Topics regarding layoffs at Graham Holdings Company (The Washington Post Company)

Topics regarding layoffs at Graham Holdings Company (The Washington Post Company)

Nothing owned by Bezos is safe

The Washington Post Plans More Layoffs The Washington Post plans to institute more layoffs in the first quarter of 2023, publisher Fred Ryan told employees at a town hall Wednesday. The Post recently shuttered its Sunday magazine and laid off its... —  read more 

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Purdue Global loses another $60 million

How can Purdue Global lose money, with almost no educational costs?

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Lose-Win Situation

This Graham Holdings Company-Purdue Global situation really is a racket. Purdue still owes Kaplan $113 million but GHC can write it off their taxes. The US government has to pay for this mess, first with the CARES Act and American Rescue Plan... —  read more 

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Potential GHC media nightmare

"Recently, I visited the chat that Purdue University Global uses to enroll students, and what I found was extremely disturbing. Not only did they use the Purdue University history, but also its world-class reputation to sell the school. One... —  read more 

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ASR was right...

"The school that systematically misleads students or enrolls those who don't have the capability of succeeding is unlikely to last long. I will have a difficult time making money, and it will build problematic word of mouth in the community in which... —  read more 

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Poisoning the (higher education) well

'“We are excited to welcome a true higher education thought leader. Brandon will drive Kaplan’s efforts to help American universities develop new approaches to generating revenue, diversifying their student populations, establishing a strong... —  read more 

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Purdue Global Remains Subprime

The subprime college crash continues for the seventh consecutive year with little attention from the government or media. Subprime is a more appropriate name than for-profit, because several non-profit schools offer limited value at a high price. Low... —  read more 

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Purdue purchase of Kaplan University is a win for GHC

Purdue takes much of the risk while giving a steady stream of income to GHC. This is just the beginning of "creative destruction" in higher education.

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Trump and GHC

How will the Trump administration affect Graham Holdings?

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