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No more EISP offers

Years 1987, 1988 were the years when Vz hired many. No need to offer EISP. Soon they will retire with 30 yrs of service , realizing the company wont offer incentives

Severance Going away

There is a rumor going around that the severance packages are being cut or done away with all together. Has anyone heard the same?

Special EISP

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 10:07am Verizon has notified Local 827 that various organizations have a need to reduce force and intend to offer Special EISP. Volunteers will be accepted as necessary to meet business needs. Attached is a comprehensive listing of... read more

Any update on call centers?

I've heard work from home. I've heard outsourcing. I've heard move into smaller centers. I've heard complete closures. Does anyone have the truth?
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Axing IPTV

Heard that the iptv project is getting the axe. Couldn't get it to work

verizon = circle jerks

Anyone that puts any work in above and beyond of what is required makes you a big fool. You can join the posse of circle jerks. You can all sit around and jerk eachother off in one big circle while telling eachother how great you all are. Fools... read more

Maybe a EISP is really coming

Ok forget all the heard from wink wink nonsense. Go on eweb, do a pension payout report. Why does the following bolded statement appear at the top ? "This benefit calculation does not include the pension enhancements from the current special enhanced... read more

Customer service

Do you think the customer service or rss position will come back into the stores?

Excessive overtime write ups

My manager just showed me an email from HR stating that any retail employee that has excessive overtime is to be written up and documented. If it continues punishments can include termination. I've never seen the company so anal about overtime. I... read more

Quotas are too high

I know we had an iPhone and Samsung launch this month, but I'm at 33% halfway through the month with our lack of traffic and I have been top rep in store multiple times this year. Starting to worry how I'm going to tell my girlfriend we may not make... read more

No OT and time sheet changes

In retail we are no longer allowed to have OT and I looked at my time sheet and my manager has changed my times that I punched in and out to reflect the no OT policy. This is not legal in any way but who do I contact about this? HR won't do anything... read more

EISP offer

This is big !! Company has notified the union of an EISP . Should be on union websites next week. My understanding is October 10 deadline and off payroll November 1


Some of my coworkers and I are going out for drinks to celebrate iPhone season (rolls eyes). Obviously the store is dead which has caused management to sound like broken records, repeating TMP. Were matching the amount of times its said with shots... read more

Go union?

Several of the reps in my store want to go union. Tired of the wireless b.s. and absurd quotas. Getting out of hand. What are the pros and cons of going union? We will do it just to piss off Lowell and upper management regardless. What does that mean... read more

The latest rumor

Just heard from someone...who heard from someone...who talked to a VP in the local union, that if there are any eisp's offered this year, they would be on a very limited basis. They also said that there would probably be a more wide spread eisp... read more

Xfinity Mobile

We have an Xfinity mobile store next door, since the deal with Verizon took place our traffic has decline by 50%, our upgrades are horrible and we are empty most days without any customers. Reps have not hit quota in 3 months, How are you stores... read more

Retail is dying and hurting bad

I'm a solutions manager and it's been brought to my attention that the Great Lakes Region has been disconnecting more lines than it is actually adding. We're in the negative's for growth in the company YTD... What now??? Maybe they can put some more... read more

Just had reseller as a customer....

I work in a Corp wireless location, customer came in with a shirt that's part of our uniform policy. I had asked him which store he worked in (assuming it was a corp location), definitely was shocked when he told me he worked for a reseller. Anyone... read more

Heard it from a birdie

There's been talk and whispers about many wireless reps and managers talking with unions and trying to become union before they begin more store closings. Lots of smaller stores especially. Look for it within the next month to 2. It's happening.

Gatt rate down again

Gatt rate went down again for the 4th 2.80. This is even lower than it was last October when they offered an eisp (2.86). Everyone's pension just went up!!

Wireless employee layoffs or store closings?

Anyone hear anything about any wireless rep layoffs or store closings or any smaller stores closing or turning to indirect stores? If so this year or next? Quota is outrageous we need to stand together and do something about it. Don't mess with the... read more

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