Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.


So there is a 1000 new COVID-19 cases in Virginia. It’s only getting worse and everywhere else. I wonder what Verizon will do. People don’t want to be vaccinated. Can Verizon force a vaccine mandate on its employees? If so will it even matter because... —  read more 

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I’m so confused at this point. I work in CSSC . Suddenly all the calls just stopped. Nobody has an answer at all. Union is no help. All overtime has stopped. No calls but the quota is the same. 25 calls to 10 per day. Verizon says the calls are not... —  read more 

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Salary plus positions

Is this sh-t even legal??? How is verizon getting away with paying managers half their hourly pay for every hour over 40 they are working? That sh-t is extortion, if youre going to break the pay as hourly lay then they should be fair and pay over... —  read more 

A relationship based company?

Is that what Verizon is turning into? Relationships have always been important, however, for an ordinary worker it is now humiliating to work here because of the importance of relationships has become apparent. That's my impression. How much can... —  read more 

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Done with the office

The best thing that Verizon ever gave me was work from home! It made me realize how much I never want to see an office again. Water cooler gossip, union scaring members, pointless meetings about pointless things, etc, etc. If I go back to an office... —  read more 

The letter 2018

It came to me via a coworker text message. I was at my desk surrounded by my team as we had our mind numbing weekly meeting just weeks before the deadline for the VSP. I read the letter and disregarded the warning. To me, the separation meant finally... —  read more 

About Time

to start endless threads about this year’s package offering. I hear it’s coming Nov 1 instead of Dec, and it includes a $20 k signing bonus. Off payroll by Thanksgiving.


Verizon continues to send jobs over sees and take away from the American people. Unionize! We must all stand together! Verizon does more union trainings and discussions about why employees shouldn’t unionize than any company out there. If employees... —  read more 

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