Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

MKE parking garage will not be 100% secure as promised. It is open to the public, which was not what we were promised! Anyone can park there, walk in, break into our cars, mug us, etc.....

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Forbes best large employers

Guess who’s not included in the recent list of the best 600 large employers published by Forbes? Their methodology is likely what doomed Fiserv - they surveyed current and former employees and asked them to rate their employer and if they would... —  read more 

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How long will it take to get fired?

I heard someone say today that they are NOT gonna commute to new downtown mke location but will stay working from home. How long do you think it will take for them to get fired and will they be able to get unemployment? (asking for a friend)

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Such horrible management

Fiserv management is probably the worst I've ever had to work for. So many are incompetent, inexperienced, happy to bully you into doing something that's not your job, completely closed off to any new ideas, lacking vision, and so on. I can't think... —  read more 

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Serious Question

What makes someone, at his age, who is worth 40M+ want to keep doing this? Does he hate his own family and not want to spend time with them? Does he get pleasure from ruining families of his employees? Does he get off on watching his employees... —  read more 

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Bank AOP reduction

Rumor is that all of Bank Solutions is having a 20% reduction in Annual Operating Plan workload. Do you think they are taking the foot off the gas because Bank Solution employees have too much to do already? Or do you think they are reducing the... —  read more 

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How many times are they going to pull access for tools we need without checking anything and make us submit tickets to regain access?

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Waste of Resources

Love how they're putting up "informative" flat screen TVs in common areas but won't fix the toilets that are still non-functional. This is at Coral COE. Not to mention outdated break rooms and other areas in need of repair What other absolute waste... —  read more 

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Why do we continue to let people go when we don't have enough people to service the clients. Oh that's right, it's more important to have bodies in the office than to take care of the client! We lost people last month who were remote and wouldn't... —  read more 

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Good advice

HR is payed by employer, HR does not want to get fired so they will always protect their job and employer. Never ever discuss with them anything unless it is onboarding or offboarding. Refuse exit interview it can only hurt you. Anything you say on... —  read more 

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Ahhh tell me again

Tell me again how much better it is outside of these Fiserv walls. I’m ready to work somewhere stable where the narrative is already created and lines up with client expectations. I am so sick of getting chewed out by clients and then also by... —  read more 

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March 4th

Who in Brookfield is as excited as I am to start working in the new location in Downtown Milwaukee? It will be great!

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Power in numbers

OFFICIALLY RESCINDED * I was told this week the 9-hour requirement has officially been rescinded and we’re required to be in person for 8 hours/day Monday-Thursday. I know several colleagues in the Alpharetta office went to HR as soon as the... —  read more 

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Down -4.62 in early trading

Well it happened again. Year-end earnings come out, all dressed up like they’re going to the prom, but investors sell. Good thing our execs sold last week. Wouldn’t want them to suffer.

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"Flu" day...

So I tried getting people together to reach out to a union. Sadly, no one wanted to commit more than anonymously saying they want a union. So who all would be down with an enterprise-wide "flu" day? Frank and his goons can keep us all repressed... —  read more 

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RTO resentment increasing

Employees are becoming more resentful of RTO. Nothing new that we don't already know however visibility is growing. ... —  read more 

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A bunch of execs from FB on down just sold millions of dollars of stock ahead of earnings next week. They sold at $142. You should too, if you have any to sell. Do what they do. Happens every year. Stock takes a dive after earnings but they’ve... —  read more 

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