Topics regarding layoffs at SAP

Topics regarding layoffs at SAP


Looks like SAP is continuing its same strategy under Christian as Bill. Didn’t they just sell Qualtrex... —  read more 

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Things are not grim...

Our pre-announcements are coming, SAP is the first in this Spring's earning season. Numbers are not grim but it ain't good either. IFRS Cloud Revenue Up 29% €2.01 billion €2.01 billion; Non-IFRS Cloud Revenue Up 27% €2.01 billion ... —  read more 

To thwart an Internet troll

To Thwart a Troll, Take the High Road Truly, the only way to destroy a troll is to rise above the fray. Don’t stoop to their level – it’s exactly what they’re out to get you to do. Internet trolls want anger. They want big reactions. They... —  read more 

All you need to know:

For the fourth quarter, Sap's profit after tax, on IFRS basis, dropped 9 percent to 1.69 billion euros from last year's 1.86 billion euros. Basic earnings per share dropped 8 percent to 1.41 euros from 1.54 euros last year.


Create cloud Restrict access to partners Bad mouth partners at customers Extort customers for sap sevices only they can perform A perfect business model

Selecting ERP

Just go a new job as CIO tasked with selecting an ERP provider. In good faith, I cannot recommend SAP knowing the current systems and future state first hand. Shame.

Unscrupulous SAP practice

Let me be very candid - I am doing very well after I left after SAP, similar to other ex colleagues who were booted out years ago. of course they don’t say they boot you out. They hire cheap managers from third world countries who deliberately rate... —  read more 

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