Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Fiserv HSA woes

Our dear leader der Frönkenheimer is not used to having less than $500 million on hand and had to regretfully dip into some associates' HSAs.

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More to come…

Back in November I shared with you the brutal layoff month. More layoffs to come on Feb 15th, plus this time more businesses outsourcing. Anything Frank doesn’t understand, he wants to outsource. More associates to be outsourced and transferred to... —  read more 

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I will do my work and wait to be let go. Or wait until I am ready to look for another job. I will never stop working 100% remote. Note: Fiserv has thousands of people still working 100% remote. These people will quit, if asked to come in.

Never ever

Never ever thought I will be doing this, but it feels so good to stick it to Frank. It really feels good. I have been converted to unlimited vacation. I now take every Friday off. It is so nice to have 3 day weekend. Also, I have no Fiserv phone or... —  read more 

Race to the bottom "When competence, transparency and accountability are all punished, the Race to the Bottom accelerates. The worst are advanced, and the race to strip value, quality and quantity out of... —  read more 

Making meaningful decisions

The explosion of needless micromanagement is crushing. The loss of knowledge and experience is growing in impact each week. **Non-sensical business decisions are made quickly and easily, but any requests for meaningful help are deferred and delayed... —  read more 

Fiserv India

Hi All, Going anonymous as i am currently working with Fiserv India. Before 2020,i mean before the merger of FISERV and FIRSTDATA company it was one of the most coveted company to work for but since January 2020 they have started firing People on... —  read more 

Now I'm support?

I was asked this week to come into the office one day a week and route support calls. I'm in Sales! They let go of key support people and are using us to backfill? I was also told that the new expectation is that if I'm not on the road, I'm in the... —  read more 


Does anyone know how to access your W2 form once you're no longer with Fiserv? I sent an email to ask ecs and they told me I have to wait for them to be mailed on Jan 31st and I think thats kinda crazy.


The stock is doing its annual January climb in anticipation of 4th quarter numbers. Keep in mind that the execs will dump some of their holdings right around the time we report. It’s always enough shares to ki-l the rally. So if you’re thinking of... —  read more 

Anyone else notice this?

How many of you have issues with getting cell signals in your office? I've been to a few offices and at best get sketchy service with t-mobile and Verizon both, but in most cases I have pretty much zero service. As soon as I step outside the door... —  read more 

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