Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Offer is coming……

Company is waiting to clear the decks after pension adjustment. Offer is coming sometime after January for craft. 5 years added to age and service, $10k per year of service.

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New Health Care Plans

High Deductible Broad, is same as Bronze. It is the only plan that includes network and non network providers. A little more expensive than last year. A little more out of pocket. But mostly the same as Bronze. The two other plans, select high... —  read more 

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Same sh*t across companies

If you do a quick search of T-mobile, AT&T and Verizon here on the layoff you’ll see the same bullsh*t being posted on each of their pages, rumors of layoffs with no substance, disgruntled people talking about how happy they are that they left or... —  read more 

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Same old T ...

Hey, remember when Stink said that the 2019/2020 layoffs were the last round and were necessary to make the company leaner and more agile so it could meet the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace? Nice to see that two years later T is back to... —  read more 

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Chomping at the bit.

Can't hardly wait for T's 3Q2022 results. You know they are very bad given the fact that Pascal ain't a braggin. T is going down! All the corrupt and underhanded activities are coming back to haunt them. Stankey keeps putting off the 40K layoffs that... —  read more 

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There is no future here

It is clear that the company wants us to leave on our own in order to save a little on severance pay, but in my opinion, being here and waiting for severance pay is in any case just a waste of time. Can you even imagine this place in five years?... —  read more 

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Get ready for a HR massacre at T

The time has arrived. Santone can start swinging her axe. I believe they plan to cut 40K. Dont worry, there are still plenty of good jobs on the open market. You will soon be asking yourself why didnt i do this sooner. I don't like or respect Stankey... —  read more 

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No good jobs left

I wish I had left a year or so ago when employers were desperate and throwing high pay and sign-on bonuses at candidates. Now we're back to where were before: few good open positions, no responses after interviews, and lowball offers when you manage... —  read more 

Off topic, but…

I have to say I feel for our Mobility Network (ACE) management and techs in FL. I have been there before with severe storms and the aftermath. That network is decimated. And now you have prominent politicians demanding hourly updates on network... —  read more 


People think sending a lot of emails equals work. Reality is 90% of email is garbage. Get rid of all the paper pushers trying to justify their existence with email and conference calls. The further you get from our field organizations the less... —  read more 

When will Stankey

Host another townhall? I cant wait. He looks like an imbicile, while he's talking, he has all his bobbleheads, Santone, McElfresh, Desroaches, Legg, etc., shaking their heads back and forth violently. It's just so hilarious. They should put these... —  read more 

How can they justify?

Paying that du----s Randall Stephenson $1M per year as a consultant? This cat is a proven loser, even has the track record to prove it. Stankey is crooked, he endorsed this horrible transaction. It's probably how he got the CEO job. This is just... —  read more 


AT&T Inc.* (NYSE:T) today declared a quarterly dividend of $0.2775 per share on the company’s common shares. That is 1.6 % on share price for the quarter

Health Insurance increases

as a "retiree" (I got surplussed in 2020) I get stuff from ATT relating to medical even though I am only doing care plus. I just got information for 2023 and wow. How do people afford these costs? 804 per month for individual with 30% co-insurance?... —  read more 

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