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Life at the Big T

A fellow technician once said this to me... "Management will not be happy until we spend 100% of our time accounting for our time". This top down control freak management style is the biggest impediment for conscientious technicians to do quality... read more

No wonder people are dropping DTV like flies

There are at least two or three dozen channels for infomercials that are titled as if they are actual TV shows. On Nickelodeon right now a flashing box keeps popping up saying that AT&T will be dropping 22 Viacom channels by midnight. I guess we can... read more

Upper deckers

I assume everyone leaves these behind when they leave. If not start.

To those who were laid off

There’s a lot of negativity on here. Those that were laid off keep your head up. I resigned right before the layoffs and it was the best thing I ever did. The money was decent, but if you are miserable what’s the point? If your happy working for T... read more

Any rumor on what happens at Warner Media?

Anybody have any idea? Layoffs, outsourcing, reorganization, some departments eliminated, new department, merging with some parts of AT&T??? With so many possibilities and so little happening it’s hard not to be nervous. When can we have a more clear... read more

Help! I want to get surplussed

What can one do to get surplussed? Things have been going downstream and depressing in our team ever since the mvo was offered. The only folks on the team who want to stick aroind are the old ladies who want to come to office everyday to chat with... read more

Any layoffs in the last couple of days?

Don’t see anything on this board about actual layoffs taking place in the last day or two and at my organisation nothing is happening for some time now. Is it possible that we missed the layoffs or are we just waiting in line until our turn comes?

Here we go again

Global Operations lay44off final list to be announced tomorrow. Been waiting for 2 weeks to hear if I am saved or cut loose. Not much getting done while this looms over our head yet again. Not sure which group is next but I assume this will be a... read more

This is how you lose millions

We used to sell lines to any new business being built in our turf while working. We’d stop at the new job site, get a contact, follow up, make the sale, do the install. Now you have to account for why you tied down a jumper in 4 minutes vs. 2... read more

Stock Question

To Level 3s and above recently surplussed, does anyone know if vested stock is paid out in one lump sum at separation, or over next two yearly payouts in Feb.? I've heard both scenarios. One said they pay out over next two year, and another said they... read more

When will layoff stop being a weekly occurrence?

So, when everything is said and done - when the reorganization is over and the dust from the merger has settled - do you thing we will once again reach a point where layoffs are not a weekly occurrence at AT&T? Is there such future for us, or is that... read more

Why AT&T really wanted DTV

When T was buying DTV, we in DTV were told that they really did not want our dishes, our boxes or our Techs - they wanted our sweetheart carriage rebroadcast deals with the content providers. T was also looking to ride our Latin American holdings to... read more

Z Group surpluses. More coming?

I am in the project Z group and we had 3 very good people let go. (Two of them 15 year veterans of the company) I am hoping this is it for now! The AQR team’s workload is spilling over onto us as it is. How can they cut us any more?

Leaked from hr

According to an internal memo regarding ibew21 layoffs....337 prem techs done in 3rd quarter. Also 42 core techs in i&r, Will be 101 c&e techs. Included in language will be sipp offers to all affected departments and force readjustments as... read more

TFS next

TFS techs next to get hit. Mass investigation underway for timesheet fraud.

Retail (COR)

Well lets see. Its about time for COR to get hit! Stephen has gotten National Retail screwing people over left n right so retail will be out the door! Walmart n Best Buy , Sams, and agent will finish the screw to the consumers! Lord bless us all!... read more


I retired in 2015 after 39 years as an outside tech. After I retired, my DTV went from $10 a month to $130. My only 8 meg (copper) Uverse went from $20 to 50. It resets multiple times a day. The VOIP went from free to whatever. I never use it. I can... read more

The Slow Boil...

Is coming to an end. Until now the Execs have done absolutely everything in their power(same as every corporation)to keep this slow motion train wreck under control, but now it's about to pick up steam and nobody will be able to control it anymore... read more

guys r just dumb

i can tell you that its easy to get what i want --just need to unzip them and next thing u know he's buying what i want. how these executives cant get what they want at home and destroy their careers, i dont get it. but maybe he doesnt either

Has anybody had a reduction in workload?

Last week our manager stopped giving us new assignments and our workload dropped by, I’m guessing, at least 60%. To be fair this has been known to happen before, but given the current situation at the company this is making me worry. Could that be an... read more

Prem tech Surplus

With so many areas getting hit hard by layoff, hardly can fathom the 4th quarter even possible. Where there a lot of areas that didn't get hit?
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Any ATO locations impacted?

Saw people posting about various department and locations, but I don't see anyone posting about ATO layoffs in this round. Is it possible that ATO was avoided in this wave or are people just not posting about it?

Layoffs and discounts

Anyone know about how long it takes for them to end employee discount after layoffs. Switching to philo after I cancel dtv. Wow is giving me 100 meg internet for 40 bucks a month and Verizon is coming real close to my employee price for 4 lines. Just... read more
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