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Payback for "no significant" layoff's comment?

We were not all that surprised at the move to reduce CEO's to just one and have it be a German and even Hasso's comment that this action was taken "earlier than planned" confirms that the co ceo role was just another short term SAP experiment. ... —  read more 

SAP to sell off it's mobile business?

How true is this news from Bloomberg?

Looking very, very good...

SAP Shocker: New Cloud Revenue 4.5X Larger than License Revenue Posted on April 13, 2020 by Bob Evans As the COVID-19 slowdown gutted traditional on-premises revenue for SAP in March, the world’s largest applications vendor reported that Q1... —  read more 

did SAP buy from Elliott Management?

News from; "In addition, SAP also announced that it has completed its share buyback program of approximately €1.5 billion in... —  read more 

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Things are not grim...

Our pre-announcements are coming, SAP is the first in this Spring's earning season. Numbers are not grim but it ain't good either. IFRS Cloud Revenue Up 29% €2.01 billion €2.01 billion; Non-IFRS Cloud Revenue Up 27% €2.01 billion ... —  read more 

Not looking good SAP

Things are looking quite bleak. Too bad you laid off the best and brilliant for short term gains. They may have saved you. It’s all over now.

Integration message is a hope for us employees

Christian's integration message is a hope for our internal transformation and customers. Unlike Bill's era of rapid acquisition and vanilla tuck in, and then blaming the Germans product teams who have no budget to do developments and yet doing the... —  read more 

To thwart an Internet troll

To Thwart a Troll, Take the High Road Truly, the only way to destroy a troll is to rise above the fray. Don’t stoop to their level – it’s exactly what they’re out to get you to do. Internet trolls want anger. They want big reactions. They... —  read more 

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All you need to know:

For the fourth quarter, Sap's profit after tax, on IFRS basis, dropped 9 percent to 1.69 billion euros from last year's 1.86 billion euros. Basic earnings per share dropped 8 percent to 1.41 euros from 1.54 euros last year.


Who cares, as long as the software works...uuuumm, well as long as 50% of the software works.


Create cloud Restrict access to partners Bad mouth partners at customers Extort customers for sap sevices only they can perform A perfect business model

Selecting ERP

Just go a new job as CIO tasked with selecting an ERP provider. In good faith, I cannot recommend SAP knowing the current systems and future state first hand. Shame.

Laidoff by SAP and severance not paid

I got laidoff by SAP and they told me to sign the release document so I will get my severance. I signed it, returned it, and not a single penny for weeks. Should I open up a lawsuit? The office is in Vancouver and the HR rep is in Montreal. What a... —  read more 

Unscrupulous SAP practice

Let me be very candid - I am doing very well after I left after SAP, similar to other ex colleagues who were booted out years ago. of course they don’t say they boot you out. They hire cheap managers from third world countries who deliberately rate... —  read more 

Q1 Layoffs are in the Works

my manager asked me to put together a list of people including Hire Date, Length of Service, Age, T-Level, Region, Country, Line of business, CC, and Total Comp. He told me its confidential and to only to send it to him. i have been in HR for 10... —  read more 

Rouven Morato and Robert Weller are the besty

they make SAP the best place for people like me to get paid hundreds of thousands and be popular. Without them I would have to actually work and my skills are non existent. Bless them, HR and intelligent enterprise analytics.

These are not good times for SAP.

In both personal interactions and emails with myself and colleagues, Klein and Jennifer Morgan have been at pains to emphasize the 'customer first' message. What's missing is a crisp, time-stamped action plan. I cannot believe that after... —  read more 

Hasso just sold a big chunk of his SAP stocks

What a sign of trust in Hasso‘s own empire Given Hasso’s 6.2% stake in SAP its unjustified to suspect that ‚the r.t... —  read more 

SAP Layoffs 2020

Have you heard anything about potential SAP Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

SAP Hana? ?

SAP failures adds to upgrade considerations

SAP’s blotches in large accounts such as Lidl, Revlon, Deutsche Post DHL, National Grid USA, Israel Chemicals, Hershey, Queensland Health give many reasons to pause. Even the legal suits do not provide transparency to the situation. Does it really... —  read more 

Why hire new talent when they can’t retain it?

It’s not a secret any more that people are leaving on a daily basis, relatively new people, young people. For me that just shine a good light on the absurdity of this whole process of making structural changes within the workforce. It’s not that I... —  read more 

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