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Executive’s NFL roadtrip party

It is just said to see all these lay-off waves (3 in 4 years) in order to reduce expenses while high level executives schedule their meetings with local markets around the NFL schedule so they can attend the football games. Even if they pay their own... read more

Is there really a target number?

Any chance we'll get job security back once this whole buyout and layoff that is sure to follow thing is over? Is there really an actual number Verizon is aiming for or will it just keep moving down and down and down again? There has to be a point at... read more

The corporation is amoral by definition

Your mistake was your belief in some kind of unspoken agreement or pact with the company. The company has never cared about anyone and never will. A corporation is amoral by definition. Even the board of directors and the CEO himself don't take... read more

What happens if too many accept the offer?

In case more people than they expect accept the offer - and this has happened before from what I understand - what will be the deciding factor in who will actually be approved and who will be denied? I'd hate to make the decision to leave and get... read more

Not enough in this offer ...

Really leaning towards NO. This is just a RIF with a little more money. Those that are jumping are near retirement (58+ and no need to work anymore), are IT who don't want to go to InfoSys and the rest are just reacting in fear that the company is... read more

Reorg: Relocation, Demotion?

For us rolling the dice, what can we expect in the upcoming weeks? Can the company force me to relocate? Who is paying for relocation? I doubt the company would consider paying anyone to move . What if I am not willing to relocate? Will I be offered... read more

There is no benefit in sticking around

No matter when you go "take the buyout or get riffed" the end result is the same, the goal behind the buyout is to get rid of long term "highly paid" workers. So trying to stick around and find another position in the company would probably be a... read more


Do we know when we will be notified if the offers are accepted?

UNKNOWNS and No Answers

Considering no one at any level knows anything. Granted this is a personal decision then each person has to make. Everyone has heard the corporate response to this. I've reached out to the Employment Commissions and the Labor Board and Attorney (EAP... read more

Access only medical - years of service

I am former GTE Wireless. I started in early 1990. Per the daily call today if you had 13.5 years as of 6/30/2006 + 18 mos. (or 15 years as of then) you qualified for subsidy. Those numbers net 16+ for me. HOWEVER - when speaking to the benefits... read more

Companies want a young diverse work force

If you are mid 40s or later, and a white male, the job market is not looking to hire you. Regardless of what the news says, companies are not so desperate to hire an old white guy. I took a package in 2016 to leave. I am an early 50s white guy. No... read more

A lot of unknowns right now

I do wonder if there are a couple folks who have heard anything on the severance. Also on reorg and relocate issues. A lot of unknowns right now. The bloomberg article about significant restructuring is causing to lean a bit toward buyout. It could... read more

Lesson Learned back in 2004

They were closing my building and moving the jobs out of state. A Director said to me "Thank God I saved money!" She ended up leaving a year later for a different company. We saved a lot over the last 14 years and are in great shape financially. If... read more

Stealing our nest eggs

Retirement Heist - Pension Fraud Book - Ellen Schultz , How Companies Plunder and Profit from the Nest Eggs of American Workers . A good read for those that were affected. Op , many feel the same way as you. After setting up the raiding of the... read more

You know Wireline is coming to an end...

One thing to realize for the retained employees is that the wireline is coming to an end. It will anyway happen if not now. May be you lose the best choice if you dont take it now or You may survive for few more months/ years if you dont opt for SVP... read more


There will be many 55+ that take the package. They have been reducing headcount for quite a while through geographic consolidation. Go to NJ. or Texas, or you don’t have a job. Folks with ties to an area, friends and family don’t want to disrupt... read more

I am taking the package

I just turned 40 this year. Mortgage will be paid off early next year. Decided to take the package. Not sure if they will accept me, but I think applying is the best play regardless if they accept or not. At this point I could sustain myself with... read more

Taking the package - the lesser of two evils

I agree that for those in their early 50s, this is a tough choice. Especially when there is still a mortgage and/or kids in school. I really do believe that no job will be safe in the future and I can see Vz outsourcing even more than IT. They can... read more

SEIPP non management position decision

For those accepting the SEIP offer sent to nonmanagement employees, does anyone know how / when the employees are notified and how many are expected? I guess I’m curious to know if there’s a specific number per office. I’m a sales consultant. The off... read more

Hans is setting up a new leadership at VZ

It appears that Hans is making some significant changes to the VZ leadership. It doesn't come as a surprise to me, taking into account that now is a critical time for the company as we await the deployment of 5G, and want to secure our place on the... read more

Starting to get nervous

The more the date of the final decision approaches, the more nervous I get. Just when I think I made the final decision, I start thinking about it and a new factor emerges that changes my mind once again. Anybody else having similar issues? I envy... read more

Still bitter from the gang of thugs of 2005

This buyout offer is stirring up a lot of emotion on the choices we have to leave VZ. I have 30 years and in my late 50s. I’ll never forget waking up and tuning into cnbc to the announcement of the management pension freeze. I had been with the... read more

Medical plans are getting more expensive

I am hearing from many older employees that the cost of medical is too high to go now. For those with kids in high school or college it is $20,000 to $30,000 a year for the family medical plan with the frozen subsidies. And, HR is saying to expect... read more

Sounds like a problem for Future-Homer

I can see the headline now: In the wake of accelerated cost-cutting Verizon increases the duration and generosity of separation payouts continue to increase year after year. Executor Hanz Gruber is quoted as saying, "...It's the right thing to do... read more

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