Topics regarding layoffs at 21st Century Fox Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at 21st Century Fox Inc.

Fox Sports

Layoffs Hit Fox Sports as Division Seeks to "Streamline" Business

Covid 19 layoffs

Be prepared at the Pico lot. Disney is running up massive debts now and rumor is they will start cutting at cable and consolidate in the woodlands since no union and better tax situation.

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Layoffs have started

From what I understand Disney folks were hit more than us, which surprises me. I was certain we'd get decimated - which goes to show you can never know for sure until it happens. I'm now hoping we are done with layoffs at least for the foreseeable... — read more 

Layoffs so far?

How many people and what departments have been laid off on the Pico and Century City Fox location? Is it still being determined post M&A with Disney?

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Distribution & Marketing Layoffs

Source below... Fox Layoffs: Distribution and Marketing Leaders Out - Chris Aronson, Heather Phillips, Julie Rieger, Mike Dunn, Andrew Cripps among executives in first wave of layoffs. Layoffs have hit Fox following the entertainment company‚Äôs sale... — read more 

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Low Pay Unacceptable!!

Can someone explain to me how someone with a college degree can only be paid $17 or $18 per hour, doing work that should at least be compensated for $25 a hr at FOX?? These a--holes make millions of dollars and can't even paying a fricking living... — read more 

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This is despicable

While we are worried about still having our jobs once the acquisition is completed, Wall Street is doing a happy dance. Who cares about livelihoods of 4,000+ people when there is added value for shareholders, right?... — read more 

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March 20

Will the layoffs start on March 20 or will it take Disney some time to evaluate the situation before deciding who to cut? 5,000 people is a huge number - I'd like to think they would not rush it. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to... — read more 

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