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Call Center Audits

Does anyone have any information on recent call center audits, here in the states? All I have is hearsay. I am told that a team of individuals, I assume managers, arrive at a center unannounced. They then begin to search for individuals at... read more

Kiss Up or Kiss it Goodbye

I learned a few years ago - the only way to keep your job was to kiss up to your boss...doesn't matter if your sales were in the top 10%, they only wanted to keep the "favorites" if you want to be retained, you now know what to do.

More merger news!!

AT&T, Dobson possibly in merger discussions AT&T Corp. is reported to be in “exploratory discussions” with Dobson Communications Corp. regarding a potential transaction between the two companies, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The... read more


Sign Designers was here today, discussing the particulars of changing out our ATT sign

AT&T is actually ..

Get this the at&t death center in Tulsa ok is having career week??? What ?? Yes career week...they are helping reps create resumes and doing head shot photos so they can go find a job elsewhere !!!!!!!

Legacy AT&T Global ordering get ready!!

Area managers were asked to select individuals for layoffs based on "certain criteria" and asked to justify the decision in terms of whom to retain and whom to lay off using comparison group evaluation form that highlights performance reviews, oral... read more

Account Rep

My AT&T office closed in 2004. We did get a severance pkg and had the option for a full buy-out. I had 15 + years and decided not to take the buy-out, in hopes have having at least a small check when I reached retirement age. That time is now close... read more

Intl Centers

I work for AT&T based overseas in a 3rd world country and business is a-boomin' over here. Last I heard the center is expanding and we are taking in more head counts. No signs of the doom and gloom faced by you 'Muricans.

Fraud or grey area

From the dos, arsm , business sales managers, sales executives, retail store managers, assistant store managers, they are implementing systems similar to Wells Fargo to show growth, I.e flip the D.t.v customers to uverse, and/or flip DTV to the... read more

Company bonus to surplused employees?

Stupid question, but are "surplused" employees still entitled to the company performance bonus for the period which he/she worked there before being laid off (say, Jan to Sept 2016) although the bonus is not paid until March 2017, well after... read more

Finally see the light with this company

im a legacy DIRECTV employee and i drank the kool aid for the first year just because they hyped up unity and one goal, etc recently though they have moved around all the legacy DTV people i know and replaced them with T people. Since then, its been... read more

Layoff and RiseSmart

They really serve no purpose, They don’t track how many of their clients actually find jobs. In other words, they don’t measure whether or not they’re actually meeting their most basic goal, what I had learned about AT&T is that you’re dealing with... read more

My thoughts on AT&T Retail stores

If you work in one, you should at least be prepping for the worst. Everyone knows stores will start closing. Just assume it's sooner than later. I have never seen an ARSMS fired. Several have been lately. Seems like there's a lot of pressure to put... read more

Enjoy it while it lasts

I have said this many times and I'll say it again: These company owned retail stores are worthless money pits. I have a cell phone and accessories and service, but I have never set foot in one of these cell phone stores. How is that possible? Simple... read more

Wireline for a change...

There is a lot more to this company than just Retail! Any news on the wireline side, as far as future surpluses or layoff rumors?? And if so, which departments and locations?

Orange Contract Updates In the above link and in the news section of the CWA website, you'll see negotiation updates up until the CWA stepped away from negotiations. AT&The is despicable.

Why would excutives visit without notice?

Why would excutives visit without notice to the call center. 5 plus upper management made a surprise visit. I am worried. Our call center has been less calls and giving more etime. Should we be worried? I am expecting my first child very soon I am... read more

Commission Structure Insight?

As most of us know, comp will change on April 1st. My guess is that they will slowly chip away at our At-Risk or increase goal amount to pay us less on per opp, ins, wired, accessories, WTR. Does anyone out there have any insight as to what we (if we... read more

After AT&T......

When and if I lose my job at AT&T as an RSC what are some jobs I should go try and pursue. I always made $55,000 + over the years at AT&T. Sales is all I have ever known. Please help guide me. Thanks!

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