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Working riot areas

Has anyone been told or 'encouraged ' to do installs ,etc in these areas or bad parts of the city you work in? Or is it like the covid protocol where they give you some option?

Pays well but not worth it

We just had another tech quit due to stress, numbers and the plan. This guy worked inside in a call center and BEGGED for a job outside. All he could see was the money. We tried to talk him down but he didn't believe it. It can't be that bad, I would... —  read more 

VSPP Confirmations Yet?

I put in for the VSPP that closed on 3/15/2020 and I am hearing that some are hearing that they have received word that they are getting the package. Has anyone that put in for the package received confirmation that they got it either officially or... —  read more 


I just got notified that at 8am tomorrow I am to read a script to layoff and escort employees out the door. I suspect i will get laid off afterwards.


Remember, you know what hits the fan end of 2nd quarter but usually heaviest week before Thanksgiving.

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Any VSSP coming up in June

Hello all, has anyone heard of anymore packages possibly being offered in June? Our state didn’t make the last round. Just curious on what everyone is hearing? Thanks


Consumer stands alone per mr Storey. The layoff is next Thursday, I see many changes coming almost immediately. God speed.

Said yes to VSPP - Can't Sleep

So i saw no choice but to say yes to VSPP. Financially, I will be fine. But...i can't sleep at night. Not sure if it's excitement of escaping or nervousness of what the heck am I going to do now. Anyone else? Thoughts?

Lofty 80 / 20 ambitions by the end of 2020

The company has started making “Bully Threats” to intimidate managers & sales people into taking buyouts. They have stated that these efforts to get to a company wide ratio of 80% contractors to 20% employees will intensify and continue through the... —  read more 

Have things improved any?

I retired three years ago and not a day too soon because I'm not sure I could've lasted any longer. The place has changed for the worse so much over the years, it was hard for me to accept it was the same company I started working for decades... —  read more 

Case of hand sanitizer. LOL

Just got done reading the propaganda email from Ron Pfaff VP of service assurance. Almost puked when I saw the first line. Whether you're reading this with a fussy baby in your arms, or a case of hand sanitizer stacked in your work truck it's safe to... —  read more 


Vsp offered in swfl. Also heard company set up a office, and material room for contractors in a work center here. And they are sending all company guys to different exchanges to work. Company is doing a trial of just contractors in a fairly large... —  read more 

BMO quietly disbanded

It came up in a conversation today when an old PBX customer told us they called about buying a new PBX, they were told, sorry, we no longer sell them. We will be glad to sell you hosted voice. We ship the phones and you put them in yourself! They... —  read more 

Microsoft office

I love how management hosts the all hands calls and brags about the incredibly fast (forced, no training) rollout of Microsoft teams (which s—s) ... all while using Zoom to run the conference call (not teams).

Large centurylink contract

I personally sign the contracts for large data centers in Colorado. Centurylink is failing to support their products properly. Now we hear they are laying off the only work group that helps us during outages and installs. Think they are customer... —  read more 

I was a Union Prima Donna too

So many of you still clinging to the life raft? I used to think like yall, they cant get US....We are the ones making the money? well they don't care about how things are getting done–they care about HOW MANY things are getting done . They... —  read more 


Does anyone know anyone who actually got approved for this? Everyone in our group was turned down, even an old guy with chronic asthma and bronchitis. They tell us we don't qualify.

Thank you centurylink

Layoffs off during a health epidemic and economic crisis. All while receiving 500 million per year since 2015 along side tax breaks and new stimulus incentives. Prior to covid19 outbreak the lay-off announcement was discussing and disrespectful to... —  read more 

Wheres our union?

This is bs were able to work without hazard pay and putting ourselves and families at risk. If I were to die I'd be replaced same with all of you. This is ridiculous. I took my PTO. If we all say no what can they do? Even with a $25 or $50 gift card... —  read more 

Feeling the Love

Why my boss called me today.wasnt to ask me if I was ok or needed any p.p.e. Nor was it to thank me for working and risking my health and family. IT was to complain that I don't put enough notes on close out orders.

CTL allowing customers to check our temperature

Under the Updated COVID 19 health checks it says customers are taking precautions to ensure their own safety and asking technicians to participate in getting their temperature checked before entering their premise. Also saying in this particular... —  read more 

What is Non-essential work?

So one the latest company Covid-19 updates we received at the end of last week states ALL non-essential work has been pulled. I would like to know what is considered non-essential work by this management? Still running loads and work performed like... —  read more 

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