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Long term outlook

This company looks to be back on a 15% annual return again. As long as execution continues on pace, the staff reductions should greatly diminish. 2021 is looking like a big year and a strong workforce will be needed


You know if SVP’s and above are still banking $750k a year while you’re getting 1% raises

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Kind of dumb

Really at this point if you’re not happy and you stay at fiserv you’re kind of dumb Either work your way into the boys club or find a better gig

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Lost 401K and Benefits

So we lost our 401K and some other benefits but the company had enough cash to buy back $550 million in stock this quarter. Do the lost benefits cost more than $550 million? I am shocked any employee is still positive about this company. How much... —  read more 

Mr Fix It

Have you ever considered frank was brought in because he truly is mr fix it and fiserv had underlying issues that need addressed. They’ve mortgaged the future to make earnings for years, now it’s reached critical mass

Blunt truth

Lots of understandable emotion on this site but let’s be real. Fiserv acquired the company I worked for. Fiserv was awesome on financial discipline and better than we were. That’s big, but culturally they were a train wreck. It went from poor... —  read more 

Who’d have thought...

Actually listening to your employees could help correct a sinking ship?!?–led-best-buy-then-best-buy-did-something-completely-brilliant.html This story will never ring true with FB and crones... —  read more 

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Building something

Everyone has their reasons and it’s not mine to judge others. But I left Fiserv because I wanted to build something again before my career was over. Watching someone just manage a business for numbers and not creating something wasn’t how I wanted... —  read more 


You all can deregate Jeff but you're giving him too much credit. If you think he planned this move to First Data, you think he's smarter than he is. Jeff was pushed out. Not going into a lot of details but we'll say the plan was in place a long time... —  read more 

Epay org change

Big announcement tomorrow on product leadership executive position as well as a substantial restructuring of the app dev organization is order to drive more productivity

I'm Out

I’m out... Not sure what’s going on with this discussion board, but I’m not really getting anything of value from it lately. Yes- It is anonymous, so I shouldn’t have any expectations. I expect too much of people, I suppose. But it was at one time a... —  read more 

Indy Layoffs in the news The WARN was common knowledge I think. Guess with this one there wasn't any way to dodge out of having to post formal notice.

Fiserv Proud NOT

It doesn't pay to be loyal to a corporation. If you've been there over years don't think your not the next one to go. Fiserv is loyal to NO ONE! They do not care about you at all or anyone else. There only concern is the stock holders. I've... —  read more 


Leadership updates occurred/occurring across the company to end the week. Strategy and approach should be clear now. While we continue to experience rapid change and not everyone associate will be around for the full journey, the future is bright


Continued employee unrest. Short term ability to pump the stock but as contracts expire major price compression due to quality issues. More leadership swearing, belittling and general bad behavior. Fiserv ripe for the picking of still really... —  read more 


More layoffs today. They continue in small amounts just to keep everyone on edge. The amount of talented (yes there is talent there!!!) people looking for the door is staggering. The saving grace is they will end up in a better situation

I would

I would say that Jeff will be kicking himself after Frank turns Fiserv into an Enron but he would have to give a sh– about the place. Clearly that isn't the case.

Ricky Bobby

I once attended a leadership offsite where an SVP got up to speak in front of > 100 people who had all traveled for the event. The topic was efficiency and everyone was interested in the topic. He then produced 1 slide, of Ricky Bobby, and... —  read more 

Pulling an FB

Seems like FB did rub off on Jeff. I get $76 million on my exit and to pay for that, we RIF people. At the very least Jeff, you did learn something after all. Bravo you piece of sh–. May you burn in hell.


The fact of the matter is talent wins out in business. Why are so many of the ELT from OFD? That’s where the talent is. Your CEO even got his walking papers. The truth sometimes hurts


Seems? No actually we've got OFD thinking that they are now Fiserv and making Fiserv better. In fact, they are taking all of their micromanagement, spying, belittling style of "leadership" and driving good people out. What Fiserv will be left with is... —  read more 


21 members on the ELT now...why all the additions? Looks like FB took care of the rest of his OFD cronies plus threw a few bones to OFS.


If you buy stock in the company your goals are aligned with leadership and you become more understanding of the direction and buy into the tough decisions more


Turn all of this energy, good and bad, into making team orange the number 1 company in America. Nothing improves morale like a few wins. Make this organization what you want it to be!!!!

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