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1,000 plus laid off 2017

At least 1,000+ surplused 12/15 for all US states...most under radar I’d WARN requirements. Post number and work area here for your state. Real number only please.

Donovan Town Hall Feedback

What are your thoughts on John Donovan's town hall where he stated priority #1 is fixing our culture? Not being the same place that his family member worked at 80 years ago. Not having to go to the office, not having to attend every meeting, letting... read more

**Apppleton, Wisconsin Call Center**

Has anyone heard of the fate of this call center? I thought I had seen it was getting closed as well. Can anyone confirm?
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Comcast too

Never ceases to amaze me how many trolls patrol this site, desperately trying to prop up the "Everything is AWESOME!" narrative. The latest are people saying how great life is at Comcast, tons of hiring, etc, etc. A quick google search and reading... read more

December 2017 Layoffs

Looks like they have started the deep cuts... everyone acts surprised, but we have already heard 1/3 of the workforce will be gone by 2020. 2018 is going to be even worse. Does anyone have a total across the company in all regions that were announced... read more


Indiana alone has announced and informed 42 Premises Technicians as of 12-15-2017. Their off payroll date Ian expected to be Jan 19. Carmel Indiana has 6 Techs surplused, not necessarily by seniority. They are using a formula of QUALITY EFFICIENCY... read more

Such a coward

To lay off all those people who make the company great all for your personal greed

AT&T Layoff of 25 Prem Techs in Deep South Texas

Rio Grande Valley AT&T to let 25 prem techs go last day will be January 4th. Cities include Brownsville,Harlingen,McAllen and Edinburg. Legacy Cim techs also affected by the layoffs but not sure how many people were let go.

Dallas Credit and Collections Surplused.

Closing the office and 178 reps will have to decide to leave or move to Missouri or San Antonio. Also 40 reps at the Houston Airline office were surplused and another 6 at Bellaire.

the old Bell days

Gone are the days you would aspire to work for the bell and know once your in your good to roll for 30 proud years and know your taken care of. I luckily hired in 19 years ago, a much different era, a time people needed a house phone and no... read more


AT&T has been cutting pay for its Retail Sales Consultants (RSC) for 3 years now. They have been posting record profits yet lay off other jobs and pass it to us to do without any pay increase. The crazy things is that they make us work more and more... read more

Class Action Lawsuit

Does anyone know whatever happened to the class action that was filed against T for age discrimination? This was from the massive National Retail purge.

12/15 declaration

so i’m hearing techs and possible retail stores may be impacted on 12/15 has anyone heard of any call centers closing, i know we lost el paso which my understanding was their last day was just resecent any info would help thanks guys.

If your are in a retail store.....

Under the new reorganization, of your store reports directly to a dos Your store is going to be sold off to a reseller. This will happen over the course of 2019. It is pending the signing of the union contract. T is throwing money at signing bonuses... read more

What a mess!!!

Randy’s greed will destroy us all. Remember the story of Icarus and Daedalus? Replace Icarus with Randy and E. Whitacre with figure out the it if you can’t figure it out.

Grievance Process question

Can we make a grievance against a site director? At our call center our site director put a block on us receiving Etime and from previous posts I’ve seen call centers are still getting Etime. I thought the management wasn’t allowed to tell us we... read more

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