Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

That would be very nice, but…

I don't want to stay here until retirement, nor do I think that any job is guaranteed, but it would be nice if, in general, we could finally feel a little safer in this company. Maybe I'm expecting too much? Of course, no one can be the most... —  read more 

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Stuck in the past

I absolutely agree that Fiserv needs fresh blood and new ideas and needs them badly. However, there is almost no hope that this will happen in the near future?

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Computer Monitoring

When I left Fiserv, Sapience was the "spyware" tool of choice. I found it VERY easy to bypass by putting a heavy magnet on my keyboard, which would press three keys simultaneously (wer) and it would repeat them. Basically, it keeps the clock running... —  read more 

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Managers who micromanage

Managers who micromanage and create unnecessary procedures that only slow the entire process down to inflate their own value and make it seem like they are indispensable are a plague on Fiserv and should all be fired. Not laid off, outright fired... —  read more 

Productivity at McDonalds

Let’s be honest we’re all aware that they didn’t drag us back in the office in hopes of increasing “collaboration and productivity”. Is there a report/portal of my active hours now compared to the days I worked back home? I would like to see how well... —  read more 


If you want to predict the next move by this jerk CEO, Simply see what Jaime D. does today, 3 months later, it will be applied at Fiserv. He must have Jaime’s pics all over his private bathroom. He is obsessed by Jaime. I am glad the stock is... —  read more 


so the last day to do the survey is tomorrow and im still on the fence if I want to do it or not.. I know they're going to get an overwhelming response of us not wanting to be in the office 4 days a week but will they change it? is it even worth it?... —  read more 


There is no company better positioned to take advantage of AI than Fiserv. This creative and strategic leadership team will leverage this technology to create massive synergies and grow the stock price to the $500 range. Imagine a nimble... —  read more 

"Financial Institutions"

So big rebranding today of Bank Solution and restructuring exec roles. I'm sure it's a mix of nepotism and replacing people with yes men. More than anything though, it's mostly just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic lol.

Frank lives in the past...

and that will not change. He can not relate and doesn't want to relate. Anyone under 45, the majority of employees he doesn't understand nor care to. Bob - have you shared with him how many people have left Finance, have you told him most are women... —  read more 


With so much negativity on this site I thought I would interject and say, I love working here at Fiserv. It may not be perfect, but I'm happy! And no, I'm not Frank, a shill, HR, Executive, or what ever figments of your imagination. I'm just a... —  read more 

More people jumping ship

Acknowledge that Fiserv making decisions that are shaking the tree of dead leaves. I feel there are too many changes happening too quickly. Leadership must see something that us lower peons don't. It would really be good to know what they see coming... —  read more 

Undercover Boss

if anyone’s ever seen the TV show it usually ends with executives realizing that the front of line employees go way above and beyond the day to day expectations. often they then thank them with college education grants or similar charitable gifts to... —  read more 


Why is leadership harassing their employees to complete a surgery that is supposed to be optional??? Like yeah let me drop the 100 things I need to do for a survey that causes 0 impact.


My manager sits remote while most of her team comes into the office. I get pinged on why I am not hitting 8 hours in the office (ridiculous traffic) yet this lady is home in her sweats logging in. Mind you that if she had to commute it would take her... —  read more 

Whose data is it anyway?

I hope this effort turns out better than the last one. Thirty years ago First Data tried to play the “we have more data than anyone” card and turn it into a side hustle. Lawsuits followed. The side hustle was shut down. And Visa walked away with $40... —  read more 

Was fun while it lasted.

I joined Fiserv an eager individual to get into the fintech world and everyone I had the privilege of talking to has been amazing. WFH m+f meant I can have my life back, no micro managing, all my work was getting done AND some. As of recently, I’ve... —  read more 

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