Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

Abuse of power

How often are you asked to do more than is reasonably expected of you? Let’s face it, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing extra work sometimes, however, in my case, I’m constantly expected to do more. I accept it because I still... —  read more 

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Don't look for hope that Jeff has a vision for our future. He has no track record of success ever. He is here because Glenn Post had just enough moral fiber to not want to be the most hated man in America and ki-l the phone company to force a... —  read more 

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Greed only

I see neither their vision nor their desire to fix this company, but only greed. I don’t think all these layoffs served any purpose except to make those at the top even richer. They don't think long term at all and that's why I think this company can... —  read more 

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Covid Vaccine

What are you all going to do when the company requires a Covid Vaccine? Notice under your page on intranet theres already a place for it?

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Little support

I got laid off last year. I didn’t expect this because I thought I was doing really well and that my workplace was pretty safe. Since I was not prepared, it was a big shock. I thought it was the end of the world because I didn’t even have any... —  read more 

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Clueless company

Absolutely no overtime. Cant finish route, carry it over. Customer orders 7-10 out. Fiber job, push it out. Bad sections. Disqualified. Trlr park. Disqualified. Internet not working. Lower speed. Disqualified. First level mgr absolutely... —  read more 

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Mid year review

Has anyone in wireless had there mid year changed after signature? I was told it happened a lot after the electronic signature took place. The review was a puddle of mud if you will,

Has the PUC been bought?

Where is the PUC in the midst of our leadership driven failure? We have determined it's the most cost effective path to just pay the fines levied for our failure to perform. Why haven't there been any massive "do I have your attention now" fines... —  read more 

The point of it ALL former CEO of Level3 sold his mansion for millions, This is the whole point of working for CEnTuryLevel LInk to enrich the lives of the RICH. Nothing else... —  read more 


Not sure if its lumen as a whole of just the CenturyLink side of the house is being confirmed as up for sale being discussed. I get it, who would want to buy us.....

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Is there a worse employer?

Is there an employer out there that treats its employees worse than CenturyLink? I’ve worked for a variety of companies in my nearly three–decade–long career and I haven’t seen anything remotely as bad as this place. And it takes some effort to be... —  read more 

Wake up People

Colorado CWA is a complete joke! They haven’t protected us or negotiated a fair contract in years. They did sell the union hall because they aren’t collecting enough dues because people keep getting laid off and leaving the company because there is... —  read more 


Been looking at this site for awhile. Spoke to friends I work with. Moral in Colorado is down big time. I went to the CWA website to see if there was any comment from them. Last officer update was last May?? Last reported grievance was addressed in... —  read more 

What's the criteria?

I'd accept an offer in a heartbeat, which of course means I didn't receive one. Do we know what was the criteria used to determine who gets it? Is it based strictly on location, department, years, or something else? Would it be a good idea to... —  read more 

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