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Layoffs at 21st Century Fox confirmed for January

At least we finally know when it will start. In my opinion, that's better than not knowing and stressing twice as much with all the wild guessing. The number is still at 10,000 for both companies, so how much of that will be us will continue to be a... read more
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It's going to be worse than I expected

I knew merger will mean layoffs, but I didn't expect it to be as high as people are now quoting them to be. I read that after the merger, 5,000 jobs will be eliminated, with 2,300 of that coming from our side. Still no details, but the number is... read more
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Major layoffs after the acquisition

We know for sure we'll be getting major layoffs once the acquisition is finalized, as there'll be consolidations across the board. I'm just wondering who will be hit the worse and how many in total will be shown the door. Since we won't know in... read more

21st Century Fox Layoffs 2018

Do you really think that our fine and modest executives are that stupid to leak info about layoffs in NYC.
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21st Century Fox Layoffs 2017

I spent last 5years with our company and it'd be a real shame if they were to decide to lay people off from our offices in NYC.

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