Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Increased workload

I'm really interested in how the team will function after everyone's workload has been drastically increased. That is, I'm wondering who will be the first to leave. Do they really think that placing such a burden on the remaining employees is a... —  read more 

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Major Network Reorg

Expect announcements this month of major network team shakeup and reorg. Given potential revenue jolts from consumer side, network will see more rifs and director retirements. Russo already announce the first set last Friday.

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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Summer has come and passed The Domestic workers can never last Wake me up when September ends Like my past co-workers come to pass Seven years has gone so fast Wake me up when September ends Here comes the Rif's again Falling from the Rumor... —  read more 

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Life at Verizon...

Triple the amount of work-check, Cut staffing-check, Set unrealistic goals-check, Show favoritism-check, Use the word "Teamwork" in every sentence-Priceless!

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I see things haven't changed

Verizon used to try to cut its way to profit when I was there six years ago and from what I'm seeing and reading here, the same thing is happening now. I guess nobody in leadership has learned from the past. It didn't work then, and something tells... —  read more 

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Wireline Buy out packages

So been hearing lots of rumors anyone think they may offer the wireline outside forces a package to leave .Kinda makes sense they want people off the payroll & are riffing management .I also hear they may hire some new outside guys at the lower... —  read more 


Even after more than two decades and taking the VSP (Voluntary Separation Program), I still find myself visiting this site every month. I remember the initial few months after accepting the VSP, when I faced a pay cut and heard all the news about how... —  read more 

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Verizon is an Old Farrrt good ol boy network culture!//w/ top heavy management and needs to bleed the top management

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Are we really still a business? If you had invested $1,000 in Verizon on Feb. 21, 2014 -- the fateful day it took full control of Verizon Wireless by buying out Vodafone's (NASDAQ: VOD)... —  read more 

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Value brands

This division is doing so well. Tracfone has managed to lose so many customers while visible can't complete number ports and loses numbers . The person running it is very pretty.

The hard truth

I feel for the impacted workers in customer service, but let's just be honest, no one was raving about Verizon's customer service. ever... As sales, calling customer service is the bane of my existence. I'd call on behalf of large clients so they... —  read more 

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No Guarantee for Severance

It was explained today if for CS, if too many reps choose severance pay that it wouldn’t be the option chosen and reps will then, have to stay despite choosing severance as our first option. This is explained during the Lunch and Learn. How insane is... —  read more 

Failed leadership

If you don't value your employees, if you don't appreciate the work we do, then you're not going to get very far. And the latest round of layoffs showed just that. You don't care if we lose knowledge, expertise, and know-how. All you care about are... —  read more 

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When is my end date

I was on a performance plan and notified of the layoffs and that I wouldn’t be able to reapply for the 3 new positions. Confused as to why I haven’t been given an end date yet.. just business as usual

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