Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

Professional Dashboard

If FB/Meta really cared about users with professional profiles being able to build a following, they’d give us a better means to invite people that engaged with a post. I have over 200k to invite and the current method of manually clicking Invite... — read more 

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Remember when FAANG was a thing and everybody was trying to get a job in one of the five coveted companies? Other than Apple (and even Apple is on shaky ground), every single one has now gotten the opposite reputation. People are warned to stay away... — read more 

Ready to hire again

A new article in The Washington Post is titled "After laying off thousands, Meta expects to add jobs next year." Can anybody please explain to me then what was the point of all these cuts if they're planning to turn around and rehire/replace the... — read more 


Based on Meta's latest earnings report, their headcount as of September 30, 2023 was 66,185 - a 24% decrease compared to the same time last year. The substantial majority of employees laid off this year are no longer counted in that September... — read more 

Incoming Cuts

There's a palpable sense of tension at Meta right now. Rumors are swirling that widespread layoffs are imminent, potentially affecting 10-15% of the workforce. That would equate to over 10,000 employees across all functions and teams. With the... — read more 

This is a joke

We don't need RTO. We need a better CEO who is not so stuck in his pet project that he is willing to destroy the entire company and lay off tens of thousands of employees to keep it going - even though everything points to it being a failure before... — read more 

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