Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

I don't buy the 12k rumors

I understand we'll have layoffs and I understand it will be major, but 12k? That's too many. I don't think Meta can get rid of so many people and still continue to function as is. My best guess, considering the little real information we have so far... —  read more 

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Why do you want to leave this place?

There are more and more dissatisfied people. I'm not even considering transition as an option, I'd rather quit because I'm sick of this company. I think the list of reasons why more and more of my colleagues feel the same would be too long

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Great purge ? Just wondering if you still have the severance pay if you got fired after the company "supports" you to become better during this quite layoffs? Any experience... —  read more 

It’s starting

Heard from an ex-colleague who is L7 at META. Every director and above is given a target to reduce staff by 10% - 15%. If they meet 15% and keep the productivity alive then raise for some directors. Employees will start receiving emails on... —  read more 

It started... 30 days list

"Meta is slimming its workforce and avoiding a flurry of pink slips by forcing some employees onto a "30-day list" that leaves them only a month to find a new role or leave the company if their department is downsized or eliminated" "until recently... —  read more 

Zuck on Joe Rogan podcast

If Zuckerberg’s latest marketing efforts seem amusing and self-defeating, they also show just how badly the company has flubbed its pivot into the metaverse Here are some details Zuckerberg said that, personally, he doesn’t watch TV, except for... —  read more 

WTF did LG post today?

What does "increased intensity" mean? I have been working around the clock with a terrible WLB for the past 12 months. What am I supposed to do now? I am so demoralized and tired. Seriously thinking about leaving.

Meta's problems

The age problem If you have children, you’ve probably noticed that they prefer other social media platforms. To many of them, Facebook is for older people — which is not exactly a recipe for growth. Helen Lewis of The Atlantic, among others, has... —  read more 

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