Topics regarding layoffs at Capgemini

Topics regarding layoffs at Capgemini

APAC redundancies

Capgemini APAC eliminating roles in Australia and NZ 2 weeks ago. These are roles that are currently billing also so go figure. Terms are absolute legal minimum required by law.

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Another Capgemini layoff

Was laid off last week, US employee at Capgemini on the developer side of things. There was a wave early January and then when I was hit late Jan/early Feb. They might not be done yet even if they say "we think we probably are". Also would be on... —  read more 

Were you laid off? WARN act

The WARN Act requires an employer to notify employees, in writing, 60 days before a layoff, and pay the employee for those 60 days, in addition to any severance the employee may be entitled to. Unfortunately, some employers attempt to circumvent the... —  read more 

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More layoffs at Capgemini

I know there were some layoffs this week, but there is little to no info on the scope. Can anybody please share more info on what happened? How many were laid off and if more can be expected in the coming week or two? I know there's gotta be at least... —  read more 

My advise to younger Consultants - Don't fall to the trap of getting pushed/forced to use your PTO

During the previous months of getting laid off, there was a big push for everyone to use their PTO. I went on a 2-week vacation in March, so I didn't really want to take more time off before October. If you are on the bench, they will push really... —  read more 

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It’s happening

I got laid off from the bench at Financial Services...was put into a random meeting with HR people and my position was terminated. They’re making cuts - definitely prepare yourself if you’re on the bench or are about to be done with a client —  read more 

Financial Service Layoffs

Not sure how many people are hit, but I've heard of at least 10 people from Financial Services being laid off from some slightly higher up people, down to the lower grades. This includes banking and Insurance people. Good luck everyone.

You are disposable in a snap. Think twice about joining Cap. Was laid off on October 3rd 2022 after 2 years - 6 weeks severance and that was it!

Got an email around 9:00AM for a meeting the same day at 11:30AM with the subject line "HR Connect" with my Practice Lead (NA Invent) and an HR Associate Director. No early notice, no nothing. Up to the previous Friday everything was peaches and... —  read more 

Dirty COVID-19 Layoffs

Tell employees that they have to take PTO and still work. Then once the PTO is used up layoff employees across divisions and give minimal severance. Executives all keep their jobs. They claim their policy is "do no harm". Don't believe a word... —  read more 

Worst Management

Capgemini has the worst management. They don't encourage the employees who work hard and sincerely. They give promotions, rewards, top ratings to employees whom they know very well and who actually don't do anything for the organization. So it is not... —  read more 

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rigid work environment

okay, levels of oversight during work hours have gone from bad to worse... there is so much control that it would be considered funny if it was not sad... our breaks are highly monitored, including our bathroom breaks... production numbers i get, but... —  read more 

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Nepotism and favoritism

Capgemini pretty much runs on nepotism and favoritism. How hard you work doesn't matter. People who have the right connections will get promoted. Hence a whole slew of on-site managers who have giant egos but show zero professionalism and actual... —  read more 

Horrible management

How many things has the management promised and never delivered on? Sometimes it was outright lies and sometimes it's just failing to deliver on what was promised, but the result is the same. Employees who end up screwed over once more by those on... —  read more 

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