Topics regarding layoffs at Frontier Communications Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Frontier Communications Corp.


was at the Tampa store other day to swap a box and the agent told me Florida was being sold to another company in the next few months. Hadnt heard anything about it so likely just another rumor

911 OUTAGE!!!!

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - WCSC viewers who watch on Frontier Cable in the Lowcountry will no longer be able to watch Live 5 for local news, local weather or CBS programming, including college and NFL football. Frontier Communications abruptly... —  read more 


Riots in The Street Incoming CEO Nick Jeffery, 52, has led Vodafone’s United Kingdom operations since 2016, previously heading up its Cable & Wireless subsidiary. Frontier will pay Jeffery a $1.3 million annual salary and a $3.75 million signing... —  read more 


(Bloomberg) – Frontier Communications Corp. is looking to sell $2.8 billion of junk bonds to help finance its emergence from bankruptcy, its second such sale in two months. The telecommunications company is sounding out investors for a new $1.8... —  read more 

Hey Bernie

11/23/2020 Attorney General Tong Urges Rejection of Frontier Buyout (Hartford, CT) –Attorney General William Tong today urged the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority to deny a change of ownership sought by Frontier Communications. In a brief... —  read more 


So it appears there is a new branding name from FIOS to FIBER OPTIC. But clearly this company needs to drop TV service. Traditional STB service is ancient and with the overhead cost of all supplies to support Video it just doesn’t make any sense. I... —  read more 


Problem. NO one was arrested. If I had to do it all over again.....should have whistleblowed to the SEC. The integration never happened. Most Tier II people left ASAP after the illegal VZ sale to FTR. Laws were broke.. FTR/VZ lied to the SEC. .xls... —  read more 

WV PSC recommendations testimony The recommendations of restrictions testimony is very direct... I really hope they can hold frontiers feet to the fire.

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Shameless Poor Service

No conscience at customers or, cheap, cheap, before the name goes on.

FL negotiations

Per the most recent update sent out by the union the company wants to raise our healthcare costs and lower our 401k contributions. This is unacceptable and flat out robbery. I hope Cletus has our backs on this.

Maduri gone "Frontier Communications Corporation (the “Company”) and John Maduri, the Company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, mutually agreed to terminate... —  read more 


That's it? No more smart remarks or bad comments about the union. They saved ur jobs for at least another year. No one else would hire you. No education and lazy on top of that. We should double ur dues. Be honest guys. No education and probably... —  read more 

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