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Stores will close. Districts realigned, and GMs overseeing two stores. Plans are in the works. Best bet is to see when your lease for your store is up. If it’s this year, prepare to be shut down. The next gen stores are safe, they cost less to... read more

Lump Sum Pension

At the rate that lump sums are dropping and are continuing to do so, it looks like more and more of future retirees are going to have to select between a crummy lump sum or less than stellar monthly pension option. Do I trust VZ to pay a monthly... read more

Potomac Region Voluntary Layoffs

Verizon notified CWA of a volunteer surplus declaration in the Potomac Region. Verizon intends to offer an EISP. Volunteers will be accepted as necessary to meet business needs. The terms of this offer are similar to previous EISP offers. Employees... read more

SMB Uimited

How many reps (retail, r2b, b2b) sell these plans at less than 4 lines. System will allow it. I know a lot of people on both side. It’s a great opportunity to close sales.
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How do you guys deal with customers who want to take advantage of BOGO promotions and dont mind cancelling old number? (False churn)

Big Media Play

Frankly, I am so glad we ended up buying Oath - look at this TW acquisition and all other media plays - sheeeeesh, at least we got Oath. Good strategic thinking, we should thank our executive talent and armies of MBAs for taking care of us and... read more

Your next successful job!

Layoffs sting no matter what the circumstances, they just do. Remember the best way to get out of a jam is any way you can. When layoffs happen, there' s no way of knowing whether or not to take it personally. So don't. Because it isn't personal -... read more


Let this sink in and think about our competition: 5G will allow any company to attach over 1,000 times more devices to every cell site than what’s possible today.

If Verizon is so terrible...

...then why don't you just leave? if your life is so miserable and you feel you are so undervalued and underappreciated, make a change and go somewhere else. If you're that good of an employee then your skills will be properly acknowledged elsewhere... read more

AT&T buys Time Warner

The deal went through. Now AT&T will have similar debt to VZ I am guessing. Lets see how the leadership deals with this at both of the companies

New hires

Just heard from the second level that they hired over 100 facility techs in NJ, mostly for fios installs up north. How do you think this will affect any possible eisp for 3rd or 4th quarter of 2018? I’d like to think the company would want to get the... read more

Wireless retail store discrimination suit

I'm suing a retail store for discrimination. I'm a minority and the 10 anxious clerks doing nothing insisted I only qualify for prepaid cause I look credit challenged and undocumented. They insisted I get a prepaid and 35 HUMS for my homies.

How does this week look?

Is it just me, or is this one of the rare weeks for which there were no predictions of layoffs? It's funny that that actually makes me worry. if there are rumors of layoffs it's probably just wild guessing, but if there is no info...then it must mean... read more

And you thought Lowell was bad

Hail to Verizons new CEO. its downhill from here.

Board of Directors Should be Canned

The Verizon Board of Directirs did a horrible job in evaluating CEO replacements for Lowell. Hans is a loser that screwed Ericsson so bad that they have yet to recover. Since joining Verizon, Hans’ jet-setting ways continue — just look at his Twitter... read more

FCC Passes New Laws Against Slamming

This affects cellular carriers and home providers like Comcast. Coincidentally we pulled Wireless Account Analysis for plausible deniability. Now you have to really dig to scrub accounts. Apparently the FCC is reaching out to employees looking for... read more

Can CWA and IBEW stop Rebadging?

For the post 2003 hires, Rebadging is not difficult to do, but for the older hires, can Verizon get away with rebadging Associates if the “new” company also has the same Unions? Hans won’t dance with Shelton and Lonnie the way previous leaders did... read more

This ain't your mama's phone company anymore!

It appears that the Airtouch QB wants to ensure that his enduring damage continues well after he has left. So what of his handpicked Hans, the Swedish handball champion, leading an American telecom giant? A "network architect", who is not an... read more

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