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While We Put in Work “They Celebrate”

Has there been any posts here about SMs being laid off?? If there has been it either got shut down upon by the so called SMs shouting their lungs out smthng bad abt SSs or UniOn or calling someone losers etc. Can someone here explain what do the SMs... read more

The Wounded Antelope

Every time I walk into a wireless store, I feel like an unescorted, limping, baby antelope wandering into a circle of hungry lions or jackals. I know I'm about to get devoured. No matter what I do at that store, no matter how innocent (i.e., ask a... read more


Verizon has to cut there budget by $300,000.00 by year end and yet the sponsored the Marcy's parade today! I understand more layoffs to come, I guess they plan on destroying more family's holidays and the new year!!! I wish they would focus on the... read more
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Bloat is real

I have to say that @1pst isn't wrong. This company's bloat is astounding. T-Mobile eeks by with 1 Operations Specialist per territory, a handful of trainers per market, no in-store cleaners (the reps clean the stores...surprise!), a new-hire program... read more

Vacation time and layoffs

I was wondering if anybody could tell me what happens to paid vacation days that were not used in a layoff? Are they a part of Verizon's compensation package or are they simply ignored in the whole process? So if you haven't used them up, tough luck?... read more

Ever Wonder Why Verizon HAS To Layoff?

It's deals like this that have cost this company greatly, not only on the financial end but on the human end.

Q1 2018 RIF at Verizon (5% target)

How likely is it that this will happen? Also, is this 5% across the board or just specific groups (e.g., networking and IT were hit last time). What are you hearing?

Rif’s continues.

I was just in a meeting today with my director, he said there will be more rif’s at the end of February off payroll the end of March. 😤😤 he’s calling it a Nother bloodbath.

What ever happened to ethics and morals

I know several reps who have had enough of the shady ways our management wants us to sell and are about to do something about. Let's just say sh--s about to hit the fan in many locations. Hey Mr customer this hum aka roadside assistance is included... read more

Didn't happen!

"Mankato, Alpharetta, Chandler and Murfreesboro- gone by 2018.Alpharetta, Chandler and Murfreesboro- gone by 2018."

remember this feeling...

To all who are impacted. Remember this feeling of hurt and betrayal. Dont let it consume you but never forget. Make it your motivation to go out and succeed and show the world that it was not your performance but their stupid decisions. And if life... read more

Locking management office door

Does anyone elses store have the managment locking their office door. In the office here all they have is keys to drawers where phone are kept and computer and tv for camera.


Do you really want to save money Verizon. Have required drug tests for all employees in the area you want to make cuts. That’s what my previous engineering firm did. They cut almost 20% of the staff due to drug use that violated company policy. That... read more

RIF: 11/16/2017 - Thanks for all the fish.

WLS -> WLN -> RIF. I want to say it was fun, but it wasn't. It was very miserable, and I'm 100% positive being poor is going to be better. I'll enjoy watching VZ burn while I sip my coffee, and no longer worry about it. Good luck to those that... read more

Severance package

Whoever was laid off on 11/16 - what was your severance package? I read 50k+2200/year-of-service + 6mo benefits. Is it across the board?

Union contact

3 people in our store have contacted the union today, I also know of a few others that have done the same in our district, I'm in the Midwest, any others seeing this??


This guy ripped of Ericsson and got pushed out (FIRED) but VZ still hired him. The company is nothing but the good ol boys club. Need to pay the dividend? Lay off a few more hundred. Should be the opposite, when the leadership fails, take from their... read more

It's slow because......

Oh, I dunno, maybe because EVERYONE is slow and stores are going bankrupt and closing everywhere??!?! Get your head out of the sand and your own fishbowl and have a look around. What do you see? Empty stores, bankruptcies, layoffs, at almost every... read more

I wonder why we keep losing, stores are slow..

Has anyone else noticed the retail stores are slow as crap. All these ppl in unique positions talking down to retail. Saying it’s all going digital and they should just pay hourly. Well without us front line retail folks you’re not here. We make this... read more

Not just Verizon

Everyone so caught up with their own company. AT&T layoffs too. Not as big, but happened nonetheless. It's NEVER about one company when dealing with an industry this big and well run. If it's happening to Verizon, it's happening everywhere. Just a... read more

Legacy XO Communications

The ones in our group RIF’d were legacy XO Communication employees. Pretty sad day, they’ve been on a roller coaster for some time now .

Whew I made it this time!

While I did make it this time and I do feel for my co-workers that were released, I know it is only a matter of time.. 2018 is just around the corner, will it be in April, maybe March, no matter what it is still coming again. What a "GREAT"... read more
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Want to do something?

Some feel they want to do something, send a message, make Verizon think twice, etc. If that's you, here's an idea. Forget canceling your Verizon account, or trying to affect them financially, no point. What Verizon(and all corporations)fear most is... read more

To Nov 2017 RIF-tees: Good Luck to all

To Nov 2017 RIF-tees: Good Luck to all, It is not the end of the world (it does seem that way...Why me?) It is about numbers and budget NOT You. The job market, regardless of what TV finance media says IS NOT GOOD. Yes there will be people remaining... read more

Verizon had its bases well covered

I was part of a RIF in early 2015, so obviously some time has passed since then. While I did secure a non-management position and elected to stay, I came very close to accepting a severance package that would have paid my previous management-level... read more


How many in total were let go? Massive layoffs should get media coverage so people can choose to boycott companies laying off American workers and sending jobs offshore.

Veterans Rif'd

Has anyone else seen a higher # of these layoffs affecting prior military veterans? On my team 5 out of 15 were let go and 4 of those were military Vets. Seems like a strange connection but they were all very good at their jobs and worked hard... read more

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