Topics regarding layoffs at Frontier Communications Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Frontier Communications Corp.

Shameless Poor Service

No conscience at customers or, cheap, cheap, before the name goes on.

FL negotiations

Per the most recent update sent out by the union the company wants to raise our healthcare costs and lower our 401k contributions. This is unacceptable and flat out robbery. I hope Cletus has our backs on this.

Maduri gone "Frontier Communications Corporation (the “Company”) and John Maduri, the Company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, mutually agreed to terminate... —  read more 


That's it? No more smart remarks or bad comments about the union. They saved ur jobs for at least another year. No one else would hire you. No education and lazy on top of that. We should double ur dues. Be honest guys. No education and probably... —  read more 

Frontier Ponzi Scheme

Frontier has robbed CT of assets like VRADS , generators, and other assets that have been sent to other states ie W.V. when will the CTF properties be robbed/liquidated to keep failing properties afloat?? Chapter 11 approval is a joke, and is... —  read more 

Make WAH permanent!

For everyone that doesn't need to go into the office there's no reason to not let them continue to work from home after covid-19. Everyone who doesn't need to go into the office like for example customer service

Contract bad news

Since tge comoany entered an agreement with its bondholders and received $460 million in debtor-in-possession financing. will be really hard for the Union i getting anything. with $10 billion in assets to $50 billion in liabilities, looks really... —  read more 

Best lie ever

"We are proud to foster an environment where our employees are supported and always encouraged to bring their best selves to work." "I've been very happy with the way I've been supported at Frontier. My manager is always going out of her way to ask... —  read more 

Frontier South Texas

The management has been telling us to close out jobs that aren't fixed. The techs dont want to but just do what they're told. Been happening for years. LCOMs say it's coming from the top and dont dare bring up a safety issue. Maybe this is your issue... —  read more 


Bill mddb9 hours ago They ain't doing jack. FTR has been a slow burn since 2008 - interrupted by acquisitions, : Commonwealth - 2009, VZ#1 - 2010, T Conn - 2014, CTF 2016. Poor old thing, she has been a beautiful payroll machine for 10 years... —  read more 

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