Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Thinking about working for tmo

So got an oppty as SAM at tmo Sound off current SAM? What’s management like? culture? Commission structure? Career development? If you came for another carrier is better worst I hate to pass of the $$$ the manager Saying I can make

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Tmobile Internal Transfer

Has anyone been able to change their team at T-Mobile? If yes, please describe the steps and how your manager handled it (supportive? hostile)??? I know that the manager gets notified as soon as you apply for an internal role and I would not be... —  read more 

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Severance info

I'd appreciate it if somebody was willing to share detailed severance info. I've heard some changes were made due to the pandemic so it'd be nice to know if that was reverted (since we are beyond the pandemic-related cuts) or if severance is still... —  read more 

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May 23 is the day...

Here we go again. The small batch culling of the herd continues. More engineering, retail and TFB. The slow bleed is painful. Why not rip the band aid off and do it all at once so the leftovers can move on.

TFB is a joke

AE’s overselling to customers with coverage issues or have to jump through several hoops to get their reimbursements. “5G” internet that is not really 5G at all. Systems that are mission critical not working or worse, applying changes that they... —  read more 

District Managers Layoff

DMs laid off over the last 2 weeks, multiple in my area. Heard the number was 25% of the DMs in the company, mostly tenured. 2 Winners Circle DMs with over 15 years with the company let go. There is ZERO incentive to do well. Think about it: every... —  read more 

Best ones are laid off

I'll resign soon. There are many reasons for this, and now there is another reason - I don't want to work with the greatest mediocrities. Their approach to layoffs is awful. As if they were guided by some rule that mediocrities should be kept, and... —  read more 

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