Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Serious question

Sorry, this is not about layoffs but I have a serious question. With pretty much everything being First Data now (software, people, processes, etc.), why did they not change the name to First Data? I'm not asking this tongue in cheek, I'm really... —  read more 

I left a job for this

A year ago I left my job for better opportunities and thought Fiserv would provide me with the room I needed to grow my skillset and advance my career. What a huge mistake I’ve made. Mildly put, I now regret it. I’m not going to ridicule this company... —  read more 

Stock discount

While fiserv gutted the employee stock purchase program, what they kept is restricted stock for your bosses. Restricted stock(RSU’s) are shares that they receive that cost them 0 to execute. Meaning their discount is 100%. Free shares to the... —  read more 


I see tremendous growth potential this year. Leaders with poor skills have been removed and shady behavior is being addressed. Folks, give this place a chance, there is a great opportunity here


Whining and misinformation from many misinformed OFS staff on this site. Posting concerns is understandable. Keep the unfounded rumors to yourself. The security teams are monitoring. They are the best in the business. You will be caught.


I have a really radical suggestion - let us all SHUT UP about OFS and OFD and rumors and arguments (leave that for Facebook) and GO BACK to discussing valid LAYOFF numbers. This is now an OP-ED board that is constipated.

Thanks Fiserv

I'm a recruiter at a major software firm and at the moment, I am basically getting paid to poach software developers from failing/imploding organizations such as Fiserv. I just recently poached another couple of good developers from the firm and... —  read more 

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