Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Reverse Merger Happened

My theory on the case is the fact that this ended up being a reverse merger and some ofs not willing to accept that fact. Instead of being angry evaluate if you can get on board, change to new norms of operating (like putting the client and... —  read more 

OFD...grow up

I read these messages and am floored, disgusted and embarrassed. Let's be REAL...there are/were ppl in both companies that needed to go. No company has the cream of the crop in every role. OFD, if your stuff was so great why did you get bought... —  read more 

Do you have an EXIT plan?

The way that banking companies lay-off people is very cut throat. No one knows until they let you go, because it is a risk to the company if an employee knows they are going to get let go. I would recommend that you all have your exit plan in place... —  read more 

March outages

March was a bad month for fiserv clients as it end work a high number of incidents. Hit especially hard were the Premier and FRMS clients processed out of the John's Creek data center.

WOW Read this article and the comments at the end.

Buckle up

With the vaccine being readily available by June, the work from work policy will come back in full force by fall. Along with the long planned building closures. The party is over soon


All focus. Stock is up, covid is clearing and many improvements have been made. Let’s be positive and grow this thing !!!!!!

FB is not a growth leader

FB is not a growth leader he is an expense manager. It's why he was brought in at First Data and why he is leading Fiserv now. The company doesn't have organic growth left so all that remains is to cut expenses to the bone. This strategy works for a... —  read more 

Did you get a bonus?

I originally got a 4% bonus (lowest since I've been here) with 40% cash and 60% stock that vested over 3 years. Then I got updated info that said it would be all cash. 40% paid out last week, the other 60% should be on the next paycheck. Just... —  read more 

Great company!

Thinking about the 25% premium pay awarded during the pandemic and then the 10% permanent pay increase for 7,000 associates at a time when most other companies were/are furloughing and laying off! Very proud of FISERV and the entire team!

Where to go from here?

Fiserv is my first job, I’ve been here for a little over two years, but I’ve already seen how things are in this company and I want to get out of here as soon as possible. What bothers me the most is the toxic atmosphere that is becoming unbearable... —  read more 

Trending up

I work in the core technology area that maintains the hardware and the hosting platforms. Our stability has increased greatly in the last year. We are using the ITSM model to drive improvements and it’s paying off. Our internal customers are... —  read more 

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