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Age Discrimination

Magistrate Judge Timothy Rice ruled that the release agreement provided to and signed by a former AT&T employee, Alison Ray, violated federal age discrimination law and was therefore invalid and unenforceable... read more

5/22 Surplus Call

ATO Feinstein call was yesterday 5/22...5% is the number we were told are impacted....All will find out who is in and who is out in a few weeks right about the time folks identified the date as 6/14. Just one question..What is the psychology of... read more

So, is a reorg at Warner Media off the table?

I remember that a couple of months ago people were talking about a large reorg at WM, as it was a done deal and it was just a matter of time before it started. So far nothing. Does that mean the T leadership is keeping WM the way they are or have... read more

Is anything working out for AT&T at this moment?

The debt is piling up by the day, while the company has no idea what to do with all of its parts that were supposed to be the essential parts of AT&T businesses in the future, people being let go, some are leaving on their own… just makes me wonder... read more

Serious reply only: The fine line

Today I went to the washroom in order to pee. While peacefully taking care of business my manager shows up and decides to pee at the urinal next to mine. Being the kind of person that I am (shy :) I tried to avoid any conversation and proceeded to... read more

My buyout?

Get off your a-- Randy and get rid of us over 30 years. We see you fudged up this company! About a decade late jumping in content and at least 5 years away from Air Gig. I dont want to keep duct taping your antiquated c-ap and we both know after... read more

Life after layoff

It’s been 3 weeks since my group was hit hard by these At&T layoffs. There was no warning. Everything seemed fine but one day it just happened. The “tap on the shoulder “ came out of nowhere and took us all by surprise. Lives were changed. The lazy... read more

In Home Expert

Should be a union job. There is no reason why it's not. Call center sales and service are so are technicians. It makes no sense not to.

Are we next?

Comcast is reportedly working on a device designed to closely monitor a user’s health. That’s according to CNBC, which says the conglomerate is set to begin piloting the product sometime this year before a full launch in 2020. Having one of the most... read more

Who controls this website

Anyone notice that large post with many replies about how to leave the union was completely removed ? Makes you wonder if this board is run by CWA

We can’t expect better times and more certainty

Aside from working at a company that’s overloaded with debt and with their main business plans going down the drain, we also have to be aware of the fact that we’re employees at a telecom company that wants to drift away from its core business. When... read more

All of the brown nosing counter intelligence trolls

Should be ashamed of themselves. Knowing AT&T, they probably hired some third party Indian company to create pro-AT&T posts for all their paid trolls to upvote and to downvote any post stating the obvious truth of how rotten this company is.

The last two ATO surpluses

In Jan 2019 and August 2018 were called days and even weeks in advance by this forum with a high degree of accuracy. What has changed that all we have now are these vauge dates and numbers that never seem to manifest?

5G The future of 5G Wireless Technology: Speed & Security. aired 5/20. AT&T response versus Verizon ..PATHETIC..

Population 5G

Amazing how these stories have quickly been squashed for years. I wonder how long this will last on site... read more

Here we go

Watch subscription numbers to HBO drop drastically in the next few weeks. And then watch as our latest investment fails and brings down many of us with it to make up for lost revenue. Who'll want to still pay a premium for endless reruns of mediocre... read more

What can we hope for at DirecTV?

I’m not sure I remember the time when someone said something positive about DTV, regardless of where tose comment occur, real life communication or internet comments on boards like this one. On the other hand, I heard quite a lot of speculation about... read more

Where is my buyout?

Do we really need to play this game? I am here collecting a check and will do so until I am offered a buyout. I do my 2.5 hours and paid for 8. Productivity? Effeciency? Utilization? None of that is on my check. Your numbers are what I use to wipe... read more

T- Mobile will put additional pressure on AT&T

Any plans Randy or are you still just focusing on how to keep TW from becoming your next failure. Did I hear correctly Sprint has the best spectrum for 5 g? Imagine that. Titanic about to hit another ice berg.

No Productivity Measurement Tools

I was surplused awhile ago and devastated at the time. As it turned out, it was to my advantage. Because of the company size, work at att is very siloed. In my area at least, Att employees were very limited in their skill sets. I quickly found a... read more

Soo funny, Randall only want rich customers. LOL

So AT&T's CEO believes reducing the number of customers they have will improve profitability. Now that is definitely thinking outside the box. Directv just got rid of me at $70 per month. There is no doubt that since I just left their profit will go... read more

Collaboration Zone

Any ideas as to how long this charade will go on? The sanitary and working conditions are vile. So many people have been driving to the point of not caring.

5G Technology may already be outdated

LATimes May 15th 2019: SpaceX has packed 60 satellites onto one rocket to advance its big internet plan. Three statements of wisdom that I’ve heard from distinguished at&t employees. 1) Do a great job and stay on the payroll as long as you can 2) As... read more

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