Topics regarding layoffs at Alphabet Inc. (Google)

Topics regarding layoffs at Alphabet Inc. (Google)

Is Gen Zero this fragile?

We are doomed if future generations are really this fragile

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Reason for Layoffs

“ In truth, it isn’t likely to be because the companies involved need money” for executive parachutes no doubt

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Google engineer who was laid off while on mental health leave says she 'silently mourned' after receiving her severance email at 2 a.m.

A Google engineer said she found out she was laid off at 2 a.m. while on mental health leave. Ali Neil said she called a friend, drank some wh----y, and "mourned" the layoff until the morning. Google won't let her drop off her work laptop and... —  read more 

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Will DJT return to Youtube?

Welcome back to the T***p nightmare?

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Don't be evil

Google just laid off 12,000 people. My sympathies are with all those affected, both directly and indirectly. The negative impact on people's lives and careers can't be overstated. Google's motto used to be: don't be evil. Apparently that has been... —  read more 

Execs' bad strategies

I agree that this place was bloated and that the cuts had to happen. However, the root and cause of all problems here are generally bad strategies. Aren't there too many such bad strategies? I think there is.

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CEO mandatory pay cuts

There should be a federal law that applies to all publicity traded companies that when a layoff occurs, a mandatory pay cap to total compensation for all employees including the CEO goes into effect limiting total comp to 500k that year and the... —  read more 

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