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They are coming for all USA jobs

They are coming for any USA job that can be outsourced, and corporations are allowing it cause its the only way they can survive in this competitive market - need to satisfy the big boss = the shareholder... read more

Pulse survey not anonymous!

Anyone else notice on the latest pulse survey email that you are directed to NOT forward the link to the survey to anyone else? So much for anonymity and honesty in what employees really feel!!! It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Increase in system errors

Has anyone else noticed an increase in internal applications errors and bugs since the move to outsource IT? The majority of Ves will eventual be outsourced. Soon, the V in Verizon will stand Vanish. And within 3 years Hans will vanish and he will... read more
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P O S system

Anybody else notice how bad POS is now they we have no IT. Most of my transactions are twice as long as they should be thanks to the damn system. It great that our whole job revolves around these damn tablets that work half the time and nobody seems... read more

Close Retail Doors???

Retail stores are trimmed on headcount so much and our customers are paying the price by long waits and less service from the “premium” carrier. Anyone else feel this way?

Basking Ridge feels like 1970s Soviet Union.

The executive responsible for Aol/Yahoo received a $60 million severance package. All of his initiatives failed. How could anyone put in extra hours or effort when performance is not rewarded at Verizon? Basking Ridge feels like 1970s Soviet Union.


Is there an EISP in our future?? (Sorry Wireless...Landline only)

Is anybody still giving it their all?

You know - going out of your way to do something just to make sure it gets done, putting in extra hours, helping coworkers if they need it? I know I'm not. I gave up on doing my best for Verizon a long time ago, when they stopped treating us as... read more

No experience required

When managers are hired, is there a "no experience required" clause somewhere in their contracts? It certainly feels like it lately... Especially considering that experienced and knowledgeable people who've been with Verizon for a while are being... read more

VSP - unemployment lawsuit

VSP for wireline mgmt employees was announced with leadership claiming 5G was the future. There was also a threat that if you don’t take the package then you are at risk of lower/standard severance if Verizon decides to lay you off. An argument can... read more

Unionize Today!

Are you enjoying lower checks? Loving the great retail schedule you loved? What about the metrics that are getting out of hand? Don’t worry, a union will be coming soon to a district near you. NN01 supports you, we support our brothers... our... read more

VSP Payout

How long did it take for March VSPers to get their final big check

Does layoff always eaual unemployment?

I'm here considering my financial security. I've never had unemployment before, but let's say I ride this Verizon thing out as far as it goes and I get the ax for no fault of my own of course, is unemployment pretty much guaranteed? I would not take... read more

What positions could be eliminated?

I’m sure that, by now. Everybody is aware that the company is in the process of constant change, at least that’s the case under this leadership. Don’t doubt for a second that changes will continue, and you know how it is with changes, someone always... read more

New traing facility

Anyone hesrd of a training facility for new outside techs hired at a different payscale to help get rid of the old timers?

Next round of layoffs? Estimate dates?

Since there is only one month until the last round of VSPers leave the company, do you guys think they'll immediately commence a round of layoff right after? SOMEBODY here has to be privy to the timeline. I ask because I'm done here...I've accepted... read more

Town hall attendance

My director asked why don’t you go to the Town Halls. My answer is I have so much work to do and that hour is an hour where my Jabber is so what calm and I can get things done. I have seen the dog and pony show multiple times. The same BS on another... read more

No job is safe at VZ

I took the severance package as a 14+ year employee at a vzw call ctr that was closed. I would say that ultimately NO VZW customer service job is safe. Verizon is slashing all jobs that can be outsourced. Ride vz as ling as you it works for you. I... read more

Is tech chat safe?

I actually love my job with VZW. I do tech chat in Rolling Meadows. This career has afforded me more opportunity than I've ever had. I'm going to school for free to finish my finance degree, I have a decent amount in 401k after only being with the... read more

VSP Unemployment Not Happenin

I was a VSP’er in December and filed for unemployment and had an appeal hearing and was denied. Was told no employee of Verizon that “volunteered” to leave will be approved for unemployment in any state so anyone saying they got it is lying!

Is there any room for older employees at Verizon

I don’t consider myself as technically outdated. My job is till pretty needed, and I like to think that I contribute a great deal, at least within my department. However, it seems that that doesn’t matter.I’m too young to consider early retirement... read more

Verizon keeps getting rid of its best talent

Why? Do they not care about the future? How hard is it really to figure out that once you get rid of all the people with highest salaries you'll at the same time find yourself without all the people who know all of your systems the best? The ones who... read more

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