Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Vz stock

Hans wins an award for vac cine education from the ad council. meanwhile the stock price is one of the worst performers on the Dow while the stock market is at all time highs. More lay offs coming.

This is not cutting costs

Maybe I don't understand the math very well, but.... Getting rid of best employees I would never call 'cutting costs'. Verizon is getting rid of people who do great job to later hire people who are neither doing their job well nor are interested in... —  read more 

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What is the final outcome?

The union and the company are meeting next week regarding vaccination requirements. What will be the final outcome from these talks. Will there be a testing option included? Maybe a contract extension? Will the company allow natural immunity? Or... —  read more 

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I should have left earlier

Has it ever happened to you that you applied for the same job in another company as your colleague? Terrible feeling. I should have left earlier before the market became flooded with Verizon people and ex-employees looking for the same jobs. It seems... —  read more 

Dogs are loyal

When I hear people complaining about how they're being treated like cr-p despite being loyal Verizon employees all I can think is GOOD. Dogs are supposed to be loyal, not employees. Loyalty is laughed at here. Maybe at other companies it is admired... —  read more 

mission impossible

I’ve come to the conclusion the there may never be another retail layoff. Especially in East Texas. Most stores are understaffed. So just throw on that blue Jean shirt and fix the customer Facebook.

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Govt pressure

Craig comes on at noon to announce vz vaccine mandates today and then an hour later Biden gives a briefing announcing private sector mandates will begin soon. Coincidence? Nope. All planned. Christy knew this was coming and got out. Govt needs... —  read more 

Culture of incompetence

Of all that is happening in this company, the worst is the rise of mediocrity. No one who is competent can stand the situation here for a long time. I know a person who left here after only two months upon realizing that his competencies would... —  read more 

Slow day at work?

I hate slow days. Gradually there was less and less work, and these days I have almost nothing to do. As weird as it sounds, I was much happier when I was overwhelmed with work so I didn’t have time to think about how miserable it is to work in this... —  read more 

I was unnecessarily afraid

Now it is not clear to me what was I really afraid of. I hesitated for months to leave all this and then it turned out my fears were completely unfounded. As bad as I felt here and as much as I wanted to quit here, I constantly felt nervous about... —  read more 

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