Graham Holdings Company (The Washington Post Company) Layoffs

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Poisoning the (higher education) well

'“We are excited to welcome a true higher education thought leader. Brandon will drive Kaplan’s efforts to help American universities develop new approaches to generating revenue, diversifying their student populations, establishing a strong... read more
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Why Purdue Global's Accreditor Looks the Other Way

No wonder the Higher Learning Commission looks the other way...
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Purdue Global Demands Students Waive Right toSue

"A liberal Washington think tank that used a public records request to pursue details about Purdue University Global has released details of a “policy guide” that reveal an unusual demand: the new public university forces students to arbitrate “all... read more
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Purdue Global Remains Subprime

The subprime college crash continues for the seventh consecutive year with little attention from the government or media. Subprime is a more appropriate name than for-profit, because several non-profit schools offer limited value at a high price. Low... read more

Seeking whistleblowers inside Washington Post

Currently seeking insiders, former staff, associates, sources who can provide insight and/or testimony regarding unethical/ practices at the Washington Post. Respondents' identities will be protected at request. Please reply via 202.630.3092... read more

Grumblings about the Kaplan-Purdue deal (NewU)

The U.S. Education Department wants Purdue University to absorb the debts and liabilities of Kaplan University as a condition for approving the state school’s controversial purchase of the for-profit college, a request that critics say could place... read more
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Purdue purchase of Kaplan University is a win for GHC

Purdue takes much of the risk while giving a steady stream of income to GHC. This is just the beginning of "creative destruction" in higher education.

Trump and GHC

How will the Trump administration affect Graham Holdings?

Graham Layoffs 2017

Is it possible that we'll have job cuts in Washington.
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Any updates on potential layoffs?

I see a lot of activity on the Appolo Group side, I would imagine that Kaplan is causing the same kind of problems as University of Phoenix does

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