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Severance Negotiations???

Has anyone that was laid off negotiated the severance package or know anyone who has? If so any idea what was negotiated?

Employee Safety

I know friends that are store reps and its business as usual in stores, no plexiglass , no 1 to 1 ratio...what is going on there? In the middle of a pandemic and tmobile is business as usual .... i feel bad for store employees

Departmental All Hands With Director

Departmental All Hands Audio Conference With Director. Should we be worried ? Are these Audio Conferences how T-Mobile usually gets word out regarding job cuts ? This conference will be July 29 which seems like it could be a just in time date if... —  read more 

T-Mobile Marketing layoffs

Last week of June 2020, T-Mobile Marketing org went through a re-org and a layoff ... based on what I've seen, at least 150-200 were let go in one week. From Directors, senior managers, to individual contributors. Most of there were highly tenured –... —  read more 

It's Just Business They Say

So sad...... those of us that have bled Magenta for 2 decades to help make it what it is today..... just dropped. To those making these decisions...."its just business" ......... tell that to my family that will suffer indefinitely. Tell that to my... —  read more 

How bad is it?

How hard has it been for employees over fifty to find a job after being cut by T-Mobile in the past several months?

Uncarrier Event Thursday Morning @11:30 ET

See T-Mobile is having an uncarrier event Thursday.....does anyone have info if it’s the Refreshed Tvision product or if related to the sudden departure of their chief content officer... —  read more 

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Layoff's at the end of the month

From what I've been told, there are layoffs coming at the end of the month and it's the original TMO people who are making the decisions on who to keep and who gets let go (at least in the network deployment division). So much for the "promise" that... —  read more 

T-Mobile Onboarding?

I know this is the antithesis of a layoff, but what is the onboarding like during the pandemic? Is there an orientation?

Scared for Our Jobs

Teams in a meeting were told that our jobs are safe and that everyone on the call’s jobs were safe. However, not even ten minutes later on the call, leadership retracts their words and says that they can’t make guarantees and that they hope to not... —  read more 

This was the ONLY option they considered

We have the highest unemployment rate since threw great recession right now. No one can find a decent job right now and when places do start ramping back up it will slow and reserved. How do they expect anyone to find work?? No one can tell me that a... —  read more 

T-Phoney Absolutely K--ling Jobs during a pandemic

What the heck is T Phoney doing??? More and more job cuts this week and they keep piling up. Trying to be discreet and sneaky! What a bunch of phonies. They talk about how they care so much about humanity then they just totally devastate thousands of... —  read more 

40% of RIS laid off

Nearly 40% of our department was slashed when a Sprint manager took over. Our TMO Senior Director and most his directs were laid off. It was blood bath from there for TMO. We lost people with high tenure such as 20 years. Thought that we were adding... —  read more 

Bellingham layoffs.

one of the smaller call centers. So we only had 1 Tm and 2 coaches let go. A few cres and the cre sr rep were told they could basically go be sr experts or resign. Keeping their current pay.

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Meridian idaho layoffs

I just got word from someone who was let go, that they have let go of at least 9 coaches, 3 CREs, 3 managers and one of our seniors managers! I'm sure they're gonna lay off more

T-Force Hawaii

We got the call today that the company is letting go T-Force Specialists in Hawaii. We will miss taking care of our customers

Layoffs incoming

Got notice of some more organizational "restructuring". They're changing the coach:rep ratio from 1:10 to 1:12 so coach layoffs are likely incoming this week

Layoffs Galore! Meanwhile Mike Sievert and the Gang are too busy kowtowing to BLM and remaining mysteriously silent on that Network Outage

Cowards on the Senior Leadership Team refusing to now stand up and take accountability for these actions. The largest collection of callous, lying, disingenuous, phony, self-serving corporate stooges. Prancing and preening during those All Hands... —  read more 

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Sprint Jobs Obliterated

After a 20 plus year career with Sprint I was told along with 600 Sprint Co-workers that our jobs were being eliminated on 6/16/19 (76 days after the merger closed) It was a 5 minute conference call with no Q and A. It has been emotionally... —  read more 

Mike must be so happy for Covid-19

He and his minions couldn't be happier with the current economic meltdown. Now they have something to blame for the upcoming layoffs. I bet they are even rehearsing their messages. "It is not about the merger, it is the covid-19". The texans... —  read more 

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We are next

They might be working on the Sprint list right now, but don't think for one second that means we are safe. Once they've gotten rid of everybody from there they were planning to get rid of, it'll be our turn. And it will be as bad if not worse than... —  read more 

Metro By T-Mobile job cut

In the last three weeks multiple departments were completely dismantled and laid off at Metro By T-Mobile. It started with all Area Directors and VPs and then zone managers for indirect teams were laid off followed by in Development managers and... —  read more 

Sprint Headcount Annihilated

T-Mobile US Inc. reportedly is laying off large numbers of sales employees who came to the company in its merger with Sprint Corp. T-Mobile told hundreds of affected employees on a Monday conference call that the company is doing away with... —  read more 

More post merger T-Mobile Layoffs

Despite touting no jobs would be eliminated post merger T-Mobile continues their clearcutting. Last time it was T-vision now it's front line and care. The hits just keep coming with these bozo's while John is laughing all the way to the bank... —  read more 

T-Mobile H&E Layoffs

Just got off meeting, TVISIOn is getting layed off. I big majority . Techs are being downsized to 2 per market . Warehouse , dispatch and call center also . Serverance to be paid with insurance covered till novemberish .

Severance pay

Does tmobile offer one or two weeks of severance pay for each year of service?

Emerging Business Layoffs

Was on an all hands meeting call this morning and they did mention there would be some changes to the business. Getting rid of redundant positions, changes in directions, etc. Should know more next week. Any other divisions seeing an RIF?

TPR layoffs

There's news of TPRs getting their contracts terminated with T-Mobile and having to close stores as a result. Retail employees are at greatest risk.

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