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AT&T Quietly Reducing the Workforce Again

I came across this titled post from four years ago, which seems even more appropriate today. I trimmed it, for readability, but hopefully kept its integrity. I placed the Post ID number below should you wish to investigate It in more detail.

“How AT&T reduced the workforce without public lay-off notices and the implication for other former and current employees tell the same story about how AT&T avoided having to issue lay-off notices as required by the 1988 WARN Act. From one source:
“AT&T has done a number of #outsourcing actions since 2006-ish to different companies include #Accenture, #IBM and #Amdocs. Thousands of employee division in IT, which was outsourced, and continue to date for the most part.”
“No doubt AT&T plans to completely vacate many buildings across US, after their lease(s) expires and the number of employees will continue to dwindle.”

Post ID: @FB8FrWq

As I said, I trimmed the length of this post but this person was talking about outsourcing to other US companies like IBM, skirting the WARN Act (except California where regulations are tighter) and letting building leases expire in T’s attempt to downsize quietly.

We have discussed these topics many time, mostly as separate issues....this poster tied them all together in just a few paragraphs four years ago just around the time we were being told about the 2020 agenda!

#Outsourcing and #Offshoring

100+ offshore jobs added in the last six months, and MCK people sent over to train them.....

Sad to see the slow death continue.

Too bad Paragon leaders are making the same bad mistakes that killed Horizon, but not using lessons learned.

The only people in my office that have not packed their desks are #contractors and onshore #H1B people. Offshoring has worked so well in the past (sarcasm).

MCK management seems incapable of learning from past failures. #lessonslearned

A classic #outsourcing schema

In early 2016, there were wide contractor layoffs - some contractors who has been there for 4 yrs or longer. All contractors terminated under parts of HR. And progressively through 2014, 2015, and finally, 2016 they laid off the internal instructional design staff department. Over 50 people.

Tagging it #outsourcing

One thing (out of many!) I found frustrating was the total lack of acknowledgement of what they did to IT. No announcement or anything about the outsourcing.

Trying to "turn around" a company while dismantling one of its greatest assets makes no sense to me. Where Sean's message to the business was "We need to move to Chicago for better talent," his message to IT was "anybody can do your work."

I worked nearly 20 years for ConAgra but chose not to stick around for the severance in May. So glad to be out of there. Best of luck to those remaining.

The Joys of #Outsourcing

On the HPE side I support three accounts. One is US-Support only so all of the team is spread around the United States. The other two accounts rely primarily on offshore support. Both are in Inida.

First off, my customers are in the United States, so they expect to be supported during working hours. If a problem happens, they can't wait 12 hours till the L3s in India come on shift. The L1s on their mid shift is what is available during the customers' buisness hours. Fortunately I'm a technical L3 so when something happens during the day, it's me that they call for 911 support.

Then I'm told by my manager that I'm supposed to let the Inidians take care of it, because I'm putting too many hours in Compass that they have to charge the customer at my pay rate, rather than the Indians.

Also, the India groups support up to 20 customers. So my accounts I get a time-slice of their support, since I'm just one voice in the crowd. That means CRs take two or three days to get created, and Service Manager is a bitch even if you actually are good at using it. Tasks are never closed by the Indians, I have to give them the weekend schedules on a Wednesday, so they can get the people lined up for the weekend but the Customer doesn't approve the changes till a Thursday in the US

All this leads to a lot of pissed-off people on the customer end because the Indians don't like to communicate really well. They don't call into the customer change meeting bridges because there its the middle of the night and then they don't let the customer know if there is a problem on weekends. They rely on email to me and I don't sit on my computer all weekend since they don't seem to know what a telephone is or how to use it to call me if there is a problem. So things sit for hours and I get pissed off customers.

The joys of outsourcing 90% of HPE

This is so true #gold - and also the tax effect of #outsourcing is incredible

And on top of that, for every unemployed U.S. worker that is put onto the street over this apparent "cost advantage", that unemployed person ends up being a liability to the rest of us taxpayers, in terms of all the unemployment assistance the rest of us ends up having to pay in the form of taxes

#Outsourcing is good for anything that's task oriented, but if you want to do some serious R&D and #Innovate you might want to keep those things close to top universities here in the US. I am not talking US, I am talking about keeping it close to major tech and education hubs as proximity to talent is crucial here.

Riddle me this VMware...

Does outsourcing really save money when so many of these low quality workers eventually end up transferring to headquarters to get paid at US pay grade? Most of these guys can't code if their lives depended on it.

silent #outsourcing at it's best - f---ers at the top are lining their pockets while destroying the country

There were 900 of us, who involuntarily "gave up" their spots for someone in China and India this week. Just to remind you!

Not sure if I can agree with this but you are pretty much on target here - we forgot about the 'customer', at that point we stop being who we are:

Adobe, Autodesk and Apple have steamrolled over us when it comes to our old core products

Now, chasing financial results and doing accounting black magic can help you only so much... #outsourcing does not help and it has damaged so many things on the quality side it's not even funny... Stay stong if you can otherwise get your CV ready and network. Pray if you are religious... F--- this...

OK, that's going to be stellar - we had many folks who got laid off today who spent 10+ years on the product, know things inside out... Great engineers, understanding of business, etc...

How is this going to be covered in China by folks who spent most of their careers on the fringes or doing #outsourcing - that's beyond me - many have tried and #VMware is not the first company to try this, however I am am yet to hear about one example where this thing worked out well.

In the short term, money will be saved but this is rather suicidal from a long term perspective

AT&T Quietly reducing the workforce again

Two issues: how AT&T reduced the workforce without public layoff notices and the implication for other Former and current employees tell the same story about how AT&T avoided having to issue layoff notices as required by the 1988 WARN Act. From one source:

AT&T has done a number of #outsourcing actions since 2006-ish to different companies include #Accenture, #IBM and #Amdocs. Thousands of employee division in IT which was outsourced, and continue to date for the most part. The significance of this? My source indicated Amdocs issued WARN Act notices in California, where they have stricter requirements, but AT&T and contractors avoided having to announce reductions in Other cities where not required,, due to public perception of the company

No doubt AT&T plans to completely vacate many building across US, after their lease expires, in the meantime the numbers of employees at both buildings will continue to dwindle, there you go Layoffs will continue as the leases for buildings expire, obviously nothing to do with job performance.

#outsourcing sucks only if you are the party that's being outsourced - good luck man

Just announced 50% of IT organization outsourced and laid off

Announced to those affected today. 125-150 people, mostly operations and administration. Outsourced to a yet unnamed "global provider" (codeword for India).

I do not think we have a big #H1B problem, our issues are mostly based on #outsourcing work #offshore

IEEE - trying to get DOJ to intervene on workers displaced by H1b


Action NEEDED by DISPLACED workers.

Please read the article above and sign the petition so that the DOJ can start looking into this. They need 100 signatures , please act. no action no result.....nothing changes unless we the workers act.