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Are layoffs coming to Tmobile in 2020?

Read (source below) and judge for yourself: Even as the T-Mobile Spring merger is gaining traction, the T- Mobile US retail employees and technicians have sent a letter to Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hoettges seeking assurances against job... —  read more 

It has started: terminations at VP, Director.

Just after the last earnings meeting, Mr. Legere started the clean-up for the upcoming merger. At least 3 VP will/were terminated. Directors are coming. All will be done or were done silently, so it won't disturb the merger process. Managers and ICs... —  read more 

T-mobile and Ashford University

Has anyone at T-Mobile gotten free tuition at Ashford University? Why would anyone want a degree from this subprime college? https://www.thelayoff.com/bridgepoint-education —  read more 

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Job offer in Frisco Office

I just received a job offer to join T-mobile in the Frisco office. Is the company stable now? Customer base is growing and network quality is pretty close to verizon and at&t. Does anyone have any feedback or advice? —  read more 


Can someone summarize the current severance policy for exempt?

Incoming layoffs at T-Mobile

How many layoffs should we expect as part of this merger? I've checked Sprint's page on this forum and they seem to believe they will be hit harder. I have no idea how they came to that conclusion and while I wish they were right I'm afraid they are... —  read more 

TMOBILE Layoffs 2018

My head is spinning right now as I heard the same rumor from two folks, both told me that we may have layoffs in Bellevue.

T-Mobile and Sprint merger layoffs?

Anybody else worried that the merger will bring consolidation and layoffs? I am yet to hear of a merger, no matter how small or big, that did not have at least some reductions in workforce. The main issue is how many and which company will be the... —  read more 

TMOBILE Layoffs 2017

Another day, another surprise, there are folks that think that job reductions may happen in corporate in Bellevue.

Crazy Interview at TMobile

A friend of mine not too long ago went on a crazy T-Mobile interview. Based on the department I believe the hiring manager was Elisabeth Bridon, some crazy French broad. Here is her account. Funny and sad at the same time. Application I applied... —  read more 

TMOBILE Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of TMOBILE layoffs in Bellevue in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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2016 Layoffs at TMOBILE

If our number do not improve I think we may have massive layoffs very quickly, probably in the first quarter of 2016 or little bit latter. All of our competitors are quickly reacting by shrinking payroll, and the price war is not helping anybody. All... —  read more 

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