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The thing about Lowell

He has more hair and less pounds than all the regular posters on this board. So stop calling him old!
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More Union stores??

My manager s---s, reps are trying to transfer out but are told no, that we need to support him, DM is just as bad as manager, uses analogies every other sentence, they finally came to senses and eliminated the most pointless position ever the... read more
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RIFs May

Yes, we are hearing this all over the East. Severance packages being worked on as I type. I work next to HR in an open space office and the word is May. HR are working OT to meet the deadline and get packages done. If we make it past May with no RIFs... read more

New "Attire"

Am I the only one that is wondering who approved our new Attire.....not one person in my store wants to wear this crap, as a 29 year old man, I'm embarrassed to have to wear these shirts, seriously, I have to wear shirts with hearts and cutsie... read more

RIFs This Week

The finance department in Basking Ridge has been hit by a rif this week. Not sure of % notified. Any other areas affected this week?

Useless Unlimited Plan

What the hell happened to the unlimited plans? They are slower than ever! Even without going over 22gb. Every other other word buffers when watching a video. It's pathetic!

So much for promotions

I'm so angry right now I don't know what to do with myself. I was laid off last week less than six months after I was promoted. My manager made such a big deal out of this promotion, just to turn around and stab me in the back only a few months down... read more

Verizon's Brilliant new strategy!

Just hired a bunch of New landline employees and cut off most overtime since last September. Then wonder why the work is not getting done??? Lol.... A experienced tech can get 3 times the work done of a new tech and done correctly. I'm all for hiring... read more

Wireless RIF's coming ~ 5/17

Heard rumor that wireless RIF's are coming again, some select retail, operations, and call centers... coming again around 5/17 and paid till end of June As all the others take this with grain of salt just what I have heard.


It must be a really slow news day if this made the cut. I mean, shocking that you are actually expected to read up on what you are signing and inform yourself about what it really is before you do... read more

Call Center Closings?

So, we know that six or seven call centers are "relocating" to home based agents... for now at least. Any word on when the rest of the centers plan on doing this?

Wasting money...Hanover Center

*Unlimited OT for order processors •Most of the time they are talking, singing and dancing during work hours and orders are left waiting to be filled and BOOM!!!! overtime is needed. *Fake Career Development Phone reps offline to “learn” how to be a... read more


Has anyone EVER been paid off of salesforce? I have never seen anything good come of salesforce. I’ve actually seen salesforce leads come in and grab a different rep, and I’ve “converted” leads for reps in other stores but they’re not getting paid... read more

August Retail Head Count Redustions

So it look like August is when we will see head count reduction from the rumors. Supposedly the magic number of contracts expected is 92 per employee that may vary by store. With the traffic we have had lately that's not happening.

Finally somebody noticing

Not the kind of publicity we need right now, but very much true... Comcast, AT&T and Verizon pose a greater surveillance risk than Facebook – but their surveillance is much harder to avoid... read more

Proper English

I have been reading, with some amusement, the mean-spirited debate going on within this site regarding individual’s opinions concerning grammatically correct writing. You young bloods can keep repeating for as long as wish that proper capitalization... read more

IT layoffs pushed back

Rif dates were changed. Will now happen in the May/June timeframe most likely. Still happening though according to MGMT. Several people have so far stated the same thing in several other threads, so I'm wondering if this could actually turn out to be... read more

Outsourcing all of IT- EUS into contracting

New rumors abound of outsourcing all of IT- EUS into contracting. It’s why the push for National Remote Queue. We’ll be bastard red-headed step-children before we know it. Any chance somebody has more information on this? Is it just a rumor or some... read more

Join the movement!!!

As we all know the H1-B program is abused. Time to start fighting back! https ://
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IT rumors???

I hear there is going to be a big shake up in IT tomorrow, all rumors of course. Rifs, outsourcing, etc. What is the latest?

The "I left and life is great!" trolls

They're out in full force today, and oddly, they all seem to have plenty of time during work hours to hang out on a layoff site, despite having a GREAT JOB and being in Utopia. Ever wonder why someone who's in that position would bother hanging out... read more

Start looking now

Do yourselves all a favor. Get out. I was laid off in December from 21 years in VZ IT and it was the best thing that could have happened.. EVER! I ended up with a job making more money, working for a team of people who are actually a TEAM and not a... read more


Why are people so mean on this site? I come here to find out what rumors are out there that might affect the future of my job and mostly what I read are nasty comments. It reminds me of the way our political atmosphere is these days. Grow up... read more

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