Topics regarding layoffs at GTT Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at GTT Communications Inc.

Layoffs under the radar

GTT had started to conduct layoffs prior to Christmas to try to come out of chapter 12 bankruptcy. They are doing it without announcing this is happening globally. If restructuring requires layoffs, this has to be done prior to January 1 2023, so it... — read more 

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Crashing and burning

looks like they just eliminated their entire SMB division. Major shake up going on. I have several friends that just were given their walking papers. I expect GTT to file for bankruptcy protection by next friday.

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Offer not good enough

The VSP simply is not good enough to get the wanted numbers. People with Under 26 years basically don't have pensions so they only get a little over a year salary so it is worth staying and the risk. Prizes offer a VSP that pays 3 weeks for every... — read more 

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