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There is no future at eBay

Attention all potential new highers/job sneakers to ebay, do not join/apply unless you like to be let go after only +/- 1 year. What a waist if you are looking for a great place to work and a steady paycheck! There is only constant unecessay... read more

Entire Indian product tech org laid off

The entire product and tech org in India was laid off on the 14th, including a director. Also, many people from other teams like customer support (GCX) were also laid off. Many more will follow soon due to "performance" reasons.

Good for the talent that was asked to leave.

Once again the brainy people are asked to leave to save money. With the last two layoffs, eBay is actually forcing itself into the band of third-rated tier 3 companies that cant afford to pay the highly talented. The company neither deserves nor can... read more

Laid off in Bellevue

Can confirm layoffs. Had my position terminated today in Bellevue, along with quite a few others. Surprised there’s nothing in the news about it, as I’m curious what the final tally is this time.
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Are we turning into a "High Tech KMART"?

It has been happening for years. The only energy management has is about causes outside of the core business. Any manager with passion for the job and their team is punished. DW thought building a c-appy building on the old campus was going to turn... read more
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Layoffs Yesterday

EBay laid off 15 director-level employees yesterday. Layoffs were affecting managers as well, about 40 managers were laid off. In addition to this many software engineers, architects, data scientists were cut... Also, affected legal and admin... read more
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Its happening today.

Mostly Managers and many ICs are let go today in another round of layoff. Second in 6 months, today's layoff impacted many Staff level engineers and mid-tier management. Ebay continues to fall under internal politics and crumbling under devious and... read more

Exporting American Jobs!!!

eBay continues to lay-off American workers and it is shipping its jobs to Eastern Europe. Most workers that remain are indentured H1b slaves working for 1/2 of normal wages.
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Any concrete info on more layoffs at eBay?

Not conspiracy theories - actual info? There were rumors going around more people would be shown the door before the end of the month, so I'm wondering if that's going to happen or not. If there is somebody in the know who'd be willing to share info... read more

Many layoffs coming

H1-b’s are willing to work for $20 a day and nobody seems to care how incompetent they are. If you don’t have another job lined up you had better not wait

Elliott will take over and layoff

I worked at two companies where Elliott came in. They will get a seat on the board. They will threaten management with a proxy vote to oust them if they don't concede to terms. They will sell off what they consider to be under performing or non core... read more

You will be payed off

If you are still working at this dump, it’s temporary. The remaining employees will be replaced by Indian contractors. If you think it couldn’t get any worse, you’re wrong. It’s pretty bad when your employees leave to go work at staples or lowes

This is why eBay is sinking

As a seller of 20 years on Ebay I decided recently to close up all my selling pages and walk away from it, ebay has gone down the krapper in many ways, it's been cluttered up with scores of cheap JUNK that games the search too. Where I had $800 a... read more

eBay sells its jobs now

American jobs are being cut from the US and moved to India, Europe, and wherever else eBay can find cheap tech labor. I, for one, refuse to do business with greedy corporations that lay off AMERICAN workers.

Speculation I suppose

Weve been consistent for years, have thousands of unique items, and sell hundreds of thousands a year. June started being horrible, then it comes back and then sales disappear again. Weve offered free returns for months now and yet if you search by... read more
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eBay abuses the very people who pay their wages..

I quit working for eBay after sitting in long executive meetings, where management basically plotted ways to farm more and more money from Sellers, without any actual knowledge or research to show why they where doing it. They would 'create' market... read more

So this was the reason for layoffs

Now I see what that was all about. eBay did a little preemptive announcing ahead of the quarterly results report. I guess they thought announcing layoffs (which both shareholders and investors love as easy money-savers) would stop the stock from... read more
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300 Cuts Reported

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Several eBay locations hit hard

Major layoffs are happening right now, San Francisco is being hit hard. From what I understand, this will continue until the end of the week. I really wish they would do it all in one go, stress of having to deal with this for days is not going to be... read more

Will there be more layoffs this week?

Anybody knows if the layoffs were limited to last week or can we expect some to spill over into this one as well? I'm asking specifically for the U.S.
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ebay headed downhill

in 2014 layoffs, in 2015 they canned india, then in 2016 they canned remote workers, In 2017 they went after contractors, now in 2018 they are after the only thing left, full time folks. leadership at ebay is obsolete, too much legacy crap and... read more
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A failure at the Top

After over a decade at eBay, I was let go as well. I’m happy in a way, because I was too comfortable working there, even when I felt the company is poorly run and see no bright future. But in my opinion, everyone up top should get slashed, and not... read more
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Ebay is dead.

So long to the retarded policy of always taking the side of the buyer and allowing international scam. You got what you deserved.

The Second Floor Gentry

ebay execs will walk around and brag/preach about diversity... Big words about "inclusion', 'opportunity', 'equality', 'merit'... This only applies to the bottom of the barrel positions in the call center floor - they need diversity when they need to... read more

eBay used to be a company to be proud to work for!

Our CIO is one of the biggest "all me and only me" types that ever walked the earth. Shareholders have got to wake up and smell the air - they have to ACTIVELY police the executives activities as they are representing a threat to the longevity of the... read more

Wenig's only play

Honestly, can he build, grow and develop? The answer is know. Yep, cost cutting is his game and a monkey can do cutting - cut left, right, up and down - the profits will go up. Yeah, the company will go BK in a couple of years, it'll get acquired and... read more

Laid off today Data Engineer, Quality - San Jose

Nothing more to add. I was let go today, and even though I was not expecting it, I feel relieved as it's very stressful to work in an environment where you do not know if you'll have a job tomorrow. It's obvious there are challenges and that ebay... read more

Happening Now

Just seeing posts from people on Slack that layoffs are happening in the Portland office, as well as news reports that it's happening in Israel.

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