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Verizon Connect - Thursday

Word is Verizon Connect (telematics division) is having a significant reduction in Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing on Thursday.
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Life after Verizon

After almost 20 years, I accepted the VSP. Didn’t seriously start looking for another job until about 3 weeks ago. I landed a position making almost 40k more a year. Keep your head up. There is life after Verizon!

Dec VSP 3% profit sharing

Anyone know when we will get that deposited in our 401k and how much it will be?
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Verizon looking to acquire Frontier,Centurylink

Hans and company are looking to acquire either Frontier or Centurylink or both to jumpstart 5G and buildout fiber to the home for Internet and phone only. TV is out of the question, but there are hints that Big Red is looking to get into the smart... read more

5 g without a plan

Good luck people 5G is a mess and the women in 5G is a stupid a-- who pretends she has a clue! So glad i cut out ofthis mess
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Waiting for an eisp

I know a lot of people are waiting for an eisp and I saw a comment about the company not offering any because people are just leaving without one. Doesn’t the company understand that there are a lot of us who have the time and want to go, but are too... read more

1st Q is looking bad!!!

Lost of none pay from the credit changes and port outs. We are losing our as* in this quarter. They will see Hans can’t run any company other than into the ground. T-Mobile is going to wipe the floor with us this quarter!!! If the merger goes through... read more

BPI - What%

BPI - What %? Include rating and time in current role. Example: 4.25% / Performing / 9 months.

STI - 95%

I am grateful for the STI award - and the extra 15% modifier was super nice. So please hear me - I am not complaining. But, wondering if anyone else was less than 100% target (not including the extra 15% modifier)? For example, my award was 95% of... read more

June VSP'r

I have a June date and I noticed people stopped being nice to me borderline rude. It's like I have a disease. I'm not complaining I like the time to myself and my check isn't impacted. Is anyone else getting that same vibe.....

A new VSP?

If, just maybe there is a possibility that there will be a new VSP what segment of the company and what type of worker could it be aimed at and, of course, at what time could it come? God knows they want to reduce even more, so I don’t see that... read more

Lump sum

Just throwing it out there for convo : lump sum or annuity ?

Everybody should know by now stores are history

The writing has been on the wall for what, a decade now? They started closing centers down around 2010 if I remember right. Low performing stores have slowly been closing over the last 5 years and while they are investing in the new designs and... read more

Layoff Rumors

With all the information floating around, what is the correct date for the next round and payoff?

STI Target By Band

Does anyone know the payout percentages for each of the pay bands? On the Wireless side I believe: Band 8: 10% Band 7: 12% salary (7V) or 10% for hourly (7T) Band 6: 20% I'm curious what other bands below 6 (Director, VP, etc) have their targets set... read more

Indirect channel?

On the wireless page there is a post heating up about indirect. I feel like we still know absolutely nothing about the new org. Any insight?

Customer service aka sales rep

Customer service handles billing issues, tech issues, international travel issues, escalations, etc... Now on top of that we are expected to be sales reps without commission. Upgrades on PA and Revenue Generation on PA ( increase plans and and TMP)... read more

No more real work until the STI is announced.

No more real work until the STI is announced. Then work only in direct proportion to the percentage. Maybe some unpaid OT if it's more than 100. Maybe more coming in late and leaving early if it's not.

MA Unemployment

Has anybody actually been approved for UI in Massachusetts? I received 2 checks and have since been denied because I volunteered to leave. an agreement by an employee to take a lump-sum payment upon separation in return for the employee’s release of... read more


Anyone know what the LEAN portion of FAST/LEAN stands for. It has yet to be explained.

Layoffs are immoral.

To deprive someone of a wage not because he is failing to earn it or because you can no longer afford to pay it but because you have decided that you would prefer not to pay him is robbery. The fact that it has been a widely accepted and almost... read more

Hans is now the chairman too

Verizon BoD elected Hans as the chairman of the company, and this decision will be effective from March 8th. Hans is succeeding Lowell McAdam who is retiring from the company. More power in Hans’s hands, how does that sound?... read more

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