Topics regarding layoffs at Frontier Communications Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Frontier Communications Corp.

The mediocrity effect

Competent people are now unfortunately a minority in this company. People who once couldn’t get a job here because they don’t have any relevant skills are now more respected than people who work hard and still somehow keep this company alive. The... —  read more 

I don't think so

If there are people who still like this place they are certainly a minority. The billion-dollar telecoms giant dolled out executive bonuses worth A$50 million in 2020 during Chapter 11 bankruptcy to reduce its debt by A$13 billion following an... —  read more 

Growing skills

How much did you manage to learn while at Frontier and expand your skillset? I’ve tried my best because it’s in my best interest to get out of here as soon as possible and get a better opportunity. However, in my opinion, this isn’t a place where you... —  read more 


You people still in business? All I see is plant standing wide open for the last 6 years and not a soul that wants to fix it.

Ready to get laid off

I’m sorry for everyone who is anxious about the layoffs and who is trying to keep the job here, but I honestly can’t wait and would love to be the target. I’ve had enough of all this here and I’ve never been more demotivated to work here. What I... —  read more 


This week we suppose to get our retro for 2 years of not having a contract! Let’s see how much FTR is going to try and gag us for?


Moody's published a report a few months which states that the new Frontier would go into Bankruptcy within a year of coming out of bankruptcy. This company will go down as one of the worse company to ever exist. It is hated by shareholders and it is... —  read more 

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