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Questionable Decision making at various levels

Centurylink own properties that are not being fully utilized, and they have been poorly maintained. Centurylink instead leases very high end office space to House their 2nd and 3rd levels. Centurylink technician work trucks are rusty and peeling ... read more

Interesting article.

https://seekingalpha.com/article/4134687-big-changes-centurylink-t-verizon-2018 It says someone may be interested in buying us. Also the way our stock is calculated is changing.


Arizona is Contracting out central office work and loaning broadband techs to st. Joe Missouri.



Where is our customer service?

CenturyLink Overall Satisfaction Rating Based on 630 ratings submitted in the last year. Received one star. Centurylink is considered to have extremely poor customer service.

Level 3 rightsizing

Jeff and company are just right sizing the company to benefit the stockholders. Good for business, not for employees. Already offshored IT and engineering to India.💸💸💸💸💸

Layup jobs

Interesting, after announcing layoffs, brand new jobs are offered you've never heard of before are posted. But you have to be an outgoing sro or retail store manager to get one. Looking at you Greenfields.

Flexible time off

Next will be cutting the project administrators they have left. FTO employees and managers have no measureable revenue value. Too much waste there. By end of year or sooner. Wow.
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CenturyLink appoints the new CSO

I know this info is a couple of days old, but just in case somebody didn’t know: Chris Betz joins CenturyLink, Inc. as its chief security officer, responsible for leading the company's corporate security, information security and security product... read more
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The have a an UNETHICAL PLAN

Level 3 LINK , has let go a great director KEVIN WILIKIE and a great person , they promised him a job but their plan is simple : keep the legacy employee to train the Level 3 minions . This the nature of the Level 3 CABAL , to divide and conquer just... read more

Layoffs coming for internet help desk?

Has anyone hearing if layoffs are coming for CRIS side for internet help desk? Right now they are beta testing a program that pretty much automates calls for that department so there will not be a need for that department. Anyone hearing anything?

All but 2 retail stores will be closed.

All the stores will be closed by Nov. 16 2018. Makes me sick how the paragraphs filled with corporate jargon make it seem like a great thing and pretend that customers love using the internet or the phone to deal with issues or buying new service... read more

Retail Stores

All or most CTL retail stores in legacy Qwest areas are being closed.

Storm Damage

Gonna be interesting to see how Jeff and the boys deal with the storm damage in the south. We don't even have enough techs to do regular work anymore. Maybe he will send us down to help out and say the heck with everyone else. Wait times will go from... read more


Declare surplus🤦🏻‍♂️ Let xxx # of employees go👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 Cancel surplus 🚷 Hire contractors 🤹🏼‍♀️ Pull all Prism signage off vehicles 🚐 Let it ride🎲🎲

3rd quarter almost over..

It’s almost the end of 3rd quarter. It’s been pretty quiet. Local management is not saying anything. Local access lines are dropping , not yet seeing any upswing. Interesting to see if anything happens in the 4th quarter. Centurylink may surprise us... read more

New Jersey

4Q, New CTL will start it's union workforce reduction. They have been documenting violations of the code of conduct including theft of company time & resources for a starting point.

Where Where Where

Where are the manager layoffs why no managers, why so many managers with a small number of reports. What a bunch of whinny cry babies here. Grow a pair, do your CTL job and when let go get out and get another job. If you didn't go to college and... read more

CenturyLink to break union

Word from corporate circles is that DS plans to break the Union at any cost. Continued layoffs of all union members until numbers low enough to allow a strike at contract renewal without incidentto CTL. Continued layoffs in Q4 2018 will specifically... read more

Possible 4th quarters layoffs

What about the western states? any news about layoffs there in western states? and what about the managers? where are the layoffs of supervisors and managers? Why is centurylink still so top heavy with management. How come we have 8-12 techs... read more

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