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Latest on layoffs?

What's the latest on layoffs? Are we looking at more any time soon? I haven't heard anything, and there are usually at least some rumblings. I'd appreciate any info.

VP of HR Scott Trezise

Monroe, Louisiana - ‎Executive Vice President - ‎CenturyLink At CenturyLink, we believe our employees are the company’s greatest asset. ... As CenturyLink’s Human Resources executive, I am responsible for all domestic and international human... read more

CEO pay for Mr Story

Mr. Jeff Storey Page 2 Position Location: Your principal work location will be Broomfield, Colorado, but you agree that the Company’s headquarters and many of its senior leaders will remain located in Monroe, Louisiana. As such, you acknowledge that... read more


Here is the sad, sad reality of people today who actually believe that saying "positive" things is what determines the fate of a company and/or industry. It has nothing to do with objective reality or verifiable, factual events or economic reality... read more

Pay Increases

Does anyone know if these pay increases are company wide or certain groups? My group has not been told anything yet but groups we work directly with are reporting everyone is going to get this pay increase. Great news if true. Nice to see the company... read more

Corporate ineptitude

" 2 CPA’s and 2 Engineer II’s In Salt Lake City, Utah. Involuntarily released immediately got a box and walked out. A few weeks earlier 2 Engineer ll’s and an Engineer l quit. Morale at an all time low, those who are left are being saddle with all... read more

Will there be more notices this week?

Were all notices already handed out or are we expecting more to be served sometime this week? Also, those who were already notified, were you given any details on the severance? How many weeks, what's the cap, stuff like that? I know there was talk... read more

w/c 03/19/18 - Latest News?

Well, another week has passed.... What's the latest information for this week? Where are people being impacted?
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Whole Lotta Nodda

I see a lot of talk on here about layoffs and how everyone should fear this week. So far, I’ve heard of nothing within the company. Is this a “wait until Friday” thing or just a lot of unsubstantiated rumors so that others freak out? Who is this... read more

Any Severance?

When the RIF takes place, is there any severance pay? Or do they just frog march you out the door like a rotten piece of meat?

News on next week?

Do we know by now if the rumored CenturyLink layoffs will take place next week? If the answer is yes, this will definitely not be a fun weekend in any way, shape or form. Sometimes I feel like anticipation and stress over not knowing what's going on... read more

Excellent read

No more PRISM or Centurylink stream that was a OTT video platform. Writing is on the wall and I'll explain how. Since the merger Centurylink is no longer reselling Verizon, but just last year the CEO spoke on the merger and stated reselling Verizon... read more

More Layoffs in the near Future

CenturyLink -Level3 is going to do more layoffs or as they like to put it an RIF. Employees are told this is necessary to keep the company afloat . The stock is not doing well and the company is not doing well according to my former Director. They... read more

Century Link APAC

I hear CTL APAC is no better, the director of international operations doesn’t give a hoot about anyone but himself ...
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No More PRISM...

CenturyLink stopped selling its PRISM product and rather sell DirecTv. This company operates backwards and it shows the way business is conducted. While everyone is trying to merge the company, consumers are leaving and employees have no insight on... read more

"Old Centurylink" Costs Outrageous

Looking at 6 months earnings as of June 2017(see the 10-Q filing), "old Centurylink" selling, marketing, administrative costs ran 20% of revenues, higher then prior year, while year on year revenues dropped 5.7%. Yes dropped! Prior year was 18.7% of... read more
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Major Layoffs Happening the Week of March 12th

Word on the street is quite a few more layoffs are happening after HR delivers their "Bell Curve" results. Get out now people... before you have to endure another awkward Glen Post meeting where Jeff Story cucks him in front of the whole company... read more

Show of interest before RIF

Not sure what all states got the offernfor a show of interest in leaving the company with a severance package. Here in Pennsylvania we got the offer last week and only had less than 2 weeks to make a decision. Talk to the supervisor and he claims if... read more

Escorted out the door

I was escorted out the door with no notice . The new Level3 management decided to do a reduction in force in the typical underhanded way . I had to return to collect may personal items . Still waiting for my severance pay , they say it can take up to... read more

Centurylink layoffs begin 2018

Centurylink employees didn’t get a bonus this year because the new CEO got a six million dollar sign on bonus. The exact amount the employees would have gotten in their bonuses. La Crosse, WI Centurylink had begun laying off its already dwindling... read more


quite layoffs start this Friday in national operations . no notice just an escort out the door . this is not a merger this a hostile take over . Comcast and AT&T announce bonuses . Glen Post announces , layoffs , no raise for 2018. we have been sold... read more

Head count reductions in progress

Head count reductions in progress as of 1/3/2018 a voluntary notice went out to occupational employees. With the feeling that if the company didn’t achieve their goal a forced reduction would soon follow. A management a severance package will be... read more

Please let me get a package for Christmas!

I finally see network planning meetings show up in my calendar and then they were pulled back immediately. (2) former tw/L3 buildings in South Denver to be closed. It's the 3rd week of January before L3 employees officially hit CenturyLink payroll... read more

It's happening now, Ctl India in danger

Apparently 1700 employees received head count reduction notice. There are recent hires and experienced people working there heart out for Ctl. What was the need for level 3 merger? Why is Glen post silent on the things. Forcing employees to resign in... read more

We need proper plan for the future

I've been with CTL for a while. In the past few years one thing has become apparent: this company has no proper plan for the future. It's mostly on the upper management. They've been in turmoil for a while now which made them incapable of either... read more

Negative sales office enviroment

Sometimes I have to wonder if I spend my days at high school classroom or CenturyLink office. That's the level of discuss we have here. People spend every available minute they have gossiping and speculating about in or out of office relationships or... read more
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