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Frontier buying California wireline?

There's a rumor going around that once the contract it's ratified (either with this agreement or another one) AT&T will start the process of selling the copper wireline to frontier, does anyone know anything about it? Will this include the fiber that... read more

Sales Targets - Unrealistic

AT&T in the past years has made the job unbearable. It's absolutely horrible how management tells you to shove all these products down customers throats. There have been many, many of my friends that have lost their job due to being targeted for not... read more

Deducting FSA from Severance Payments

Q quick question - is it OK for the employer to take a deduction for a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) in my severance pay amount? Severance pay was contingent upon my agreeing to a number of papers, therefore, was not paid until more than a month... read more

cust svc fatigue

I left on my own after 20 years. I still have wireless and uverse as a customer but it is nauseating to call in for help. I tried to place an order for wireline services and it was horrific. 8 weeks later, still no install date. I called in this am... read more

AT&T cares not

This place will steal your soul. They don't give a a sh-- about providing quality service to legacy POTS and DSL customers. I deal with this crap on a everyday basis. They come out with some crap little blue book called "Our Promise". I like the... read more

Directv is sending people home

This week in the Huntsville call center they have given unpaid time off for the rest of June to about 100 employees. Is this the beginning of a surplus?

Surplus Numbers Analysis (September 2017)

Job Title - Surplus Count (Source below) ======================== Digital Technician Count: (88) Facility Technician Count: (19) Maintenance Count: (34) Outside Plant Count: (5) Testing Technician Count: (21) ======================== By State AL 5 FL... read more
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So once this contract here in the west get signed you are going to see major layoffs/surplus on technicians. My question is, are they going to base it on seniority or performance? I for one would like to make it performance.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

Tomorrow is the 15th. The day of surplus announcements... Does anyone have any information/ rumors? Groups??? Locations???


Why did AT&T purchase a sinking ship in Directv? Was it just to get the customer base of Directv? It's no secret satellite TV is going to be extinct in a few years.

Market Gossip

Thought it would be funny to share gossip/rumors happening within the markets. Leadership is inept. Forces things down your throats that are contrary to the company values.


Funny how when we got the call, the HR script read by our VPGM was "in order to best serve our partners and customers". I've kept in contact with almost all of my folks from national and local...they're hurting for support, attention and knowledge... read more

Contract gossip

This has been going around... anyone know if there's any truth to any of it? You won't read it in any of the canned press releases and agreement 'highlights' but NorCal local reporting that PTs are getting one time 55 cent bump to take over 70% of... read more

Mobility Closures

At least half or more of the COR stores will close or be sold off to AR by the end of 2017. Anyone heard similar?

ASM Rumor

Heard that ASMs will be eliminated in level 1 stores early next year. Most 2 and 3 stores will get at least 1. Each ARSM will have one floating store manager to cover manager vacations. SSR job will be drastically reduced and most won't be replaced... read more

Upcoming surplus?

Heard today that company is polling for voluntary severance in SW wireline region. Don't know about the other regions. Anyone else hear this?

Alabama Operation Center

AOC will be closing by January 1, 2018. Network Force Load Analysts and Maintenance Admimistrators will be surplused along with their respective Managers in that location. All other positions not effected will be moved to the Data Center.

Quiet before the storm??

No posts for 5 days?! Any rumors of upcoming layoffs? Would like to hear any info about other departments in the company besides Cellular or Directv. Does anyone have information on how many will bite the bullet next month?

Center closed?

Has AT&T closed any call centers? I am in TN we are Getting calls b2b ALL day it's crazy busy.

CWA Salaries--Where your dues are really going

Please check This site has a detailed list of CWA salaries and benefits. The first 200 people have a salary of $100,000 or more not counting benefits! You can click on the names... read more

Don't be fooled

The union is trying to stop the cut of 30% of the workforce which include rcs,asm, and rsm. For those managers in the non flagship stores or stores of the future the strike is to help you out. For those in flagship store if you get transferred to the... read more

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