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Topics regarding layoffs at Uber

Drivers Layoffs - Unemployment Claim

I have a technical layoff question here - Uber has been letting drivers go for a number of reasons. Do these firings constitute an act that can be considered as a "layoff" - this would result in possibly drivers getting unemployment claims and being... read more
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Uber after layoff?

Hi, there! i'd like to hear from folks who started to work for Uber after they lost their job! I got laid off recently, and need to look at my options right now. Can anyone tell me if Uber is enough to make ends meet? Or is it only temporary... read more

Breeze Dead

Breeze, a San Francisco startup that was leasing cars to drivers for Uber and Lyft, and some of SF delivery services, has ceased to exist. Bye, bye. All employees terminated, Uber drivers without another option, now that's a problem. Try to rent from... read more
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