Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

Accustomed to the BS

How many of us have become used to the way things are done here? I am numb from the multiple layoffs we’ve had over the years and I don’t even blink an eye when I am denied yet another raise. I am used to the lack of vision our company has and have... —  read more 

Remember when?

Remember the time when this company at least attempted to treat us right? Because even that is no longer true. We’ve come to a point where we are “rewarded” with slap in the face bonuses and little to no raises. We are given metrics that are... —  read more 

Laid Off - No WARNING

I am being laid off tomorrow morning, no warning from anyone. I just moved, signed a new lease and my Boss knew ALL of this. I am devastated and do not know what will happen to me and my family.

Open Enrollment

Took recent VSSP. On Cobra. I haven't gotten anything about open enrollment. Has that already started? I don't trust the company to inform me that it is enrollment time and I don't see anything on the health and benefits site. Any help is... —  read more 

9 Block is a lie.

We are being forced more than ever to give low ratings. I am deeply sorry to you all who get the short straw. I can't treat people this way and I ask you other leaders to call this out. This is not how you treat those who keep this company... —  read more 

Customer Humor

So a customer says today, I would like to bring in fiber from you. Do you think I could get a quote before you go out of business? I had to laugh. I said, your guess is good as mine. Then, I find out we aren't placing any more fiber to business. If... —  read more 


first LUMEN job posted on all the job websites , Engineering Denver , the link does not describe the position it just takes you to LUMEN .

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