Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Hanging Up On AT&T

AT&T stock looks as cheap as ever, but there are no catalysts to bring out the value in the near term. The media spinoff will still lack the scale to compete with giants like Netflix and Disney+. Supply chain issues are slowing phone sales... —  read more 

Market Value versus Debt

A debt load of a $180 billion, and a market value of $184 billion. Stephenson and Stankey really put the company in a ho-e. They will have to borrow even more money for spectrum auctions and fiber build out. Meanwhile Stephenson is home with $200... —  read more 

The solution is simple

How do we fix AT&T? We need to cut either half of the C-suite or cut the entire C-suit's salaries in half. Then we reduce the dividend some more and stop share buybacks altogether. We'll solve all of our financial issues quickly and painlessly -... —  read more 

AT&T Pension Amount

My Uncle retired in 1979 and his SBC pension was $6100 per year My Dad retired in 1985 and his SBC pension was $12,500 per year My Brother retired in 2003 and his SBC pension is $16,000 per year I retired as a 3rd Level in 2004 and my SBC pension... —  read more 

Get ready for more work

With the latest round of controversies regarding AT&T, I can't see anybody wanting to join for the foreseeable future. Only the most desperate ones who can't get a job anywhere else and usually with good reason will apply to work here. So everybody... —  read more 

Stock price

The stock prices is taking a dive. The gig is up and the frauds are being revealed. Stankey and those in charge don't know how to protect insider information prior to the earnings announcement.

Wasteful spending

Someone mentioned the ATT Building in NYC, that was sold to SONY, as an example of wasteful spending and I wonder if you also think wasteful spending is now higher than ever in the past of this company? I wish it weren’t so, but it seems to me that... —  read more 

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