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What's with all IHX hate?

So many people hoping to see layoffs there. It doesn't affect me one way or another, but it'd be nice to at least know if there is actual bases for all the hate?

This is what happens when you outsource

AT&T in the last 18-24 months has outsourced jobs to Mexico, Philippines, India and many other foreign countries, which has increase dramatically the fraud on customer's accounts. Then the employees that have to try to repair these fraud accounts... read more

ATO Layoffs

To those in ATO who believe they’ll be selected by the end of next week, what’s next for you? Will you look for other positions within the company? Will you retire?

Mycsp article

What’s the mycsp article with regards to COR store inventory policy towards IHX

Let’s talk business - Regional&Select

What is everyone’s thoughts on regional and select? In SW all we hear is find right Solution Provider, push our new online self service platforms, seems like they are gearing up for something late this year, early next. Thoughts from the business... read more
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What did I miss?

I've seen now in two posts mentioned that AT&T is planing to get rid of a third of its workforce by 2020. When was this announced?

C&E ops Now in Czech Republic

It looks like much of the local Ops work has now been sent to CR work orders for tower crews never go to the local tech.... This is new at first it was packet core I was told they have 4 techs working for the cost of one US tech.

It's done for now

We now get at least a few weeks to relax and enjoy "job security," before we start the same rumor/deny/rumor/falls date/rumor/actual layoffs cycle. What a fun time to be an AT&T employee, right? Who needs boring job security and good pay and raises... read more

Surplusing SSRs but expanding IHX?

How is it legal for AT&T to surplus union workers in retail and at the same time expand IHX which is taking our work away even though customers hate IHX and they can’t even meet there numbers? Can’t anyone see this is a union busting tactic? Why... read more

Are there going to be more layoffs today?

Thursday is the favorite day for layoffs next to Tuesday, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is more of the same today. Have there been any indications or announcements about today?

Is an area manager a level 2 or level 3?

My boss was on the same affected call that I was and we were only told L1 and L2 were affected. I thought he was only invited on the call because he had direct reports that were affected, but then someone told me today that AMs are L2, not L3?

September 15, 2018

This is the date that AT&T according to contract has to announce layoffs for the last quarter so we expect the Southeast Region (BellSouth) to be full of chaos and mayhem for craft and management, time will tell, expect the worse because we have too... read more

How is this OK?

A guy I work with was laid off this week, and I'm not even sure it's been a month since he was promoted. What was the point of it then? Some kind of a sick joke?

Code of Ethics ATT

If AT&T really really stood by it's Code of Ethics like American's stand by and enforce the Constitution during layoffs and everyday business operations, we would have a great company . Somebody make AT&T great again.

Some info

RAN organization call held 2pm CST. less then 10% affected not enough takers on MVO package and need to make up difference all regions. They would not say how many took package or number of affected employees on call. WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY... read more

Layoffs at headquarters?

Does anyone know if there were any layoffs in the Dallas headquarters? Or did the reductions just impact workers elsewhere?

Another stab in the heart by AT&T

Today, additional layoffs were announced at AT&T and although I was lucky enough to not be affected, I cannot help think about those that will be affected by 8/17 and will receive “pink slips”. My peers and some at least one of my employees will be... read more

company is an embarrassment, layoffs will continue

there is nothing else leadership can do, their bad decisions will continue to affect the employees. as pointed out vacation time will be limited to time earned, expect the severance plan to trend down, place is a joke

Will this continue tomorrow?

I'm hoping they'll be done with it today, but you never know with them. Anybody here knows if we'll be seeing more of the same tomorrow?

layoffs in mississippi

layoffs in mississippi are tampered with by racist managers that seek to fire minorities or any white guys that associate with minorities

Southeast group, rumors true

Specialists and Sr. Specialists 1b affected. No exact number but stated no more than 20%. Will notify by end of month. Evaluation being done based on performance, skill, experience and leadership. Severance package. 60 days to find new att job or 30... read more

the layoff site

this site posts what it wants read, if you post something relevant and they do not want it read, they delete so the information on here is censored to someone's tailored objectives, so essentially this site is compromised

We need SSRs

I can honestly say as being an ASM, my SSRs have been essential to our daily operations. From back office tasks (checking in inventory, DDT, SIM card checks, merchandising, monthly cash/sim/serialized/non serialized count, trades in/buybacks... read more


I volunteered for my package and I received a collection notice from T from my last check for inaccurate payment. It was only $145 but still, it’s the principle. A little tip for people on this blog, let it goto collections and you can get the... read more

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