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How many people work at Yahoo!?

This should be a straightforward info, how many people work here? Also, how about the office at Sunnyvale?

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Mozilla axes 70

Office of the CEO to all-moco-m-f- Hi all, I have some difficult news to share. With the support of the entire Steering Committee and our Board, we have made an extremely tough decision: over the course of today, we plan to eliminate about 70... —  read more 

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Yahoo! Layoffs 2020

Thoughts? Any Yahoo! Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

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Yahoo! Layoffs 2018

Do not wait for things to turn out bad - leave now if you are working in Sunnyvale.

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layoffs are coming

heard the layoffs are imminent and coming for sure. what is more shocking is the number will be higher than originally projected due to the higher than expected payoff for Mayer. Don't we feel like idiots to have our pictures taken with her while she... —  read more 

Compensation for layoff after handoff useless

They promised severance if you get laid off after the hand off. I heard from my managers that layoffs will occur before hand off and settled before hand off. As they have not given Warn notice, those laid off will get 3 months (officers will get 6... —  read more 

Yahoo! Layoffs 2017

Oh, layoffs, layoffs… Every year I hear the same story but layoffs never happen here in Sunnyvale.

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Lost job to China

There are so many IT layoff this year, how are we all going to find another job especially with China now even producing fab chips/asics. I know everyone thinks India/Indian's are a big threat and taking over our jobs. Yes, I agree to some point but... —  read more 

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If they go the private equity route we are hosed

Used to work for a company that got gobbled up by a private equity firm, they went after cash flow and money making assets. Laid off every single person that was not 100% essential - milked cash flow and sold us in chunks. That's what'll happen - I... —  read more 

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Here come more Layoffs

here is the story about the next wave of layoffs at yahoo —  read more 

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Yahoo does not look good on your resume beyond 5 years.

A few of my buddies in the US and India who left Yahoo in the past 2 years after 5+ years of service have struggled clearing interviews or even getting calls for interviews. If you have "Analytics" on your resume at Yahoo, the chances of clearing... —  read more 

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Media Missed OTHER Layoffs

It wasn't JUST the "digital magazine's" and engineers that were let go recently. A numerous group of Account Managers/AE's and AD's were let go yesterday from east to west coast. And then they are shutting down the Burbank office... I'm glad I got... —  read more 

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People over 45 suck at ad sales?

Why do you think it's rare to find anyone over 45 in a sales position there vs. what you may have found five years ago? Is it because people over 45 suck at ad sales? Is it because they were all smart enough to get out before the company started... —  read more 

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Stealth layoffs

In 2014 the started stealth layoffs in small increments, but the numbers were smaller and less off putting to the majority, so those left behind were easily fooled into a false sense of superiority, thinking they were somehow better than those let go... —  read more 

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I'm going to take my talents elsewhere. Anyone know if Altavista or Hotbot is hiring?

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Yahoo Severance Payment

I kind of hope to get something similar to de Castro's package - he spent sweet 14 months here, and walked away with 60 million - MM, that's a great way to manage an enterprise, keep up your prudent and shrewd work

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Wait until 2/25 for a WARN

the reports can be viewed by clicking links on this page: the WARN report isn't listed yet for Yahoo (if it was submitted yesterday or today, it wouldn't be listed on the most recent... —  read more 

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Still the same issues as in 2011 when I left

A) Horrendous capital allocation B) Weak and B-class Partnerships C) Non-existing cost control (and controls in general) D) Bloated workforce, uninterested and capitulated E) Convoluted decision making and silos mentality —  read more 

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Do you guys still read Tech Pulse Papers?

I was in Yahoo in US and moved to Yahoo in India. I had an offer in Dec 2014 to relocate to the US or take 9 months of salary (3 months of severance, 3 months of tech transfer, 2 months of bonus and 1 month additional that all employees got). The... —  read more 

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Two segmented rounds, 1.8K each

That's what I heard, we know about the first one, the second one will be unleashed this Summer - an SVP level source, OOS

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Yahoo Layoffs 2016

Now things will accelerate - I think pretty much everyone is running out of patience and there will be no more excuses and no more games played. Maynard Webb was clear today, but this time around 'exploring strategic initiatives' will not be bringing... —  read more 

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Let Yahoo Layoffs Lawsuits Begin

This is just a beginning - here is the full coverage by NYT "A Yahoo Employee-Ranking System Is Challenged in Court":

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Yahoo kill lists

Yahoo Restructuring Begins With Stealth Layoffs and ‘Invest/Maintain/Kill’ List —  read more 

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Be brave: NO LAYOFFS, this week

Just tells you how disconnected she really is ---

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Yahoo! Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Yahoo! layoffs in Sunnyvale in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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Mayer’s “remix”

2015 is shaping to be an outstanding year for Marissa, 1100 people are gone in a great Mayer’s “remix”

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