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We are right behind you

I am a service tech for frontier,started out with gte,then verizon.we are seeing the same destruction of our company that you are .just a matter of time new point system,no faults on ancient cable,everyone gets a write up.the end is near
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Another round for Engineering?

Engineering received an email late this afternoon stating work will begin to align national and local engineering and construction. They are to align with the “Plan, Build, Run model. Whatever that is? I assume it will be all given to contractors... read more

Techs - Frame of mind?

I was talking to a guy in one of the offices today and he told me about this website. It makes me more depressed then I normally am to see the postings here and what is really going on behind the scenes they are not telling us about. I just got home... read more

Breaking Maintenance Contracts

We just learned that Field Ops is now in the process of breaking maintenance contracts with certain customers because they don't have the manpower to meet the obligations of having someone on site and they don't want to be held to the response time... read more

Is anything happening?

There are no layoffs at my office, so I’m curious whether it has quieted down company wide or are we just spared for the time being?

Are any BMO techs working in MAX?

It was just discussed in our area that we (BMO) might have to start working residential tickets in MAX. This should prove interesting with no bucket trucks. Are there any BMO guys anywhere working reaidential tickets in MAX due to lack of work in PBX... read more


I have been in BMO for many years. Back in the day, we were a good company with a good reputation and had many customers that loved us and were loyal. There were 20+ men in our dept and we could have used more. Then the first thing they did wrong... read more


I work for CTL , have a great boss that empowers us to do what it takes to resolve issues for our customers. In many instances what appears to be a network problem is in fact a customer caused issue, in spite of this we do what we can to help them... read more

They want to sell us off


Expect more significant reductions at call centers

According to the All Hands Meeting we had on Tuesday the automation orders are going to be the simple move, add, change and disconnect orders. Nothing complex yet. They are automating some of the provisioning and the scheduling aspects of all orders... read more
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RIF: No severance or unemployment?

Hi, Are the rumors true that if you are RIF'd (laid-off), that the company (even though there is published RIF policy) won't pay the severance? And that they deny unemployment?

Level 3 is really Gordon Gekko

"The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for... read more

Automation is already here

We are seeing the orders come though now. They are still using offshore and will continue to do so for cheap labor. It is the onshore call centers that will be closed. A few will remain to do work that offshore cant handle or that they cant automate... read more

2019 office closing

Got a email from a co-worker in Seattle today (5/3/19). it says: "The company announced they are closing a collections office in Shreveport affecting 166 employees".

1 year later.

Took the package June 2018. Got my pension, my 401k, and hauled a--. I got an exit interview, I complained... not no word. Best decision I've made. I feel better health wise, too. It will be 1 year that I left that sh-- hole.

An awakening

I started with the company right out of High School as a management employee in a technical position. One of the older guys told me for years there was no future here, anyone smart would leave. I used to think he was just a guy who was full of c-ap... read more

Exit experience

Question for people who quit - what was your exit experience like? What's the process like? Is the two weeks notice necessary or can I just walk out (something I really, really want to do just to make this as hard as possible on my incompetent and... read more

The Elephant in the room

The death of an industry, waste, mis-management ? However the "elephant" ……..(technology) lays waste to decades of blind process. Wheels and cogs in a seemingly self autonomous load, that writhes and slinks its way along. Until now. Bright young... read more

Standby pay for callout?

Have any areas lost standby pay for call out yet? MRO said today in our area it is being discussed. Some groups have already lost it. Ought to be interesting to see how that works out for them.

Level3 Techs.

Are the level 3 techs. getting laid off proportionately as the Centurylink techs in your area ?

No more Service or Retirement gifts

CenturyLink will no longer give gifts to employees who reach service milestones or upon retirement. Starting May 6th they will just give employees little notes filled with good cheer for such accomplishments.

We Have become.....Walmart

some interesting new job opening @ CL Service Technician - Full-Time Temporary -------will be scheduled to work a minimum of thirty (30) hours per week. Eligible for Medical coverage after 90 days at premium contribution rates without company... read more

NASA - Big Deal

So they are bragging about getting NASA making a big deal out of it. But National just lost a nationwide account that makes NASA look like small potatoes. You don't hear anything about that though.



Glenn Post

Glenn Post and Fred Lawler say "they're Liars !!! Take the money and RUN Forest RUN !!!

New Contracts

Curious to know details of some of the new contracts that have been signed for bargaining units throughout the country..Contract in Southwest Florida is due to expire June 30th and have heard that company wants to make all contracts uniform..

Design, build and install MOE and GPON orders.

Is anyone hearing about the company going to one contract company doing the design, build and install of MOE/ENET and GPON orders? I was told today that Outsource Engineers are have been told and are worried about losing their jobs due to CTL going... read more

VTO offer in SWFL

Heads-up..Just got word that VTO is back on the table in the Southwest FL and just before contract negotiations..Fun times!!!

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