Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

Never seen such incompetence

Have you ever worked in a company that had more incompetent leadership? I have not. And I worked in several companies before I came here. How can anyone believe that better days will come here, when we are led by such incompetent people? It would be... —  read more 

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Waiting finally paid off!

I have been looking around and there are jobs out there, but none seem to fit my needs. Pay isn’t the issue but having good health insurance is. I’ve been searching for over six months and just when I felt like giving up and putting it on hold, one... —  read more 


38 of us got walked out on Wednesday. And now they posted all volunteer overtime approved, what a slap in the face for us, completely pathetic

Bankruptcy rumors?

hear more and more people talking about bankruptcy, I just don't know where that story comes from and what its based on. So I'm starting to wonder how likely is it that it might happen? Honestly, I don’t believe in such a scenario, but there’s... —  read more 

One year ago!

One year ago I took a severance package without having a job to go to. Wasn't sure what my future would be. But I was sure it had to be better than working for CenturyLink. After a 4 month vacation during a global pandemic, I was offered a job that... —  read more 

Training academy?

I get laid off this week and then I get this from indeed, out of my area. Lay me off but having a boot camp.. Lumen is seeking early-career or second-career self-starters who are self-motivated with high technical aptitude and an interest in a... —  read more 

Tower of cards

No, thank you, the situation on the job market is not so desperate that I would continue doing a job for 5 people here... Next week I will give notice because I found a lower paid job but where I will not be as squeezed and humiliated as here. I hope... —  read more 

Ungrateful company

Last day is June 30th, what a big slap in the face after working through the pandemic, making sure people had service so they could work at home, risking my health plus my family's for a big FU GOOD BYE

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