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How Is Sedgwick Claims Working Out For You?

The shyster insurance company that replaced Met Life and has a P.O Box as a Corporate address! Is well known in the industry as being the absolute worst company to deal with, that's if you can even reach them! I'm waiting for the horror stories to... read more

EISP Question

In the past when there have been EISP's offered, did it have any effect on the stock price by lowering the number of employees?

Nice STI

Received my STI today...Better than I expected...

Verizon hiring?

Just heard that Verizon is going to hire permanent workers off of the street for fios installs and fiber splicing. The 30 month temp hires that were hired last April are going to be made permanent. This is good news for the future of the fios build... read more

Kick me when I'm down

Was told by mgr today that reps not hitting 100% quota will be written up, so that means about 75% of my district. Our quotas here in the south are unattainable. Thanks now I'm making no money and getting written up. Just another Verizon... read more

HR messed with merit this year....

if you haven't already noticed HR provided the merit increases this year no management input what so ever,so make sure you check your PDF and don't be surprised if you see 0-1%. it appears it didnt have anything to do with performance, as i have... read more

Verizon HBA

Just in case you do not know what this is - HBA = Home Based Agent... You will be doing the same job as you do right now, however your location will change - you will be working from home. Based on this, they are assuming that we are keeping our jobs... read more

7 centers going to HBA only

We just got sat down in a meeting that 7 call centers are going HBA only. Franklin, Mankato, North Charleston, Albuquerque, can’t remember others. In the meeting as we speak trying to be covert

Hilliard Call Center Closing?

Anyone hear about Verizon Hilliard Call Center closing? I heard Lowell is going there today (which never happens) and all of leadership have mandatory meetings with them today. Rumor mill has been hot and morale is lower than ever. I can’t imagine... read more

My Opinion: The Center Closure Is Coming

My center closed about a year ago. The signs are there. I f the higher ups are there, if they are all having meetings, and especially if EAP is onsite, there's either a consolidation, moving to HBA, or a full on closure. Especially if the building... read more
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Solutions Specialist Layoff This Week

I tried reaching out to my HR rep about something today. And every HR rep in our territory is in a meeting. They usually have thiers at the beginning of the month not the end. They only have big ones end month when there is a policy change OR... read more


70% of my district is not even close to 75% of quota, not to mention 100%,any are still below 50%, yet quotas keep going up and managers keep saying heads are gonna roll if we don't hit 100% of our quota, right after they tell us all that traffic is... read more

Verizon keeps cutting

From Wireline to Wireless and in between vz keeps chopping away at bonuses, overtime and pay. If you invest in your employees, you will get a lot more in return. I've never in my 20 years seen morale so low at Verizon.

Barely make the car payment

With just about everyone having a $400+ car payment these days, the new commission structure means a whole lot of people will be choosing between eating and driving. Oh, and as a side note: When you finance your car over 6 years, you pay mostly... read more


This site should be investigated for the number of trolls. Geesh


My “general”manager does NOTHING but sit in her office and fill out b---s--- coachings and one on ones. She really makes sh-- up. Our SMs despise her.we laugh at her. But our dumb--s DM thinks she’ll get him promoted. I hope the CWA contacts me. This... read more

Wireless / FIOS employee discounts

RIF'd 12/29/2017 but still getting employee discounts. I thought accounts would automatically become customer accounts but hasn't happened yet. Anyone know when the change will occur from previous RIF's?

Slam fest 2018

Anyone else here sick of being talked down to by managers and having to lie and slam sh-- just to get close to hitting these outrageous quotas??? Makes me want to go to the media about the sales tactics we are being told and or forced to use . People... read more

Wireline...where’s the work?

Wireline in our area has almost no work. Copper splicers and fiber splicers are sometimes 2 to a vehicle and some are in vans! How can you splice cable from a van! They have some people driving around looking for “open plant” that’s been that way for... read more

“Floating Managers”

What exactly is there purpose besides being just “looking” for things to tell the District Manager to try and stay relevant?? They are a waste of a position and waste of money and provide no value at ALL besides uploading pictures to our DMs... read more

Negotiate severance

Any luck in negotiating for an improved severance package, like additional pay or health benefits?

Winners Circle cancelled?

Word is out that Winners Circle celebrations for March are being cancelled... anyone know why? They haven’t even announced the winners yet so something must be up.

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