Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

JVB dates

Hearing JVB teams will be notified of their new publication on July 10. Two weeks to make a decision. If relocating no money available must be a new hub by August 2024. If opting to leave, severence notification to be delivered in October with off... —  read more 

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Chicago moved to wave 2

Jeremy announced at his staff mtg that Chicago would be moved to wave2. No details what that means except Chicago employees have another year or so before the move or leave date.

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Wouldn’t it be funny

If Nexflix did a documentary on how AT&T fell so low after so many years of domination? Like start at the beginning…. Ma bell….great leadership and track how successful we were….and then lead all the way up to the failures and where we sit today. I’d... —  read more 

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Listen up !

Love the engagement here, more like collaboration. At the end of the day we are working for our stakeholders and policies like RTO will give us a reason for missed metrics, and how we are gearing up for a successful 2024. Why do you think in a world... —  read more 

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This appears to be retaliation

First I have been VO for over 15 years at AT&T and have always been in the top tier for reviews and considered a top contributor. I can identify dozens of other people I work with that are VO and are doing more than just fine as Legg put it but are... —  read more 

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The sky is falling! I have to return to the office to work or find another job!!! You all realize that this is just a JOB right? You were looking for one when you found this one. Whether you’ve been here for 20 minutes or 20 years, it’s a job... —  read more 

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Big lay offs at Verizon and AT&T

Maybe Hans and Stanky will compare lay off notes. Accenture is licking their chops wanting both companies to out source more to their group in the Philippines. Both our companies are slow sinking ships it seems.

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AT&T and Vendor Partners

Several years ago much of the ATS/ATO IT teams were outsourced to Accenture. Some teams where split between AT&T and Accenture. Others where mostly Accenture. I have heard nothing about Accenture resources coming back to the office or relocating. ... —  read more 

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Regional vs Market

Hello Retired back in 2018. Was wondering if this Return to Office (RTO) and major City Hub philosophy/mandate is impacting both Regional level and Market level management employees? Cannot imagine Market Level employees expected to relocate to a... —  read more 

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Mass maker’s notifications 6/16

Mass markets organization will be notified on June 16 which city they have to report to in order to keep her job. You will receive a phone call from your manager on the 16th with your designated city and your next steps.

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Legal binding to remain in state

What if someone has a legal parental agreement binding them to the state they reside in? In the parenting agreement (50/50 custody) say it states that the parent has to live within 25 miles of the other parent. What does someone do in this case? ... —  read more 

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Life after AT&T

I think at this point it is safe to say that all of us should be actively working on a Plan B. IF we are lucky enough to survive these next 6 months, it won’t be long before our number is up. For the first time in my 20 year career with this... —  read more 

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Who will organize this for ATT?

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No severance

I was told no severance will be paid if your position is moving. If you refuse to move, you go without any kind of package. I have a good source in HR and that’s the info they have been given. Can this possibly be true or is somebody just trying to... —  read more 

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The way of T

I perceive this board no more as about T layoffs but about T decay in live. It seems as we all are sure where T is heading and there is no way back, so layoff is desired thing for many of us and not a concern.

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TW Negotiations at higher levels

Seems upper and mid management have been having discussions lately about who will be teleworkers. I know with us it’s a battle between 5th and 6th level and I saw one other poster said similar. With us it’s 100% denial so far. Any others with... —  read more 

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