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Friday 10/14

I heard some people will be called this Friday 10/14 with bad news. I also heard that JOhn Donovan said he was having hard time sleeping due to upcoming layoffs.

Slim chances for the DOJ’s appeal

As this article states, the judges haven't shown anything that might suggest that there will be some dramatic overturn in the appeal procedures and that DOJ will make their case. So AT&T will get out as winners, but I see that this position holds... read more
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saw randy on cnbc...and thought....

this dork might be the worst ceo around. i think of his tenure and all of the screw ups and cant believe the arrogance ---STILL!!! good to be king with a board just licking his sack.. what an azz hole.

Potential privacy concerns?

Where would neutral arbiters such as Media Ratings Council, who ensure fairness in calculating ratings figure in this ad-exchange model?. Ignoring the considerations and costs of big data analytics, it remains to be seen if privacy concerns due to... read more

What can we expect from the oral arguments?

Found this article to be an interesting read, as it sums up all of the aspects of the case in the Appeals Court regarding the merger of AT&T and Time Warner. I think, despite that, some facts point that DOJ has a case that nothing dramatic will... read more

AT&T Outsourcing / Offshoring

The tax cuts need to be given to corporations who keep the work and employees in the U.S....not who continue outsourcing....Too many companies like AT&T are putting there own spin on outsourcing.....Set up shop in India and hire technical folks in... read more

First device defective?

AT&T Announces Another Samsung 5G Device With Better Connectivity Kellen Kellen December 5, 2018 @iamkellex

the Demo from Hell

the demo is that expectations were set that could never be achieved. Add up these issues, and you can see why the carriers are highly reluctant to show off something that's likely to have issues or fail when used and tested outside of the narrow... read more
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More layoffs possible

There is a scheduled occupational declaration window in mid December, if the company determines that there is a force imbalance that requires layoffs. In Legacy T, there is currently an accelerated 3 week VTP ¹ (volunteers needed) announcement... read more

IHX Layoffs?

Anyone know if there is any planned layoffs for IHX around December/January? Planning to leave but would wait if anything in the works..

T's view

AT&T Disagrees AT&T rejects that view. Keith Cocozza, a spokesman for WarnerMedia, AT&T’s Hollywood unit, sYou have not cjoicraid the company plans to offer consumers new services in the future, not less. A recent price hike for DirecTV Now, AT&T’s... read more

Yep! We told ya so
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Another failure, AND MORE EXCUSES

AT&T’s PR team said that the company , it’s not trying to hide the slow speeds. “I’ll tell you straight up that the speeds aren’t as eye popping as I’d like them to be,” AT&T assistant vice president of mobile broadband Glenn Couper tells me. “It’ll... read more Usual

It did not eWork.....The first ‘real world’ 5G test was a dud AT&T and Verizon were supposed to show real 5G, but the speed is missing in Maui By Sean Hollister on December 4, 2018 7:48 pm

Mandatory daily calls

Would HR give an ok for twice a day mandatory conference calls, even on days off, for not hitting sales metrics?

The Master of deception wants your money

If you cancel, do it quickly — AT&T makes it more expensive to cancel DirecTV or Internet service AT&T: No more prorated final bills when you cancel DirecTV, Internet, or phone. Jon Brodkin - 12/3/2018, 11:48 AM A broken piggy bank covered with... read more

Key advice for women in tech L. Michelle Smith, PR head for our Global Marketing Organization, knows a thing or two about carving a path to the top of her field. She shares tips for getting feedback and staying authentic. Watch

December layoffs

Somebody mentioned a while ago there'd be some layoffs in December, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Now I'm no longer sure if I imagined it. Was there a mention of December layoffs? If there wasn't, I'll be happy enough to ignore the fact I... read more

Not being customer-friendly

Charging customers for the full month after the cancelation on TV or internet services, it’s like we are trying to invent new ways to generate bad publicity and to be presented in the eyes of the public. Not like we are not losing enough subscribers... read more

Bittersweet NOT

Is not everyday you witness your company failing at everything they do, AT&T is struggling, by pucking the wrong technologies, and add management arrogance to the equation, they have sealed their fate, I must say I am enjoying their demise. There is... read more

Losing more TV subscribers in Q4

Predictions say that the number of AT&T’s TV service subscribers is going to continue to rapidly decline throughout the 4 quarter. Not that I’m surprised, but something needs to be done about this and fast ( If anything can be done at this point)... read more

AT&T faces worker exodus

Reality is that Cutting many more positions is necessary to save money to invest in the new technology of the future there are possible long-term costs to shedding so many experienced workers in one swoop, especially if the switch to full streaming... read more


REPORTEDLY WANTS TO DO AT&T and WarnerMedia’s approach to bundled streaming may sound familiar — it’s exactly what Disney is reportedly looking to accomplish. Disney is also set to launch its standalone streaming service in fall 2019, but The... read more

Just imagine what we can do together

Career areas At AT&T, we know great things happen when talent and opportunity cross paths. Connecting the world through the latest tech, top-of-the-line communications and the best in entertainment is what we do. Are you ready to be the start of... read more

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