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Centurylink stock review are like luke warm.

This means that there will still be cuts in employees and in capital expenditures. We are going into the 3rd quarter next month. I for see Changes coming both in 3rd and 4 th quarter. It’s far from over. Both the CEO and the COO have bonuses coming... read more


Peice rate contractors are going to save the company money. Only a matter of time before they see this and push all work to follow. $37 an install or repair and slot of people lined up for those rates. Lol. You have and will be replaced.

Why are there still so many SRO’s ?

Local management is fudging the numbers. They are moving employees under different SRO’s to bring up the number of employee’s per supervisors. Unsure how many employees each SRO should have. Still confused about the delay to correct the proportion of... read more

Jobs are going bye bye!

Everything is going wifi. Upgrading cell towers. 5g is future. Businesses sure you need how many can actually do networking infrastructure for comercial? I'd say maybe 5 percent of you guys. Move on to cell tower jobs... or find new industry just a... read more

Any word of the axe swinging today?

Well it's Friday but not pay week so I was just wondering if the axe is swinging anywhere that you were aware of today? I would assume next Friday will be the day since it's payday.


Is there anything that has been said about retail stores closing?

Good news!

I took a package. They actually paid me to stop working at the circus. I mean you gonna pay me to leave a company that in the field i was in was bad! Yes please and thank you, because I was job searching and leaving anyway. CenturyLink paid me over... read more

Layoffs are far from over

Company orig said 2% reduction. It’s more than 2 % now. If they need to reduce their numbers down to 30,000, it’s going to be more like 20% reduction in the end. It’s far from being over. They are just doing it slowly, trying not to draw attention... read more

Union vs. Non-Union...Who Cares?

I am getting sick of reading posts about lazy union guys and contractors who think they are awesome and vice versa. Guess what? There are awesome union guys and there are sh--ty ones, but that is the same for other CTL employees and contractors too... read more

06.08.18 last day.

Walked out with 34,400, pension, and 401k. Signed the paperwork. Birds up Centurystink. You treated us like s!ht, blew our customers away, stressed us out, pissed us off, harassed us, busted the union, and made company devoted techs walk out. For... read more

Still here!

Made it guys hope you did too. Things might be looking up. I heard layoffs are done. Opening books to hire over summer. Relax, drink a beer, smoke some pot.

Data Centers

After they get rid of Level 3, why do you think that they are selling all of the data centers?
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They're breaking us.... s---s I've invested so much. Good luck to all. I am taking my so called talents out of this industry. Maybe I'll scab if you guys go on strike to make some quick cash who knows. Took package last day was today so long fellas.

My last day 06-08-18

Signed my final paperwork after accepting the VSP. Walking out with $36,400, pension, and 401k. Leaving with my dignity and ready for the next chapter. Thanks to CWA and fellow workers. This use to be a good place to have a career, but it's changing... read more

Service took a hit with MAX

Each CST in our group had 20-30 jobs every morning with mandatory work till clear every night. No days off and work OT every non-scheduled. Now, no more than 5 jobs each tech every day and off by 5. No OT and back to getting days off. You know the... read more

When will ship totally sink? It won't.

Take a look at their recent earnings and SEC filings. Cash flow has been fine. Sooner they get the cuts done, the better off all will be. Storey and Patel know what they are doing and have a high success rate on integration.

2nd VSP This year in FL

2nd package offer this year. Only difference is the company stated if they do not get enough to voluntarily leave, then involuntarily reductions will be needed. So, if you see they are threatening jobs in hope of getting people to leave to replace... read more


We have 18 techs cleaning out their vans. Last day is tomorrow. Two SRO's took a package. Every work center in the state is losing techs. Selling off seems like where they are going.

Whats happening with the Las Vegas SRO supervisors?

We are hearing that 1st level SRO’s supervisors in las vegas are next. There is talk that it should be by the end of July. No specific number had been given. Does anyone out there know anything. Please share.
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Las Vegas engineering restructuring as of today.

Las Vegas engineering has gone from having 3 AOM’s down to now 1 AOM only. 1 AOM got to stay in Las Vegas over Nevada engineering, one AOM was transferred to be over Arizona engineering and 1AOM was reassigned to become a CPA in Las Vegas. What’s... read more

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