Verizon Communications Inc. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

STEM programs really important right now?

Looks like instead of going around the country promoting STEM programs for young women. VZ should concentrate more on this for all young people

Wireless cell site tech job

Thinking about applying for this job. Is this side non union? How’s the pay? Are they likely to get laid off? Thanks

No 4-Day work week

Kyle laughed at the idea of a 4-day work week. Hmmm... well, I guess I'll take my AI and ML credentials to a company that doesn't think that question is humorous. See ya!

5G is the dream turned nightmare

5G is the dream turned nightmare. Not going to happen kids, the product s—s and everyone and their grandmother knows it. You realize those transmitters are dangerous right? You realize many towns are pushing back on having it deployed? More... —  read more 

Frontier Declaring Bankruptcy? Not hard to believe. Maybe one man’s trash wasn’t another man’s treasure?

More Fios coming

Heard the build out for Fios is gonna start again, bringing back retired folks as contractors at twice the pay.....reliable anonymous source.

Sudden change in absence control

Anyone who picked “absence / vacation control” as the hot topic for January wins an all expense paid vacation to... oops... can’t take that week sorry

First quarter EISP coming

That’s what i heard from a good source. They didn’t get enough on last one. This one will be the 50k dollar one. Off payroll end of March.

Question for the future

With the entire 5G build out for residential data customers, it seems as if 5G will be offered in the same footprint as Fios. Do you think they may sell Fios off to anyone such as Frontier?

Stock Together

I just saw the program announced today and it seems to be much better (at least in the long term) than the profit sharing it is replacing. The grant amount is based only on location, # of hours and pay band. As a full time band 6 individual... —  read more 

No More Profit Share

I'm a young person. Will going away from profit sharing and doing company stock screw us over as time goes on? How does this affect taxes?

CORBA is up. Insurance alternatives.

12/28 VSP here. My VZ paid COBRA will be done in 30 days. There is the VZ Acess Pre Medicare plan but for single coverage I am looking at around $1100 a month with basic Dental. Anyone using Medishare? If so does it really work?

After 30 years

I left. haha Hahaha haha. Hahaha hahahahaha ha haha Ha haha hah!

Just a holiday reminder

Just a reminder to people who are worried about being laid off from somebody who was already impacted: everything is going to be okay. There are plenty of companies that want your knowledge and expertise and are willing to pay for it and treat you... —  read more 

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