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More Pain


is this true?

even more layoffs coming our way? is this our new reality at uber? constant layoffs?

Why is Uber hiring so soon after layoffs???

What's going on here? If there were positions available why were they not first offered to people who were shown the door in the latest round of layoffs??? And also, who thought it was a good idea to lay off a bunch of people and turn around and... —  read more 

Uber's fake job interviews

I know Facebook and Google conduct fake job interviews to "get insights" on competition or "get ideas" on product; as per exemployees and interviewers. Uber used to ask interviewers to design driver and rider optimization for them as part of the... —  read more 

Layoffs at Uber are inevitable

Do people really not realize how bad our results were? Layoffs are inevitable - the question is not if it'll happen, the question is how soon and how bad it'll get. And if our results are any indicator, it'll get really bad really soon... —  read more 

Freight and Autonomous Driving divisions

No hiring freezes @ Freight and Autonomous Driving divisions - so if you see people asking about interviews it's true. Also, I think they are not cutting as well - so, getting a position there should be fine - there is a lot of focus on this right... —  read more 

Mktg Cuts

Layoffs starts at Uber with its bloated, 1,200 people marketing team feeling the brunt of the cut. Per that NYT article: "The marketing team’s organizational charts ran to more than 388 pages, she said."

uber layoffs 400 people in marketing

https://www.latimes.com/business/technology/story/2019-07-29/uber-layoffs-marketing-jill-hazelbaker?_amp=true A little more than two months after debuting its stock on the public market, Uber has made its first big cut to its workforce, laying... —  read more 

Ursula Burns

OMG! Ursula M Burns on the BOD. Check out what she did to Xerox.

Uber layoffs July 2018

So, looks like self-driving segment of Uber is in trouble, which I believe is really good news for us. I'm sorry for the 100 or so people who were laid off, but this means the company's plans to get rid of all the drivers down the road has been at... —  read more 

Drivers Layoffs - Unemployment Claim

I have a technical layoff question here - Uber has been letting drivers go for a number of reasons. Do these firings constitute an act that can be considered as a "layoff" - this would result in possibly drivers getting unemployment claims and being... —  read more 

Uber after layoff?

Hi, there! i'd like to hear from folks who started to work for Uber after they lost their job! I got laid off recently, and need to look at my options right now. Can anyone tell me if Uber is enough to make ends meet? Or is it only temporary... —  read more 

Breeze Dead

Breeze, a San Francisco startup that was leasing cars to drivers for Uber and Lyft, and some of SF delivery services, has ceased to exist. Bye, bye. All employees terminated, Uber drivers without another option, now that's a problem. Try to rent from... —  read more 

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