Topics regarding layoffs at eBay Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at eBay Inc.

Laid off

To anyone, hope this may help, but I just got laid off. Be wary and do not trust management. They will take every ounce out of you till the last minute when they just let you go. they LIE and make it a point to constantly say they don't do... —  read more 

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Time to worry

There hasn't been a major round of layoffs in a while. I know that should be a reason to celebrate but an extended period at eBay without major layoffs means that something big is coming our way. Usually, the month to look at is February, so that's... —  read more 

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Of course there'll be more layoffs

I don't think layoffs at eBay ever stopped. They're just really well hidden because they're small enough to fly under the radar. I pity people who think they're safe between major rounds. There is simply no such thing as safe here anymore. Anybody... —  read more 

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Will the layoffs ever stop?

There were more cuts yesterday, remote offices were gutted. That's what, third layoffs round this month? Do they plan to ever stop or just continue having layoffs on a nearly weekly basis?

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Anybody seen this?

The only company where employees are more scared of layoffs than eBay is Tesla. We are second on the list with 71.88 percent of people saying they are worried about being shown the door. Considering that number, I'm just surprised there aren't more... —  read more 

There is no future at eBay

Attention all potential new highers/job sneakers to ebay, do not join/apply unless you like to be let go after only +/- 1 year. What a waist if you are looking for a great place to work and a steady paycheck! There is only constant unecessay... —  read more 

Laid off in Bellevue

Can confirm layoffs. Had my position terminated today in Bellevue, along with quite a few others. Surprised there’s nothing in the news about it, as I’m curious what the final tally is this time.

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Layoffs Yesterday

EBay laid off 15 director-level employees yesterday. Layoffs were affecting managers as well, about 40 managers were laid off. In addition to this many software engineers, architects, data scientists were cut... Also, affected legal and admin... —  read more 

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Its happening today.

Mostly Managers and many ICs are let go today in another round of layoff. Second in 6 months, today's layoff impacted many Staff level engineers and mid-tier management. Ebay continues to fall under internal politics and crumbling under devious and... —  read more 

Exporting American Jobs!!!

eBay continues to lay-off American workers and it is shipping its jobs to Eastern Europe. Most workers that remain are indentured H1b slaves working for 1/2 of normal wages.

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You will be payed off

If you are still working at this dump, it’s temporary. The remaining employees will be replaced by Indian contractors. If you think it couldn’t get any worse, you’re wrong. It’s pretty bad when your employees leave to go work at staples or lowes

This is why eBay is sinking

As a seller of 20 years on Ebay I decided recently to close up all my selling pages and walk away from it, ebay has gone down the krapper in many ways, it's been cluttered up with scores of cheap JUNK that games the search too. Where I had $800 a... —  read more 

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eBay sells its jobs now

American jobs are being cut from the US and moved to India, Europe, and wherever else eBay can find cheap tech labor. I, for one, refuse to do business with greedy corporations that lay off AMERICAN workers.

Speculation I suppose

Weve been consistent for years, have thousands of unique items, and sell hundreds of thousands a year. June started being horrible, then it comes back and then sales disappear again. Weve offered free returns for months now and yet if you search by... —  read more 

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So this was the reason for layoffs

Now I see what that was all about. eBay did a little preemptive announcing ahead of the quarterly results report. I guess they thought announcing layoffs (which both shareholders and investors love as easy money-savers) would stop the stock from... —  read more 

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Several eBay locations hit hard

Major layoffs are happening right now, San Francisco is being hit hard. From what I understand, this will continue until the end of the week. I really wish they would do it all in one go, stress of having to deal with this for days is not going to be... —  read more 

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