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Bankruptcy between 3/30 and 4/12 If no deal is worked out

According to the new SEC 8k filing which can be found at Then click on Filings and financials tab then SEC filings and then go down to Other. This is a copy of the confidential presentation made last year to the creditors.

AT&T paying Hazard pay

So I’m out in California. A fellow construction tech at AT&T ( and my neighbor) showed me an addendum to their contract with CWA. Any tech who may potentially come in contact with the public shall be compensated at an hourly rate that commences blah... —  read more 

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Curfews being set in Tampa and St.Pete. I know a lot of BS and back and forth between who’s the laziest group, but I really feel sorry for the field techs! This company is a complete F U operation! Upper management does not give a damn about us and... —  read more 


It amazes me how this company cares nothing about the safety of its employees. Why are we still going in customer's homes with no protective gear? Customers are to be aske questions that are supposed to be reported on the ticket, but this isnt the... —  read more 

CWA Frontier Communications

CWA COVID-19 Dear Brothers & Sisters: You may be asking what your union is doing in these challenging times. With the rapidly evolving coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), your CWA Local 9003 leaders want to assure you that our primary concern is... —  read more 

Take Precautions

Someone who was on Irannye's (NeNe) recent cruise tested positive for Covid 19, we all need to be careful.

China won’t win!

FTr employees through these difficult times we still need to take precaution and do what we have to do to keep America running. Ask a fellow colleague if they’re ok or could use some assistance with anything. Something is trying get to take us down... —  read more 

Does Bernie exist?

Have there been sightings? Im thinking he might be a fake. I mean Bernard could just be an anagram for "Rebrand".

Earnings report

Nothing yet but a hint yesterday points to a big loss being reported when it does come out. It is gonna big a very bad report.

Corona update

While most companies are trying to figure out how get employees to work from home, Frontier is worried about separating employees by 6 ft. Also, steady doing obs trying to get people fired!


So with this Corona virus going on WTF is Frontier doing? They sure as hell want us to be at work swapping germs still I see!

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FCC document

Media Contact: Tina Pelkey, (202) 418-0536 [email protected] For Immediate Release CHAIRMAN PAI LAUNCHES THE KEEP AMERICANS CONNECTED PLEDGE Pai Calls on Broadband and Telephone Service Providers to Promote Connectivity for Americans... —  read more 

US Government State of Emergency

The US government and the current State of Emergency will not allow any disruption to any internet provide period. It is the most important resource for communication as we change the way we live due to the virus. You cannot put a value on what is... —  read more 


Unfortunately out of CTF, Florida has the worst luck. Your contract was not renegotiated for the very reason FTR would file bankruptcy and will be allowed to give a 90 day notice to all employees if they do decide to let go. Wish all you guys the... —  read more 

game set and match?

4th Quarter earnings report???

Bernie....Bernie...Bernie Han, has anyone heard from Bernie Han??? First he had "disappearing" Dan and now we have the invisible man 🤦

Help stop the spread of corona virus!

Mgmt needs to let us work from home. We don’t rely on you or even need you to do our jobs. As a matter of fact if we are honest you just get in our way anyway.

Things I want

Lower our health care cost! 3% raise yearly! PTO and Vacation! Yearly evaluations/raise or write up! 3 month new job assignment to learn new skills! On the job training of new technology ! Buyout if you ain’t sh–! People to be held... —  read more 

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March is here - Time to cancel your dues

Keep your money. It’s yours. You don’t owe them anything at this point. They haven’t had a contract or a contract renewal where they haven’t given up more than they have gained in over 20 years. If you are a FL worker you have lost thousands of... —  read more 

March 15th contract

Our Union is holding a meeting Monday to negotiate contract before March 15th and our contract isn't up until october. Anybody know what that means?


Does anyone have any viable information in regards to any of the ongoing criminal, civil, or class action lawsuits? FRONTIER’s management/supervisory team should give a public account of their incompetence and face real jail time for fraud and... —  read more 

Proof Proof Proof

Listen y'all, I hate this company as much as all of you (that's why I'm leaving soon), BUT.... If you are going to post something on here, please proof of what your posting and not repeating something your podmate said to you.

The hub

Supposedly was 50 million and the trash still doesn’t work!

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Bain: what a bunch of overpaid clowns

The shame of that entire BAIN debacle should haunt Frontier executives to the grave. Unbelievable waste of time, money, and effort and proof top tier management has zero shame or conscience. Please share your personal BAIN experience and how these... —  read more 

Frontier still lying!

Please post a lie that you have been told within the last three years by this fly by this dinosaur company!

Milliman Automated Menu Change

I noticed recently Milliman changed their automated menu. There now is an option to press to discuss with them about our pension during possible restructuring. They must be bombarded with calls. Sounds like things are getting serious.

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