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Evolve or die

Companies need to evolve or they die. One of the painful truths many of us need to face is that the jobs we did yesterday are not as valuable as they are today. It's important to reskill and be ready to pivot in your career. These (former) editors... read more

Don't Believe the Negative Stuff - IDG is awesome!

As anyone who is actually employed at IDG will let you know, IDG is an awesome place to work. Great company and great people. Nothing is more mind boggling/annoying than listening to a bunch of laid off people whine about the company and how "bad" it... read more

EIC is Gone

The count I hear is 94, across all pubs. All EICs are gone. Most of the cuts came from the top i.e. most expensive/senior/oldest. It's hard to understand how many of these brands will continue.

Downsizing and reorg

Do you think that the planned reorg will adversly impact jobs?
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IDG Cuts in works

Come on guys, I think we can share some info on the current cuts. I see the HR folks meeting every day and I am sure we know what's going on. IDG is not what it used to be, we used to care about our guys.
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