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Nothing New, Give it your all Inside a glass-walled office where Mr. Stephenson meets presidential candidates and corporate titans, Mr. Thrun gave him a pitch on... read more
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Laid off from AT&T at five today

I know of two friends that have worked for AT&T for over 22 years, just shy of retiring from AT&T after all their expertise and devotion and incredible work ethics and such, are now laid off as of five o’clock today. No job, no benefits no caring... read more

We'll know soon enough

Lets be patient and wait for the 3rd quarter results to come out. If we see another deep dive in core business (landline and choke, choke - broadband DSL) coupled with the usual 350K quarterly falloff of DTV subscribers, then yes, the likelihood of... read more

At&t culture and HBO

Is there any chance that the numbers driven culture of At&t will not bleed over into HBO? I cannot imagine quality content creation if it does. In my organization, you really do not have to produce anything of value or resolve any issues. You just... read more

Field Services

Field operations craft: Have you seen an increase in meetings with management? We have in Dallas. Rumor is company is looking to surplus 30% in IEFS before the merger next quarter. The union appears to be going along with it. Just a heads up!


AT&T: Internet outages in North Texas are ‘likely unrelated’ to Monday fire BY NICHOLE MANNA [email protected] October 16, 2018 03:33 PM FORT WORTH More than 24 hours after lightning struck the AT&T building in Richardson, causing an internet... read more

Distribution Engineers

Distribution Engineers were let go, starting 2017, this year we have so far 13 Isolated GP , Frame Bonding Violations, and 33 Frame Power Reversal Fault failures without any accountability at this location alone.

DTV and 5G - the future of TV

I have both Directv and DTV now. DTV now works good and I’m sure they will make it better. This is the future of tv because it requires no techs for customers to access it plus with 5g rolling out soon att will not need the amount of techs that they... read more

Way to go, AT&T

So a tiny fire at the AT&T data center in Richardson cuts wireless and internet service to about half of Texas. So comforting to know that the nation's largest telecommunications carrier has no back-up plan for emergencies. Oh, wait, I forgot ... read more

No honesty here

Why doesn't att realize that all a customer really wants is honesty? Could it be that if they were, the customer would recognize that there is far better out there, running over far quicker infrastructure and therefore immediately leave. At least by... read more

Empty coachings

I wanted to ask if you would label an empty coaching as when your report to pulls you in after being gone for your days off and days 3-4 people complained about you when you were gone and then when you ask for names and account numbers they bulk and... read more

routing calls

No calls this week at Orlando call center, calls are being routed; to new call center in Mexico?


Founders may be the inspiration behind a great entrepreneurial idea, AT&T is the exception, this CEO has fail at execution many times, unable to adapt, this company for decades now continues experiencing low financial performance, IT IS TIME he goes... read more

AT&T losers

It shouldn't be this way....

Providing terrible service to our existing legacy DSL and POTS subscribers. Seeing dispatches scheduled 7-10 days out even for business customers. Group outages unresolved after 2-3 weeks. Techs having their replacement circuit cards taken away... read more

Always a day late and becoming a dollar short

So, at&t is starting a new streaming service...AT THE END OF 2019. Why, if this company is supposedly a world leader, are they always far too late with everything? It's almost as if they intentionally and perpetually miss the bus...on purpose. New... read more

VZ CEO makes senior leaders interview again...

imagine.... John Stankey: do you have any media experience at all? ummmmmm, no. john donovan: have you ever run a wireless company at all? ummmmm, no Melissa Arnoldi: do you have any network exp at all, any? ummm, no randy: you are an account... read more

Sign the paperwork and move on with your life

I’ve spoken with a few people who outright refused to sign the paperwork after being surplused to get their severance benefits who now regret it. They left believing they had a case to bring a lawsuit. AT&T has teams of attorneys who will quash... read more

Rule of 75 - Three Years Ago

This was posted three years ago at @Fz9NAK2 or Rule of 75 rumor I heard on the grapevine that the majority of people being surplussed are those within 3 years on the rule of 75 in relation to pension payouts. For... read more

What a sh!tshow....

What a freaking mess. Reorg after reorg, surplus here, surplus there, surplus everywhere.....blah blah blah. How about a stable plan with a stable leader we can trust? I have never seen so much greed and self preserving backstabbing in my long... read more

This sums it up

OMG, Randy does not like this,LOL

Hedge fund manager Todd Westhus recommends betting against AT&T bonds Olympic Peak’s Todd Westhus recommends shorting AT&T bonds. AT&T “has a ton of debt,” he says. “This is a very mature business. Revenues have been declining and the trend will... read more

At&t is losing money

Per Market Realist... Year-to-date, AT&T has fallen ~10% as of September 28. While this second-largest wireless provider has been posting higher earnings growth, its revenues are falling due to cord-cutting.

No Company owes you anything but a paycheck!

I have worked for many companies and have faced layoffs. Technological advances (automation) will continue to displace the workforce. You’re more likely to stay employed with T if you have skills in automation and you’re in Plano and Dallas. I can’t... read more

ERM HR manager

Just had a question is the ERM manager for your area a Human Resources manager in HR by definition? I left the company recently and was told to talk to my ERM HR manger but when I asked to, I was told they couldn’t talk to me until I talked to my... read more

Arison offered voluntary layoffs on 10/1/2018

The offer must be accepted by 10/22. Last day is Nov 15. Standard severance package applies. Offer to L 1-4 managers. Lump sum pension offer to some legacy wireline. Offer states get a better lump sum calculation before rates are adjusted in Nov for... read more

Disruntal Employees

Call EAP or seek help if your tormented with POTENTIAL lay off's or if your unhappy. There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for you to ruin it for the ones that do APPRECIATE AT&T & EVERYTHING they have done for our community & families. Times are changing &... read more

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