Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Finance or Care

Does anyone know if people who do collections are in Finance or the Customer Service teams? I hear there are going to be layoffs of some but not sure which department.

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What is happening?

stock price is down more than 20%, morale is bad, there seems to be no mojo in any of the departments and 5G seems to be lackluster. I used to love going to work now I just go because that's what grown-ups do when they have kids to feed and bills to... —  read more 

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Medical/Religious Exemptions - Who has been approved for either one and what were you approved for? How long is it good for based upon your area

Poll of the audience: Who has been approved? Which one did you get approved for medical or religious? How long is the approval for and does it have to be renewed every year? Are you able to remain remote and go to work events with this exemption... —  read more 

Please Lay Me Off!

This place has become a sh*t show in the last 12 months... I want to leave but don't want to forfeit my RSUs ($100K) Any suggestions on how to get laid off?

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Layoffs should be on hold

First of all, we are understaffed as it is. Second of all, we can't seem to attract anybody worth their salt so cutting more folks would leave us in a precarious position. Third of all, we are already so underpaid for the amount of work we're doing... —  read more 

The Hub

It’s pretty fun to see Hub comments are an out of control dumpster fire. People posting faster than they can be deleted or referred to T-Action to be further ignored. It absolutely rules.

Vaccine By March 25th!

How are you Gus feeling about this? After reading the FAQ’s in email Mike sent it appears that are going to accommodate you if you’re unvaccinated until this date. Even if you have a religious reasons or medical note that you can’t get it. —  read more 

What's In A Name...

The "uncarrier". All the shiny object swag in the universe won't hide what the world is learning. A merger based on lie, approved by a lying administration. A company so obviously not ready for prime time and now a great big giant OOPS... —  read more 

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Callie Field simultaneously recognizing that having to call in is a long arduous process while sending call center jobs overseas because “customers prefer it.”

Why wait to be laid off?

There are a lot of people waiting to be fired or laid off but I don't understand that logic. OK, some want to collect uneployment, but I’m not quite sure how much it is worth it. A friend of mine waited to be cut, later got used to not working, and... —  read more 


You’ve for real got to be fu----g kidding me. This company is bound and determined not to pay severances. They’re just gonna force people into intolerable situations and make them quit for nothing. Go Delta variant, go.

Lead by example

Can we expect from our management to start leading by example or is that just wishful thinking? They expect a lot from employees but they do nothing on their own. It doesn't work that way. Their behavior sends bad messages to everyone and all they... —  read more 

Leave if you can

Underpaid, understaffed, with inadequate benefits. Nobody who has a choice stays at T Mobile longer than a few months. Unless they want to turn their entire personality into a company stooge to be able to get promoted and actually advance their... —  read more 

Why all these managers?

Can someone explain to me from a business point of view, does this company need all these managers? Especially those who really don’t do anything? I am sure that various problems arise precisely because of the huge number of managers and the long... —  read more 


I wonder if they have metrics on how many people log on and disconnect from Frierside calls. Employees doing their spoken word poetry must have been an all time log off high.

So much micromanagement

Why is that? Instead of being an inspiration, the superiors are total control freaks. It’s horrible how little they trust even longtime employees with a lot of experience of working hard. Why so much micromanagement? Is that all they know how to do?... —  read more 

Employee surveys

Employee surveys have been atrocious and will continue to be in 2021 Leadership will not fix or address issues brought up over and over 🙄🙄 why even have the survey, its a waste of time

From bad to worse

There has been a noticeable deterioration in commitment, morale and performance. Management has driven out all the high performers who had the knowledge and experience to keep this business running and instead replace them with cheap and... —  read more 

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