Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Robots for Hire

Now Hiring: Seeking robots to replace our current SLT. No experience necessary. As long as you can repeat bullsh-t talking points repeatedly and know how to use ChatGTP, everything will be just fine.

Hear me out

T-Mobile pays it's SLT too much. Not just the C-level folks. They make too much at all companies. I mean Director+ make too much. Piling stock options on top of stock options over and over for years doesn't provide them incentive to deliver better... —  read more 

So overworked

If the goal for the company is to move forward, then it is unacceptable to burden the employees to such an extent. An overworked and exhausted employee will eventually start slacking off or leave. Everyone will choose their health before constantly... —  read more 


There comes a time when you've cut so deep, we're just not the same company anymore. For some teams, this time has already passed. For others, it's coming. Doing more with less or more efficiently is impossible without already realizing the benefits... —  read more 


They treat us badly because they know they can. How many people do you know who say that they won't agree to be worked to burnout, and then put their heads down and do triple workloads? There are too many of those here. Unfortunately, people... —  read more 

SLT Changes

Unannounced, but on the public facing webpage. Ulf in charge now...not in October. The takeover of T-Mobile by Sprint is complete.


My understanding is that SMRA will be significantly scaled back. I have heard from a director that retail management will be reduced. Store managers will manage multiple locations and each SMRA section will have one or two floating RAMs.

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