CenturyLink Layoffs

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On call

On call restricted to Cable and only Friday thru Sunday.

BMO/Business Techs

Does anyone see the need for this group? Where I work the only time I see their van move is when they need to go shopping on company time, or going to an unmanned CO to go on a netflix binge. This is also the only place I know that has a prem group... read more

centurylink layoffs

This has been a short time coming, as Centurylink does not want a union company, and we don't see the union fighting to keep employees working. Customer service has actually been down since Centurylink took over Quest, employees saw it happening when... read more

Centurylink is seeking to retire copper

CenturyLink has asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for permission to retire copper in areas of Minnesota and Nebraska. This is happening everywhere. There are articles on the internet of other telephone providers filing with the fCC to... read more

CenturyLink's Future

eff story, Richard Batelaan , Fred Lawler will destroy CenturyLink it is a given , I give them about 4 yr s until they jump ship and take millions with them . I have seen how they operate , they promote a--holes who say " I can do everything " and... read more
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Seattle Test Centers

Looks like DS1 repair in a Seattle will be moving to Salt lake and force surplus to that group. Voluntary separation packages were also given to the Seattle provisioning testers. Rumors that there will be more voluntary packages given within the next... read more

Centurylink India

This is what happens when you allow H1B visas like CTL did ... they start an offshore subsidiary company in India ... and now you have the entire IT department being outsourced to India and the average wage is lower than working at a burger joint in... read more


Construction....any that are left will receive VSPP offer tomorrow 1/9. (All of legacy Qwest)

The "official" word on the outage

So the official word on the outage came out yesterday after they finally figured out what to say. BAD NETWORK MANAGEMENT CARD in Denver Colorado Central Office generating frames across the network. Yeah. Surprising, it doesn't sound like they have... read more

Winter Garden

So how many took the retirement packages?
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Last day to put in for the enhanced package

Well this is the last day to put in for the enhanced package. It’s a big decision, but if you’re ready, it’s not. It’s a pretty good package. They may offer it again, or they may not. It’s either yes or no. It’s a yes for me. Good luck to all.

2019 layoffs

So does anyone know or heard anything about the next round of layoffs? Where, when or who? With FCC investigating the recent outage and a massive fine no doubt looming just wondering how many will be let go to make up that $$. Just waiting on my pink... read more


https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/2429976002 They deserve it! But the customers dont.

Genius Outage

There is a link between Century Link and Level 3 ( -> that is dropping like 90%+ traffic between the West Coast and East Coast. kudos Qanon and Anonymous

Cut Fiber

Shut down the whole US. I bet the contractors will get that up in a few days.

Get out while you still can

02/2018 I got 28,000 and change for 3 weeks short of 20 years. It was hard to go but after a few weeks it turned out to be the best decision I had ever made. No stress, No more BS, No more threats of being laid off daily, the list of reasons never... read more

The Future

https://www.channelpartnersonline.com/2018/12/18/centurylink-unveils-advanced-security-service-with-palo-alto-networks/ we dont need employees , we have this stuff...

Centurylink Christmas Card

I got my company Christmas card today in the mail... it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. 😂 Apparently we can’t afford those either...


I want to know when the layoffs are going to start hitting the call centers. We are all holding our breath knowing it is just around the corner. Our work has gotten so slow and our customers are all porting to L. Qwest or other Clec's. We have pretty... read more

Well the package is here.

The package came out yesterday. The rumor is it went out to 3000 employees. My advice. If you can, take the package and enjoy life. If your not ready, stay. There is some debate whether another package will be offered again.

The company has lost most of it's knowledge

The company has lost most of it's knowledge. No respect for the tribe elders, and a bunch of management from the top down that think they and their little chosen few know better than anybody else. This is not how successful companies operate, those... read more

Working here is stressful

I think we can all agree that working here in any position is stressful. Constantly layoffs and the decision to outright cancel the Christmas bonus doesn’t help morale. When we talk about it being slow right now, the company has artificially slowed... read more

No VSPP for Ocala district Florida

so apparently things are so skinny in Ocala that the regional manager refused to allow the package to be offered to the men of this area. apparently we are to ride this thing right into the ground we are severely under staffed here and continual... read more

Merry Christmas !

Jeff storey , richard batelaan, fred lawler, bruce carney, wayne miller have a great christmas ! you are the new leaders of the new lean machine , run and micromanage the few national ops techs to the ground. tell them exactly how long it should take... read more

No Christmas Bonus again no shocker but

Ok so once again we are screwed out of a Christmas bonus not a shocker. But at least last year we got the news from our CEO in an email. This year we get it from some guy that runs the video conferencing stream. And tier 1 tech support gets the news... read more

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