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Orange contract bargaining

I haven't heard crap about the soon expiring (2/11) orange contract. All I've seen is they are in 'the fight for a fair contract'. Anyone hear anything lately or even know if they are going to resign this thing? Or should we start counting down the... read more

Bye bye retail soon will be over

ARE YOU AN AT&T SUBSCRIBER? ANALYSTS SAY YOU MAY BE PART OF A DYING BREED By Lulu Chang — January 20, 2017 3:07 PM WHY IT MATTERS TO YOU As one of the big four mobile carriers, AT&T's loss in market share could spell a change for the mobile... read more

Extra Security

We had extra security and it looked like Dior locks on the floors were being tested here in Atlanta.

New HQs Remodel

AT&T plans to spend $100 million revamping its downtown Dallas headquarters. A plan to relocate key managers from LA to Dallas, or Atlanta is outlined in the discussion with the city planning commission. Available online. A separate real estate... read more


Out of 15 applications I've submitted, I've gotten 8 denial letters...even from the company TAKING OUR JOBS FROM US. MBA graduate, MMDP graduate with a big RAE "s". We can't name names here, but the president of retail sales and distribution is... read more

The solution to incompetence

Periodically evaluate your supervisors, thohg rigurous testing using third party companies, to see which supervisors are effectively doing their job. Most ssupervisors are great, but some have no business being where they are today. A supervisor... read more

THIS seems like it could mean something.

A friend of mine at a call center location in the Midwest (told them I would keep the location private if I posted this) said that they had been told that the ATT sign is coming down in order to make room for a DirecTV sign. Wonder if that means... read more

The old and you

The 40+ people that applied ATT marketing / social media community managers were denied, instead new, younger people without any experiece are replacing us...unbelievable

TFS Wait Times

Are you waiting forever on "Smart" Chat for assistance? Thank the dispatch leadership for gutting the teams that provide support. 45-60 min wait times. Make sure you get those 3-4 job completions!


I guess I should not be saying anything else... "QP1502" kind of sums it for all of us. It's a DirecTV error code that keeps showing up every 5 mins on peak times. It's basically unwatchable. Only happens on the... read more


Isn't the present elect keeping our jobs here by promising to tax companies at a higher tax if the move jobs out of America?

District 9 Strike in CA

Due to the rain storm patterns arriving every week the T is buried in repair tickets. Now is the time to strike to get a good contract that they are not wanting to offer! The company is making billions in profits but continue with the takeaways. The... read more

Layoffs the new normal for AT&at employees

Shares of AT&T (T) fell by about 1% on Wednesday after the stock's rating was downgraded to "hold" from "buy" at Deutsche Bank because of weaker margins and slower earnings growth, according to the firm's note. Deutsche also lowered its price target... read more

Having COR RSC Do Business Cold Calling????

they are probally getting rid of business agents 2017 seeing how "Business leads" were CRUCIAL last month (weekly or else you were written up) and this month the managers are making us cold call those business leads. Makes me depressed, I left my old... read more

Can't fix stupid.

Long story short: Worked for AT&T for a long time They paid for my BA degree They paid for my MBA They eliminated my job They paid me severance to now take customers away from them Sometime the grass is greener......

Bye device support centers!!

Well looks like all device support centers will be closing their doors in February 3rd. Thanks for the 30 days notice ATT. Losing 600+ people and no explanation. The customers are already feeling it and are not happy.

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