Topics regarding layoffs at Twitter

Topics regarding layoffs at Twitter

I read between the lines

How to interpret the CEO's promises conveyed by the media, that the company is not planning company-wide layoffs, but will continue with some changes "to improve efficiencies", pause in spending in most areas? In my understanding, if there are no... —  read more 

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Let the games begin

Twitter uses Musk’s own words to build its case for $44bn deal In its fight to force Elon Musk to honour his agreement to buy Twitter for $44bn, the social media company has armed itself with the billionaire’s own tweets... —  read more 

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When will cuts continue?

We know more is coming, but it would be nice to have more information on when it will continue and how many more are expected to be laid off. These are uncertain times for all of us and more transparency and communication from the leadership team... —  read more 

Recruiter Layoff

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300 to be laid off

More cuts are coming, this just hit the web SAN FRANCISCO — With no acquisition deal in the cards for the struggling social media company, Twitter is planning to cut about 8% of its workforce, or 300 people, as soon as this week, according to a... —  read more 

Lost jobs to China

There are so many IT layoff this year, how are we all going to find another job especially with China now even producing fab chips/asics. I know everyone thinks India/Indian's are a big threat and taking over our jobs. Yes, I agree to some point but... —  read more 

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