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4,000 to be laid off by SAP

Restructuring: Confirmed Early Retirement and Voluntary Separation Packages (VSP): Available, confirmed for US, Germany, France and Canada Layoff Scope: 4,000 employees to be laid off, worldwide. India: 400 targeted for layoffs Transfer: If laid off... read more

SAP APJ and GC...

SAP APJ and GC - please expect the special letter and meeting with your manager’s manager and HR after Chinese New Year. This will be in time to recognize all the restructuring costs in Q1. The show must go on
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Any chance to volunteer?

I am on my way out of SAP as it is - I have to move in a few months for family reasons. Not sure if I'm on the list, but if I'm not, if there is a way for me to volunteer (and maybe take the place of somebody who doesn't want to leave) it'd be good... read more

Any ideas on what's getting hit?

With the U.S. at the top of the list of countries that will be affected by the coming SAP layoffs, I was hoping somebody might know which areas are getting hit - and is Newtown Square among them? I'm assuming HQ will not be spared, but I guess I can... read more

SAP Hiring Freeze

Went through a SAP interview process that lasted 2 months... Finally got a job offer then a week later was told the offer was rescinded due to a SAP hiring freeze. I was incredibly disappointed. Based on what I've been reading in the news lately, I... read more

SAP buying HPE?

Rumors on the HPE board that SAP may be buying HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) ? Doesn't make sense. Anyone hear anything from the SAP side about this?

SAP Service Sales - COLOMBIA

There was a large layoff in South America in Colombia for Services Sales. This took place a few weeks ago and was poorly covered by the media. It's all rosy on the surface but in reality, layoffs like this are happening all the time. Now you can... read more

A side observation: The Early Talents

The early talents ( as we call them @ SAP ) must be laying a brick in their underwear after hearing of these layoffs. I was a mentor to one of them and told him its every man for himself in corporate America. If you don't kiss up you will be kissed... read more

Application to SAP? Original article from Oracle.

Country Club This story is actually about IBM, but after having worked at Oracle, it may have application here also. I worked at IBM for a short time, maybe 25-30 years ago. They were working on a large government project where the implementation was... read more

SAP NA Job Cuts 2018

SAP layoffs are all true, so - no rumors here - just facts. The aftermath, in NA 40% of service sales... Seems high earners who are older were targeted - #agediscrimination ??? Was told that the criteria for the layoffs would not be discussed... read more

EMEA Layoffs???

What about EMEA? I don’t think it’s happening. Know of a few CPs but only in Asia and North America. Works councils would protect only Germany and perhaps France but not UK

North America Layoffs

It was North America’s turn today... Services Sales was the primary target with Client Partner’s and VAT team sales staff (MaxAttention) being hit hard. Severances are reasonable by US standards. NA was final stage of the global restructuring. AP was... read more

Client Partners are all gone!

Blind Billy and Hand-ob Hasso zapped all Client Partners from the face of the earth so that they can collect their millions of bonus in 2019. Oh wait, aren't they collecting their 2017 bonus soon??? Things are so bad that they are planning 1 year... read more

SAP Layoffs 2018

Cannot believe it? Really? Rumors? Lies? Hoax and other things - people do weird things and will lie to you - there are no layoffs again in Germany.

More layoffs incoming at SAP

More layoffs are coming to SAP resources - new products need less config, etc. Found this in an old thread, but it was posted yesterday. Does anybody else know anything more about the layoffs mentioned here, or is this just speculation? It has been... read more

More "transformation" coming 2018 to SAP consulting

I also had to leave, let go due to being "redundant" despite being a top performer, highly productive and bringing in revenue. More than any manager ever did. Received severence pay, sold shares and walked straight into my next job for two times the... read more
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Just to share

April got salary increase, May I was let go, June exit from SAP (16years), July package paid, sold the shares, Aug secured an new job. Good luck folks.

SAP consultants layoffs in India

Many companies are laying SAP resources off right now, but this is not SAP AG employees, it's just SAP skilled resources. I know many people in Bangalore and Pune that got laid off, mostly from big consulting companies but some of them like Accenture... read more

Letting go of top talent will bring SAP down

From The HANA COE and more than 1/2 shown the door! Especially the GTM team that did all the heavy lifting for SAP Services sales and quite a bit of the License Sales efforts! The sheer volume of top talent (highest paid) that has been terminated is... read more

Is this true?

Most of the SAP Employees in Sales and Pre-Sales teams at SAP (approx 50%) will be laid off since SAP wants to continue selling through other indirect channels and partners. Most of these job cuts are in US/Canada. Also Managers and above with... read more

With IT decimated, SAP is now a joke

SAP is kill off employees left and right and they are not replacing them despite what they advertise. They are cutting back across the board all IT has been slowly cut. There cloud is a joke it's down more than it's up. I was in the middle of a... read more

Move to Cloud

SAP prefers customer move to Cloud.. only Cloud growth can justify SAP stock price now.. even maintenance which used to be the sacred cow is now axed...

SAP layoffs aka transformation

Employees are going through retrenchment at SAP right now. They pitch it as a DBS "cloud transformation" and reskilling program, but it is cost cutting at the core. Despite high sales, profit margin is not looking that good at SAP as the costs are... read more

Severance Payment

Do you know if they are planning to change the standard severance package for the US? I know that Germany has different rules but I am curious if we are sticking with the plan as it relates to US resources that are being let go. Also, anyone has... read more

SAP Layoffs are happening right now!

Restructuring @ SAP happens every year in Q1 and is over by the time SAPphire takes place - we should agree on this... Every company has its top performers and bottom dwellers, top performers stay - if you are at the bottom you will be let go... read more

SAP Layoff's are planned in Q1 2017 globally

I am understanding that there will be a staff reduction in February of 2017 and that managers are preparing for it and ranking employees. What is very bad about this is that the layoff would occur before the bonus payouts in march 2017. About how... read more

SAP Layoffs 2017

Whenever you think you are somewhat stable and safe think about it two times - you may be wrong. For example people, right now, are talking about job cuts here in Germany.

Flexible workers

It's quite clear the "restructuring charges for 2016" that was publicly announced are much lesser than that in 2015. Nevertheless, there was talk from more than 1 country that people from entire departments were asked to reapply for the same job, but... read more

What does HR do?

There are some seriously bad practices being done by some of the managers, they use intimidation/punishment tactics on employees trying to establish fear based culture. I think it's time for HR leadership to wake up, start talking to actual employees... read more

2000 people were laid off in March 2015 from SAP

Now, get ready for the next wave of layoffs, it should start in Q1 2016. That's my prediction - you never know but I have a feeling that they will want to continue cutting resources in order to improve cash flow and save for an upcoming acquisitions... read more

Bill McDermott's Master plan

The plan is to run this company into ground - I just do not get his strategy aside from firing thousands of people and laying off talent that we acquired over decades...

SAP Layoffs 2014

Do we know how many people were let go here in SAP (USA) and what our plans for next quarters are as it relates to layoffs. I've heard a ton of rumors but it's hard to figure out what's really happening as there is quite a bit of noise and unreliable... read more

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