Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

AT$T Headquarters

Will AT&T keep it’s headquarters in a state that has a total ban on abortion? Will it pay travel expenses for Texas employees to go to another state for an abortion and will the insurer cover it? Will employees in Texas get the same healthcare... —  read more 

Randy and Stankey's legacy

Thanks to those two clowns, AT&T will be remembered as one of the most mismanaged companies in history. It takes some skill to make so many wrong moves and mess up so many acquisitions in such a relatively short period, but they sure as he-l managed... —  read more 

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AT&T's Walk Out Policy

If I go to work for a competitor, am I going to be walked out before the 2 week resignation period is over. Some companies will walk you out as soon as you resign and notify them that you are going to work for a competitor (they still pay you for the... —  read more 

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Making others look less capable

The management here often tries to make talented employees look incapable. Why do they do it? Is it in their interest to get the best out of their employees? I don't think it is. How many times have you been in a situation where your boss tried... —  read more 

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Just an observation.

It used to be very common to see multiple at&t vehicles on the road during my travel. Now i hardly see any, maybe once a week ill see a vehicle at a service cabinet. No more digger derricks, reel loaders, rodding units, tractor trailers hauling poles... —  read more 

ATT 401K vs Pension

Can new management employees can a pension.? I've been at ATT for 2 years now and am hearing alot about pensions. I was just given information about a 401K and company matching. Can I get a pension too?

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How much longer ?

How long can a company pay field services techs to drive around and do very little work? Term employees are virtually brain dead. What percentage of techs enjoy doing little to no work? Is that rewarding? What about the stockholders that own... —  read more 

Lack of skills

I'll be honest, I'm only here because I lack skills to get something better. For a while I was very comfortable here and I didn’t think much about slowly becoming less and less marketable. How to make up for lack of skills in the shortest... —  read more 

Nobody enjoys RTO

Why the return to the office isn’t working Those who want to be remote are upset because they enjoyed working from home and don’t understand why, after two years of doing good work there, they have to return to the office. People who couldn’t wait... —  read more 

Truth hurts

Most T employees are stagnate in their positions and are no longer as marketable as they would like to be. They're stuck at T not only because they're a little long in the tooth, but also because of their lack of skills that can be used at another... —  read more 

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