Topics regarding layoffs at Lumen Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Lumen Technologies

Industry fallout

If you do not believe in “Industry fallout” theories, please take a moment and look at the att site….they are venting on all the same issues you see here! We are the proud beneficiaries of the 4th Industrial Revolution as our respected industry... —  read more 

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I expected much more

After a bad 2020 and 2021, I expected this year to be much better. I really believed that there would be some positive changes. Obviously one shouldn't have any high hopes here? This year is very disappointing too. Now I just hope to find a way out... —  read more 

Package Offer?

Any CST’s get offered a package recently? These are Customer Service Techs, sometimes referred to as BST’s dependent upon which of the 14 companies you work for (mainly business technicians doing CPE work for Data/VoIP)!!!

More will leave

When I talk to colleagues, most are very seriously planning to leave. This means that those who stay will have a bigger workload. I really hope that this company has a plan how to keep people whose workloads are already unbearable?

Dividend Cut?

Expect to see Lumen be forced to cut the dividend for the 2nd time in 4 years. It’s only going to get uglier in coming months. Lumen can’t pay out 10%+ and Wall Street Sales and Revenue are worse than ever under Story’s leadership while the... —  read more 

"Severance" AppleTV+ Show

So, AppleTV+ has a show called "Severance". In it, the company involved is called "Lumen Industries"!!! Well, well... is THAT rather appropriate! Wonder when the company will sue AppleTV+? Goodness knows they need the cash....

enhanced premises tech

All of us broadband techs that have been laid off can come back and do the same job for less pay under the new prem tech title, same job less pay how nice of them. Union fought it in arbitration, lost....big surprise. $^%* you centurlink and cwa, I... —  read more 

W2 - Observation

Interesting observation - at least to me...LOL Up until this year, my W2 has always shown QWEST as Employer......left company in February 2021 (Hallelujah)...received 2021 W2 yesterday - Employer? Level 3 Communications ..... what ungodly shell... —  read more 

I got RIF'd

Friday jan 21, after 38 years, I was let go. I was the last man standing out of a team that once had 22 people. I don't know what the he-l this company is doing. The shove customer service down our throats, but then they get rid of the people... —  read more 

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