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If I had to pick ...

I don’t want to see anyone suffer, but if you really need to cut costs and are looking for layoffs (that is what this board is about, after all), I would choose an administrative assistant over the front line man who installs or fixes our network... read more

How many will accept the offer?

The purpose of the offer was to expand the scope of opportunity to those not previously given the opportunity to leave voluntarily (those with 30+, 40+, and yes even 50 years of tenure) who are pretty much ready (in all aspects of being ready) to... read more


Have some compassion for the people that don't get let go. Who gets stuck with the remedial spreadsheet tasks when all the low hanging fruit is let go.. THEY DO! Along with the work they currently do, they now have to update some meaningless daily... read more

Arison Finance Layoffs

Arison gave notices June 1. Those who don't want to look internally leave June 22 and those who decide to look internally leave July 31. Guess what? Arison is flying all Directors and above here into Dallas on July 30 for a dog and pony time with... read more

Good Luck

I don’t understand how so many people can hate working at a company, spend their time bad mouthing everything about it and how miserable it is to work there, yet fear being laid off? You clearly don’t want to work here, and if that’s the attitude you... read more

Ahhhh the corruption of AT&T management.

The job performance of AT&T technicians has always been based solely on numbers. Meet the targets and you get a pat on the back, fall below and you are a disgrace to the company. Long ago upper management set these ridiculous targets to meet and... read more


Att is a business not a place to let people get paid big money to play on Internet has changed,slowed down,dried up.its not a telephone company anymore.not the government's fault or trump or randall.this is progress,people....

Restricted overtime

Has any other TFS crews been restricted overtime? I am in Michigan, and 0 ot has been aloud, not even to complete a job you are dispatched on, including hicaps, cable cuts, fiber cuts..., for almost 4 weeks. Mostly wondering about areas not in... read more

Harrisburg, PA

AT&T closing call center, laying off 101 August 15, 2018 final day. 9 managers and 92 employees

any information on tfs

anyone have any details on how may tfs customer systems techs, co personnel, prem techs they are looking at losing in the midwest, beside the Unions "hundreds" posting ... anyone hearing any locations and numbers that are likely?
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When do the layoffs begin @ CNN/AT&T?

I watched president Trump deliver a fiery message about the fake media in Duluth Minnesota last night. After he mentions the media, the crowd started chanting "CNN s---s, CNN s---s".... So, when do the layoffs begin at CNN? The lowest ratings for... read more

RC1 s---s the baloney pony

Fact - it takes longer to do simple tasks, that it cannot handle. It routes you through same cycle over and over again getting nothing accomplished. Fact - one has less functions to help customers, which just results in more calls into cust care. RC1... read more

More closings

AT&T is closing another call center. Over 100 people in Susquehanna Township will have to look for a new job by the end of August. This "call center consolidation" is only a preview of what all of us will be seeing and feeling on our skin very, very... read more

The demise of AT$T

This is what I have noticed lately. The customer calls in to complain about the last rep, either they changed a plan and left the old one in place too, or they promised if the cust made a payment they could get more time on an arrangement... read more
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Anybody feels like AT&T is being destroyed by a bunch of millennials with no experience and very little knowledge? I'm not saying they are all the same, but this seems to be the demographic that is taking over the company, and I don't see it working... read more


In-Home Experts are being moved to 1B position level. Sales Support Leads will remains 1A since they’re hourly and Managers will remain level 2. I wonder what the 1B pay scale will look like.

More acquisitions

So now CEO is announcing more acquisitions before the ink on the Time Warner deal is even dry. I guess the tax break really did come in handy. Not for us, but for AT&T certainly. I feel sorry for both us and the people working at companies being eyed... read more

Legacy "T" VTP Offer?

Been hearing there maybe a VTP offer still coming. The quarterly dates are for surplus announcements, usually accompanied with a VTP. They could still offer a VTP anytime. Any others hearing this?

Something to keep in mind

I have been laid off several times. I know dozens of people who were laid off. Majority of us ended up at better positions than the ones we left. I know it might seem really bad right now, but keep that in mind. For some, this might turn out to be a... read more

Bigger budget for HBO, more layoffs for us

The more headlines I see about the merger, the more it becomes obvious how bad this is going to be not just for Time Warner but for AT&T employees as well. AT&T has major plans for Time, and to get there it'll need money. Guess where that money will... read more

SW CWA numbers - District 6

"By now you may have heard that AT&T announced a Surplus on June 14, 2018. The total count for jobs in CWA District 6 is 177." The specifics require a logon, which I don't have... read more

Legacy T CWA numbers

VTP is a voluntary termination package. No surplus means the next date is 9/14/18 for any possible surplus in Leg T. Today there was a VTP only annoucement. There is no Surplus attached to this. The total is for 34 people nationwide. Oakton VA... read more

NO layoffs in Finance

I am in finance/collections, we did not lose any more managers. Hoping the same for next layoff. good luck everyone.
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Layoffs for fast entry into streaming

It looks like streaming will come at a cost of more jobs. And I think believing that only post-merger, newly redundant position will pay the price is naive. This is an ideal opportunity for AT&T to get rid of whomever they want while blaming the... read more
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Corporate greed at its best!

Here we go again! AT&T received the tax cut at the beginning of the year in excess of 20 billion. They gave 1k in bonuses to their 200k employees then announced layoffs immediately after with the last day of employment being 7/11/18. The Time Warner... read more

Performance Evaluation: The Purge is on.

Laid off beginning 2018, retired instead. Some of the laid off techs were higher in seniority due to a performance evaluation they now do so longevity is no longer protection. Used to get DTv at a employee discounted cost but AT&T raised it over 400... read more

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