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SRO and Upper Management making bad decisions

Management scrambling trying to up their number by moving techs around under various SRO's to bring the numbers up to where it looks like they have enough workers under them so that will protect their job, It seems their jobs (mgr's) are safe for... read more
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Any news on layoffs?

I've heard something might be happening this week, but there was nothing concrete behind the rumor so I'm hoping it's fake. Anybody knows more here?
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2% force reduction? More like 20%

They forgot to put the 0 after the 2 when they first announced the workforce reduction. Outsourcing and contracting is the game now.
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New L3 CEO Jeff Storey does not care

I know Centurylink is not giving more then a day or two, or hours notice before laying off employees. Getting rid of all older employees and getting rid of union workers. I heard today that the company want to let go of all CTL IT before next... read more


Have any of the business offices been hit with big layoffs yet? We have lost our GM, now we are losing our IT guys. Our systems are staying a mess. Before the merger we ran like clockwork. Rarely had any customer complaints in our office. Orders were... read more

Lay Offs Imminent

VP states more lay offs are imminent, budgets are lacking, the last 2 work force reductions resulted in rise in stock, more and more "big cities" are contracting out work. It may take I to 4th quarter, but more lay offs are coming. If you can get... read more

CTL IT support.

I am told Internal IT is being let go in 90 days. Company will contract out internal IT work.

911 down

How come 911 went down in Mpls/St Paul yesterday? It was down for 6 hours on Sunday also. Not good for CTL

It's always the same people

Same 30 year people that spend more time trying to find a way out of doing a job then it would take to just do it then lose a customer in the process and then want to b--ch how screwed up the company is. Same ones that don’t don’t do this, don’t do... read more

Everybody is leaving

It's not just the three decade guys. The young CSTs in my area all want out. Nobody in CST with more than 7 years with us. Two said they woukd go voluntary and were told no. They are all sending resumes out daily. The more the SRO busts their balls... read more

How low did we fall...

What does it say about CenturyLink if somebody who has been here for close to three decades is praying to be laid off? Once upon a time this was a really good place to work at, with management that appreciated its employees and their hard work. Those... read more

Stupid decisions

Just as Forest Gump famously said "Stupid is as Stupid does" and as Jenny said to Forest "run Forest run"
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Big Brother Watching

Anyone heard of new monitoring software being deploy across all company computers? Rumor is they are looking for people who might be surfing to lay off. I know a lot of people stream music while working so I guess may have to get the old walkman out... read more


Vspp offered again in Phoenix metro for broadband and net techs. Only have 10 days to decide

Wholesale Order Entry Duluth, Des Moines, Decatur

Anyone know when next RIF is happening and which centers are affected or closing? Any changes and dates would be nice. Employees aren't being told anything or flat out lied to. Hard to plan for the future. Thanks for any info you have and best wishes... read more

Amount from each area still needing saved

RCA Description RCA# Job Title Stading Organization Globe, AZ 006 CENTRAL OFFICE TECH Globe, AZ 006 NETWORK TECHNICIAN Phoenix, AZ 010 BROADBAND TECHNICIAN Phoenix, AZ 010 BROADBAND TECHNICIAN Phoenix, AZ 010 BROADBAND TECHNICIAN Phoenix, AZ 010... read more


Here in Phoenix the original numbers regarding the surplus were: 40 Net Techs 10 CDT 15 COT Yesterday we are now being told that they only want to surplus 4 net techs and remain the same on the CDT’s & COT’s. Has anything changed in your areas?
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Job application - what do you put?

Haven't filled out a job app in 30 years. Hit the part where it asks if they can contact current employer and i choked. Since we are all on thin ice I was afraid if they contacted CenturyLink And they found out I was looking they would get rid of me... read more

Things will get better

Getting laid off was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I just hated having to relocate my kids, but the facts are I was extremely underpaid. That piece of paper I earned in college is worth a lot more to good companies, and I'm... read more

The reductions are not over

The reductions are not over... we are going to continue to lose employees by the dozens each week around the company. 5 years from now this company will look and feel completely different from what it is today. Unfortunately the business model must... read more

Upper Management clueless on CWA contract

Apparently, there was a meeting with upper management where they were unaware of the fact that they had to have all contractors gone two weeks prior to layoffs. They didn't know that they couldn't hire contractors back for two years after the layoffs... read more

Storey HATES the consumer business

People, understand Storey HATES the consumer business, its a boat anchor around his neck. He would sell it for a dollar if he could fond someone dumb enough to buy it it. Enterprise is all he cares about. He is gonna milk every last drop out of the... read more

AT&T door to door sales people for Centurylink

Why in the world would Centurylink hire AT&T door to door salesman? Not only that, but we just had one stop by our house and the guy was rude, argumentative and disrespectful! No wonder they are losing customers.

Nice work CenturyLink!

NOT! You now have thousands of ex employees spilling the beans on how you operate and how you treat long time employees! Most of us will not return to make this work as a contractors and we are letting everyone know if you have other options to... read more

We have hit a new low

So a 911 center calls me directly because they have my cell. Tell me, we called CTL because we have a big phone cable laying on the road because of an accident and a lot of your customers are complaining the are out. They told us 5-7 days to get... read more

PILOT CENTURYLINK on centurylink job site

Captain - Jet Please ensure that pop-up blockers are disabled in order to proceed. Date: Jun 8, 2018 Sorry, this position has been filled. oh crap I was counting on being Mr Story's personal lear jet pilot
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Layoffs are no where close to being done, expect them at the end every pay period from now until 2019.

Union excuse

Union guys, only excuse stolen pairs. We're the only people trained in copper. Stfu already. Underground work is only for us. Lol. Initiate phase 3.

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