Topics regarding layoffs at Lumen Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Lumen Technologies


To all management, 1st level, 2nd level and beyond. If you have never done the job, not one tech respects you. You can learn as much as you want but you will never gain respect. This just happens to come from the Spokane area. Most real... —  read more 

Stock Investors in Denial

I frequently go to Yahoo LUMN stock to see the stock conversations. Be sure to pull down and select Newest Conversations. I consistently see investors say to hold on because LUMN stock its going to soar. Using Yahoo, I can click on the stock chart... —  read more 

Next week's layoffs

What can we expect next week? Will there be even more small cuts or will they drop another major round on us? Is there ANY chance that maybe we won't see any of that? It's Saturday morning and instead of relaxing and catching up on my shows, I can't... —  read more 

The Digital Destruction?

Oops .. I meant "transformation". Which could mean transforming for the worse. Transform from what works to something that -- well, we get richer doing. And here comes Kate, complete with her 'digital transformation' moniker and her twitter... —  read more 

Another All Time Low

Lumen Technologies (NYSE:LUMN) stock drifted down 4.8% on Thursday morning to hit a new 52-week low of $7.28. Shareholder’s expect claw back on all restricted stock options. Where is Mr. 4th Generation and the greasy HR dude.

All Time Low

Thanks Jeff and the 4th Generation leadership team for that short but fantastic race to zero. Shareholders can’t that you enough for your marketing prowess, operation excellence, and customer success.

Massive Layoffs Coming

If you come from Level 3, be preparing to get let go. All of these GM’s and above are toast with little to show for it because the stock will be $5 in a few weeks. The clowns are being kicked out of town and are known losers in the industry. —  read more 

Karma for Management

Storey was fired and watch all managers top down be shown the door while their options will be worth little of nothing. Karma always come back to roost and all the management that used to treat their people like animals are getting ready to... —  read more 

Culture at Lumen

An acquaintance asked me how I would describe the culture at Lumen. I think there is no more vivid description than that even those who were comfortable working in this place are starting to leave? Recently, a colleague who was the manager's... —  read more 

"WITHIN 28 days"?

When I read the ratified contract breakdown; the union said members would receive $1000 "within 28 days" of ratification. First it sounded like a scoundrel who behind on his bills, "sure I'll pay you, not now but within 28 days". But being told by... —  read more 

2Q earning really suck Revenue breakout: International and Global Accounts, $996M (down 1.5%); Large Enterprise, $884M (-6.5%); Mid-Market Enterprise, $626M (down 5.3%)... —  read more 

Fire Sale Begins

Lumen (LUMN) is said to be working with Goldman Sachs and is looking at selling markets including Wyoming and Montana and potentially also considering Iowa and North Dakota, according to TMT Finance, which cited sources. The assets may be worth... —  read more 

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