Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Five years post VSP

Wow coming up on five years post VSP. I still enjoying reading these posts. For those whom left I know you also read these still, still happy you left? Ever so often I think how much I miss the Halloween Costume and Pumpkin decorating contests along... — read more 

Up to speed India.

That had to be the most cringy and embarrassing thing I ever watched. It’s funny how they want to act cool and hip but can’t cut it. You can almost smell that place thru the screen. Now I know why they are the most unproductive part of verizon. — read more 


AT&T is just as corrupt/evil/bad as Verizon when it comes to outsourcing their stem/tech workers to India. Maybe they thought they were saving money doing so but you get what you pay for. How much is the outage costing them? It wouldn’t surprise me... — read more 

Layoff veterans

How many layoff rounds have you survived since you joined Verizon? I'm talking about major rounds, not the small cuts that happen all the time. I'm relatively new here and I already have two under my belt. I can't imagine how high that number is for... — read more 


Instead of being Riff’d, I was terminated early this year because of a manufactured PIP. Has anyone else experienced this? There is a legal claim in progress and looking for anyone else that has gone through this and can share?


Some info in the low increases this year They did the old bait and switch by letting everyone think it was wonderful that leaders could increase bonuses a bit, however they took away leadership's ability to choose the increase They announced... — read more 

LTI/Stock Together?

I've always been curious about what the stock together grant amounts are at different pay bands? Do people mind sharing your pay band and how much your stock together grant amount was? 7T (Engineer III Spec Sys Analysis) it's $5k

Raise %?

Was just sent my 2024 compensation sheet. What did your increase look like this year? I am VCG, performing, got 2.5%. Lowest I've seen in over 20 years with VZ.


I think only Verizon employees would find the commercials during the game to be interesting. Everyone else just another commercial to ignore.

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After 25+ years MCI/Verizon I recently moved to HCL. The whole process has been a disaster. HCL leadership, especially the abrupt HR leader doesn’t communicate, the VZN Global Operations leaders who went across are MIA, lost focus on customers and... — read more 

Broke the Internet?

Verizon thinks they broke the Internet with Bey? All I'm seeing on X and Facebook are pi---d off customers saying things like so that's why my bill is going up. How out of touch with customers can they be? What happened to the stories with fire... — read more 

LinkedIn Embarrasment

Poor Kyle and Hans... they look like the odd relative that no one wants to talk to in this stupid LinkedIn Ultimate Pre-Game webcast. Seriously, this is like the fat guy at the yoga class. Yeah, he's getting exercise but no one wants him there and is... — read more 

Superbowl / Beyonce

According to rumors online, Verizon paid Beyonce $30 million for a 45 second Super Bowl ad... meanwhile we have RIFs every other month and constant budget cuts. Our leadership disgusts me more and more every single day.

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