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Frontier Communications Pension Plan

Grab your pension while you still can get a lump sum. They are pennies away from taking away the option. 2 years ago by Anonymous | 2804 views | no reactions | 11 replies (last 2 years ago) Post ID: @NlPwXyt Annual... read more
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Ken Arndt has everyone running scared

Horner spectacular bowling shoes. Hardnett you should put your belt on before leaving the house not in front of the hotel. Are our union officials g--? Bass why were you late to the gala? Halbert you ate to much at the buffet. The plot thickens and... read more

ftr bankrupt
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Life lately at Frontier

We techs were encouraged for years to OWN your customers give out your business card. Not now no way customer calls you cant help them without a ticket. Try to get a ticket made. No not aloud to do that. It is so hard to do the right thing. They just... read more

Media coverage

At least media coverage is picking up. At least a little bit. Frontier Communications cut another 735 jobs in first three months of 2019, with the broadband carrier’s shares plunging Wednesday even as its CEO continued to promise a turnaround amid... read more
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Frontier layoffs_

Where are those jobs going? Either they are going somewhere else or frontier is being sold? New on TV Never tells the whole story
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Frontier to Cut 280 Jobs out of Henrietta, NY

Anyone have any information about exactly which center they're referring to? If I recall correctly, there's multiple Henrietta Technical Support Centers.

Stay away from Frontier

There is no future here - this company has gone downhill and is showing no indication of ever changing direction. The only thing those on top know to do lately is lay people off - that's their answer to everything. My advice to anybody who is still... read more

F*^%# Frontier

Quit or be fired. That’s Frontier new standard. I’m riding out my disibility and starting my new job soon. F>>% You Frontier

They are preassuriung us to quit

I feel like Frontier is trying to force as many of us to quit as it can. Did you notice how even the slightest infractions are now blown out of proportion? How managers have started behaving even worse than before - going as far as to yell at... read more


Forcing your employees to function in an environment where they feel they must constantly look behind their backs for micro-managing supervision who are tasked with reducing the workforce makes for an extremely unsafe workplace.

Attention FCC & PSCs!

Frontier Communications is doing its best to thin-out their workforce by k--ling moral with poor treatment, a lack of appreciation, empowerment, and trust, and firing its employees based on silly, trivial, on-the-fly rules. The number of Company... read more

Ashburn NOC

Anyone heard the status of this location. I see the homeland security bought the building and i heard Verizon had to clear but was extended. Frontier??
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Watch Your Back

In Florida they are making the Managers write up all departments for any little thing. I think there trying to make the job so unbearable people will retire. They are making New rules then going back a month and writing people up for the new rule... read more

Frontier's biggest mistake

The biggest mistake Frontier made was when they started purchasing more markets in 2010. After they made that big purchase the wheels started coming off. Frontier seemed to be doing fine until then. @YI7lQcT-1cpa hit the nail on the head. This is... read more
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The Big Plan

i really think Verizon designed this to fail.....and it is working. i think frontier will get broken up and sold off a little here a little there

Frontier CTO needs to go

Frontier's longtime CTO is a huge part of the problem faced by the company. He's a micro manager who does not communicate, he does not build teams, he does not invest in talent. He empowers the wrong people and is solely interested in securing and... read more

Frontier will declare bankruptcy

As a former employee, I predict that Frontier will crash and burn and inevitably declare bankruptcy. I saw the company lay off huge numbers of good, qualified, hard-to-find employees that they had invested significant training in, just to bolster the... read more

Frontier Layoff in the PNW

Notification was sent out April 4th, 2019 to IBEW local 89 advising of a workforce surplus condition. Frontier offered an Enhanced Income Security Plan (ISP) in hopes of luring 24 Sales and Service Technician IIs out the door in Washington and... read more

CWA being forced into IBEW once again...

WV Techs from CWA are once again being forced into IBEW legacy areas Charlestown-Romney to clean up their load. Techs will get no reprieve on their points even if they are cleaning up someone else’s mess. Thanks IBEW, you won’t survive the next... read more

Voluntary buyouts offered?

Confirmed; At Least Two Employees in Construction/COEI Took the Layoff Package In Indio Ca. Is this true? If it is, what are the chances they will be offering more voluntary buyouts in near future? I'd personally jump at the opportunity, and I know... read more

Extended I.S.P.

First let me say please have a backup plan as far as getting a different job. I truly believe the company is now run by Bain Capital which is a former Mitt Romney company. This company only prepares companies for Bankruptcy examples: Toys R Us ... read more

Are we done with layoffs?

March is nearly over, does that mean the latest round of layoffs at Frontier will come to an end? It's making me really nervous hearing about more layoffs in different locations and departments every day or two. It would be nice to know it is over -... read more

CEO compensation is up while company is struggling to survive

. Frontier Communications Says CEO's 2018 Total Compensation Was $7.1 Mln vs $6 Mln In 2017REUTERS - 7:45 AM ET. in the mean time they cut lower supervisors yearly bonuses and raise their medical. For union members they cut our performance bonus.
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Saw today there are a lot lot of posting for cable splicers in several WV cities. Things are looking up!
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March Layoffs happening 2019

FTR is laying off more than 111 in Sales including VPs and folks from Product. Meanwhile, go do a 6 week offsite project with some consultants and then share internally how happy and more productive you are.

Frontier refinancing Debt

Frontier Communications refinancing via $1.65B secured debt offer »
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Verizon and Frontier doing very similar operations?

Both Verizon and Frontier managers had “closed door” meetings this week. Both Verizon and Frontier had rumors leak out this week about VSP or ISP packages being offered to employees soon. Both Verizon and Frontier settled Union contracts quickly this... read more

Is it true that Verizon wants to acquire Frontier?

Got that info from my cousin who works at Verizon so I checked out the Verizon board on this site and there was word about them acquiring Frontier and CenturyLink. Any info about this or has anyone heard the same rumors?

NY needs techs

I'm a customer in upstate New York. The techs out here desperately need more people and the area is falling apart. These guys work real hard but it seems like nobody listens to them. Mandatory overtime when its -25 degrees out and 3 feet of snow... read more

FTR is a laughing stock

saw FTR stock is at a healthy price of $1.92 today...... With another month till the 4Q earnings are released (which i'm sure nobody is excited about) stock seems destined for another reverse split to ensure survival, or just let it fall off the... read more

ISP packages

Has anyone heard rumors of EISP packages being offered in February? Thanks!

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