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Let’s wait to see 4th quarter results...

Then we can start to worry if need be. Stocks are down everywhere, not just at Centurylink. There may be more packages on the horizon after the 1st of the year. Until then, Everyone have a nice holiday.
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Please post factual info on RIF pkgs or layoffs

Trying to share all factual information on what’s happening in the different states and departments. What packages and or layoffs are happening. This will give everyone a heads up on what to expect. Understand everyone is upset with everything that... read more

Nevada offered packages today

Las Vegas, Nevada warehouse persons and storekeepers offered RIF packages today. anybody else? What other departments or states have been offered packages today?

Check this out - so much like CenturyLink

A Japanese company and a North American company decided to have a canoe race on the St. Lawrence River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race. On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile. The North... read more

Contractor incoming!

Lots of contractor positions opening. January 2019. Was told Colorado is opening 20 to 30 slots. A few other states the same. I hope they enjoy that piece rate. I'll keep milking the clock.

It not if but when

https://seekingalpha.com/amp/article/4220548-high-yielding-centurylink-good-income-investment There is even more potential for cost-savings, though, as CenturyLink believes that cost-savings of $975 million are achievable. It is thus expected that... read more

All quiet on the western front

What’s happening in other areas? We are hearing that things are stable for rest of year. Have to see how 4 th quarter gets reported. . That may set things moving again.
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IT and Managed Services on the block?

The earnings call on November 8 contained quite a few nuggets of information. It seems the takeover by Level3 is in full swing. The quote below is from Jeff Storey about focusing the company. "...there are also lower margin products and things that... read more


I hope we do not layoff stress during the holiday season. That's all what I am asking for now...

Contractors are doing frame and carrier work

The contractors in AZ are doing frame work, pots/dsl/ds0/ds1/ supposed to be doing routines for switch and office equip, but they are not getting done. Waiting for them to blame employees for a failure. T3-Fiber is a separate crew in AZ. They have... read more


Seems to hiring EPA's and getting rid of CPA's. Some areas are hiring CPA's. We engineers getting raises and promotions as well. Does not make sense.

Good post

5G will take the consumer and small business customers. CenturyLink gets 25% plus of its total revenue from those two markets. The RBOCs (legacy Qweat) and LECs (legacy CenturyLink) will become wholesale to the QCC network for local access. Maybe a... read more
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Questionable Decision making at various levels

Centurylink own properties that are not being fully utilized, and they have been poorly maintained. Centurylink instead leases very high end office space to House their 2nd and 3rd levels. Centurylink technician work trucks are rusty and peeling ... read more

Interesting article.

https://seekingalpha.com/article/4134687-big-changes-centurylink-t-verizon-2018 It says someone may be interested in buying us. Also the way our stock is calculated is changing.


Arizona is Contracting out central office work and loaning broadband techs to st. Joe Missouri.



Where is our customer service?

CenturyLink Overall Satisfaction Rating Based on 630 ratings submitted in the last year. Received one star. Centurylink is considered to have extremely poor customer service.

Level 3 rightsizing

Jeff and company are just right sizing the company to benefit the stockholders. Good for business, not for employees. Already offshored IT and engineering to India.💸💸💸💸💸

Layup jobs

Interesting, after announcing layoffs, brand new jobs are offered you've never heard of before are posted. But you have to be an outgoing sro or retail store manager to get one. Looking at you Greenfields.

Flexible time off

Next will be cutting the project administrators they have left. FTO employees and managers have no measureable revenue value. Too much waste there. By end of year or sooner. Wow.
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