Topics regarding layoffs at SAP

Topics regarding layoffs at SAP


Any update on what is happing with UK&I redundancies? Last year was a mess. What sort of numbers are we looking at ? Should be less especially as we had layoffs last year ! ! All updates welcome .

Explain this to me, please

How can CK have 82 percent approval on Glassdoor and how can SAP in general have a 4.3 review rating? Even with all the layoffs and other negative changes that have been happening in the past several years. Do only satisfied people leave reviews or... —  read more 

How did we get here??

How did we get here is something  which  is as much about organizational structure as it is about market scale.  The fact is there are probably many reasons as to how we got to such a place, I focus on one of these below. It has already been stated ... —  read more 

Outsourcing plain and simple

Make no mistake they should call it what it is outsourcing and not restructuring. Last year it was laying off people in higher paying markets and moving the jobs to India, Brazil and Budapest. This will more than likely be the same especially since... —  read more 

Smug and Callous

Watching the All Hands it seems Christian Klein cares very little about the employees at SAP. He callously announces 8000 layoffs and smirks when someone dares to challenge him with questions. People who are close to retiring who may be effected ask... —  read more 

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