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Affirmative Action Plan 2030

Just three months into his new role as WarnerMedia CEO, Jason Kilar is putting his stamp on the AT&T unit with a major executive shakeup and reorganization announced late Friday. Under the new structure, Warner Bros. Chair and CEO Ann Sarnoff has... —  read more 

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Misuse of the term "Leader"

Why do the T execs constantly insist on calling themselves leaders? Leaders inspire others to follow. Leaders show vision, and understand that the welfare of those they lead is a top priority. Leaders understand the situation and actively work to... —  read more 


Our ism tells us to open AT&T accounts without customers permission. Add lines. Tell the customer they can’t change the plan without adding a line. Obviously COBC is huge but reported it to director and nothing. Sent email to HR. Nothing. Who else... —  read more 

C-ap company

Union sold out and we were all dogs. 3 to 4 times the work but JOBS!! Now they dont even need the union with take it or leave it contracts. That healthcare the union fought for went bye bye. Leave asap. Preferable a fireable offense. I... —  read more 

Guess who is not paying their bills?

nearly 3 million business customers, AT&T Latin America provides pay-TV services across 10 countries and territories in Latin America and the Caribbean and wireless services to consumers and businesses in Mexico....The next Venezuela..LoL

ATT Mex layoffs payment

AT&T Mexico laying off employees as if they were quitting their jobs. Mexico's labor law has something analog to severance pay, the payment that the employee receives for losing job not because underperforming or being fired; but T in Mexico is... —  read more 

Employee Survey

I have noticed that AT&T always seems to send out an employee survey after a surplus has taken place. As another one is expected in August, it makes one think that the strategy is to immediately get a survey out after a surplus has taken place... —  read more 

Sprint, T-Mobile, Frontier

Decided to click on their links at the top of the page. Smaller content but other than names mentioned you would think you were on the AT&T page. Same issues and complaints. Different business models but the thrust of their posts are the same.

Which is it?

Just had to think hard for about 60 seconds to remember the name of HBO's streaming service. HBO Plus? HBO Go? HBO Now? This is not a good sign. (P.S., it's HBO Max.)

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