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March Layoffs happening 2019

FTR is laying off more than 111 in Sales including VPs and folks from Product. Meanwhile, go do a 6 week offsite project with some consultants and then share internally how happy and more productive you are.

Frontier refinancing Debt

Frontier Communications refinancing via $1.65B secured debt offer »
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Verizon and Frontier doing very similar operations?

Both Verizon and Frontier managers had “closed door” meetings this week. Both Verizon and Frontier had rumors leak out this week about VSP or ISP packages being offered to employees soon. Both Verizon and Frontier settled Union contracts quickly this... read more

Is it true that Verizon wants to acquire Frontier?

Got that info from my cousin who works at Verizon so I checked out the Verizon board on this site and there was word about them acquiring Frontier and CenturyLink. Any info about this or has anyone heard the same rumors?

NY needs techs

I'm a customer in upstate New York. The techs out here desperately need more people and the area is falling apart. These guys work real hard but it seems like nobody listens to them. Mandatory overtime when its -25 degrees out and 3 feet of snow... read more

FTR is a laughing stock

saw FTR stock is at a healthy price of $1.92 today...... With another month till the 4Q earnings are released (which i'm sure nobody is excited about) stock seems destined for another reverse split to ensure survival, or just let it fall off the... read more

ISP packages

Has anyone heard rumors of EISP packages being offered in February? Thanks!

Reverse Split

Heard another Reverse Split coming in January. Happy New Year ....welcome 2019 ...2017 reverse Split happen when stock was around $2.50

Is this true?

The buyouts are generally minuscule and offers employees 48 months of payments and a lump sum of 10k. You would think this would be a no brained for management. Is this true? Have previous buyouts really been this low? How did they get anybody to... read more

The glass is not half full

Bottom line is this, FIOS is a Verizon product and works best when worked by the Verizon system. FTR does not have that system and was screwed over by VZ. At the end of the day if your a tech in the FTR footprint with 15 years or less you should be... read more


Frontier is destined for Bankruptcy Court if they don’t sell CTF. There is a huge disconnect between former Verizon CTF Managers and implanted FTR Mangers. Verizon CTF Mangers are underminding the roll out of FTR policies thinking their Sigma 6... read more


is the company hiring outside techs outside the CWA contract ? does anyone know

What's up ??

Found this afternoon that 3 very experienced employees in highly technical jobs are retiring suddenly before the end the year. Hmmmmmmm.

CWA techs working in IBEW area

Starting today 11/28 techs from CWA area are being moved into the Romney, Augusta, CharlesTown, and other IBEW areas to alleviate the load. IBEW has agreed to take the help because the techs in those areas are overwhelmed with jobs and are unable to... read more

The Final Frontier

Stock is again in decline, as so many times before. It seems the new goal of the earnings report is for losses to not be as bad as predicted......more of a loss report. Enjoy the last ride as big daddy debt is soon coming ever so quickly!
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Don’t buy the hype of 24.8% increase!

Don’t buy the hype of a 24.8% increase in stock in September. Frontier CEO buying back stock like a mad man. He did it and continues to do it to hold off Bankruptcy. Spread the word, this is a scam!

"Service Emergency" declared in WV.

CWA was informed of a service emergency condition in wv that is resulting in 6day/60hr weeks mandatory. 10k+ tickets. Really?!! Run the current skeleton crew into the ground, and pray for a miracle....Like usual, instead of hiring people that would... read more

Bain Capital

Rumors popping up in CA linking Frontier to Bain Capital. No one seems to know if it's just that Bain has been hired to advise on financial matters, or if there's a sale of some sort pending.

Perley to Cox


First levels

I can see first level layoffs remaining supervisors will have huge crews over muiltiple countys in every state of the footprint

Chapter 11

I'm pretty sure Frontier will have to file chapter 11 before end of the year. Once the 5g starts in major city's this year 2018 and people start talking about how great it is . It will be over for them with all of that Old Technology. The Century... read more


They hired a lot of business reps they seem to of fired any all support that they had for their reps and their process is far behind at&t and time warner cable/Charter Spectrum. Dsl is a joke and coming into the role you can tell they let go of... read more
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I Think Frontier is selling at least Florida and Texas to Century Link. Be on the look out when the stock price starts climbing around 9 to 10 dollars . Deal will be done

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