Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Water levels

This is an honest question please don’t delete me mysterious moderators. Has anyone noticed the water levels in the toilets at Lenox are uncomfortably high? It’s like that North Point as well. Did they do this on purpose? I assume complaining to... — read more 

It's funny

I'm about to leave and I'm going to do so being grateful to T and its management. Things ended up being so bad that it pushed me to look for a new job for the first time in years. Usually, I'm happy with the status quo, but things worsened so much... — read more 

Big Retail Cuts

Hearing big retail cuts coming, store closures and sell offs, directors/AVPs cut, ADs cut - I've heard calls will be happening with those impacted in the retail org on this Friday 4/26 and 5/15. I've also heard 4/26 is notice date with 5/15 being the... — read more 


It’s no coincidence that JVB was brought when the cost reductions started. She was sued because she hates old people (which she is old now) you can look it up she and ATT were sued and lost. She is destroying Mid Markets which su-ked to begin with... — read more 

Presence Report

If you are interested in knowing how a presence report is generated, what details are in there, and how your presence is calculated, then search SharePoint for this: "ATS Supervisor Presence Report Demo".

Retirement in Retail

Retail environment is really toxic, so it's becoming clear it's time to go. Who can shed some light on retirement process? Can I just keep my mouth shut until a couple of weeks ahead and chose the date? Don't want to start process too early for... — read more 

You get what you pay for

Some former customers aren't getting their free 1 year credit monitoring code for the data breach, and the Indian support reps are essentially telling them to get bent because they can't find them in the system. As a current domestic employee, I'd... — read more 


So the ship is going down, from mud to cement! The non commitment of the Dallas Golden Tower, to support and provide the necessary equipment, inventory and more in the COR retail stores! No one but no one is to blame but the "GOLDEN BOYS" of... — read more 

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