Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.


Frank believes he is Jamie Dimon. This is the joke we had back in the old days when I worked at JP. He was only assigned the dirty work of the Bank - clean up of entity mergers that were acquired by Dimon. FB had no leadership style whatsoever and... —  read more 

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Perspective is everything

As a long time employee of Fiserv, I’ve had my share of disappointments, worry, frustration and downright cr-p handed to me on a silver platter. What I have learned from all this life experience is that sh*t happens. It’s what we do when this takes... —  read more 

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More Spyware

Tanium client was just installed today. There must be a whole department somewhere that does nothing but monitor Sapience, tanium, zscaler, etc. to generate reports for Frank. Must be great job security for them.

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This is getting unbearable

I hope that I will not be cut before I find another job, and I have given myself a deadline to find it as soon as possible. I'm sure there are many more of us with such a plan. Because, what will it be like to work here for those who survive... —  read more 

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Losing my wonderful group

I am a director working remotely. I was given two choices today: Move to BH and keep my group and title. I argued that my group still remote and there is no value for me to NJ. This will not be a smart move as our kids are small. Thus, option... —  read more 

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Poor communication

This company has huge communication problems. The latest example is how they communicate about RTO. It is frustrating and creating a breeding ground for distrust and confusion. Has communication ever been worse? Why is that so? I don't remember it... —  read more 

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$110 ….$107….$98….$94

$60 coming!!!! Frank, FISV had at least 7 stock splits, under your horrible dictatorship , soon , we will see a reverse split!!! Let’s wait till Stock goes to $30 FB, You want to create a war with a very talented and dedicated team, watch, they... —  read more 

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Have you seen the latest entry on employee homepage about happiness? It reads like a comedy skit...specifically the example journal entry. It's too much. What are they thinking with this cr-p? Almost makes it worse to post something like that to... —  read more 

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The flu shot e-mail refers to a goal of going paperless “I support of our aspiration to be certified LEED Platinum (Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design)”. Sure Frankie. Let’s focus on limiting the use of PAPER, which is a renewable... —  read more 

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Let’s Pick A Week

That no one goes into the office. This RTO is ruining the company and making everyone’s life harder. Is Frank even in the office? They can’t fire the entire company it’s time to stand in solidarity.

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It's easier said than done

People, when are you going to get that this company doesn't give one iota about you? Not in terms of health or anything else. When they RIF you and give you one day until your health care is gone you'll get it. Get out and go somewhere where you are... —  read more 

Hey Rocket Man!

Where’s the Ride the Rocket guy? Stock is $98. I told you to sell at $110 because the execs were selling. Oh well. Ride that rocket baby! Remember this for next time: When they sell - you sell.

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No more WFH

My group resides in bank solutions and we were told very clearly that 5 days in the office is the expectation going forward. We were told in a threatening tone that badge statistics will be carefully scrutinized and anyone not coming in 5 days a... —  read more 

Bigger or Smaller?

This is the decision FB has to make in 2023. Bigger: acquire more companies that directly compete with Fiserv or that have adjacent technologies that he isn’t willing to invest in developing in-house. Or…split the thing apart. Yes it’s true: Clover... —  read more 

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If we have $26 billion in debt and interest keep rising, this makes me very concerned about further staff reductions. Does anyone else share this concern

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