Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

They did you a favor

If you were laid off last week, consider yourself lucky. I know it might not feel that way right now, but in the long run you'll be much better than if you had stayed here. The majority of my former coworkers who were laid off in the last 12 months... —  read more 

STI Results

Supposedly, the bonus payout is being announced today. With the terrible financial results, as reported, this may be the first year that a bonus is NOT paid out.... yes, it's happened before when it used to be Level3. Any bets?

Who else was lied to?

It took me less then a month to realize I was lied to at my interview about what my job would entail. I was too scared of losing my job at the time since I left another company to transfer here (I'm an id–t, I know) so I didn't say anything right... —  read more 

How did we get here?

It’s not clear to me how we got to the point where this company (left behind somewhere in the past) knows nothing but to give layoffs and do failed acquisitions. Literally just that. In my opinion, such a company has no future, but I hope I am wrong... —  read more 


Colleague informed me they intend to dismiss the existing NJ and PA consumer market technicians, and those functions will be performed by national technicians existing in those markets.

Laid off yet?

Or are you one of those clinging to the Hope that somehow CTL/Lumen will rise above the ashes in the new world? Note that name and the slash? Remember the last time this happened? Sprint dumped us like a hot potatoe. Just like Lumen is getting ready... —  read more 

Accustomed to the BS

How many of us have become used to the way things are done here? I am numb from the multiple layoffs we’ve had over the years and I don’t even blink an eye when I am denied yet another raise. I am used to the lack of vision our company has and have... —  read more 

Remember when?

Remember the time when this company at least attempted to treat us right? Because even that is no longer true. We’ve come to a point where we are “rewarded” with slap in the face bonuses and little to no raises. We are given metrics that are... —  read more 

Laid Off - No WARNING

I am being laid off tomorrow morning, no warning from anyone. I just moved, signed a new lease and my Boss knew ALL of this. I am devastated and do not know what will happen to me and my family.

Open Enrollment

Took recent VSSP. On Cobra. I haven't gotten anything about open enrollment. Has that already started? I don't trust the company to inform me that it is enrollment time and I don't see anything on the health and benefits site. Any help is... —  read more 

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