Topics regarding layoffs at Tribune Company

Topics regarding layoffs at Tribune Company


In May, the Tribune was acquired by Alden Global Capital, a secretive hedge fund that has quickly, and with remarkable ease, become one of the largest newspaper operators in the country. The new owners did not fly to Chicago to address the staff, nor... —  read more 

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Following a previous post, I can't stress this enough: We should ALL be reaching out to reporters so we can expose Viacom’s mistreatment of employees. Journalists aren’t capitalizing on our grief, they’re trying to hold a company accountable for... —  read more 

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LA Times Layoffs

Internal Los Angeles Times letter sent to 40 employees indicated 16-week furloughs that could convert to layoffs. Due to covid, "The Times has lost more than one-third of its advertising revenue and expects to lose more than half of its advertising... —  read more 

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Latest news… affecting both employees not taking a separation package, and those that are as well. Dear Colleagues, To kick off 2016, we are introducing a new approach to the Company paid holidays and employee’s floating days. The number of days, per... —  read more 

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2016 Q1 Layoffs

2016 Q1 Layoffs will be seen in the form of involuntary separation packages to all departments. The second round will not include health insurance continuance. Selling more property is an option being reviewed for 2016 Q2.

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Publishing Jobs Layoffs

Just last week saw 46 layoffs to the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News and the website plus deep cuts at National Geographic - OK, it's not that big but so many companies are cutting stuff so it adds up. That’s not counting the 75 in... —  read more 

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2015 layoffs at Tribune Publishing

Does anyone have more info on the planned reorganization and planned layoffs at Tribune Publishing scheduled for Q1 2015. I heard many rumors, but I cannot tell you anything that's reliable, so if you have any info, please post it here. I heard that... —  read more 

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Newspaper Layoffs - 2015

Anybody has more info on what's going to happen with Newspaper industry in 2015 as it relates to layoffs. We keep downsizing but I am not sure if the pace is going to be slowing down.

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Any news?

It's quiet here - we all know that Q1 will be bad here at Tribune. I do not want to sound pessimistic, but if history teaches us anything we need to be concerned. Or, have we cut to the bone?

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Tribune Company Considers Layoffs

2014 will be a difficult year for all of us - things are not improving and we keep hearing that we'll not have additional layoffs. Yet all our competitors are doing it and to stay competitive we'll have to cut even further. Tribune is not an... —  read more 

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Publishing spin-off

Tribune will eliminate 700 folks in publishing. Almost 10% of workforce. Again, more centralization, the monkeys do not what they are doing but they still keep collecting bonuses and keep cutting. That's all what they know to do, cut cut cut, nothing... —  read more 

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