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10+ new jobs found

10+ new jobs found ‌ Android Engineer Verizon - Denver, CO Proficiency in Computer Science fundamentals (i.e., object oriented design, data structures, algorithms, design, problem solving, and complexity analysis).... Mar 25 Distinguished... —  read more 

End of month layoffs

Heard there might be layoffs by end of month? What department will get impacted first and what organizations?

Profit Sharing to 401K

Profit sharing for last year showed up in my 401K, which I rolled over to an IRA after taking the VSP last year. Sigh. So, guess I'll have to do another rollover? What a pain.


"We run to a crisis, not away." Means: We push our front-line expendable employees towards a crisis (WITHOUT ANY PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT). "Hey, it's only an illness, & you DO get sick days, right?"

How to survive here as a contractor?

I was recently moved from network engineer role to a Developer, the couple of full timers in the team don’t know or don’t wanna share much, they say go learn by yourself, how can I learn in house projects without much guidance? Of course there are... —  read more 

Shankies not stopping till it hits $35

Buy Vodafone shares at $60 at the peak of the market Let go much needed talent at the time much needed and keep just your dumb buddies around for management. Buy red box, terramark, yahoo, aol and bunch of other businesses and turn them into... —  read more 

Email from Top

Did anyone else get the E D C H @ N email? I don't think the under roos get it. Poorly written. And where is the SVP that was with HR last week?

How many months of this can we take?

Realistically, if this lasts for more than two months as everybody is predicting (although I'm not sure why that seems to be the consensus) how long would it take for us to collapse? I know small businesses are already having trouble staying afloat... —  read more 


"Verizon’s fiber optic and wireless networks have been built and engineered to perform during moments of crisis." Funny how the FIBER OPTIC NETWORK is touted as a strength when in times of crisis, yet is no longer being expanded on a meaningful... —  read more 

X employee

I worked for vzw for 20 + yrs, took the severance in Dec 2108. I saw alot of changes during my time there, and everything this group says about vzw and its leadership is very true. Vzw was once a company that did care about its employees, then... —  read more 

Stimulus Check

Any other VSP’ers screwed out of 2020 Coronavirus stimulus check because of the one-time severance payout? I’m guessing they’ll use 2019 w-2 data.

RSU Award?

I am a severed employee from March 2019. I received my first RSU award last year, but I did not receive the 2nd RSU award today. Who can I contact at VZ to dispute? Is there a number any of you have used?

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CEO: Investment in America

Why Verizon just made a big investment in America amid the coronavirus: CEO Verizon Communications CEO Hans Vestberg has... —  read more 

Why are we still open??

Its obvious Verizon does NOT care about its employees. Our credo is b—s— because it was written by people who dont have to rush to the frontlines of a disaster. They should be the ones who come and work on the front lines. Atleast close all... —  read more 


Verizon is falling a**-first into a pandemic and dragging frontline employees down with it along the way. Verizon is not valuable if the workforce isn’t behind it. When will some of you realize that? The economy is tanking because our LABOR has... —  read more 

Modeling the Greed(o)

We are literally running to a crisis down here in Florida while executives play it safe from home. Select store closures even though we are all equally as vulnerable. Let’s stick it to Verizon the way Wells Fargo did once this is over.

Hazard Pay 25%

Heard Comcast offering 25% hazard pay and CWA dragging their feet to approve it.

Center Closures??

Are there any center that have closed? Mines needs to close ASAP! To much coughing.

Elgin Call Center Closed

So the Elgin call center closed for deep cleaning due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19. I was notified by text at midnight Saturday. When did the center know of this positive case and why weren’t employees notified sooner? There was no... —  read more 


I heard today that the CLNR scam was waaaaay more widely used and rampant in some stores with even employee accounts being accessed and scammed. I've been told anybody who has accessed an employee account and taken part in the CLNR scam will be fired... —  read more 

Verizon Jobs

Cell Site Engineer Verizon - Pembroke Pines, FL Valid driver’s license. As a Cell Site Engineer, you’ll be out in the field keeping our facilities and equipment in top form by maintaining several locations in... Mar 12 Central Office... —  read more 

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