Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

I don't get it

I'm astounded at what some of the employees are willing to take to keep their job. I've seen older employees yelled at and humiliated by younger managers and all they do is keep their mouths shut. And this happens repeatedly. I nearly intervened once... —  read more 


Why is this message board not filled with constructive criticism. Every post has one liner anecdotes, real arguments should be based on something that makes sense in the English Language. How far has the American English gone; are there over 10... —  read more 

Poor communication

One of the big problems at Verizon Communications is precisely the lack of good communication. Ineffective communication is so frustrating and normally leads to a low morale. It seems to me that this has never been worse. For some things where I... —  read more 

Dog eat dog culture

If I had known Verizon had such a strong dog eat dog culture I'd have never joined. I know every place has some competitiveness between employees but this one takes the cake. I've never seen so many people so eager to push others under the bus if an... —  read more 


I heard a rumor reviews could be changed after e signature. Mabey That was Lippa service but ya know..... Is that a thing ? Some say it happens all the time

No-warning layoffs

I can deal with being laid off if I'm given some time to prepare mentally for the possibility. I hate it when I see people laid off with no previous warning. I can just imagine how it feels to be blindsided with something like that. I'd rather worry... —  read more 

Max out commission

So our store maxed out on commission hit a 1.3 Multiplier in sales. But since we are so busy and short staffed of course we hit a 1.0 in the surveys portion. And the most we made was $1250 in commission. I couldn’t believe my eyes after k–ling... —  read more 


hey! you played off my dad's whole group. I hope you know he's worked there for 29 yeas, well before the layoff. I am really upset about this because even though he found a new (better paying) job, he is making us move across the country for his new... —  read more 

Verizon 401k Float

As a friendly reminder if you were to do the funny math if you will April to June commissions matched quarterly with deposits of sales commission. Don’t. Match and it’d funny that there was no guarantee either for 2nd quarter. Think this way I... —  read more 

Happy Easter!

« We invite you to stop by and see us in person; ask questions, and with our sanitization standards in place, touch, feel and experience the devices that take advantage of our cutting-edge 5G network. There’s no better place than our retail stores to... —  read more 

Let go at the perfect time

I got my notice today. I have been riffed. I was thinking about it as I was being informed and had to prevent myself from laughing. I was offered work at another company last night and was going to put in m notice on Monday. Now I get the RIF package... —  read more 

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