Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Layoff Update

The Sr. Tech PMs who were offered VSP in Raap’s Org had to put in their responses to accept last Wednesday. Which seems reasonable that layoffs with them and in the other Orgs that are coming will probably occur between now and the next 6wks. Should... — read more 

Layoffs Start Tomorrow

Everyone I just got 100% confirmation there will be about 500 layoffs tomorrow July 8 2024. This came straight from my manager. His boss told him and he wanted to give me a heads up. Neither had details what team will be hit so just be prepared.

Happy 4h

This board has been anything but positive at times, and it comes with reasonable reason. Although I just wanted to wish you a peaceful and happy fourth of July! Hang in there, when it comes to all this talk of reductions or layoffs or restructuring... — read more 


To be honest with one of the busiest years coming up at T-Mobile, I don't believe layoffs are in the near future.... We are all just working in a bad work environment causing this level of anxiety. Bad leadership.

Failed Merger

Since the merger with Sprint, T-Mobile has experienced a significant shift in its internal dynamics and corporate values. The once vibrant and innovative culture of T-Mobile, known for its customer-centric approach and disruptive market strategies... — read more 


ATT sued for price changing. They are thief's. Amd have been preparing to layoff for a while. Wonder why they did away with external drives and .put? So you can't grab info they don't have access to. Check for old emails, a convenient retention... — read more 

HR sessions

So, it seems the leaders weren’t happy as now some are being asked to meet with HR directly? Do they think people are going to say anything without the ability to remain anonymous? Good luck with that. I think HR should review this board if they... — read more 


Any information on what is to come for SMRA? It almost seems like we are heading towards a dead end with SMRA in terms of growth. Also John Stevens being appointed to a different role raised an eyebrow.

IDP Mid Year Is Normal

Shocked at all the jaded people on here. Mid year IDP check ins are normal here. Seems like a lot of you had supervisors that were not doing their jobs if this is new to you. Just because we are having mid year syncs doesn’t mean layoffs are coming... — read more 


Give Appalachian area some head count help now. We have markets with 0 technicians in the core to support outages and customers. Local leadership answer is to bring people from 3 plus hours away on a temporary schedule. Jennifer, send help now and... — read more 


All this talk of layoffs have been all talk and false. We are all safe as long as you want to be here. The big issue is no one is talking about how employees are being treated. Employees have been treated bad ever since Sprint merger and the... — read more 

Dust off our resumes?

I think it's time we do more than just "dust off our resumes". We will inevitably be layed off, or not. The ones of us unlucky enough to not get severance will be left to pick up the pieces yet again. As if we're not miserable enough. I suggest we... — read more 

It's starting

The silent treatment from the single SVP left, the single leader of Operations has nothing to communicate to the people. Ulf will have her starting the layoffs soon, the area model will be accelerated to everyone. The managers in the markets are... — read more 

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