Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Verizon Layoff All Foreign Workers

Verizon should Layoff All Foreign Workers. They are incompetent and make too many mistakes as they don’t live in the same area where Verizon Services are. I ordered a new FiOS One TV Package and instead of sending me new TV boxes, they sent me a... —  read more 

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I'd rather stay

Verizon has many issues, but I believe that most employees would rather leave voluntarily when they find a better opportunity than be laid off. Just my guess. However, is there any way to reduce the likelihood of being placed on the layoff list? Does... —  read more 

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It's embarrassing to work here.

I once told an acquaintance where I worked and I could swear that he forced himself not to smile, like he was about to laugh in my face. What am I, a court jester? How did we become such a laughing stock? What a mess this company is.

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VSP rumors???

Rumor mill is stating employees in some departments that had 15 years or more were pulled in and offered VSP??? Are these rumors or truth?

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Get used to it or leave

Someone asked an excellent question - is it really that important which day the layoffs will happen? Even if I am not impacted soon, I am well aware that this does not mean that I can breathe easily because layoffs are a constant threat here and you... —  read more 

Dead weight!

As the workforce has shrunk, it's become apparent the dead weight. Much of this weight is easy to spot with countless & pointless calls throughout the day. Are you deadweight?

To This Day I Still Laugh At This

😂🤣😄😆😅🤡🤡🤡 Wallace Colyer was standing in a garage. It was a day in early February 2015 and Colyer was at Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) development center in San José, Calif. He was... —  read more 

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Possible Thursday Layoffs

It is becoming more and more expected that Thursday Feb 2nd will be a notable layoff day for VCG. If so, they are doing a good job of keeping it quiet due to the lack of leaks and posting on this board. Please post any news, Knowledge, or updates... —  read more 

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Verizon owes you nothing

If you get laid off, be happy and thankful for the time you spent here. This is a business. If you want control over your life, start your own company. Don’t depend on corporate America to give you a handout.

TMO data breach impact?

TMO just announced that 37 million customers were impacted by a data breach. This is the second major breach in less than two years. Yet there has been no impact on their stock price. What gives? How does Teflon TMO keep getting away with this... —  read more 

Verizon needs layoffs

We have so many unnecessary management layers that need to be removed. It would save money while no productivity would be lost. How many managers there are with just a few direct reports who do nothing but go from one useless meeting to another to... —  read more 

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