Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

A must read

The T-Mobile / Sprint merger hasn’t created jobs — it’s ended them Bode wrote multiple articles for The Verge highlighting how meaningless the merger promises looked, comparing to Sprint's own history of post-merger... —  read more 

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This is ridiculous

Do they really think that people who leave this company because the conditions here have become unbearable - do not need to be replaced? Colleagues who quit a few months ago have still not been replaced. Not to mention that those colleagues did a... —  read more 

I don't care no more

I used to be very anxious when rumors of layoffs came up, but a few months ago I absolutely stopped worrying. I believe there are plenty of those who no longer care about layoffs? Instead of worrying, I dedicated myself to job hunting, because I... —  read more 

Who will be the target?

Again the story of layoffs, lately I have a feeling like there are layoffs here all the time, that's what the atmosphere is like. Does anyone know who will be the target of these layoffs that are rumored to follow soon? I am almost at a point where I... —  read more 

Enough is enough

I truly don’t understand the T Mobile employees who bash the Metro and Sprint employees. You are the problem with why your company will not have future success. Here is why. If you went to work for Verizon and or Atnt they would probably say all the... —  read more 

Who will be a target?

I wasn't surprised at all about the store closures. Anyway, I’m anxious and I wonder what will happen when they start cuts. How many people will be impacted? On the other hand, some believe that not that many people from the stores will be let go. I... —  read more 

Which jobs are safer?

Rumors are already circulating about the layoffs, which will begin in April and continue in the coming months. I’m worried because I’ve already been trying to find a job and I couldn’t find anything that isn’t a real downgrade. I wonder who will be... —  read more 

Has HR ever helped you?

HR exists to protect company investments. You will get to spin your wheels and get on several conference calls with HR and your boss ’direct report. In the end nothing will be done, and you’ll be left to decide how to handle it in your own. HR by... —  read more 

Severance packages

It would come as no surprise if they make changes to severance packages and put employees in an even worse position following the upcoming layoffs. Here on the forum it's being talked about, and I have heard it elsewhere too, that the changes in... —  read more 

Company E-mails

So is Frier having a nervous breakdown or what? These last two emails are rambling, vague, and refer to a company culture that I have not seen him make any effort to promote or embrace.

Is T-Mobile Safe?

Greetings - I've completed the first round of interviews for a position in the Corporate division and figured I'd stop here to see just how secure jobs are at T-Mobile. For context, I'm coming from AT&T, which is probably one of the most toxic... —  read more 

Fight back the layoff

Those who have been impacted should not be giving any money to TMO or Sprint. Especially after lying to Congress and even using employee funded super packs. Does anyone have recommendations for other cell phone providers or know good deals. Let’s... —  read more 

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