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Paying Cohen is only good business.

So, everyone's complaining about AT&T paying Michael Cohen $600,000. However, no one investigates and makes public the amount of money produced by slamming. So, if 10% of the 100,000,000 current numbers are slammed with MPP, which is probably a low... read more

No need for IHX or DTV installers

Stephenson explains that AT&T can offer much lower pricing to customers due to cutting out higher costs associated with satellite service on its end. “Think about our traditional DirecTV product at a much lower cost point, meaning you don’t have... read more

Legacy T

what area of the country is Legacy T at? I read they will see many layoffs.

State of affairs, Not good

I HAVE HEARD FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS TO BUY T STOCK On 10 year-to-date basis, AT&T has really struggled in comparison to the S&P 500 and is down 19.47% versus the S&P 500’s return of positive 0.95%. Over the trailing one year, AT&T has had continued... read more

Hiring freeze retail in florida

On a conference call today we were told a brief hiring freeze on all retail positions was being put in place. Anyone who alreadh received an offer is good and interviews can go forward but no new offers can be made until further notice.

Hiring freeze...we know what that means

Our AVP in Texas said hiring freeze across the board. RSC on up. Historically speaking, this is not a good sign as surplus announcements soon follow. Is this in anticipation or merger completing or do you feel due to falling stock price, need to... read more

Stephenson announced another merger coming

“And Stephenson said Tuesday that AT&T isn't done with its buying spree. He said it will likely announce another merger and acquisition to build up and roll out an advertising platform that serves up targeted ads for the new streaming services. ”... read more

Here are the facts

Rumor about impending layoff has been going on for the past 2 years and honestly even longer than that in the company. I’ve personally heard it’s going to happen X date like 14 times already. Especially on this it’s gotten to the point where... read more

Ideal conditions for layoffs

NDC in Atlanta just laid some ppl off last week Haven't heard anything about this, which is not surprising. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if AT&T decided to do major layoffs right now, as they would completely fly under the radar with... read more

There Was No Bribe

This place is turning into misinformation station and a haven for trolls. There was no bribery. The wrong person was hired to consult and the person that hired him didn’t vet him properly. Not a Trump supporter and a koolaid drinker but Christ on a... read more


we will find out more wednesday but this bribery scandal is send shockwaves through company and lessons will be learned for years to come it will be us who pay with layoffs and fired. The nsa scandal collusion with verizon scandal all of this come... read more

This will be worst on us

Who here wants to bet that when it's all said and done regarding this whole bribe fiasco, it'll be us who will end up paying the steepest price, and not those on top? I'm guaranteeing you that this will hit AT&T financially, and once it does guess... read more

AT&T layoffs and 2020

So with all the swampy Cohen stuff with AT&T, will AT&T’s 2020 still come to fruition? My peers and I lost our jobs to off shore since they can pay them less. We were told those people need jobs. Thanks too for globalization giving our jobs away... read more

Randy Out!!!

Directv WOW - Walk out watching is worthless

I really hope someone above the ARSM level reads this and takes it to heart. Your numbers are skewed on the retention rate IF we perform walk out watching for customers that purchase directv. I hate to tell you but your stats are completely made up... read more

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