Topics regarding layoffs at Lyft

Topics regarding layoffs at Lyft

Are you going back?

Now that the revenue is up and the stock is on the rise and everybody is happy once again, are you planning to go back? I have zero desire to help them line their pocket once again after they treated me like trash last year at the worst possible time... —  read more 

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982 people

That's a very specific number. If they have a number like that, then they have the names already. Then why not let us know? So we can worry a little longer? Stress more about... —  read more 

Next Steps

If you look what happened with SNAP after going public, a pattern emerges. In short, there will be a pressure from the Street to bump up financial results, as growth is stalling they will turn to cost cutting. I'd expect 500 to 1000 to be laid off... —  read more 

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Lyft Layoffs in Boston

Source below. Not sure if this is 100% accurate but sharing the story. I do not work for Lyft, do not work in the industry, just stumbled upon this article and did a bit of research on Lyft. Apparently they never had layoffs, and given how cutting... —  read more 

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