Topics regarding layoffs at Lumen Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Lumen Technologies

Lumen Stock Price

Does KJ and team know what they are doing? Stock price fell from $1.75 to $1.32 in the 30 day chart! The talk of a 15x RSS seems really weird. If they reduce outstanding shares down to 15x the current price that would take share price way too high... — read more 

Final exit

I was one of those techs who wanted OUT, and was rejected, I quit, because my health was failing - with no severance package. I appealed to Kate & Kye in an email to reconsider a severance package - silence. Loved my 35+yr career in the industry... — read more 


There are a lot of seasoned employees would like off this sinking ship. But Kate and crew won’t do it. Even though they can replace them with cheaper help. But she would listen to directors who have no clue and MRO who are just trying to save there... — read more 

Bankruptcy seems unlikely

Didn't Lumen just complete a full restructuring of their debt with creditors? How could Lumen be in distress if they just punted that debt ball out about five years? Bankruptcy seems unlikely. They'll just sell off stuff and then look for a buyer for... — read more 

April 8-th Cut Day

Those who opted in to take the voluntary offer will be notified on April 8th that April 12-th is their last day. On the same 8-th day the RIF list will be communicated to those being terminated. Maybe employees should call in sick on April 8-th.

Fading star

Kate needs to look at her front line managers. There is no North Star out there, only managers ( senior VP down to MROS) who do not care about customers, you know the ones who pay the bills. They do not care at all, yet they push you can. Such a... — read more 

Lost for words

Northstar is pointed toward someone’s bank account and not at customers. They no longer care about them. Yet they expect front line techs to sale via you can. Lumen is blind and they think that quantum fiber and government contracts will pay the way... — read more 

Cell Phone Stipend

The company is cutting the cell phone stipend in order to streamline our spending. How much money can that possibly save? Certainly not enough to make a big impact on the bottom line at the expense of the customer experience. For a supposedly... — read more 

FCC should read

FCC should look into lumen, I bet they would be surprised to see all the things they are surprising. We have not seen tickets in a while, but we get a lot of customers reporting no service. If this is happening here in AZ hate to see the rest

Quantum Fiber

The layoffs whether forced or voluntary are continuous. Practically everyone under the Lumen umbrella got EOI letters on Monday. Last day of work April 12. They care only about money. Not the employees, not the customers. It is horrifyingly sad

No raises

I’ve been with the company for years now. Just had my review and of course still using nine block! And I was told i wouldn’t be given a raise due to nine block and company not having money to give raises! This place has made my life miserable. I’m... — read more 


I truly do not understand Lumens thought process. Company seems not to be doing well, however employees are seeing a lot of waste. Top of the list would be Dare to lead. We have sold a lot of properties worth millions, where did that money go. Then... — read more 

Expression of Interest

Looks like they want to do another voluntary layoff for “select departments” for those who want to leave Lumen. No other way to cut costs aside from lowering head count it seems. Never mind the fact that we have FCC complaints piling up and are... — read more 

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