Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Has HR ever helped you?

HR exists to protect company investments. You will get to spin your wheels and get on several conference calls with HR and your boss ’direct report. In the end nothing will be done, and you’ll be left to decide how to handle it in your own. HR by... —  read more 

Severance packages

It would come as no surprise if they make changes to severance packages and put employees in an even worse position following the upcoming layoffs. Here on the forum it's being talked about, and I have heard it elsewhere too, that the changes in... —  read more 

Company E-mails

So is Frier having a nervous breakdown or what? These last two emails are rambling, vague, and refer to a company culture that I have not seen him make any effort to promote or embrace.

Is T-Mobile Safe?

Greetings - I've completed the first round of interviews for a position in the Corporate division and figured I'd stop here to see just how secure jobs are at T-Mobile. For context, I'm coming from AT&T, which is probably one of the most toxic... —  read more 

Fight back the layoff

Those who have been impacted should not be giving any money to TMO or Sprint. Especially after lying to Congress and even using employee funded super packs. Does anyone have recommendations for other cell phone providers or know good deals. Let’s... —  read more 

Employee Safety

I know friends that are store reps and its business as usual in stores, no plexiglass , no 1 to 1 ratio...what is going on there? In the middle of a pandemic and tmobile is business as usual .... i feel bad for store employees

T-Mobile Marketing layoffs

Last week of June 2020, T-Mobile Marketing org went through a re-org and a layoff ... based on what I've seen, at least 150-200 were let go in one week. From Directors, senior managers, to individual contributors. Most of there were highly tenured –... —  read more 

Scared for Our Jobs

Teams in a meeting were told that our jobs are safe and that everyone on the call’s jobs were safe. However, not even ten minutes later on the call, leadership retracts their words and says that they can’t make guarantees and that they hope to not... —  read more 

40% of RIS laid off

Nearly 40% of our department was slashed when a Sprint manager took over. Our TMO Senior Director and most his directs were laid off. It was blood bath from there for TMO. We lost people with high tenure such as 20 years. Thought that we were adding... —  read more 

Bellingham layoffs.

one of the smaller call centers. So we only had 1 Tm and 2 coaches let go. A few cres and the cre sr rep were told they could basically go be sr experts or resign. Keeping their current pay.

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