Topics regarding layoffs at Snap Inc. / Snapchat

Topics regarding layoffs at Snap Inc. / Snapchat

Snap is a "zombie"

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SNAP cr*p

Maybe user are just tired with all the BS?

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How's the job hunt going?

Those who were laid off, have you started looking yet? How is the job market looking right now? Are there enough openings available? I managed to dodge the bullet this time but I'm thinking that it won't be for long. The next round might not happen... —  read more 

LinkedIn offers

I thought LinkedIn was a safe and moderated place when it comes to who can send out job offers but I was wrong. I've received offers through that site that are obviously scams. It was easy for me to recognize it but what happens to the folks who... —  read more 

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Facebook and Netflix

I've heard and read that Facebook and Netflix are trying to grab people laid off by Snap. I was thinking of applying there but I'm not sure that's the best idea since both of those companies have had layoffs recently and have announced more layoffs... —  read more 

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I'm still angry

It's been several weeks and I'm still angry about the whole thing. I was a great employee. I always gave 110% and I was always willing to work late or work over the weekend. I was repaid by being tossed out without a second thought. How do you get... —  read more 

About time

For those of us who are left, it is about time that we focused on doing things that actually contribute to revenue. (not that I've seen that consolidation yet, but hopefully it will come soon). For too long we've worked on whatever whim senior... —  read more 

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My team was decimated

How we're expected to keep functioning is beyond me. I think they should have just cut all of us and been done with it. There's no way that the few of us who are left can do all the work that I'm sure is going to be expected of us. I'd preferred... —  read more 

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Evan's Email

Dear Team, Thank you for your patience as we have worked through our 2023 financial planning and reprioritization process. Our forward-looking revenue visibility remains limited, and our current year-over-year QTD revenue growth of 8% is well below... —  read more 

Severance & Other

From what I heard so far, impacted Snap employees will get 4 months of salary and visa employees get extended period to find the next job. I think this is generious and fair. Visa employees will be especially thankful. On the other hand, other... —  read more 

It's about to start

Nearly 1,300 people are going to be let go. It's not unexpected, but I have to say, the number is higher than I thought it would be. With so many tech companies laying off people, I'm worried that the job search will not be easy for anybody who gets... —  read more 

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Here it comes

I was wondering when it would be our turn with all the tech layoffs happening all over the place. I got my answer, sort of. We still don't know how many will be cut or when, but at least we know it's coming and we can prepare accordingly. The next... —  read more 

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Hiring Freeze?

I am hearing about a hiring freeze, the stock just cratered another 25%, so I would not be surprised. The earnings were disappointing and I think there is more pain to come? Anyhow, what do you hear on the hiring freeze, who's impacted and how long... —  read more 

Is it done?

After surviving two restructurings in a month, I'm not sure I can take much more. And I'm not the only one, one more round like this and there will be no more need for any additional layoffs as the rest will walk out on our own. Hopefully, things... —  read more 

New York Layoffs at Snap

More to come - here it goes: The reports say that the majority of the layoffs are from Snapchat’s content division, which is said to be consolidating its team to the company’s... —  read more 

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