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Whats up with B360? Didn't we have temp jobs for people to find these errors and get them fixed before forcing us to use B360? Why can't we just have a system that is intuitive and works? I don't want pages of cheat codes and workaround... —  read more 

Outsource leadership

Verizon hired Award Solutions to train test and evaluate the field staff. No vendor training, just general knowledge training provided. Verizon hired out time study to evaluate work tasks and to determine manning levels for the field. Management sits... —  read more 


Just passing along info, package will definately be offered in early november, off payroll dec. numbers and titles still being discussed.

When "WE" speak of “The Union” at Verzion we are talking abou a small group of Employees. Setting the record straight here.

Most employees at Verizon are not unionized, and a small portion of them are. "We" at Verizon that are not unionized [most of us] want to keep it that way. Just look at this board on "The Layoff's" ! "We Verizon employees do NOT want to be part of... —  read more 

VZ trying to sell Huffpost

VZ trying to sell HuffPost as losses mount.

Join my team.

Show up - get coffee, time in restroom Plug in my laptop into phone jack. Dial up eTrade. Trade, Hide PC behinds charts, trade. Log into supersession, page budget info, bathroom break, no-smoke, smoke break Breakfast break. Visit Clerks. Tell... —  read more 

Disappointed in Documentary

"Speed of Thought" was a disappointment. What a tremendous waste of money. While lots of good information on technology, my millennial and gen z kids fell asleep. Lack of energy and very dull. Ugh! Diego, you can do better!


Amazing how nepotism still is rampant in Verizon. If you have a cousin as a steward you get Vehicles and made. If your girl friend daddy is a second liner you get manager job.Need to drain the swap

Age 55 Rule

I've read some posts on here where folks must not be familiar with the Age 55 rule as it applies to a 401k. If you retire from the employer where your 401k is held and you are at least 55, you can access your 401k funds without penalty. You do NOT... —  read more 

Be prepared

Everyone needs to hope for the best - and be prepared for the worst! We don’t know how many more will be laid off or who will be included in it. None of us want to be caught in the crosshairs. Save every penny you can, keep your skillset fresh and... —  read more 

We Need Hazard Pay

Verizon has 6 billion to buy Trac phone but no money to continue to pay there front line workers. They say we are essential but cut the essential pay the first week of July. We are still wearing masks doing the same job with longer hours then when we... —  read more 

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