Topics regarding layoffs at Lumen Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Lumen Technologies

Some thoughts I hope reaches SLT

I was in my "book club" today when it turned into a bi**h fest. Imagine the day after a 3 day weekend and 3 of the members "words" were "frustrated" This got me thinking of a book actually worth reading, The One Thing by Gary Keller (founder of... —  read more 

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this new woke so-called leadership are way way way out of their depth. Look at their short LinkedIn profiles - None has experience of rescuing a failing Company that is overwhelmed by its debt. Chapter 11 is the only sensible course of action here... —  read more 

Book club

No raise in 6 years. The solution have everyone spend a few hours a week on a book club. The books were $28 a piece. That money would have been better spent taken care of a few employees. Hugs waste

bacon savers

Moving to monthly planning and weekly releases without any idea what this entails. Bacon savers (aka burning down the house) Welcome to the never ending grease fire.

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$2.34 - New Low

Charter up 1.27% (347.63), Comcast up 1.09% (38.05), AT&T up 0.96% (19.96), Verizon up 0.31% (39.32)... I can keep going... Lumen DOWN 4.47% (2.34), After hours it climbed to $2.36. I know this is not the lowest CenturyLink stock has ever been, but... —  read more 


I just want an effing package please. I can't do the work of 5 people. I mean I "could" but you arent paying me enough. Too many restrictions and management is a joke.

It really is too late

Lumen is trying to place fiber and catch up to our competitors at a snails pace. One fact is that the money to buy and place this fiber is coming from Copper/Legacy customers. Customers do not pre-pay when ordering fiber but rather we place first... —  read more 

The End Is Near!

This company has been total sh-t for quite a while. They haven’t valued their employees in years. Quality of service is tanking. Upper level management are clowns. You can rename sh-t several times but it’s still sh-t. Centurylink was the... —  read more 

Purpose of surveys

I know of many people who, like me, never answer the survey honestly. Probably even those at the top know that most are dishonest in their answers. So is there any point in doing those surveys or are we just wasting our time?

Time to jump the ship

It sure sounds like jumping the ship before it sinks would be a good idea here. Every month, they are selling off more of the company which never a good sign! Lumen was a good concept with horrible management, and it shows!

We have nothing

I am an investor and I have a huge portfolio. One of my higher invested stocks is Home Depot. I shop at Home Depot, I know what they offer in the store, online and outside of their company. I receive their quarterly report and their company mailings... —  read more 

To be clear - Lumen

To be clear: It is (not) Lumen Communications It went from CenturyLink Communications to Lumen Technologies Provider of cloud services, digital tools and Enterprise solutions on a secure platform. Lumen wants to become the Geek Squad at... —  read more 

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Just an idea or two

It's obvious that whoever is the CEO of this company is only here for a paycheck and golden parachute. Part of my anger with the company is the freaking Shell Game that we are still in. CenturyLink, Qwest, Century-Tel, Embarq. Wherever you came from... —  read more 


Woke=Broke. Stop catering and pay attention to what matters in the industry. The new CEO clearly cares about work matters and is destroying this company from the inside out. Let’s get customers by building more plant, stop automation customers... —  read more 

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