Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T


PT in Nevada. So we were told that direct tv was bought out. My manager told us some months ago that nothing would change for us. Now management is saying that all PTs are going to TPG. My union was very confused about this. Can anyone help with... —  read more 

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No Benefit to Working in Office

I’ve seen no benefit to working in office in office vs WFH. We have proven to be as or more productive due to avoidance of commuting, a bit more sleep, opportunity to take meaning exercise breaks and actually working more hours productively. If AT&T... —  read more 

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Be honest

Would you really be willing to quit if you have to return to the office? I know many are currently talking a big game, but when push comes to shove, I think the majority if not all will follow the rules and start coming in without too much fuss. If... —  read more 

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drop your title or position and if you are required to go to office or preeminently wfh. with the variant do you think we will still be required to have office presence

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What's your reason?

People who don't have marketable skills staying at AT&T I can understand, but if you are among those who do have them, what's your excuse? Fear? Apathy? Something else? With so many available jobs right now I can't wrap my head around people who have... —  read more 

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How´s your Workforce 2020 going?

Incompetent hierarchy Musical chairs Change role and position before it gets ugly Micromanagement Simulated career paths Work based on escalations Ar-e licking, the more the "better" Poor decisions after poor decisions The senseless and ridiculous... —  read more 

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COR/Hazard pay

Even more so now, hazard pay needs to come back! With customers coming into Retail stores already frustrated from either being on the phone with over seas customer service (pi---d) etc, we have customers yanking mask from the tongs and cursing! ... —  read more 

Back to work? Mandate vaccine

Is AT&T still planning to send back its union workers on September 30th? That is when we are tentatively supposed to go back. Also was wondering if AT&T is planning to mandate the vaccine for its workers. Any rumors? Don’t see how we can go... —  read more 

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I Smell A Rat

Just heard that Voluntary Retiree Life Insurance will be offered in the fall. My bet is that they are throwing retirees a bone as a supposed improvement in benefits when at the same time reduce/eliminate retiree health care benefits. Just wait and... —  read more 

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How many have had it up to here?

Not the Bell Telephone System of old. Most tenured employees have had/seen enough. Not at all the company they signed on for. No one wants to be associated with the current rendition of T. The only folks not ashamed of the current T is those with... —  read more 

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Paradox of older executives.

Stankey is no spring chicken yet he seems to have an aversion to his own age cohort. Why? Is it just that Gen Z is inexpensive to hire and is full of youthful enthusiasm for challenges despite their lack of experience? Does Stankey not see himself as... —  read more 

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It's not all bad news

Good news, everyone! LinkedIn has released their first installment of the top companies to work for by city, and in Atlanta the number three best company is T! Commence the celebrations. I expect every Atlanta T person to send Stink an email... —  read more 

Things have gone too far

Is there anything that can stop this leadership from further destroying the company? It’s sad what they’re doing and things have really gone too far. It is not normal when the situation becomes such that employees start guessing what the next bad... —  read more 

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