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PI Planning Week

Planning here at DTV. Many things upper-management wants done, but most teams saying they don't have enough engineers to meet a reasonable confidence level for the proposed tasks. I'm sure the layoffs will still hit hard this quarter. I'm... —  read more 

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The market tells the truth

Stankey and the rest of the clowns can run their mouths all they want about their vision and success. It’s all BS. T continues to lose market share, and the stock price continues to decline. What a sinking ship, run by arrogant incompetent clowns.

Did I hear this before?

in the New York Times article AT&T refuses to give up on a Dish/ DirecTV merger, they argued, that a merger would save the two companies an estimated $1.5 billion a year “and perhaps even more” by allowing them to push for better rates from... —  read more 

iPhone 12 Launch

Terrible experience on site to order new iPhones... If I was a new customer wanting new service I would have clicked off of it and went to another carrier... why cant we get things right? spinning icons, page redirects, "Come back later" OOps... —  read more 

List of AT&T Failed Ventures

This is a list of ventures or acquisitions failures that come to mind. Please let me know if I missed any: T-Mobile Acquisition Digital Life DIRECTV DirecTV Now Xandr Digital Ad Unit On Deck: Timer Warner HBO Max

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