Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Misleading employees

What I resent the most about this leadership is that they are misleading employees into thinking that everything is fine when in reality nothing is fine. Isn't that the ultimate disrespect?

I want to go home

I hope that my severance will move my family back from bumblef*ck nowhere. Sure seems like they’re looking for reasons to bounce everyone without that though. I’m so stupid for trusting this company after they have so clearly shown exactly who they... —  read more 

Layoff the social media team

Hope the layoffs include the paid trolls. 2k for the headquarters and 10k for front line is really huge. They already got all the US citizens, so I guess the only ones left are the H1B. Horrible company. Good luck everyone.

NEW* RDM position?

How long do you all think this new again RDM position will last this time around? Displaced employees are being given the opportunity to apply for this role but I feel sorry as it may not last too long.

March 10 is the day...

Long time listener, first time caller. LOL. Big cuts on the way 2K+ HC off the books by end of 1st quarter. You have been warned. Have an emergency fund in place (ideally 6 month of expense) and have job search plan in place. Be prepared. Don't be... —  read more 

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time companies loyalty was to customers, shareholders & employees. Now it's pure greed. Happily ever after is just a dream. If you think they give a rats a$$ about you wake the f#@k up

The bitter truth

In an industry with 125% penetration there are two options: innovate or cut expenses. Innovation ceased with merger, so you are left with squeezing margins. Headcount (you, if you are still there) are one of the largest expense categories the... —  read more 

Wake Up

Lmfao the ones with the "its verified no more layoffs stop trolling" how damn stupid are you?! Lmao and the lets be happy for the stock and bonus??? The bonus that pays in 2 first in 7 months and then 2nd 5 months later so they can do a bunch more... —  read more 

The Real Difference

They are calling them layoff but they are really firing for incompetency. This the only way to get rid of the worthless people without a lawsuit...just watch...the good people in the layoff groups will end up in good jobs in other departments. This... —  read more 

What’s Happening

It’s called a slow rug pull is what’s happening. Except the investors are the employees that are being affected. A “rug pull,” which gets its name from the expression “pulling the rug out,” is a scam in which a developer attracts investors but... —  read more 

The Difference

If your job loss is not the result of a formally announced layoff or reorganization you are FIRED NOT LAID OFF. Please ignore the people here complaining who are fired. We offer decent severance for laid off. Anyone here after merger knows there will... —  read more 

Cut all ties or...?

To all of you that have been let go…DON’T be fooled into applying for new jobs that are forthcoming with the restructuring. There is no job security at T-Mobile. Especially if you have anything to do with the Metro side of the business. The very best... —  read more 

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