Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Weekly test accuracy

The weekly testing is inaccurate. Lately I've been taking the swab and sticking it straight into the vial. When I went up to show the testing overseer the result he chuckled and said "hehehe I've done that before as well ;-)".

Berkeley Heights

Anyone know when the new office will be open? I'm wondering what the plan is to hire our replacements and train them when the office isn't ready yet.

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Good results won't last

Fiserv is so deeply dysfunctional that it can't execute even some of the simplest of tasks these days. It might be profitable for now, but it's only a matter of time before that catches up with it. Unless some major changes are made there is a good... —  read more 

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Fiserv is one of the most profitable companies in the world. The repeated comments of “company will go under” are totally ridiculous and show the post have no clue about business or financial math. I get it you don’t like frank, but to equate that... —  read more 

I thought about leaving, but...

...ultimately decided to stay and take as much of Frank's money as possible. Fiserv has been completely gutted and replaced with a bounce house full of Frank's incompetent leadership. I'm going to ride this clownshow out and laugh as the company... —  read more 

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Job security is gone for good

Think about it. There was a time when layoffs were a way to get rid of the lowest performers. Not anymore. Now, layoffs aren’t based on performance but on meeting a certain percentage of people in a number of categories. That means that it's now... —  read more 

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After nearly 30 years of service, I will be leaving Fiserv at the end of this month. I have such mixed-emotions regarding this. Over half of my adult life has been spent working for Fiserv. On one hand, I feel as though so many of the positive... —  read more 

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Good riddance

People who worked in the Dublin office are glad to see their coworkers moving to New Jersey. Good riddance and best of luck with the divorces

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Next round?

Since some think that venting about the company that has been laying people off left and right is not on topic (spoiler alert: those two or three people are probably the only ones who feel that way) then let's throw them a bone and bring it back to... —  read more 

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Pack your bags

Uproot your life and leave everything behind to move to Frank’s neighborhood. It’s the only way to beca success. And buy lots of stock. New Jersey !!!!

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Welcome to Office Space

There was a town hall meeting with our VP earlier today. At the end they asked 'any questions?' then muted everybody. "So, no questions, then? Have a great day everyone!" ROTFLMAO. You can't make this sheet up. Welcome to Office Space, boys and... —  read more 

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I hate Fiserv

I know hate is a strong word but that's how I feel. I am sick and tired of the stress that comes with working here and having to deal with all of the managements' bu-----t. It's getting worse all the time. The ELT is determined to destroy this place... —  read more 

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Why are managers offsite?

If were to require everyone return to work, then shouldn’t the managers work in the very same facility as those who work under them? Makes no sense that managers manage facilities in different states. Lets try and be consistent, practical and... —  read more 

Can we get an update?

If you know any of the folks who have been laid off in the past six months or you are one of them and you still read this board, can you please tell us how the job search is going? How many have managed to find a new job by now and how many are still... —  read more 

Vaccine Exemption a Joke?

Put in for religious exemption a month ago and nothing. Now I've heard it will be by end of year.. F.I.S. will be firing all unvaxxed by end of year. After the holiday sales start slowing down. The writing is on the wall. Takes 30 days to be fully... —  read more 

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