Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

The hate is strong

I've been going through posts here and noticed that hate towards Stanky is mighty strong here. Not that he doesn't deserve it, Mr. "Nobody knows more than I," but this is some next level sh–. Even when he does a rare good thing there's no winning... —  read more 

Recent Layoff History

Go read some AT&T articles on Light Reading or Fierce Telecom and see how many employees have been involved in layoffs or early buyouts. Over 47k and counting the last few years also changes/reduction in benefits below the C-suite all while they are... —  read more 

Censorship by

Many posts are censored and removed by the moderator of this this Site- Cookies with IP address info are sold to large advertisers as there seems to be a larger amount of ads that pop up over the last 2 years as this now appears to be a very popular... —  read more 

Fidelity Pension Estimates

When will the reduction in pension estimates be up to date on the Fidelity site? I looked yesterday and my estimated amounts went up by quite a bit from last time I’d looked in 2020. Does anyone know the exact percentage it will go down if you retire... —  read more 

Class Action

There has to be someone willing to file a class action lawsuit against the BS in benefit changes for the "mature" crowd. If for no other reason than to get this out in front of the news and media - Such BS!

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