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2020 Building closures

Hello everyone. I was wondering if the 2020 building closure list still exists. I saw it a few years back for 2020, but can not locate it now. Please help if someone still has that list. Thank you.


The call center I work at lost several managers (last day next week) calls are spotty at most and etime comes early. Smh. I am not sure if my center is closing or they are just revamping but we are all concerned there,

Let's Get Real

Guys and gals, this is a layoff board and a valuable tool for many of us. Stop the vague posts. If there are big layoffs in the future and you are privy to the departments get the brunt, chirp up. This isn't a site to be vague and have people ask a... read more

AT&T's big gamble

The bottom-line question: AT&T, a low-growth company, sees TW as a potential growth engine, but will it invest the big bucks needed for TW to compete in the Netflix/Amazon universe? unlikely, Now AT&T, a $240 billion enterprise, has essentially... read more

Massive Layoffs 4Q2017

You should start heading tomorrow through the end of the month if your department is being hit but I’m aware of quite a few departments that will either be completely closed or severely reduced in headcount.


Southeast center had back to back calls for 8 months but now our Calls are 5 minutes apart and getting Etime. A rumor 3 months ago said our center would be closing within a year. I'm worried.

Certified letter

I have a certified letter from AT&T waiting at the post office for me. What could it be?

Layoffs to pay for the merger

I don't think given the operating structure there are going to be TW layoffs resulting from duplication and redundancy. Layoffs at the legacy AT&T businesses (Donovan) will continue and likely accelerate to pay for the merger. Where the TW people are... read more

AT&T layoffs

AT&T let a lot of people go lately since they took over Direct-TV. Once they merged with TW, I am sure more layoffs are coming soon. Lets start looking for job before it is too late. Good luck to everyone!!!

As far as I can see.. BAU

"For a company that claims to enhance people's lives through technology - they know nothing about life, I've seen behind their glossy and polished stainless steel exterior, I've walked through their frosted glass doors and seen a toxic management... read more

Sorry, Time Warner symbol TWX, not TX

Sorry, I probably offended those in Texas, using stock symbol TX, thinking AT&T was attempting to purchase their state....Freudian slip, to the leadership in Dallas that read this thread, no offense meant, we're all sure you wouldn't never try that... read more

We are T's free money

If you have the chance, google and read an article in "Seeking Alpha" by David Clarke which outlines Moody's impending decision to potentially "downgrade" the bond rating of T's sale of bonds (to make the purchase of TX happen). Moody's has spelled... read more
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In-Home Experts / Legal Issue of Home Soliciting

Any idea how at&t is skirting the legal means of this new practice. The Reps are told they are not to say they are there to sell and their "in" initially is to say they are there to help them with their directv. In reality, they are really there to... read more

They are running AT&T like a hedge fund

They are closer to a hedge fund than a viable telecommunications company. Randy and the board are constructing a shell company that buys other businesses as part of a short term strategy to maximize profits. Whats missing is an interest in running a... read more

I Have a Question

I know this is probably a poor place to ask, but since I know for a fact that upper management monitors this board, (ask me how I know...on second thought, don't), this question is for you. Don't worry, it's anonymous, so no one will know who you... read more

Tnt testing

How quick does staffing get candidates tested for pending jobs in the Midwest?
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AT&T doing massive layoffs in outsourcing?

I heard of massive cuts over in outsourcing (IBM Go to Market). A friend of mine was on a call yesterday and even senior engineers are at risk for layoffs. they had the nerve to ask for volunteers. I mean if they really want people to volunteers why... read more

Randy, Donald and the TW deal

Trump to Randy, you are doing "really a top job" The president of the Boy Scouts needs the Trump administration to approve his mega-merger... read more
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AT&T layoffs, no?

Will there be layoffs coming the end of this year? I asked my manager and he think nothing is affecting our group for this year but maybe next year....


Just wondering if other call centers are still getting Etime?

A conglomerate of BS

Have you ever noticed AT “Employees don’t quit working for companies, they quit working for their bosses.” Regardless of tenure, position, title, etc., employees who voluntarily leave, generally do so out of some type of perceived disconnect with... read more

November COR layoffs?

50% cut in November for all COR stores. REPS with most tenure will be let go first. Each store will have one manager and no ASM. SSR totally fazed out by November with remaining reps taking turns. Commissions will be gone with everybody making 12.00... read more

AT&T September layoffs

I have now seen September as the rumored month of major layoffs for AT&T on several different sites. Does anybody know if there is any credence to this rumor, or is it just wild guessing by folks? I have been nervous as it is lately, if this turns... read more

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