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Repairs ONLY

Who is still going inside homes??? I thought the CWA put a stop to it because techs and their families are getting sick. We haven’t had any installs or upgrades bulked to us in almost a week! It’s been repairs only to help prevent the spread of the... —  read more 

The Fed Is Out of Tricks, and Down we will Go

The Fed has cut interest rates effectively to zero. But that won’t solve the problem. If you are out of a job or your company is heavily indebted and running in the red, the bank won’t give you a loan. In a depression, economics terms interest rate... —  read more 

Censorship by pro corporate snowflakes

It's obvious that certain views are being censored around here. You can't just sit here and sanitize (no pun intended) reality and simply "discuss layoffs" when everything that we see around us is driven by political and economic structure. What... —  read more 


Fact check: 10 out of the last 11 recessions were presided over by a republican.... Can anyone explain why?

What kind of #$%&#@ company is this?!

Seriously, what kind of sh*thole company is this? I'm having to deal with a whole lot of management types above me who don't know their a$$ from a hole in the ground. Even the basics they're clueless on! Craft seems to have it together and know... —  read more 

Extra $600 a week

Unemployment is paying an extra $600 per week on top of what you would normally get. In most states that equals almost $1000 a week for the next 4 months! Plenty of time to stay home safe and look for a job somewhere else while still getting paid.

Self Reflection

Sometimes pandemics arrive on their own, like the deadly flu pandemic of 1918. Yet for years now scientists have warned that rising temperatures caused by man-made climate change are causing shifts in animal populations, putting them in closer... —  read more 

Dayton Ohio Tech test positive

Tech tested positive yesterday. Was in contact with other Techs at the garage. Mgnt is doing nothing. BAU is their response. Unreal


Just announced by the Easter bunny: CWA will be collecting full union dues during the National Emergency and padding the bank accounts

The new GE

ATO timelines: First they fired all of the IT people and outsourced everything to India, then they decided to move to Dallas, TX. It had been stable company with no employee less than five years of experience. Between IT and the move they lost 1,000... —  read more 

your rights


I worked for AT&T for 14 years and had to leave due to an injury...I am now working at a union hospital making about $6.00 an hour after our insurance premiums are taken out. Of course like most hospitals we don’t get sick days and must use our CTO... —  read more 


Anybody know anything about CWA leading the way towards saving the workers ? And I don’t mean the required service. After all unions are a business that provides a service. However 30-40 % of dues goes towards that service. 30% goes to political... —  read more 

Randall...We are waiting........

Is it any wonder why these CEOs are all stepping down simultaneously, and right around the time of this "pandemic"??? This list is amazing.... Dennis Muilenburg — Boeing Kraft Heinz — Bernardo Hees Warner Bros. — Kevin Tsujihara WeWork- Adam... —  read more 


Tough to come in and call it a buy when we were bullish to start the year in the mid $30s. We all know COVID-19 has destroyed markets in the near-term. AT&T is at the top of the most indebted companies in the market. It is a global behemoth. It has... —  read more 

AT&T CEO in the news

ATT CEO is saying; "there are better ways to spend billions of dollars than stock buybacks", Lol REALITY: Where is all the cash thee company said it had? And now he needs a 5 Billion loan?


I heard today that AT least half of contractors don't have connectivity, The remote token needs to be accessed from the corporate office First. I guess T never had a resiliency plan in place? testing? perhaps? who is in charge of disaster... —  read more 

I'm glad I'm still working

I don't care how risky it is, I'm overjoyed I'm still working. Do you have ANY idea how hard it will be to find a new job with millions of people being shown the door by their companies? Not to mention, many of those same companies will take their... —  read more 

Att changing their strategy due to bailout money

The most indebited non financial company on eath AT&T is bolstering pay for 'front-line' workers amid growing demands on networks? why? why are they doing that? umm.... suddenly they care about their employees? after years of layoffs and abuse? ... —  read more 

Thank You For The 20% Raise

T gets a lot of grief but they finally got one right. In a time where many Americans are losing their job, front line employees will be receiving a 20% hazard bonus. I for one am very grateful! Thank you T!

Is 20 percent enough?

People are risking their lives every day in the field. I've checked around and other companies have given their employees who are at the highest risk due to being in constant and direct contact with customers much more substantial bonuses. Don't... —  read more 

CEO and Executive Team Salary Cut?

Marriott CEO forfeited His remaining salary for 2020 and cut his Executive team salary 50% for remainder of the year... This will be used to pay employees and for other uses for the company.... This happened last week... I have been waiting for... —  read more 

India On Nationwide Lockdown!!

Too bad Randall moved most of our tech support and customer service there. If we were employing AMERICAN workers to assist our AMERICAN customer base, we would have a workforce that could at least work from home. But when you outsource your customer... —  read more 

Do they really care?

I work in Southfield Michigan in the dispatch center. 3 people here in the A building have tested positive for covid and instead of them telling us, they did a “deep clean” which consisted of them wiping down a few desks with Clorox wipes and told... —  read more 

Money In, Money Out

I know many are married to ATT and CWA, but the reality is I am compensated by the company for the work I do. IT IS A JOB no more. With that money I pay bills and support 4 people. 1 Bill is payment of dues to CWA. Some good, some not so good. ... —  read more 


As our company responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees and customers remains our top priority. Really??? From where I'm standing, this company is bending over backward to make sure its bottom line is not hurt - screw the... —  read more 

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