Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Laid off?

I just ported my numbers out from T-Mobile. It's actually liberating. The bill for my service is the same with T-Mobile's 20% discount. Lol. If you were laid off are you staying or porting out?

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Take note now; the next round of layoffs will be April 2024. 10-15% more of the workforce will be shown the door.

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When is pay day?

I was officially laid off last Thursday and still haven't recieved a final pay, I signed the agreement on the termination date. When should we expect to be paid our severance pay?

PTO payout

I noticed there are no details in the severance letter regarding PTO payouts. It’s mentioned in FAQs that the payout would happen on the last check prior to separation. Everything blurs together at this point in reviewing these documents over and... —  read more 

How does it make you feel to know that while you are getting laid off, Mike is making 200 times the average pay at the company.

While doing the least work. He’s targeting the hardest workers. Lies in every interview and he’s making enough to retire insanely rich soon. It’s sick and toxic how these CEOs can get rid of the people who made this company food all while lying and... —  read more 

January Care and stores hit

I called the Sept cuts. I’m here to warn you again. Care teams and retail store reps (who weren’t affected in latest round) will be trimmed in January. Also, more “shifting” to be done in April and September 24.

Corporate Math

The frontline retail Managers, RAM'S, and reps are being treated horribly. With Corporate math you get to do the work of 3 people for the same pay and be held accountable when you can't fit it all in. Also, as a bonus they will throw some pizza or... —  read more 

CEC Managers on the block next!

Freier is on record stating there are too many managers in the CEC. There should be 6 to 8 coaches to a manager, not the current 4. By this math, this would reduce CEC managers in half. Manager headcount has been requested and sent to the VPs.

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