Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Training Budget Cut?

My department was recently told that we will not be able to plan or attend trainings through the end of the year due to cost-cutting measures. This is even if the training session had already been approved and budget had already been allocated... —  read more 

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Layoffs at competition

I can't wait to get out of here. I can't be productive in a workplace where I constantly have to think about whether I will be laid off. I did not analyze much whether the competition had fewer or more layoffs than T-Mobile. Can someone make a... —  read more 

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For MS and T-Mobile leadership

the layoff and other bad stuff you guys' been doing is well planned, this will make T-Mobile better, if will make you pocket looking good, but this will make the entire community/society worse and worse, please mark my word here. you wont see if... —  read more 

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Out of touch

T-Mobile is extremely WOKE. They are doing layoffs monthly. They are losing employee loyalty. The loss of John Legere is catching up to them. They are behind on shutting down Legacy Sprint. But they lie saying it will be done this quarter. They have... —  read more 

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I just gave all my T-Mobile shirts and swag to homeless people downtown. I don't want anything to do with TMUS

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Oct 4 is the day

Hi guys. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but more RIF is in the way. The technology culling is mostly done now on to professional support functions. Please keep in mind if your job can be done from home you’re job is a good target for offshoring... —  read more 

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Let me know

Hi all I want out, how can I talk to my manager about getting laid off. I am planning a mental health break as workload is high stress … I’ll hunt for a new position early next year Thank u


Thousands of families displaced from work right before the holidays, and guess who will be hiring then? Exactly nobody. T-Mobile is in the black by billions, but it’s workforce transformation to ‘digital’ means one thing: pay working families less &... —  read more 


So I’m sick of my position and I’ve been actively applying internally. Long story short I’m putting in my 2 weeks. Should I bother to ask to be laid off instead? If yes please provide tips and recommendations! Thanks y’all —  read more 

Over 3000 jobs available

Remember MS has been saying for months that there are over 3000 jobs available at! Sure be nice if he admitted 2600 of them are sales jobs. While network jobs are being eliminated. Misdirection as usual. I honestly hope his ego... —  read more 

Expect more layoffs

T-Mo is shutting down legacy Sprint wireline business so expect more layoffs. Their infrastructure is so old Deutsche Telekom has no interest in investing in wireline business in US since it would require complete overhaul as capex has been squeezed... —  read more 

Low offers

I've been trying to get a new job for a few months and I managed to get several offers but every one of them was much lower than what I make currently. I have a feeling that with all the layoffs taking place all over the industry, companies have... —  read more 


Does anyone know if there’ll be more layoffs? I did read a comment on voluntary leave? What’s that and when can we do that lol?


The BS is being seen [Note, this article is blocked if you're trying to access on TMO... —  read more 

What a week !

BK recently posted on linkedln that they celebrated this week with all directors+ which is just after laying off so many people. So in human and shame on you all directors+ They dont have money to keep employees but they have money to have this... —  read more 

The fact is that ALL companies massively outsource and ALL companies massively lay people off. It's not just T-Mobile

Yeah, T-Mobile is savage the way they do it by slashing all the tenured people, but every company outsources to low wage indians/Philipinos. T-Mobile just does it in a no F's given way. Always remember, no company has any respect for you and they... —  read more 

Lesson Learned

Layoffs have been a constant in Telecom since 2000. We thought the Uncarrier would keep their word and retrain people so they could keep the talent. We started to get comfortable. We let our guard down. They definitely don't see employees as... —  read more 


Dish is hiring. Heck half of the Ericsson employees that engineered and maintained Sprints network ended up with Dish. Allot smaller company with no one preaching political policies. You get hired because of your knowledge and abilities.

What is the end game!?!

Is this just so they can do stock buybacks? Keeping contractors and dumping employees is not an uncarrier move. Laying off Magenta FT and switch techs during a build seems odd. The timing just doesn't make sense. Another quarter or two and most... —  read more 


Wireline is being sold. They are finalizing the sale. It should be public this month. There are article's about it that came out in mid August. But wireline employees have been offered a buyout.

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