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The end of the CWA

17,000 employees in California and Nevada go on strike for one day!?! If the CWA was smart (and that's a stretch) they would have held off on a one-day strike in Weat and let the Southwest contract expire and have BOTH regions go on strike at the... read more

ATL Corporate Office Surplused!!!

The managers call it "streamlining", but all it means is all employees and managers were let go..but 1 TL. People don't do their research. The company is a is an escalation and how does it never help but give peace of mind without... read more


I think it's a good time to get this movement going. The CWA is not what once was. It's so funny how they threaten me when I start talking about this during our meetings. They know that they're not doing crap for us. They're happy collecting our... read more

The last stand

17,000 AT&T workers in California and Nevada go on strike DANNY JOHNSTON / ASSOCIATED PRESS March 22, 2017, 2:10 p.m. An estimated 17,000 AT&T technicians in California and Nevada went on strike Wednesday, highlighting workplace tensions within the... read more

Stock tanked

Market BUBBLE BURSTING: Wall Street losses spark global stock sell-off amid impending doom top stock indices dived in Wednesday morning trading, following huge losses overnight on Wall Street, as investors appear to be losing faith in new US... read more


Oh, it's on now! San Diego will be walking tomorrow. We just got the green light by our stewards. All because of Port Swapping. I hate to say this but our local has no leadership. Today, 9511 walked and it was one of the most unorganized strikes I've... read more

The AT&T Post-Layoff Experience - not pretty

I was part of the 5,000 people laid off at the end of 2016; wanted to share experiences, compare notes, and let others know what they may be in for: Be very careful about what you are told, by AT&T or it's appointed "partners" (Fidelity, Hewitt, Aon... read more

Pay up and shut up

Join CWA Action Call to Fight "Age Tax" CWA will hold a call on Monday, March 20, at 7:30 pm, to discuss ways to fight back against the House leadership's health care bill, which has been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats, as well as... read more

Did SE Call Centers Strike?

Had a customer call care and it said for them to call back between 9a-9p, it was 7p when they called. Manager said they recieved a message that skeleton crew worked the call centers now until further notice.

My filter is coming off

Why do we employ sales managers who can't even text or know how to use apps? Crazy you say? NO! I've seen Director level sales managers who are texting with one finger - God Forbid that they miss their mani/pedi appointment each week.

Just in

I'm hearing Saginaw mi is closing and they are being offered to relocate to Kalamazoo office

LegT surplus baby!!!

Legacy T 465 surplus declarations PCG/ATO, 258, AT&T Services call center in 58 reps, support 34 heads chopped, al, others mid markets

CWA Southwest Tentative Agreement Vote NO

On the face of it, it looks like a decent contract. But it is not. This contract, facilitates the companies desire to get rid of us more easily. The changes in JOG make it MUCH easier to get us off the payroll. Educate yourselves. It is a bad deal.

Premise Techs Beware

2400 cut next week, most in major markets..... thanks Randy.... hope DirectTV was worth it for your soul !!

Randall the vandal.

As a technical person that has been taking care of customer issues for 30 plus years, I am absolutely disgusted with how AT&T treats their "Legacy" customers. AT&T preaches customer service, and even has "Customer Service Week". What a joke. Go f---... read more

What Greed looks Like? Look no further

AT&T slammed by Bay Area mayors over ‘greed’ and ‘corporate games’ as it rakes in profits and cuts jobs Dozens of mayors and other elected officials from the Bay Area and around California have lashed out at AT&T, claiming the telecommunications... read more

Just released..

AT&T south East, Legacy Bellsouth 235 surplus affected network operations , consumer markets, small business, ABS business Solutions, cis and finance, good luck to yje affected members

Any good news lately?

Lots of negative stuff going on. Anyone have something positive to share? Any displaced employees landed new roles or promotions? (with T or another company?) Lots of ARSM jobs posted on CareerPath lately. Anyone moving into those?

May be NOT

Can AT&T Retrain 100,000 People? Rapidly changing technology has ravaged the American workforce. But AT&T is determined to teach its old workforce to use its new equipment. The result is one of the largest challenges in the telecom titan’s 132-year... read more
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Bad tentative agreement South West

I guess CWA assumes that their members are stupid. They very well may be. There is no job security in this agreement. Modifications to JOG have made it so. Start thinking people. This contract is BAD. Shame on you CWA. Sure, this contract has some... read more

The end for Jopin Mo is near.

Well get used to Directv sales, its been Area Manager confirmed Joplin Mobility Business Care is transitioning to Directv sales only, no more cell phones. You can take severance due to job change but no unemployment due to being moved into new... read more

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