Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

More restructuring in 2022.

We all know what happened the last time restructuring happened. If you are not in Customer Care, expect to be switching back to taking phone calls again. Expect more bonus structure changes, expect a lot of internal changes.

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Twitter and the twidiots

I love how fake the leadership at tmus are. You can’t post anything but kiss up info or you get blocked from the Twitter page. It is just a matter of time before leadership is exposed because they don’t want to hear the truth. Take a look at those... —  read more 

Beta Male CEO

Why is stock so low? Stock is down 30% this year. Competitors with weak to no 5G are doing alot better. Why is this? Is this due to weak leadership? bad management? no vision beyond pepto bismol interior decorating scheme? Inquiring minds want to... —  read more 

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What’s this about?

New email saying RAM & Above can ignore any operations and need to focus on Covid protocols. Says guaranteed commission for Ram and above also. As much as I’d like to think this is kind of them. I’m sure they have a reason

I lost a lot of time here

Colleagues I loved working with left a long time ago. We are in touch, and I would say that now all of them are doing better than me who stayed here. They’re better paid and they’re not under as much stress as I am. I stayed because I didn’t... —  read more 

Johnny Walker is great

If your career is on the line by a certain date next month. Just a heads up no company right now is going to back up Religious Accommodations as mest up as that is. It is what it is. I am someone who had covid multiple times, and recovered just... —  read more 

Backfilling positions

For months now, no one has taken the place of my colleagues who are now in other companies. Does it seem to me or is this company no longer backfilling positions? This is becoming a really miserable place to work. I am currently doing work for 3 or... —  read more 

Jingle all the way

So word on the street is we just got an internal memo stating Feb. 15th that we have to return to office and be fully vaccinated by then. The definition of being fully vaccinated is I believe is 2 shots unless it goes to boosters which wouldn't... —  read more 

Is It Just Me....

Or is it extremely offensive that not one word has been mentioned about the Omicron variant, breakthrough cases, vaccine effectiveness reducing over time and the rapidly increasing risk of returning back to the office? It begs the question...why?


Looks like CLL in my region will be shrunk from 30 down to 6 in the next week. CLE will need to drop down to mobile expert and the CLLs will need to reapply for their jobs . Ones not selected will drop back to RAM

Long Live Legere

Evening boys and girls, Let's huddle around the water cooler for a moment. Help me understand how our company can mandate a vaccine for half the company for business side but tell COR retail non salaried its STRONGLY recommended. When hey I used... —  read more 

T-Mobile is forcing all employees back into the office. Claims victory over Covid-19, anyone who pushes back is going to be let go.

The largest company in the world to return back to the office and the only carrier in the cellular industry returning. T-Mobile is claiming an end to the pandemic, the virus is no longer a threat, you can't transmit it anymore or get sick if you are... —  read more 

Finance or Care

Does anyone know if people who do collections are in Finance or the Customer Service teams? I hear there are going to be layoffs of some but not sure which department.

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What is happening?

stock price is down more than 20%, morale is bad, there seems to be no mojo in any of the departments and 5G seems to be lackluster. I used to love going to work now I just go because that's what grown-ups do when they have kids to feed and bills to... —  read more 

Medical/Religious Exemptions - Who has been approved for either one and what were you approved for? How long is it good for based upon your area

Poll of the audience: Who has been approved? Which one did you get approved for medical or religious? How long is the approval for and does it have to be renewed every year? Are you able to remain remote and go to work events with this exemption... —  read more 

Please Lay Me Off!

This place has become a sh*t show in the last 12 months... I want to leave but don't want to forfeit my RSUs ($100K) Any suggestions on how to get laid off?

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Layoffs should be on hold

First of all, we are understaffed as it is. Second of all, we can't seem to attract anybody worth their salt so cutting more folks would leave us in a precarious position. Third of all, we are already so underpaid for the amount of work we're doing... —  read more 

The Hub

It’s pretty fun to see Hub comments are an out of control dumpster fire. People posting faster than they can be deleted or referred to T-Action to be further ignored. It absolutely rules.

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