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Still no PPE in tHe NE, literally taking life into own hands. Meanwhile these CWA IBEW unions not taking action or giving any real direction or guidance on how we should be aporoaching the matter during a national emergency. CenturyLink dont care... —  read more 

Please explain

How everyone in your workgroup doing exact same job, can work from home but one person . The same person with the most seniority and in a high risk group? Guess the Final decision will be made by Covid-19. I see more lawsuits in your future... —  read more 

Hazard Pay

We as technicians should be getting hazard pay. No hand sanitizer, no antibacterial wipes, gloves or masks. Told to work inside homes and businesses of possibly infected customers. The government has declared the coronavirus a national pandemic and... —  read more 

Done with this c-ap

After 41 years I finally had enough and took the package. Best thing I have ever done. I have watched a once great company slowly go to hell in a hand bag. I feel sorry for those just starting out or everyone who isn’t old enough to retire. It amazes... —  read more 

Proactive Approach

With the current crisis, it’s not hard to forecast Jeff’s next move. He’s going to use this crisis as a way to further reduce union technician and related management presence With limited exposure to scrutiny by blaming it on the crisis. It’s a... —  read more 

Working past the NID

The Union should advise the company for the safety of its members and their employees no work will be done past the NID for residential customers. If a technician is on a repair ticket (pots or VV) and the trouble is inside the home the technician... —  read more 


I saw the post from the company regarding customer contact. I have been in many homes were people are home sick. Most are not forthcoming regarding their health. I am not a doctor and cannot readily assess if a customer is infected with the virus... —  read more 


At what point will the outside techs be pulled do to coronavirus restrictions. No towels,scrubs,sanitizer in storerooms. But yet we have to go in everybody’s house. 🤢

Ctl scholarship

Does anybody know if the Centurylink scholarship is still available for graduating seniors of employees or did they drop it .

Cwa trying to unionize contractors

Why is the cwa trying to unionize contractors instead of using their time to fight for the employees that are paying them union dues. This union is so weak they need to start stepping up and fighting for the contract that we have. First they screw us... —  read more 

Colorado Layoffs

VSPP being offered 3-11 Denver market. Not sure if this is in addition to the 42 announced techs being layed off.


Utah National manager laid off. SRO is next

500 layoffs Friday March 6

IT workers among those targeted and they had no idea this was coming ... the new stealth layoffs continue. No wonder morale s—s.

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All Hands Meeting

Did anyone else think that meeting was a waste of time? As usual, let’s cherry pick questions and take very long to answer them. When it came to if they are still looking to sell the consumer side, he skirts around the question like a politician. But... —  read more 

new jersey

1 AOM manager NJ, dismissed. another 2 NJ SROs to be dismissed by friday. local telco side will start to be merged into national.

Layoffs ?

This was the rumor that I heard from management in early January. After this Last buyout (EISSP) was offered in Las Vegas it would be the last one, then layoffs would commence. It appears not to be a rumor anymore. The company will probably go back... —  read more 

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St.Paul/Minneapolis. The contractors have full routes 3 gpon installs per tech and us union members leave with a future vn or a pots out of service. Never seen anything like this before! The ship had sunk!

STI anyone?

Has anyone in this place heard anything about an STI payout ? Our genius boss only can say that it has been submitted, If I remember didn't we have some sort of news/payout percentage by this time last year?

Contractor CO Job

Job Title: CO-Circuit/Transport-CENTRAL OFFICE TECHNICIAN Location: Crestview, FL Duration: 9 months Central Office (Switch) Maintenance Special Services/Design Services Installation and Maintenance Technician– An individual that has highly... —  read more 


When is the IBEW employee's going to get it ? What about legacy L3. Any rumors from other Union members ? Seems like the Union's don't communicate much if any.

150 layoff


Leg Qwest OR/WA Layoff 02/21

Net Tech/Broadband Tech Portland, OR 16 Renton, WA 7 Bellingham, WA 1 Bremerton, WA 4 Colville, WA 1 Olympia, WA 5 Pasco, WA 2 Seattle, WA 12 Spokane, WA 7 Tacoma, WA 12 Yakima, WA 2 CDT Klamath Falls, OR 1 Yakima, WA... —  read more 

Who else wishes layoffs were done already?

I'm so tired of waiting and so tired of stressing over this. If I find out I'm laid off it'll be hard but at least I'll know where I am and what I need to do. Right now, it feels like I'm stuck in limbo. No idea what's happening and no idea what my... —  read more 

Non compete

So i took the package on my last day was given exit paperwork that said there was a non solicit non complete clause even though never saw it and boss wasn't there last day so no info or copies of signed paperwork. Did say if you didn't sign it no... —  read more 

Contractors splicing cut cables

This has been going on since last summer in Phoenix. We find a cut cable (any size) and instead of staying and splicing it were told to go home and contractors will splice it. Has any other areas had this happen to them? Also the same goes for x... —  read more 

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