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first LUMEN job posted on all the job websites , Engineering Denver , the link does not describe the position it just takes you to LUMEN .

In decline

They lost the info war, the people know telco's are the slowest option. The customers keep leaving for a reason and the stock goes down.


All the contractors are training to do fiber optic Installs and maintenance. Contracting companies told to hire more and more techs because they plan on laying off the majority of CTL outside technician work force by the end of the year. I’d be... —  read more 

Chin up!

I am still with the company and I work with a lot of different department to get services delivered to the customer. 99% of the people I work with over the phone or in person work hard to do the same as I do. We want to do our jobs and feel a part of... —  read more 


CenturyLink Rebrands as Lumen September 14th, 2020 by Rob Powell · Leave a Comment The big news at CenturyLink that was rumored over the weekend has officially come out. It's primarily a re-branding rather than anything more drastic, looking to... —  read more 

What’s next?

Heard that we may have seen the last of VSPP pkgs. . Should we have been told about this move so we could have made our decision on if we were going to go or not,I mean this is life changing stuff,come on!

Vspp - screwed out of youcan

So right before I took the vspp, I had sold 4 gig fiber jobs. Boss tells me oh yeah you'll get paid even though you're gone. Keep your youcan card. Well it's been five months and I don't need to tell you what happened. For a brief second I considered... —  read more 


Haha. Century link with contractors doing copper lines. What’s next ? Doing fiber? Negotiate contacts better. Where is ppe? Gas cost exploding. Broke. Hearing about layoffs before contract expires. Supplies running low.

Keep cutting

Major outages this weekend. It was enivetable. You layoff all your talent and keep contracting out, and your end result is outages. It has been happening at lower levels and nobody cares. Now it's happening at higher levels, now will management pay... —  read more 


With century link looking at fiber. Will the one guy bring it down like mentioned before. Big cities to small town in the past or future. So tired of management c-ap. Time to try harder. Vspp. Cobra. Just vote


Centurylink settled at least two cases against them this week. One being with the Department of Justice for antitrust violations, and another a class action by engineers for violation of FLSA overtime wage law. Other lawsuits have been settled... —  read more 


For anyone that took the recent VSPP offers, can you explain how Cobra works. I keep getting different answers from HR. Have upcoming surgery very shortly after my end date. Can't get a straight answer about going from payroll deduction to paying for... —  read more 

No way to live your life.

Took severance in June, feel like my old happy self again. No more weighted down stress, apologizing all day to customers for being a company that makes ZERO changes to streamline delivery. Changes they do make are counterproductive. I feel for... —  read more 

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