Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

Topics regarding layoffs at CenturyLink

Verizon Communications Inc

Verizon Communications Inc (VZ.N) said on Thursday the majority of its U.S. workforce must show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 under President Joe Biden's federal contractor executive order. Verizon said thousands of non-union U.S. employees... —  read more 

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The monthly IBEW newspaper just arrived in the mail and the headline is: SOLIDARITY THROUGH SAFTEY GETTING 'BACK TO NORMAL' Vaccines Protect Everyone on the Job So yeah the union is going to be pretty much useless in fighting the vaccine mandate. —  read more 

Just going to quit?

My opinion is that most people will leave this company due to other issues, but I do not believe that many people will refuse vaccination at the cost of losing their jobs. Because, what are the alternatives for those people who oppose... —  read more 

When the Mandate Comes

So when it’s my time to leave the company due to the mandate that’s sure to come will I be able to keep my vested pension? I plan to let them walk me out and as I only have a little over 20 years can’t retire yet. No I’m not bitter it’s their... —  read more 


So yes I have 38 years telecom experience and centurylink level 3 was the last horray Met a lot of nice people but the managers are evil self absorbed no talent and have ruined lives of people I care about oh and they still have jobs !!!! So... —  read more 

Going, going, gone

Now that I'm leaving, I don't care what happens in this company or what the future will bring, but if there's any advice I can give, it's that you should never linger too long! Gone are the days when loyalty was valued perhaps a little more. I’ve... —  read more 

HR is a disaster!

I left a CTL a few years back! Before I left, I ran many successful programs. When the new HR regime came in, I was told it was CR-P! If you couldn't track it under the new HR regime, it was not a valid program. If you are blue, green, gold, or... —  read more 

Covid info

If you test positive for Covid you can get short term disability. That’s how we have been doing it at our office. Use one week of PTO then short term until you are “well enough” to return.

What is the goal?

Judging by what is happening in the company, I would say that the goal of those at the top is to destroy this company. It's hard to believe, but everything they do results very unfavorably for this company. It is even harder to believe that they... —  read more 

deja vu.......

The sale of LUMN, same type of scenario as the Verizon sale of FiOS to the joker of a company Frontier. Congress is protecting these types of transactions where eventually thousands loose their jobs. The executives in America are for #1, them. The... —  read more 


It’s hard for people to realize but this company has been a steaming pile of sh-t ever since centurytel bought qwest. I specifically remember being in shitville when Nacchio ran us in the ground. I can’t believe any person who still works here can... —  read more 

Common sense

I find it hilarious, reading comments like “the company doesn’t care about us”, or “leadership is so d-mb”. Every time someone doesn’t get their way they get bu-t hurt. You get paid bi-weekly that’s all that is owed to you. Loyalty has never... —  read more 

7.5 billion

Oh how it shows how much they care by selling us off one chunk at a time. Will this money be used to upgrade and maintain what’s left? Nope, it will evaporate into corporates pockets and there still will be no focus on the future. Many managers and... —  read more 

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