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VSP - NC Unemployment?

After the VSP in 2019, I opted to take some time off for the buyout period with the intention of eventually going back to work. The potential employers I was counting on and a couple I was in talks with have pretty much shut down hiring due to... —  read more 


curious, how much is the lump sum pay out for a core vz employee ie splicer,opt, after 30 years employement, and what is the best option monthly payements or lump sum,

Customer Abuse

Customer abuse has been incredible lately. I truly wish these people would understand that we are doing our jobs. When is the company going to recognize this and take a stance on it? Customers are threatening, verbally abusive, and just downright... —  read more 


I know of guys in my area going out of state and not doing the quarantine for 14 days cause they are not being truthful on the certification we do every morning. Also I’m sure they will lie if they have a fever. So what is the discipline if any? ... —  read more 


Judging by the posts here, Verizon has never had a less satisfied workforce than it does now. Morale seems to be as low as it can get. People are fighting amongst each other while the management is enjoying the show. Why worry about employees holding... —  read more 

Round one!

My location is currently open. Some reps may take the package. Some want to work from home. I feel like this is only the first wave of VSP.


just passing it along...dont know if its true or false ,reliable sources are saying a offer is in the works for end of year to craft..hmmmmmm

Global cut

Got a text from a good source for the North East that Frank J*ules org (Global) is cutting 40% of the Org. 80% account managers may be gone and the other 20% are tasked at training BDRs (Business Development Reps) and then they will be gone.


Just talked to a friend of mine in IOT and they got cut and they were on vacation with a nice, hope your vacation is well but you don't have a job any longer. I don't know how deep this goes but 14 days. Funny I thought and it is a growth part... —  read more 

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