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Is it true MW is out of Fiserv and DN is now taking over ETG? Have the quality issues slowed


George Dalton is rolling over in his grave right now. What a sham. What a sad situation.


Is Fiserv still a strong supporter in the ITSM approach to systematically address quality issues. Is so this likely will be bearing fruit in the not too distant future

Lincoln or Omaha?

With the Georgia consolidation discussion in another thread, anyone heard anything on Nebraska? Fiserv has the Lincoln presence, FD in Omaha. JY met with the governor a month or so ago. Wonder if anything is in the works to consolidate.

It seems

Like while all the intrigue continues and this frank person schools midwestern Jeff the stock price is nose diving. At some point it’s all about the money Some companies believe treat employees right and the stock price follows. Guess we’ll see

Alpharetta or Atlanta?

$900,000,000 in savings needed, and there’s no point of having 2 big buildings 15 miles apart from one another. Fiserv is new but FIrst Data building was a HQ with a lot of people. Which will get shut down?

Has anyone else

Encountered this CIO Drew Newman and wondered what value he adds other than firing people

Recent Post

Looks like they took down a recent post. Truth hurts I suppose.

Layoffs to come

Honestly if you are mid 40’s and older you should be very concerned about the future Workers in that age range are the synergy sweet spot for cost savings. They will not miss numbers 2 quarters in a row

Bonus delay

Why are the bonus payments being delayed. Is it to manage Q1 costs or is there a underlying problem

Alpharetta Office Invasion?

Anyone see a number of OFD people starting to move into offices at Alpharetta? I've noticed a few and wondering if they are all going to start moving in as original Fiserv get let go.

Rules change - and humor, badly needed here

I am ex-Fiserv and sad to see everything changing for the worse. So this is not too farfetched these days but we have to laugh at the chaos of atit all or go crazy. Sickness. NO EXCUSE . . . we will no longer accept your doctor's statement or... —  read more 


I know that FB is completely against remote working remotely. After KKR brought him into FD the first thing he did was eliminate those positions and force people into offices. Has this been communicated to all Fiserv staff?

Fiserv Stock - Odd - Artificial Inflation Maybe?

I’ve noticed a lot of news around the Fiserv Stock performance expectations. I have not seen this much advertising around this stock ever. It makes me a little nervous to see all this advertisement, and for all you Fiserv stock purchasers. Have you... —  read more 

John’s Creek

Is it true the JC data center is closing and being consolidated into another first data site ???? What is going on???

Dublin office closure

Sounds like this will be announced March 15th. “Relocation” offers will be made to key people so they can work from an approved office location

Layoffs this week?

Has anyone else heard about lay-offs coming this Thursday in the electronic payments division? Trying to not have to pay out March bonuses ?????

Control your own career

Fiserv is in a period where their only lever to grow stock price is to manage earnings (fire people). It will be random and without reason. So buy the stock, but don’t risk your career to people who neither know or care about your business. ... —  read more 

Heads up on firings

I have worked for this company for 15 years. I had never had a bad review, was never placed on a performance plan. New management from First data came in and fired 3 people from my group on the same day citing performance issues. When asked for... —  read more 

Fake job listings?

I was laid off a while back, and I like Fiserv so was looking for jobs that I could apply for to come back in. But every time I click on something that I get an alert for in job hunting sites it says it's expired? Are these real jobs or is Fiserv... —  read more 

What's the Latest?

I don't work anywhere near an office so I am very far removed from any news or office morale that might be going on. Not much going on here does anyone have any updates on when layoffs might begin with ernest? Especially if you are remote?


With regards to the current state of the company, why does a phrase from Office Space keep coming to mind? "thumbs up the asses, thumbs up the asses"

20 more layoffs this week

Despite it being the holidays (Jewish, Christian and African American) there will be another 20 or so associates given their walking papers this coming week. There is a service center still running in Brookfield and they aren’t all taking vacation... —  read more 

Post ID: @OP+12D4ywsx

Guarantee HQ will move “We will continue to view Milwaukee as one of our most important hubs,” Yabuki said. “We’re currently headquartered here (in the Milwaukee area) and we currently have no plans to... —  read more 

Draw your own conclusions

FirstData/Fiserv Medical Costs Different

So I sat through a benefits video that said HR had worked to 'unify' the benefits between First Data and Fiserv, so we all shared the same benefits going forward. Today I learned that Original First Data employee costs are a lot lower than the cost... —  read more 

Fiserv Layoffs 2020

Make a prediction and tell us what you think about Fiserv Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

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