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Infosys Acquisitions

Keep adding to the list - subsidiaries and acquisitions, none on the list had layoffs: Skytree April 18, 2017 Brilliant Basics EdgeVerve Kallidus Inc. Lodestone Management Consultants Co., Ltd. Lodestone Management Consultants GmbH (Austria)... —  read more 

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US Hiring

I guess Infosys will be gearing up for some hiring soon for the Verizon contract? I'm sure they'll need to backfill at least some of the people who did not transfer.

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infosys is heaven compared techm

infosys is heaven compared techm the things that are show in the you tube audio graba haveeb going on in tech m from 2009 onwards. probabaly infy is the place a degree of professionalism still survives The layoff victim in the below audio was not... —  read more 

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Looming layoff in Testing

Looming layoff in Testing . Target in the range of 5000 people. Profiling and segregation initiated to remove any dependencies and criticality, - Over 40 age will be picked first for induced resignation. Process can take 3 months —  read more 

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