Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

Raising minimum wage

I worked as a contractor and I would not wish my experience on anyone. Raising the minimum wage for all U.S. contract workers were an expected move, but how satisfying is it given the rise in the cost of living?

Meta Layoffs

Heard from a D1 at Facebook that Facebook will layoff ~12% of its staff. He stated that slowing growth and declining users especially in core Facebook platform is accelerating.

I feel exhausted

This was my dream job. I am still happy with the compensation for my work, but I feel too exhausted. Lately I've been thinking if it's worth dealing with so much stress?

Company deteriorating

RIP. They have started hiring a lot of indian recruiters who are absolutely corrupt. East coast locations like ATL are horrible work environments where employees get nothing important done. It's over. I'm so glad I left last year. Politics are... —  read more 

Silenced No More CA Employees

New protections for California employees: After this law takes effect (January 1, 2022) if a worker chooses to speak about an experience, companies will be prevented from enforcing nondisclosure agreements and non disparagement clauses. Any reports... —  read more 

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Facebook Rebrand?

Elizabeth Warren quipped, "are they going into the witness protection program?" Seems more like the Metaverse monopoly is trying to take over the world's weak minds.

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Dr-g induced or just mental illness?

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FTC dropped anti trust. FBI is suspect. Zuckerberg under the table money. Marky influenced with massive funds the Arizona election. FRAUD!

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Is Facebook to be trusted?

My company was just acquired by Facebook. We were told there would be no layoffs but I'm worried about that just being the talk to keep us here until there is enough transfer of knowledge and that we'll get kicked to the curb afterward. Can somebody... —  read more 

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