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It is time to Panic

More commonly, the big buyouts are merely attempts to buy time. Integrating incompatible operations for a couple of years, and providing excuses for large-scale layoffs. The smoke and mirrors works only for so long. Then another expensive deal is... read more

Can't touch this!!!

AT for now, the debt only costs the small interest payments. While the debt is outstanding, low interest costs allow the cash flows from the company to produce free cash flow. T then trumpets the FCF. But soon enough, the debt looms, and there may or... read more

Uverse Techs Midwest!

Hey Midwest Uverse Tech Brother's. Whats going in are section. Michigan, Ohio Illinois. All I ever hear is Retail. What is going on with are department? Speak up because I know some tech out there knows what is going on. I talk with a tech that said... read more

AT&T to Cut 4,600 Jobs (ABCNEWS.GO.COM)

AT&T t says it plans to cut about 4,600 jobs, or 1.5% of its workforce, to shift resources to growing parts of its business. The nation's largest telecommunications provider said most of the layoffs will be among managers. AT&T said the job cuts —... read more

no customer gain

TECHNOLOGY Will DirecTV, Bundling Strategy Come To AT&T's Rescue? AT&T is trying to find ways to compensate for disappointing results at its DirecTV unit. (AT&T) REINHARDT KRAUSE4/26/2017 Reprints AT&T (T) is expected to ramp up consumer advertising... read more

It's business, not personal

I have been with the company for almost 18 years. Believe it or not there are also managers who are being held accountable for their teams not selling or performing Demos. If you are not doing what has been asked of you; we have to move forward. Not... read more


Do any of the morons out there realize that the reason Uverse TV subscribers are down 23% is because they simply flipped them over to DTV? It is happening every single day. Hungry cheating sales people canceling customers off their Uverse TV and... read more

Running out of ideas to get rid of employees,

AT&T moving entertainment division leaders to Los Angeles Apr 25, 2017, 6:21pm PDT No. 7: AT&T, Dallas JACK PLUNKETT AT&T is moving the nucleus of its entertainment division from Atlanta to the Los Angeles area. The telecom will move about 300 of its... read more


below $40 will be the trend to follow, with an unhappy workforce and strapped for cash, a really bad combination ,As I continue to be glad not to be in AT&T, mainly because of the uncertainties in the greater industry, but also because recent... read more
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What happens when you put lipstick on a pig?

AT&T Launches Fake 5G Network in Desperate Attempt to Seem Innovative Have you heard? AT&T is going to “pave the way for the next generation of faster speeds” with something called 5G Evolution. No, it’s not actually a new 5G network, the much hyped... read more

ATO Staff Surplus

ATO staff lay-offs have been announced earlier today. There was no numbers provided. If your not in ATO do not worry about it. Those folks in ATO that were contacted today, good luck.

solution providers housed in at&t buildings

Is it fair or ethical for a particular solution provider to have office space in every office in a market region? Then you hear that they want to replace account sales managers with this company's agents. All the while upper management takes rides in... read more

More from your neighborly AT&T

CWA: Time to Stop Rewarding Contractors That Send Good Jobs Overseas Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Washington, D.C. -- Statement by the Communications Workers of America on the report released today on offshoring of good jobs by U.S. government... read more

American Feature

How 800,000 H-1B Workers Came to the U.S. Dawn Kawamoto May 14, 2013 Looking in Tech 127 Here’s where it starts: Employers say there’s a lack of tech professionals who have the skills they need to compete in today’s increasingly technology-driven... read more

New Jersey

Does anyone have any info about the centers/stores in New Jersey?

Could not make it due to equipment sales... LOL

AT&T misses on Q1 revenues, cites low wireless equipment sales Additionally, AT&T is no longer providing revenue guidance primarily due to "the unpredictability of wireless handset sales." By Stephanie Condon for Between the Lines | April 25, 2017 --... read more

2nd & 3rd quarter massive layoffs

1. COR stores are being eliminated and transitioned to authorized retail. Look around - your stores are empty - you are expensive. This isn't just at&t - look @ retail in general. When was the last time you bought something in a store besides... read more


On Tuesday, after the closing bell, AT&T will report its 1Q17 earnings. In this article, I list some of the key questions that I will have in mind as I analyze the company's results. AT&T seems like a name worth considering adding to a long-term... read more

Get ready Business Team!

BAE's will be given surplus notice at end of Q2 as Authorized Retail will have their teams in place. Many Sales Manager's supporting retail will be surplussed as well. Only solace for you is if company deems you worthy of different role and... read more

Company will be fine

Our company gives a LOT, T is committed to the development, growth and improvement of the Employees, and investing billions into the economy, providing quality jobs to over 200K people in US, And have more full-time UNION workers than any other... read more

Why the union won't strike

The CWA are cowards that have no intention of calling any strike. They know if they do there are enough RSCs that won't strike along with management employees to fill the COR stores in while directing any overflow of customers to the closest... read more

Energize your career

The secret sauce for AT&T is innovation, and it's in its DNA, However, its latest transformation by technological disruption, through a different range of technologies and partnerships that will brings us steps away from our telecom roots. Only the... read more


Got the word from my union rep that we're going in strike May 1st. If we do go on strike we better do it for 1 month to show T that we mean business.

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