Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Fintech or just a regular company?

What kind of corporation is Fiserv these days? Frank seems to be running away from the word “Fintech”, a term he was so eager to embrace a few years ago. (Note to Ohio superfan: time to change your “best Fintech on the planet” chant.) So what will he... —  read more 

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I’m insulted!

I am an hourly employee in Omaha…Last week Sebby hosted a townhall all about giving…time/money…give give give! I was insulted..piddly increases/in the office everyday no matter what the policy is…when I just paid $20 for 3 gallons of gas…not all... —  read more 

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Unpaid overtime

Fiserv is one of the companies that expects long hours of their employees. At previous companies I’ve worked, only sometimes would there be something that was time sensitive that would take a few hours overtime. However, here I work overtime all... —  read more 

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Ignore Frank

I read many posts and I will give you my 2 cents. A long time employee. Yes, this is a different company, not the beautiful Fiserv I know. The CEO is truly an as----e, I am embarrassed to call him my CEO , by simply listening to him speak. He sounds... —  read more 

On the right track

I realize these are difficult times, but rest assured Frank is a good person and a great leader. His business skills are actually underrated and in spite of the market disruption, has us on the right path. When we look back 3 years from now, we... —  read more 


My sense is layoffs become non existent in 2022. The synergy gains needed have occurred, large clients are being signed and clover is a major growth engine. Worth keeping and eye on debt but all systems are go at this point.

I'm done with Fiserv

For nearly a year I have been working like a fu----g horse, pulling more than humanly possible to get everything done correctly and in time. Then I watched two other people get promoted based on the work I did. Fu-k that. I'm getting out of here as... —  read more 

How busy are you?

Some people here are totally exhausted. I personally feel like I do enough work for several people. At the same time, I know some do almost nothing. And unfortunately, I think more and more people are doing nothing and pushing all the work on the... —  read more 

Let this sink in

They say that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will leap out right away to escape the danger. But, if you put a frog in a kettle that is filled with water that is cool and pleasant, and then you gradually heat the kettle until it... —  read more 

Message of the Day

So the stance has changed on letting unvaccinated people back in the office. A total 360. No longer will vaccination status be a requirement for new hires. However you still need to provide vaccination status to that company. What’s next, full... —  read more 

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Early retirement

I know a few people who are eligible for early retirement but they've decided to stick it out. I wish I was in their shoes because if I had a way out I'd already be out of here. Is it worth it to waste several years of your life by remaining a part... —  read more 


The vision. Frank knows what’s he’s doing. The board is full of pro’s they would not tolerate substandard performance. This thing is taking off like space x

An HR confession

I'm a former HR employee and it's true, we are told to post here to help the company image. I used to justify this in various ways... but then I realized I was being forced to tell lies to paint a happy picture when in reality, everything is... —  read more 

Fiserv job candidates

Before you accept a position with Fiserv, do your research regarding compensation, annaul review increases, work life balance,, tenure of the team, onboarding plan, leadership. Ask to speak with members of the team. Have the interviewer be specific... —  read more 

The decision is yours

If you're unhappy and unfulfilled, it's on you to decide if you're going to stay that way. You have to decide if you just want to keep picking up a paycheck until you get laid off or if you want to take control of your destiny and career. If you... —  read more 

Fiserv Hacked

You read it here first, Fiserv employee database was hacked. Approximately 60K current and former Fiserv employees personal information was stolen during the attack. Messages have started being sent to employees who received text messages from Frank... —  read more 

Turning the corner

Now that earnings season is past expect continued positive moves that position fiserv for the future. The plan is on track and the Jersey boys have us set up for massive success. It’s a great time to be on team orange !!!


Company would rather keep uneducated, rude, bu-t kissers on as employees than people who know what they are doing. Management are full of backstabbers and have the policy “do as I say not as I do”. Shame on you.

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