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norm after layoffs

This is probably a good representation of what will be the norm as T continues it’s destructive path

Alert the media

They hit ATI Tech Dev (Business Analysts, Technical Solutions Managers, Solution architects, Associate Directors), Marketing, Mdu, Connected Communities, Engineering, Call Centers, Product, Retail and Technicians. This needs to hit the media....bring... read more

MORE details and more bad news

While it’s commonly cited that AT&T is acquiring Time Warner for $85.4 billion, which is true, the real value of the transaction is much larger. To own Time Warner, AT&T will actually part with more than $100 billion. The $85.4 billion cited is the... read more


Getting A Gift From The Market, Time to Buy, AT&T it is as good as Gold Oct.15.17 | About: AT&T Inc. (T) Jonathan Weber Value, dividend investing, Growth, growth at reasonable price, innovation never seen ahead 2018 (6,998 followers) Summary AT&T... read more

AT&T Layoffs 2018

If you look at things carefully, you may notice that many folks are leaving and there are rumors about layoffs in Dallas.

Pink slips in Tech Dev

Pink slips out today in tech dev teams. Do not know the numbers. We are waiting until Monday to hear more. Good luck everyone.


. The trend already was seen in prior quarters where U.S. video subs declined ever since the DirecTV merger. The Now online service has started helping the total sub numbers, but AT&T is trading dimes for pennies in this switch. The trend since the... read more

Seeking Alpha

THE GOOD NEWS While the costs should not be a major surprise to anyone, there was good news that is being completely glossed over that you need to focus on. Thanks to an uptick in business, the company believes the impact of these aforementioned... read more

AT&T no longer has a “product” to sell

AT&T no longer has a “product” to sell. They’re not supporting their dial tone business, just as well since that business is slowly dying. However, they are ignoring their wireless side, losing customers at a frightening pace. Thay are outsourcing... read more

Randals's corner

Despite those video losses and devastation cause by recent hurricanes as well as earthquakes in Mexico,"we are on track", company said, AT&T also reiterated full-year 2017 guidance of mid-single digital adjusted earnings growth, capex in the $22... read more

Severance package

From what I read here, severance is a week for every six months you've been with AT&T. I was wondering, however, if anybody knows if it caps at certain number of years, or if it will truly be for all the time you spent with the company. I survived... read more

Florida - ASM, RSM, ARSM

ASM, RSM, ARSM not affected according to FL market call. “We were selective with hiring so that more work groups were not affected in the FL market. Others may not be the same”
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It is easy working with shareholders money, but If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying, or In life support as fas as AT&T is concerned, Being close to the generation of revenue is safest place to be in most organizations. While a few of us intuitively... read more

AT&T SSR Workforce Adjustment

Official word on SSR is workforce adjustment, which won't happen till orange contract is bargained. CWA wants wording that prevents stores from closing which at&t refuses to allow. So who knows, they might push phase 3 sooner and we are looking at... read more

Friday Layoffs

How are things going to play out on Fri? How will the decisions be communicated?

There are TP&E groups being impacted.

In one situation our L2 and L3 managers with direct reports are impacted, apparently L2 Individual Contributors are not. Interest in leaving surveys came out with responses due 10-02-17. Volunteers accepted to be off payroll 11-06-17. Non-Volunteers... read more

More to come!

Just announced, more management layoffs, all levels, except the top. No surprise. Big cuts to support pending TW Deal.

Is this OK to do?

Digital Tech in Ky surplused wished to just go home was told that he must bump a fellow employee. They didn't wish to pay him termination pay. So is he legally surplused. Doest sound kosher.

A LEADER in Action

Stephenson was asked whether executives such as HBO CERichard Plepler should fear changes that could come down after AT&T (NYSE: T) completes its $85 billion deal to buy HBO’s parent. Plepler had been asked the question earlier at the conference and... read more
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layoff/surplus decision makers

Which level of management makes the decision to layoffs a particular group or Center? For example third level? forth level? And what influences the decision making to pull the trigger one such decision?

ATO big changes ahead

AT&T's lack of loyalty and respect, poor leadership, and a resume of failure from those in senior management positions is undeniable, When our director gets briefed for a meeting, he receives briefing documents, 'he never reads them', and When he... read more

CAN'T fix stupid

T WILL be lucky to duplicate its 9.2% annualized total return over the next 12 years, making its 5.2% yield anything but risk-free. Naturally, this offended some of the more sensitive AT&T longs and I heard from one of them. “If you are saying a... read more

Automation is after your job

Millenials time to take note: Service companies are pushing hard for Automation, and it is expected to eliminate 25 million jobs by 2027, impacting IT sector, services and manufacturing industries, according to a recent study by researchers at... read more

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