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What is happening with our LT and how are they so out of touch with reality?!

As someone who has been at Uber for 4+ years and survived multiple mass layoffs (i.e. IPO, COVID, etc.) - I am very disappointed in Dara's recent email.

A few times today, I've attempted to reflect on the intention behind the email and I'm stumped.

If the intent was to encourage the broader team, Dara failed. General employee sentiment today is low and most people are not talking about our potential to succeed as a company, but the prospects (and likelihood) of layoffs and a hiring freeze.

If the intent was to prepare the broader team for future layoffs, hiring freezes, etc. - the email still failed. We've been here before. Leaked (internally or externally) signs of incoming layoffs ki-l morale and productivity.

Asking the team to step up and work harder and, at the same time, hinting of personnel changes is counterproductive. Again, as someone who's been here before, my spidey senses are going off today. We're in some sketchy times at Uber so buckle up...

One last thought: whoever approved the sending of the email on Mother's Day should be fired. For a company with a poor history of supporting women... so tone deaf.

And a final question: did anyone else find it hilarious when Nikki recently compared 401K matching and $180/month Uber Credits? Genuinely still chuckling at that one.

What is happening with our LT and how are they so out of touch with reality?!

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Dara is not competent, the LT is delusional.

It'll end in tears but they will continue moving the goal posts. That's what Dara is good at and the rest of his staff is learning from him as well.

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