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AOC - Hwy 280 Birmingham AL -sold?

Has the AOC (Alabama Operations Center) on Hwy 280 in Birmingham, AL, been sold? I heard it was, but the deal fell through. Now i'm hearing the sale has been completed. Anybody know what AT&T plans to do with the building?
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Retail Surplus

The March 15th date came and went with no news. Anyone heard about any updates on when COR to AR handoffs, closures and retail surplus is happening?

Randall and his history of failed big deals

With Workforce that belongs in the past, we can add 1,Failed T Mobile acquisition,2, deal monstrosity called Direct TV, 3, DirectNow in life support, and 4, TW inc most likely to fail, billions spent, stock it is only valued for the dividend

And so the trial begins

Anybody here thinks that the merger actually stands a chance in this trial? I'll be honest, I am against it. I can only imagine how many layoffs we would have in the name of consolidations. So as far as I'm concerned, for once I'm on the side of... read more

Get even by stopping the Time Warner debacle!

Don't just sit there upset and whining over AT&T and that idiot Randall. Hit them where it hurts...the money. Call or write your local and state representatives and express your misgivings with this monopolistic raw deal. Just imagine Randy's smug... read more

S.E. Layoff

A couple of months ago during a meeting our manager told us that we in Orrlando credit and collections are the next center to be closed because we are the lowest performing center. I shook it off but now I have noticed that quite a few people have... read more

Is there a better option?

I was thinking of quitting, but one look around this board made me have second thoughts. Just look at Verizon's sub-forum, you'll know what I'm talking about. Are there greener pastures out there, or is it all pretty much the same and I should just... read more

MSC's in SE

Anyone heard what's happening with MSC's in the SE? Eliminating the title?
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Employee surveys are here!

And managers will get ripped to shreds. What goes on in these meetings? Anyone know? My entire store hates this piece of garbage manager of ours and everyone is ripping him in their survey. What are the chances the idiots gets the boot?


SSRs to be offered a new position where they are given a smaller quota than an RSC, but given a leadership title with focus on escalations as an ASM. AT&T is currently waiting for union contracts in the east to be finalized to avoid strikes once the... read more

Glassdoor at&t reviews

I've been reading a lot of the recent reviews on Glassdoor, but I don't see anyone commenting about surplus or layoffs. I know it happens often, so why does At&t have such positive reviews on Glassdoor? Are they all fake? lol

March 15th mobility call?

How many mobility management members are scheduled for a conference call Thursday March 15th? Is this one big or little? Thanks.

List the scams AT&T tries to pull off

Let's start a list of scams AT&T tries to pull off. Like stores giving warranty equipment but charging the customer for a DTV Now. Or signing people up for premium DTV by telling them an installer is coming out just to see if they have line of sight.

Latin America

Anyone in the DTV Latin America know what’s going to happen if the iPo does go thru? Would that mean more surplus?
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2020 is around the corner...

I was surplussed a year ago. 2020 around the corner they said. So I prepared myself for "these" days and got a degree with emphasis in big data and ai. Mind you I was self taught in programming first then went the official university route to get the... read more

Isn't Randall Stephenson sweating now?

“The two minutes per hour is a real target for Fox, and also our challenge for the industry,” Fox executive Ed Davis told the Wall Street Journal. “Creating a sustainable model for ad-supported storytelling will require us all to move.” So, correct... read more

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Anyone here that was surplussed and found a better job outside of the company? Anyone want to share there success story on how they overcame the surplus and done much better . I know one lady that was suplus in the Network Operations and now she is... read more

Is anything going to happen???

I’m just curious, have anyone been surplused or have any surpluses even happened at all for any group (techs, managers, ssr, rsc, call center reps, etc) in any region??? Have any Level 1, 2 or 3 stores closed? If so, where? I know we are speculating... read more

Annual Bonus and Surplused employees

I was told at the time of surplus last year that surplussed employees wou8ld still get a pro rated bonus for the amount of time they worked that year. Has anyone that was surplussed seen any part of the bonus for 2017?

Let’s Set Up A Tech Appointment...

And they can check to see your signal woth DirecTV and they’ll install it. You can talk to your spouse about it between now and then. No? Well we can still set up the appointment to lock in your rebate. No? We can set it up to watch your DirecTV on... read more


so i heard pasadena call center is closing any details? Also tnac in indianapolis is closing with their last day end of march, they are being offered to follow their work to earth city.
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DTV Now Witch Hunt

Who’s fighting it? Getting the Union involved? Who’s been terminated? Who’s grieving it? Who got out of it and how?

ATT Mobility manager layoffs

This week or next. Does anyone know how far down the 10 to 1 manager to direct report ratio goes? Locally call center director surplused last fall and retail director consolidation as well. Thanks.

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