Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

I got RIF'd

Friday jan 21, after 38 years, I was let go. I was the last man standing out of a team that once had 22 people. I don't know what the he-l this company is doing. The shove customer service down our throats, but then they get rid of the people... —  read more 

CTL Market Cap

Let’s all congratulate the CEO of CenturyLink for losing over 50% of the company’s market cap in the last three years. Lumen Technologies (NYSE:LUMN) shares fell 6.0% to $12.5 during Thursday's pre-market session. The company's market cap stands at... —  read more 

Covid pay for 2022?

Anyone know if they have approved or extended any time off for covid pay for 2022? They are always giving constant updates and info for forced vaccines but nothing on covid pay now that the 40 hours of 2021 EPTO expired.

Get ready for the layoffs!

Strong message coming from well connected colleagues... Watch for the layoffs in January; evidently there will be a HUGE amount RIF'd etc. No word on any VSPP package. I have not heard this rumor this strong before, either!


get out people, get out. I left in September 17, best decision I made, (22 + years), no stress my health is back and am so happy. Got a job that pays more and appreciates people and acknowledge you. FYI, when updating your resume, make sure you put... —  read more 


It's time this company starts adjusting their pay scales by a COLA. With the great resignation going on, the employees need their pay adjusted. When ypu look at job postings,they list minimum and maximum, but employees are only paid barely above... —  read more 

Cell Phone

My id--t boss says i cannot take my number when I retire. I know plenty of others who have taken there number with them when they left. Is there a form to fill out to get approval for the number, or is my boss correct?

Criticisms of new hires

I have colleagues who do everything they can to make it harder for new, young employees to get started here and make fun of them for not knowing how to do work, not having any experience, etc. C'mon, people quickly forget what they were like at... —  read more 

PTO Use It Or Lose It

I wonder if management knows that some states consider accrued time as unpaid wages? Or that some non-represented employees can't take PTO because they might get fired for taking time off? A good company would just pay out unused PTO, not this... —  read more 

Leave CWA membership

Quit as a member. Even in non right to work states you can get a percentage of your dues back every year CWA Lost the enhanced prem tech arbitration. Same job lower wages. Lost the vaccine mandates. Get it or you lose your job. —  read more 

Two Jobs

How many of you working from home are working two jobs. I know a some in MN who work two jobs and Lumen has no clue. I guess that’s one way of getting Lumen back for their terrible leadership. In most cases, the second job pays better, while they... —  read more 


Time to consider r/antiwork. This is a subreddit group for like minded people who are fed up with their employer and the way they are treated. Many are leaving jobs for places where they are respected. There are so many places offering great... —  read more 

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Enhanced Prem Tech Ruling

The arbitrator ruled against CWA. Looks like net tech position will be a goner in the upcoming months and next year. I don’t think network technician will even be in the next contract for 2023. Enhanced Prem Tech tips out at $30

This is not the worst of it

I think the worst is yet to come in 2022 and lucky are those who have already left here, because everyone I know who has quit is now in much better companies. I'm not at all optimistic. I don’t see any sign that next year could finally be better for... —  read more 

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