Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

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Verizon Contract Extension Bargaining As you know, CWA and IBEW have been negotiating with Verizon since May 16, 2022 to determine whether it’s possible to agree on the terms of a contract extension. These negotiations were planned for a limited time... —  read more 

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What in the world is going on?

I have an opportunity to join Verizon. I've been doing my research and found this site. The image I'm getting from reading posts here is anything but positive. Are things really that bad? I don't want to rely on one anonymous board to make my... —  read more 

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Was the manager right?

Got a call from a co-worker from my team on an incoming call on the Fios cust svc line. Just wanted to go non-pub on the voice. Did it. All set. Mgr ob’s the call & goes on abt not making an offer……he acknowledged the cust was a fellow emp & was... —  read more 

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Bring back sir charge

Sell more hanz needs a new electric Ferrari gas prices are up someone's got to pay for it!!!! They have to bring back the sir charge commercials that ki---d us back I'm the days... who's gonna buy my bloody suit

Stop Bi-----g

Everyone keep talking about how bad Verizon is. Well quit and find another job. It’s that simple! Stop talking and do something about it . I hear people say all the time I rather be happy and make less money versus make a lot of money and be... —  read more 

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Where’s Hans?

He was at the Verizon New York City store earlier today-on his Instagram. It would be nice if there were town halls focused on direction and strategy versus a cheerleading event. There are serious issues here and the competition is eating our... —  read more 

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