Topics regarding layoffs at Alphabet Inc. (Google)

Topics regarding layoffs at Alphabet Inc. (Google)

More cuts in HR

“It’s not something that was an easy decision to make, and it definitely isn’t a conversation any of us wanted to have again this year,” Ong said. “Given the base of hiring that we’ve received the next several quarters, it’s the right thing to do... —  read more 

June layoffs didn't happen

Trolls posting about June layoffs have been proven wrong again If you seriously think Alphabet will have layoffs the day before a four day weekend, you aren't an insider. June 23 was the last day for layoffs. Game over, trolls

Of course

Google CEO Sundar Pichai raked in $226M payday despite layoffs, cuts to worker perks Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai earned a whopping $226 million in total compensation in 2022 – a windfall that came even as the Google parent prepped sweeping layoffs... —  read more 

Expect layoffs tomorrow

It'll be lower-than-expected results one more time and there'll be immediate corrective measures taken, most likely in the way of layoffs. On the off chance that layoffs are not announced during the quarterly earnings call, I'm positive they will be... —  read more 

FAANG is over

Microsoft and Apple are the ones now, look at the stock market. I would hope you all are realizing that there are other companies out there in the world, if you want to hold onto the past and just work for FAANG then you are out of touch. Saying you... —  read more 

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