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Look somewhere else

Some of the management people at Visa lack leadership, integrity and dedication necessary to properly run a company. I’m sure it’s not like that in all departments however I find it to be very true in mine. We have managers who won’t give credit... —  read more 

Promote from within, not outside!

Visa used to be a company that I enjoyed working for but I moved on because of a few employees who were hired from outside of the company for positions that should have been made available to current employees. Instead of promoting internally, which... —  read more 

More layoffs?

Just got word the cuts continue. Anyone have more informations?

Info from atty in SF?

Has anyone been contacting the atty? Has the atty indicated how many have called him? Anything else you can update about?

Layoffs have started again

Management didn't bother to wait until March like everyone previously thought. Layoffs are happening now with almost entire teams being let go. Happy New Year from the "Employer of Choice".

Were you hit by Project Reset?

Many on a list, so how many are reading this site and posts? Has anyone 40+ age range and long years of service with Visa contacted the lawyer mentioned in another post? —  read more 

FY2016 Bonuses Paid?

Wondering how people who were laid off have been treated for their FY2016 bonuses. I would avoid mentioning anything specific on here, but I just checked mine and it is a huge disappointment. Much less than expected, and expectation was in line with... —  read more 

Age inspired layoffs

I've seen many posts on this site referencing the recent layoffs disproportionately effecting older (40+) workers of good caliber. It is against the law in the US for any employer to dismiss employees based upon age. While it can be difficult to... —  read more 

Don't work here!

Take it from an employee been with Visa before it went public. Not even a good look on da resume anymore. —  read more 

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Bad decisions

It seems people were cut based on criteria unrelated to their work or the need for their skills. In one particular case, a person was cut who has an exemplary work record (15 years at VISA) and does a job that literally nobody else does. It is the... —  read more 

Decent package, cannot complain

I got laid off last Tuesday (one of a two day process) as part of the big re-org as did over 30% of my team. Overall I hear the rumors that 800-1500 people across the globe were affected. Decent package but the choices of who got laid off were made... —  read more 

Another Layoff Coverage by Biz Journals

Another long article on the Visa layoff debacle - Source: TITLE: Visa slashes hundreds of jobs as it digests European acquisition Layoffs... —  read more 

Last-in, First-out

One VP told me once privately that he got his offer incl. comp package directly from his SVP before even being in contact with HR. They knew each other from their previous consulting firm and he didn't even submit his resume to HR. I had several... —  read more 

HR Lays Off It's Own Resources As Well

HR is being impacted as well. I heard that this year, AR was conducted by members of their LT, not the direct manager. They disregarded any ratings managers submitted, and created their own. People who had no idea what staff does day-to-day. This... —  read more 

Layoff Selection Criteria

I got laid off last Tuesday (one of a two day process) as part of the big re-org as did over 30% of my team. Overall I hear the rumors that 800-1500 people across the globe were affected. Decent package but the choices of who got laid off were made... —  read more 

How it all went down: The Layoff Meeting

My meeting was with two VPs from my group. No HR. They just read from the script. I had to turn in my laptop and badge immediately following the meeting. They said I can make arrangements to come in after hours to pick up any belongings, but I was to... —  read more 

What happened to the WARN Act?

I've seen people dismissed on the same day or the day after. What happened to the WARN Act, where if the company is laying off more than 500 people they have to give each employee 60 days notice? I've heard estimates of around 800 employees, so isn't... —  read more 

Are layoffs still going on?

I heard that Tuesday was Cybs, Wednesday was Business, and Thursday was Tech. Rajat sent out the "resource realignment" email on Thursday letting us know that "some" will be leaving Visa, but it is cryptic. And frankly, it doesn't make sense for them... —  read more 

The joke that is Visa

Visa is no longer Forune 100 or 500 in any sense - its run by gangsters - there is no merit - all promotions bonuses good stuff is doled out - bandit style - to the favored - yes mn who don t need to work - hypocrisy - sychophancy - deceit - guile -... —  read more 

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Austin, TX Layoff Impacts 2016 and 2017

Hello All - it looks like we have a critical mass here with many layoff posts getting 1000s of views - I guess we can start exchanging info here - I am wandering what the forum thinks as it relates to Austin, TX layoffs that may be happening this... —  read more 

Severance Payment

Do you guys know what package I might be getting as I will likely be cut very quickly (it's slow - no work in my area)… I’ve been around about three plus years – also what’s your opinion about COBRA coverage – is it worth it expense? I am still... —  read more 

Layoff Questions

How were you notified? Did your manager pull you in for a one-on-one and actually explain? Or did you just get a generic email? Were you part of MAP? Did you get any kind of severance? —  read more 

ZERO Technical Skills Rule

It is sickening and disgraceful to lay off lot of hard working employees while executives who make bad decisions are rewarded. It is a toxic environment where a-- kissing, and political bs is the norm and nothing gets done. People with ZERO technical... —  read more 

Hard working and Technical experts got laid off

I have been working for Visa last 6 years, last 3 days hundreds of people got laid off. Technology side mostly technical experts and hardworking people got laid off. VISA Keeping People with out any tech knowledge and speak generous .. I would highly... —  read more 

These job cuts come right on schedule

Heard 800 this time. The only thing that you can rely on in Visa for the last few years is layoffs. They come like clockwork, only the number of job cuts change. And all we can do is to dodge while the hail of bullets passes. To bad I don't have... —  read more 

This is just the beginning

Visa used to be a great employer, now everything is turned upside-down. With all this changes in upper management, with this new culture they brought, in which the contributors are no longer valued, and a bunch of interns doing a grown-ups’ jobs... —  read more 

Layoffs every 6 months...

The next round of layoffs have started this week. They were delayed a week so that they didn't occur prior to the earnings announcement on Monday. Tuesday was CYBS, Wednesday the business and tomorrow is IT. Various rumors about the size but many... —  read more 

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