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Can we get some better managers?

You know, people who know how to do their jobs instead of those who got where they are because they know the right person? The culture of nepotism at Verizon is completely out of control, and the productivity is suffering for it (not to mention... read more

Leaving for me was the best option

Leaving for me was the best option. I will not put down verizon but after 4 years it was not for me. Previous I had almost 18 with telecom with a different company. I have tons of skills and gobs of experience and i was young. My time there my... read more

Are silent layoffs taking place?

Two of my colleagues have been shown the door yesterday, good performers, Also I heard from a friend of mine that works in a different location that there have been similar layoffs there as well. Are silent layoffs on an organized scale taking place... read more

VSP don't rock the boat

A word of caution to the people left on the boat. Do not allow the people who are jumping on the life boats make you bitter or second guess your decisions. I've seen teammates get scared away and find new jobs in other companies or jobs. Some of the... read more

Don't worry about layoffs till November

Just learn and get back to your work .don't think too much..if some thing happens it happens in November and it will be in a big time relax for few months rather than worrying..get geared up with stuff meanwhile.
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Vacation payout?

Left the company 3 weeks ago voluntarily (not via VSP). How long does it take for Verizon to sent a paycheck for my unused vacation days?

South kickoff

I see these postings from kickoff 2.0. What a slap in the some of the great employees that have been RIF. Why is all this money being waisted in training and the company continues to layoff people?

Are they satisfied with Infosys?

I don’t hear many impressions coming from the company leadership regarding their satisfaction with the Infosys deal? Obviously, they knew from the start it’s a cheaper option, we all know that, but are they satisfied with the quality of work and the... read more

No one is safe only 2 to 6 months more. can feel the heat.. people who leave are clever.people who stay are Freshers. Consolidate and reduce us the new mantra and Indian IT work force is mapped with global how much work force is required and then they gonna shake read more

serious question about 5G and its future

What happens if 5G doesn't end up bringing in the type of revenue VZ is expecting? For that to happen, people would have to leave their existing providers in record numbers. Existing providers already offer great speeds at a decent price. Also, with... read more

Did they plan a large turnover?

A lot of people at my location are leaving for jobs at other companies. Aside from the fact that the rate of the turnover is a little surprising to me, I keep on wondering was that part of the plan of the leadership or is that something that was... read more

CWA Survey

Is the union a - benefit - support - do they assist - available ? or: Is the union - inoperative - unproductive - ineffective - idle ?

Happy Severance Day

VSPers from 3/22, did everyone get their Severance today? My bank account was singing this morning. $$$$$$$$

INFY people will work from VZ Locations for now

Our short sighted and incompetent leaders have given up on resolving the security issues and ultimately have ordered Verizon Laptops for INFY new hires. The decisions to replace fulltime people with inexperienced INFY people were made for that short... read more

Are layoffs in progress at any location?

Two people got cut from my team yesterday morning. They were solid performers and in their mid thirties. Wondering whether this was isolated ore are there more layoffs in smaller portions in other parts of the company?

Ageism is rampant and systemic

Applied for, on two separate occasions, positions with a local company (a regulated entity). Despite multiple degrees, and skill sets commensurate with both postings, I heard crickets (I'm over 50). A relative applied to this same company (an IT... read more

Hidden truth about 5G is layoffs

This is from last month, but it's something everybody should read. If it was already posted, I apologize. It's not just about Verizon but the entire industry - and it foresees plenty more layoffs in the future... read more
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Hearing rumors of a eisp end of May, off payroll by July. Anyone else hear something?

A new buyout when 5G kicks in?

My take is that they will want to make more reductions in workforce after the revenue from 5G starts pouring in. Even though that won’t happen anytime soon think that all of us need to get ready for such a scenario. Could we see a new buyout in that... read more

Work life balance 2.0

Verizon has been encouraging employees on their work life balance. In IT the most efficient and the correct way to achieve that is to quit. No one is paid enough to deal with ignorant third world boss who wants to run his team like a third world... read more

No luck finding a new job

Even interviews are eluding me - I'm yet to get a call. Is this just the problem of my relatively small job market or is it this bad for fifty-somethings everywhere?

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