Topics regarding layoffs at Alphabet Inc. (Google)

Topics regarding layoffs at Alphabet Inc. (Google)

lmao google sc--wed up And pretty useless when comes to coding, for a simple Kubernetes question, Claude ai and Chatgpt both gave correct answers... — read more 

Taste for things to come They can plug this particular sequence of events, but the morale is low blameless are process was gone in Jan 2013. New dev centers in Mexico... — read more 

RIP Google.

I find the absurdly insensitive and abrupt handling of formerly prized employees astounding. What a condemnation of Google's management—of Sundar Pichai because this is at his feet, on his head, at his behest. Seriously—US$305 billion in revenue... — read more 

This is concerning

I've been reading about too many layoffs at Google lately. I always wanted to work there and I kept applying, so when I finally received an offer recently I thought I'd be overjoyed. I should be, but I can't help but feel nervous. Would I be a fool... — read more 

Even Walmart is better

Even Walmart has a better strategy than Google and become a threat. Google employees will work on Walmart now

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Hilarity / RIP

The company continues to spends multi-billions on datacenters. That burns up millions in energy. And millions more in research. To compute for an AI. That creates racist pictures. That are used to troll the company. Epic Fail. — read more 

More layoffs on devices ?

The rumors are there will be more layoffs on devices going from pixel to home devices and that will happen on next couple months. Just wondering why couple months instead next financial quarterly announcement.

Musical Chairs Rollet

It's widely known among employees in my Google group, that Management, with help from HR over hired during Covid. Now with things slowing, and having too many employees in our group, it's a game of musical chairs. Everyone needing to find a new... — read more 

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