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More layoffs coming to CenturyLink

Going to reassure you another RIF is coming. They want 20% Contractors and 80% in house. Mark my words it’s coming. Is this just a guess or has there been some official word confirming this? Not that I don't believe more layoffs are coming, I just... read more

10 year trend

https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/ctl/charts July 1, 2012 CTL closed at $40.40, today closed at $11.91. Put things in even bigger perspective in 2012 you could still participate in ESP (Employee Stock Program). 50% discount on stock... read more

Government contracts

https://www.executivegov.com/2019/03/centurylink-becomes-first-vendor-to-receive-authority-in-gsa-infrastructure-contract/ so keep the National Network but lay off as much as possible ? sounds like a Plan... a crazy Plan


5G is driving these business changes, residential services as you know it will change for the better with no inside wiring and eventually won't be monopolized by any one carrier. (Good for consumers, bad for Cable monkeys, like me) Residential media... read more

Layoffs in Colorado

Have there been layoffs in Colorado for both techs and supervisors? Especially in late January or early February?


In case anybody is interested the total headcount decreased from 51,000 to 45,000 last year. This is what is reported in the annual report for 2018 and 2017.

Layoff is not uncommon

Layoff.... RIF...It's a hot topic. But it's no longer a rarity. Business changes and demands changes. Work style and work expectation change everyday. If you are near to retirement and already work on the same company for more than 20 yrs ask if you... read more

Layoff is not uncommon

It's a hot topic. But it's no longer a rarity. Business changes and demands changes. Work style and work expectation change everyday. If you are near to retirement and already work on the same company for more than 20 yrs ask if you have changed your... read more
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1st round of layoffs local 199

The guys that are part of 1st round of RIF layoffs were informed this morning that their last day is today friday 03/08/2019, so if anyone sees contractors working after today speak up.

Should I stay or go ?

I’ve only been with this company for two years. I’m still pretty young . Only 24. Would y’all suggest I start looking around or stick it out . This place can’t continue like this much longer . I’m a CST tech in PA!

New Management

They really such nice people , they even gave me a ride home with all my personal items in a box. they even let me have the box.


Does anyone know if there are still plans f ok r a big layoff in March? Also heard another layoff coming in May. Does anyone know what departments or states will get it? Any details? Automation testing going on now and should roll out soon.


When will employees understand that residential/pots/DSl is a mere 25% of the revenue? Seems fairly easy to understand why they are laying off.

Is this true?

Many layoffs in small biz sales. Look for the Coordinator position in small biz sales to be eliminated company wide in the next few months. I've heard about layoffs but I haven't heard there were plans to eliminate the coordinator position throughout... read more

Verizon to buy CenturyLink?

Read this on Verizon board, anybody knows if there's any truth to it? Hans and company are looking to acquire either Frontier or Centurylink or both to jumpstart 5G and buildout fiber to the home for Internet and phone only. TV is out of the... read more

Check this out!


There is life after CTL

I’ am with the guy who left just short of 60. I saw the writing on the wall as a BMO tech that hasn't has work the past 3 or 4 years. The SRO kept saying, oh don't worry everything will be fine, but i knew sooner or later these new level 3 guys would... read more

You're worth it!

Your more valuable then you think. CenturyLink treated us like sh!t. Abusive politics to make us believe we are a low life with out em. I took the package last June. In my 40s and dying from stress, as a BMO tech. I took my retirement , my 401k, and... read more
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Who will hire someone at my age?

I'm right there with you regarding the anxiety! It's now at the point where I am not sleeping at night, constant stomach aches, and literally shaking! I'm 3 years away from retiring, with only 2-1/2 years service with CTL.... who the f*ck will hire... read more

Next major round?

Any ideas on when we can expect next major round of layoffs at CenturyLink? This constant worrying over small batches of layoffs is, in all honesty, becoming exhausting. I'd much rather they get it over with at once, so we know where we stand and can... read more

Company does not see a problem

SW Florida got rid of all contractors, announced a lay-off then going to MAX on March 2nd and no one thinks this is going to be a problem

Answer to question about BMO

Fort Myers VSPP they turned me down back in May but commited to let me go the next offer. They are letting go around 30 or so cust service tech and 10 or so network . We have had half of our group BMO leave in the last 2 offerings . Not fun to work... read more

This is not the end

Prism has failed land lines are going away. Everyone in network and residential services should prepare an exit plan. My last day was the 25 of Jan 39 years of service in BMO. If you look at the stock reports it is evident that the company is... read more

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