Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Quantum... what a joke!

Have you seen some of the idiots post their personal commitments publicly? The system is a joke. Another meaningless task to complete throughout the year when it just doesn’t matter.... everyone will get the same predetermined rating and bs... —  read more 

AT&T has the worst culture

I left my old company thinking there was no chance I'll ever work at a place with such a bad culture again. It never occured to me it could be worse. AT&T has proven me wrong. It can get so much worse. I found myself having to say and do things I'd... —  read more 

T reorg Mex

Any layoffs or any kind of reorg for T in Mexico? The only notice you may have here in ATTMex if you are selected is a 1hr notcie before they sack you.

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D6 layoff ?

I heard rumors that D6 Purple contract are up for layoffs- I know for sure the Service Desk is cutting down - they took password resets and RSA token support away from them, both have been fully automated - that work was 60% of the calls they took... —  read more 

Work From Home question...

So I been working from home for over a year now. Anyone know if there have been any talks to make this a permanent option? Hearing a rumor that the AT&T Labor department is trying to get us back in the office. I don't see why they would push that if... —  read more 

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AT&T denial of bonus

I resigned from AT&T towards the end of August 2020 and I was surprised to note that the company has denied giving me a CPI pro-rated bonus for my 8 months of time at AT&T. I worked so hard throughout all my years at AT&T and particularly in 2020 for... —  read more 

Wire tech bonus District 3

Earlier this year there were rumors of a $4500 bonus for wire techs in September of 2021. Nothing official has ever been sent out by the company regarding said bonus. Was this rumor BS? Anyone have info regarding the bonus?

Puzzling choice

I read today Veronica Bloodworth took a job at Frontier. Anyone close to her know why? Forntier is in Chapter 11, its a poorly run company (sounds familiar)

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How long will it take?

I know we are in the middle of an ongoing workforce reduction but there's got to be an end in sight, right? It's been going on for a while now, how much longer will it take to reach the desired headcount? I hate having to worry about possible layoffs... —  read more 

No-notice layoffs

I know a few people who were laid off in the past several months with no notice whatsoever. They are still pi—dat how it was done and why they weren't given any advance notice. I actually envy them. The last time when we knew ahead there would be... —  read more 

Pension Gain How does this affect those of us who retired with a pension?

I used to love my work

Working in television was always my dream so even with the problems we had, I was happy. Then AT&T acquired us. I went from being confident that my job was safe to constantly thinking whether I'll still have a job the following day. TW might have not... —  read more 

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