Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

RSU management cryout

It went like this, middle managers and directors recently promoted (within the past 2 years), likely joined FB about 5 years the time when the stock price was around $150 - $160, and started to accumulate RSU's as the stock went up. Now... —  read more 

Deciphering Zuck

Get ready to witness the org chart flattening exercise that he has mandated to happen. Raising eyebrows and looking smart won't save those managers and directors that have mastered the art of "parroting" messages from their superiors. Only this... —  read more 

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Meta's Cost Cutting Initiatives

Exhibit 4 - META - Cost Cutting Initiatives Date Action Dec-22 Stopped Planned $342 Million Data Center Expansion in Denmark Dec-22 Ends Ride Perk for Workers Dec-22 Looks to Sublease 310k SF London Office Dec-22 Seeks to Reduce Bay Area Office... —  read more 

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It's all about overhiring

Amazon laid off 18,000 employees after increasing its employee count in the last three years by 100 percent. Facebook grew the number of employees by 94 percent in that period and laid off 11,000. Google laid off 12,000 after growing its workforce by... —  read more 

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Meta effects

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Sounds like a good idea to me Anyways, the parties started as a way for laid-off workers to commiserate and meet with others in the same position, as well as potential new... —  read more 

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With Meta, there's just an endless supply of dystopian ideas to steal from. What do you see? Brave New World? 1984? Twilight Zone? West World? The Matrix? Farmville? Grand Theft Auto? Wall-e? Call of Duty?

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The Right is hitting hard against Meta, and after all they did to get Trump elected...It's like they have already forgotten Cambridge Analytics and all the Russian trolls that Facebook enabled. ... —  read more 

Promotions of doom

Remember the pitch when you joined? Work hard, bring value, exploit those opportunities to improve and eventually folks will promote you...and likely lay you off as a target is on your back as you are now more expensive (just read some testimonials... —  read more 

Reason for layoffs

Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer explains layoffs in the tech sector: Do you think layoffs in tech are some indication of a tech bubble bursting or the company preparing for a recession? Could there be a tech... —  read more 

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