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No way to live your life.

Took severance in June, feel like my old happy self again. No more weighted down stress, apologizing all day to customers for being a company that makes ZERO changes to streamline delivery. Changes they do make are counterproductive. I feel for... —  read more 

Job placement assistance lie

Remember in the 80 Pages you signed when you left and there was a part in there that within 20 days a job counselor would call you to help you find a real job? Another lie. Been gone 90 days and nothing. Anyone else get any placement assistance?

For sale.

Centurylink has found a buyer for the crumbling dialtone side of company. Unfortunately they dont want a union company. What happens next. I dont know.

VSPP 6/11

Portland, most of Washington state under Sue Anderson to be offered a VSPP tomorrow morning, off the books by 8/31and yes this just a few weeks after a forced layoff or ISPP.

Pays well but not worth it

We just had another tech quit due to stress, numbers and the plan. This guy worked inside in a call center and BEGGED for a job outside. All he could see was the money. We tried to talk him down but he didn't believe it. It can't be that bad, I would... —  read more 

VSPP Confirmations Yet?

I put in for the VSPP that closed on 3/15/2020 and I am hearing that some are hearing that they have received word that they are getting the package. Has anyone that put in for the package received confirmation that they got it either officially or... —  read more 


Remember, you know what hits the fan end of 2nd quarter but usually heaviest week before Thanksgiving.

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