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How to get the most out of your time left

First punch in then put you stuff away. Then walk to the bath room and have a paid p–p. Manger makes a quarter while I make a dime that why I p–p on company time. People remember we will p–p ate way through this...

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Anyone Put On Notice?

Was anyone told today that they were possibly part of the surplus and would be notified if so?

Surplus S.E.

What kind of numbers are we looking at realistically? Wire techs, service techs, etc

Lay-off bad and good news

May jobs report shows America is starting to go back to work so hopefully more opportunities when this lay-off is announced. Maybe the looters are tired of carrying off their ill gotten gains and will stop their criminal activity for awhile. Allowing... —  read more 


Given the 14 day window I would think mid June! I think AT&T wants to do this in one big swoop and blame it on the pandemic and the economy!! The company wants individuals off the payroll as soon as possible. The reduction of headcount will be tied... —  read more 

Sales Executive Mobility

Anyone else see they posted 150 Sales Executive Mobility positions in National Business? Wonder what's going on???

don’t just tell us, show us

Socal market “we believe black lives matter” Also the Socal market- Our leaders need to stop just saying PC catchphrases, and instead actually step up to make the changes they say... —  read more 

304:1, ratio of CEO pay to average employee pay.

According to AT&T 2019 Proxy Statement, the median of the annual total compensation of all employees (except the CEO) is $95,814, the annual total compensation of the CEO is $29,118,118, and the CEO pay ratio is 304:1. What is the justification of... —  read more 

Only hire locally?

Anyone else been told (during the last 90 days) that they can only hire local applicants for internal reqs? If so, anyone know why?


Anyone know when retail see layoffs or closing stores or selling to AR?

Hiring like crazy!

If you have the skills and are current with your training, ATT is desperate to hire. A lot of the dead wood has been cleared out, and a lot of the know-it-all older workers have been, let's say, "given an offer they can't refuse". This leaves the... —  read more 

"Save to Grow"

This is McRotten's new catchphrase he's been trumpeting. Shows his complete ignorance in the business world. Business 101 teaches you can't grow a company thru cost cutting and layoffs. In fact , just the opposite History shows when a company... —  read more 

So much this!

We are not losing workers because we are losing work. That’s the lie the ivory tower wants you to believe. We are losing workers because executive keep making costly mistakes, and they need to decrease employment costs to pay for them. The... —  read more 

Today Is The Day..........

There will be an all managers call today for the AFO Midwest Group regarding surplus announcement... TGIF

Going to get ugly for craft as well

With all the layoffs coming to FT, STs, and wire techs in the southeast , there will be tons of bumping and shuffling. End result will be a lot of unqualified techs in new groups. It's been happening in my abfs crew for a couple of years now. In my... —  read more 


It hurts all American citizens, especially people of color. 85,000 visas per year are 85,000 US citizens denied a job they are qualified for, when there are 40 millions Americans out of work. Stop the H1B visas now! Tell your senators to vote NO on... —  read more 

Forced to work in store or not get paid?

Can the company really make me go back into the store without pay? I used all my PTO last month because of COVID and being forced to or go without pay unless I risk my life working in the store and now they say I have to either work or go on an... —  read more 


To show Netflix what a deep-pocketed company with a broad swath of content can do with a streaming service......hey. HEY..WOW AT&T STARTING A 1st grader War... —  read more 


To think this way is to see oneself through a AT&T's eyes a piece of data on a balance sheet. Meanwhile, low morale continues to weaken engagement, decline job satisfaction, and commitment in job performance. THE WAITING GAME.


Any rumors on how many will affected by layoffs?

So this is how he plans to make it work

The only way HBO MAX can make it is by cheating - and Stankey knows it. "Zero-rating has been broadly criticized for years by net neutrality advocates, as giving any service preferential treatment tilts the competitive scales. For example, AT&T... —  read more 

Get ready to Pay MORE, Zero Rating

“This is what we have been saying since the beginning,” said Katharine Trendacosta, lead policy analyst for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (and former deputy editor of io9). “The consequences of repealing Net Neutrality wouldn’t have happened... —  read more 

S.E. Surplus

Any news on a surplus in the southeast regarding core or wire techs?


Prior to joining WarnerMedia, Tom served as an advisor and consultant for several tech companies and venture-backed startups. Along with his stint at Hulu, he also co-founded Vessel, a short-lived subscription rival to YouTube that was acquired and... —  read more 

Put on CAP

I was put on a CAP for only selling 3 phones last month (i am IHX) but we had COVID. I think it is unfair and called HR today but my HR rep said she was the one who approved the CAP!!! How can they write people up for sales when there is COVID?

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