's going with the company right now and what are the plans for the future. Personally, I'd rather have transparent management who were honest with us even if that meant knowing I'm slated... —  read more 

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