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Tech vs Non-Tech Role Layoffs @ Lyft

If you are in a technical role you are pretty much safe. Everyone else should be cautious. I am not saying cuts will happen but there is a ton of flux at Lyft right now and things will continue to shift and mold from the business standpoint. This... —  read more 

Next Steps

If you look what happened with SNAP after going public, a pattern emerges. In short, there will be a pressure from the Street to bump up financial results, as growth is stalling they will turn to cost cutting. I'd expect 500 to 1000 to be laid off... —  read more 

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Lyft Layoffs in Boston

Source below. Not sure if this is 100% accurate but sharing the story. I do not work for Lyft, do not work in the industry, just stumbled upon this article and did a bit of research on Lyft. Apparently they never had layoffs, and given how cutting... —  read more 

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