Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Jack Henry has positions

For those of you just laid off, JHA is looking fit solid employees. Check is out! Been there 13 years and while we have laid off a handful, never mass cuts. 2008 Financial Crisis, 0 people laid off! Great culture and committed execs.

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I've had enough

I no longer have any dilemma, I accepted the offer which implies a slightly lower pay than the one I have now, but I will not have to do work for three people. The amount of work has only grown in recent months and I can’t take it anymore, nor do I... —  read more 

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RTO ultimatum

Was just told at 4:30 Friday if I am not in the office Monday it is considered my two week notice. For weeks we have been told it would be a gradual return and now this!!!??? What happened to this company?

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Get in the office or else!

Leaders, or should I say Frank’s puppets, will be delivering messages to their teams that they MUST return to the office or else. So much for the Fiserv family bu-----t. I wouldn’t treat my least liked cousin this way. Frank is the WORST person to... —  read more 

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The HR shills

You know the HR shills can and will post on here all day long. (Obviously nothing better to do) However, what I know for a fact and what is real is this - the number of people working at Fiserv (Should really be called First Data) who are... —  read more 

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Stand your ground.

Just a reminder that Fiserv is a business driven by SLA. They may try to hard ball us into returning to a dreary work environment but if enough people complain or put up protest they will bend. Their SLA and revenue depends on it.

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A little support

I don’t know if I felt more sorry or glad when I heard they laid off a man whom I knew as a great employee. I don’t even know why it surprised me when he said he got laid off because Fiserv has laid off some of the best people even before. Why am... —  read more 

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Change Resistant

Amazing to me the number of people who post here that are change resisters. Everyday our industry is changing, everyday the world is changing. In fact the only constant is now change. Get with the program or be prepared to be surprised when you... —  read more 

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Steer Clear

Awful, uncaring culture. The rhetoric from the top shows how disconnected they are from reality. Nothing is organized or strategic. Everything is reactive. Poor usage of talent. Tone deaf when it comes to returning to the office. Forcing a return... —  read more 

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September 11

Yesterday the nation remembered coming together. Although I know not if any Fiserv employees past were lost, this is a day that should remind all the FD and FS posters that there are more important things that combat on this platform.

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Pathetic HR

I find it pathetic that they blast out emails regarding 'The Great Return' AFTER business hours on a Friday! Am I vaccinated? None of your business! MY medical records are NOT yours!

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Clover Inventory Issues

I'm hearing that Clover is running out of devices and can't order more because of chip shortages. Sales people are leaving at high rates because they don't have anything else to sell. This is gonna have major impact fourth quarter revenue. Maybe... —  read more 

I feel miserable

I really don't know what to do anymore. I tried everything to find something better and go from here, but I never got a good offer. I've been trying to leave for 4 months. I watch other people leaving and I’ve never felt more miserable. How long did... —  read more 

Lack of trust

I'm trying to imagine that I was a leader in a company and the employees didn’t trust me... would I be worried? It would definitely get me thinking... How do people trust leaders who do not trust them? I have never worked in a company where leaders... —  read more 

WFH is going Bye-Bye -

Buckle up Fiserv. The new sherrif (Frank) of Fiserv is doing away from WFH as fast as he can. He is starting in on his plans to remove the flexible work from home program. If you are in a remote position, you should start looking and updating the... —  read more 

117 and rising!

See what happened to fis and global the past month…as predicted we out performed them and the market is reacting with our stock up and theirs down. Great job team, keep in going!

In layoff news

Frank has demanded a blanketed 5% reduction in headcount to “make his numbers.” Read that again. All employees are numbers. Numbers representing how much and how long you are in the office, how much you cost him, and how are you contributing to his... —  read more 

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