Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

This is a joke

We don't need RTO. We need a better CEO who is not so stuck in his pet project that he is willing to destroy the entire company and lay off tens of thousands of employees to keep it going - even though everything points to it being a failure before... —  read more 

Redundancy package

I understand those who are worried about what will happen after the layoffs, but I believe that there are more of those who have had enough of this company and just want a redundancy package before leaving to another company...

still many layers

looking around tech orgs there's still teams under 3 directors or 3 layers of managers. those teams were notified in april so there's still a ton of inefficiency when we were supposed to cut layers we ended up right back where we were

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Bad mangers at FB

I know a manger that works at FB, I know him and he is a friend. Let me just say, he is the worst, a real piece of horse @$@# as a manager. I am thankful I have never had to work for this man. As a friend his is fine, but in a work place, the man... —  read more 

The end goal

I wonder if MZ has a final number of employees he is aiming for with these layoffs. I'm sure people would like to know if they're safe after one of these rounds is done or if they're only getting a short reprieve before it starts again. I hate seeing... —  read more 

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