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Pension Fund Stability ?

Thoughts on pension fund stability after the McElfresh town hall? Freudian slip about turning around the Titanic? I wanted to work until year end but thinking I should leave now. Thoughts? I’m retirement eligible but scared.

Is something wrong with John Donovan?

I'm not asking this in a snarky way or looking for snarky replies. I actually liked the guy a lot as a good speaker and human, at least outside of AT I believe a direct report. The script had her kind of "sassily" ask questions about stock price, the... read more
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What a Morale Boosting Town Hall

Not. I took some extra time to think it through, but still came to my original conclusion-the McE town hall was insulting and clueless towards employees. If you didn’t attend, here’s what you missed: Jeff said he didn’t like surpluses, but there will... read more

AT&T credibility

VWhen a CEO go on national TV, or to analysts meetings to defend a deal passed 3 years ago, TWICE IN A SINGLE MONTH, Credibility becomes an issue, leaders walk the talk and make their actions speak louder than their words, WHERE ARE THOSE TOUTED... read more

Self help for Atlanta

I wonder if the underperforming city of Atlanta, complete with its joke of a Retail Ops group, could somehow will themselves into figuring out how to sell video? I mean, they can figure out how to blame DIRECTV for everything, and so maybe--just... read more

The Brand

The negative press and word of mouth is what they fear. Turn it up.

McFresh Town Hall -WFH... Lets talk...

So McFresh said that there is no Work From Home (WFH) policy and there was some “mis-information” going around that the company was going away from work from home ( even to the point surplusing based off of it)... But, we are hearing that we have to... read more

McFresh Town Hall 2/14

Wow, this dog and pony show is a complete train wreck. What is going on with this company? Will we be paying Kardashian's to "influence" the public to buy our technologies next? Unreal

El Segundo closing

Att just filed a EDD warn notice for El Segundo to layoff 70 employees by end of March and 3 for San Ramon.

Wireless and Directv discount

Does anyone know how long one gets discounted rates on wireless service and /or DirecTV after last day with the company? Trying to figure out if I need to plan on having all that shut off or changed to different provider in advance of my last day... read more

More trouble for DirecTV

Can’t say that I'm glad but this is something similar to what I’ve arrived at, thinking about the subject. I can see a massive reorg coming to DTV. The sad thing is that eliminating workers can never make up for their flawed strategies... read more

show me the numbers!

In my lay-off paperwork I wasn’t able to acces the ADEA document, even though it is a federal requirement. Has anyone else seen it yet? It is the Age Descrimination in Employment Act, and tells how many were laid off by age. The company says I looked... read more

Don't wait for you to be 2 old to be Fired....

lisabeth Kubler-Ross made famous the five stages of grief” are: Before : Denial - Anger – Bargaining Depression After AT&T became the fiasco it is today, & when you go somewhere else: Resiliency Accomplishment Future Happiness

HBO Retirement Packages

Cwa district 4 bargaining report 13 Feb 2019

February 13th, 2019 Fighting Today…Focused on the Future! The Union, once again REJECTEDthe Company’s “revised final offer”. The CWA District 4 Midwest Bargaining Committee met yesterday with AT&T in formal session to exchange proposals on some of... read more

Layoffs are a regular occurrence here

Surplus events are a regular occurrence at T and have been for many years. They are very well orchestrated and somehow fly below the radar of the media. They will continue into the unforseeable future. Unless you are in the C-suite I would be very... read more

Who writes your field software?

As former DTV, we in IEFS are now forced to abandon our rock solid field activation software known as FSTP - Rio/Seibel for some in-house POS called WFE. Under the DTV system, Customer ordered an Upgrade to a Genie system - we did what's called a... read more

AT&T and Atlanta in 2020: what does it look like?

I’m not liking my odds of survival here in the ATL. Major workplace consolidations and lots of jobs going to Dallas and El Segundo. There are about 15k AT&T workers in this city, and many of us here feel that we’ll be the hardest hit this year and... read more

AT&T is top heavy

One of AT&T's many problems is that it has a very large number of completely superfluous executives. There are organizations with 3 CEOs VERTICALLY! And of course Stephenson has 4 CEO direct reports. That's a lot of egos to stroke and a lot of mega... read more

Legacy services

Wonder how many of the 200,000 plus employees still maintain a home phone line even though quite a few jobs are tied to that part of the business? The only time I see phones these days is when I report in to the office or go to a business.

Negative consequences

If anyone has been listening to the big boy briefings it has been stated that as some projects get completed the plans are to use that budget money to pay down debt. Who in their right mind believes that if they meet the 2nd quarter target on the... read more

Pay cut when relocating from Chicago to Dallas

I have been offered to move Chicago to Dallas under the same position and band, but they will have to adjust the total compensation due to the cost of living differences. I make around $100k in Chicago. How much pay cut to expect if I said yes? Any... read more

Layoffs in acquired parts of the company?

Was wondering, in relations to the latest AT&T layoffs, is there a possibility that we will be seeing something similar in Warner Media? Hope I’wrong but it feels logical that a detailed restructure could hit everything related to the media business?

WFH, Who They Are & What They Face

The WFH’s are seen, by and large (by those I will call the short sighteds) as lazy, sit at homes who are enjoying the good life then whine because the ‘gravy train is coming to an sympathy for you guys, get your butts back in here like me... read more

No future here

It should be so obvious to everybody (and their mother) that there is no future at AT&T. Layoffs seem to be the only way for management to try and solve the mounting issues - which shows just how inept and desperate they are. I hope people realize... read more

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