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Were there layoffs yesterday?

I see people talking about major layoffs, but I can't figure out if they are talking about the past several weeks in general or if something big happened yesterday. Am I missing something? Has there been a major round of layoffs yesterday that I... read more


With all these RIF's I've never seen this chat this quiet..Suppose to be over 1200 people

RIF Today

Plenty of good people hit today on the business side. Anyone else hearing numbers? Really quiet on the board about those hit.

Verizon looking to acquire IBM Cloud Services

Just had a chat with a friend in the acquisitions team. Seems that less than a year after offloading the steaming dumpster fire of Terremark Cloud to IBM that Verizon execs have now been sniffing around IBM with the idea of buying IBMs cloud... read more

PHX AZ store closures

More Phoenix area stores closures happening q4 confirmed anyone hear different?
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Micromanaging is our credo

Let's maximize your time off the floor with coaching and observations and conference calls where we b--ch about your numbers...and then find anything and everything to get you in trouble. The Verizon way....

Who deleted the union by October?

Who deleted the union by October thread? Does Verizon somehow have access to this site on administration level? Prob some douche manager or upper sad it's come to micromanaging at this level. It's pathetic. And nobody does a thing or stands up for... read more

Commission payouts down over 8 Million !!

Solution Specialists commissions payout were down over 8 million from the previous month. This figure does not include the amount managers were down. New structure saving the company lots of money.

What is happening to this company?

I know there’s going to be a lot of haters but this just blows my mind. I’ve been at two different garages the past 6 years and both were the same. There’s always a few guys that come in late everyday. Not a couple of minutes, but 10-20 minutes late... read more

Han's need for 5G

It was bound to happen.... sign up all Jazzy's with GPS on the super fast 5G Network for quick recovery or tracking! Great commercial for telematics don't you think?... read more
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4th Quarter EISP

I’ve heard from 3 different sources that there is going to be an eisp for the 4th quarter. Rumors are that it is going to be the enhanced eisp ($50,000 + $2200 for every year of service) and that it is going to be widespread, many different titles... read more

August RIF

While it has been mentioned a couple of times in other posts, it does not appear to have any legs. If this were a real possibility, I would expect there to be significantly more activity/posts about it.

Will WiFi Wipe Out Cellular? Probably!

No Rebadging... Only RIF Verizon/VDSI

Just now got news that no company is agreeing to rebadge VDSI employees becoz of the existing high package structure for manager and above bands. Now management came to a conclusion to get rid of more than 50% of these people and then go for... read more

Official! VZB takes over VZW transport network

Genia Wilbiurn accounced today that all VZW transport functions will be taken over by VZB techs! Yet one more nail in the Union coffin, even in Union areas the Carve out gives unlimited rights to contract! Good job bargaining team!

Huntsville, AL

Closing * 07/18/2018 07/28/2018 VERIZON WIRELESS Huntsville, AL 122 jobs lost

VZW #1

I got a big promotion today. I think my newly created position is safe from any RIF, At least I hope so LOL my manager knew i was not happy in my current position, so he made it happen. Keep working hard for your opportunity and goals at VZW....

Selling of Oath

We now that Marnie and Stratton are gone. The talk of being a content provider is going away, I would assume Oath will be sold. Finally someone from network at the helm that gets it instead of some marking moron. I would think oath, ves and... read more

Contract Extension Settled Too Soon

If there are increases in the future health care contributions then why agree on this so soon? Why not hold out for as much ad we could get? It’s not like the contract was going to expire and we were going to be on strike in a week. We obviously had... read more

Another call center closing

Verizon Call Center in Huntsville is closing at the end of this week. Some employees transitioned to home-based agent model, some relocated, some received severance. Not sure if this was already mentioned on the board previously, but here it is just... read more

Seriously bad news.

I just got back from an after work outing with some big dogs in the company, where my supervisor got wasted and basically let it slip that Verizon plans to dump major reduntant positions on the wireline side to slim down labor before a potential sell... read more

One Verizon

What kind of feelings do you have working at Verizon? Why does it matter that it's not so easy? Why do you think it would be different elsewhere?

Can you help me?

My phone isn't acting right, I can't receive my emails anymore... I forgot my Gmail/apple id/hotmail password My phone keeps popping up with these ads My 5+ year old phone won't hold a charge anymore is it still covered under warranty? My... read more

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