Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

More layoffs…

So many employees doing very little meaningful work. Yet they are shocked when layoffs come. They have lived a life working for a company with low expectations and low skill set requirements. Just ask them… the company will collapse without them... —  read more 

An example of T's decline

I used to work for T, but got laid off in 2019. No loss, I ended up in a better place with a non-profit organization. My non-profit was using T as their mobile provider for staff phones - running between 120 and 150 lines depending on staff. The... —  read more 

TDS Telecom.........

Keeps chugging along off the bottom. The assets are so desirable and the company is so undervalued. Customers, Towers, Spectrum, Los Angeles Partnership. ATT and Stankey are for Suckas!!! That's slang jive talk.

Where is Pascal?

Oddly enough Pascal has been eerily quiet with regard to 4Q2022 performance results. In the past, Pascal was leading the charge with Wall St., now it's all Stankey. What gives? Please Stankey, just let Pascal do the job he is getting paid to do.

AT&T DirectTV drops Newsmax

Looks like Newsmax was dropped from DTV.

Request IIL

How do we request intent to leave? I don't believe our group received a survey yet based on the info we got there will be more layoffs coming in February

Here we go again

Now they are laying off entire groups. Targeting lower management. These are the folks who are constantly taking on more work. First call is for those at risk & second call was safe call, as it always has been. They even pulled the safe folks in the... —  read more 

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How do you feel about the IIL?

So this IIL is the same as the Severance Pay? hahaha. what a sh-t place! i wasn't really expecting miracles. this is, AT&T, at its best. where is that fool that was saying 5-5and 5K. hahahah. joker.

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Bad business decisions

For all failures and all bad things that happen, our leadership always finds the culprit in something other than their own bad business decisions. And aren't their bad decisions the most to blame for the situation in the company as it is now?

Getting back to business.

When will all of this layoff turmoil end? Very little productivity going on now within T. Its crazy to give employees 3 weeks to determine if they are on the "kickem to the curb list". They should be notified today and gone tomorrow. Stankey loves to... —  read more 

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Interesting item from Earnings report. Probably going to see a lot more of this. Asset abandonments of $1.4 billion were associated with certain wireline conduits no longer required to support our copper and fiber networks.

Interest in leaving

Anyone review the IIL and determine if best to take or roll the dice? As long as we've worked X years, don't they give 6 months pay anyway? Not seeing any other benefit to volunteering except take control of your own destiny. What am I missing?

Level 2 to 5 surplus

Anyone know if any managers in these levels have been targeted for surplus but their business units are not being shut down? I am aware of 3 good workers being notified this month. These employees are paying the price for bad management practices... —  read more 

Job security

All these layoffs got me thinking, is there such a thing as job security any more? Not just at T, but in general? When I entered the workforce 20+ years ago things were different. Yes, there were still layoffs but they were not a constant. Most of... —  read more 

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