Topics regarding layoffs at Capgemini

Topics regarding layoffs at Capgemini

Dirty COVID-19 Layoffs

Tell employees that they have to take PTO and still work. Then once the PTO is used up layoff employees across divisions and give minimal severance. Executives all keep their jobs. They claim their policy is "do no harm". Don't believe a word... —  read more 

Worst Management

Capgemini has the worst management. They don't encourage the employees who work hard and sincerely. They give promotions, rewards, top ratings to employees whom they know very well and who actually don't do anything for the organization. So it is not... —  read more 

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rigid work environment

okay, levels of oversight during work hours have gone from bad to worse... there is so much control that it would be considered funny if it was not sad... our breaks are highly monitored, including our bathroom breaks... production numbers i get, but... —  read more 

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Nepotism and favoritism

Capgemini pretty much runs on nepotism and favoritism. How hard you work doesn't matter. People who have the right connections will get promoted. Hence a whole slew of on-site managers who have giant egos but show zero professionalism and actual... —  read more 

Horrible management

How many things has the management promised and never delivered on? Sometimes it was outright lies and sometimes it's just failing to deliver on what was promised, but the result is the same. Employees who end up screwed over once more by those on... —  read more 

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LBS boss at the door

CVP level LBS boss is at the door. His days are numbered and so are days of his keeps yes he has been scr***##### and giving them promotions in return. Bye bye LBS CEO.....

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Indian IT

There are sizable number of people in IT who are racist. Promotions are either by language or by caste. The thumb rule in many IT companies is that if one is a Boss's pet he/she can behave as if they are a law unto themselves. All these guys are good... —  read more 

Capgemini/IGATE/9000 Layoffs

French IT services major Capgemini is said to be letting go nearly 9,000 people, or nearly 5% of its workforce. A large part of this are erstwhile employees of Igate, the company that Capgemini acquired in 2015. Asked about the layoffs, Capgemini did... —  read more 

Upgrade & upskill

Upgrade & upskill is a mantra to sustain in d current market situation. It's very easy to blame others for our failures but it takes courage to take ownership of our own actions.i have been working in CG since two years & yes,have seen some... —  read more 

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