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Joe Shmucks

Is Joe Shmucks down, been unavailable for two days.

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B2B Sales Group

Anyone have any ideas or heard on what changes may happen to the B2B outside sales group?

Need some pension assistance Please

Since rates are so low I don’t want to miss an opportunity to receive the largest payout since I’m not sure these rates will ever be so low again. I am late to the party but am struggling to determine what my current lump sum would be. I received... —  read more 

VSP liability over. Layoffs around the corner?

June marks the one year timeline within which those that pressed the VSP button, but were rejected, would be eligible to receive the full VSP benefits if they were RIF’d. Do you think we’ll see a spate of RIF’s now that this liability is near an... —  read more 7 new jobs found

7 new jobs found ‌ Ecosystem Partnerships Manager Verizon - Washington, DC This will mean driving technical, business development, and go-to-market activities with internal and external partners.... May 29 Mobile QA Engineer Verizon -... —  read more 

Home Garage

Upper Management is debating weather or not to make home garage permanent for some on a volunteer basis. I think it would be great for some techs and also beneficial to Verizon modt importantly.

Unemployment after Severance Period Expires

Is anyone familiar with NY unemployment availability after the expiration of the 14 month severance period. Having a hard time finding employment, like others, at the moment. Stay safe!

Hiring Freeze?

I was in the process of interviewing for a sales role within VBM prior to this whole pandemic however, was told that there was a hiring freeze due to the current situation. Does anyone within VBG have any insight into the hiring freeze as it stand... —  read more 

Any Layoffs in 2020 Or any outsourcing

Any idea what will happen in Dec 2020 in regards to layoffs or outsourcing or any new plans or terms to eliminate or any big changes.. Share your thoughts if you are aware

Give em enough rope...

Construction, Maintenance, Installs are at a standstill. New Managers came in and showed the kinder gentler side. Its easy living right now, all the while they have been building a case. They cannot get rid of you because you are not needed, they... —  read more 

Work from home

How long will it take Verizon to outsource or ship overseas all the positions that have been successfully performed from home during the pandemic? If I was among those who are not in the field but instead are working from their homes, I'd be... —  read more 

Disgruntled employees stop blaming the union

Here’s the deal. Yes union has lost a lot of the responsibilities and membership is dropping however, the union is not going anywhere. What you seem to forget is linemen and craft are the lifeline of this company. Just look at who the essential 15k... —  read more 

Verizon Stores to Offer 'Touchless Retail'

Verizon Stores to Offer 'Touchless Retail' BY Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) said Friday it will offer "Touchless Retail" for shoppers, which includes "both physical and digital changes to reduce the number of... —  read more 

Any Updates For The Disabled Associates?

Any updates for the disabled union associates? I know we have been sitting on the sidelines, most for many years, but we can't risk our lives going out into the field but still hope we get what we are entitled to. Thanks for covering my shifts all... —  read more 

Safer at home

I pray and hope for those of us that want to stay working from home can permanently. I’ve been become so comfortable being home that I believe it’s safer. I’m doing the same job as I would be doing in the call center. I’m saving on gas! My compute to... —  read more 

Open Floor Work Space should be shuttered

Back in 2016 Verizon started changing to the open floor work space plan. 6-10 people working 3ft apart all to increase capacity. (Vs people in cubicles working 6ft-8ft apart) This was always an issue with getting sick from someone elses Cold or... —  read more 

Union / Verizon Agreement COVID-19

Dear members, The Letters of Agreement between Verizon and CWA regarding Work-at-Home, Bonus Pay, Home Garaging, and Back-up Care will be extended until June 30, 2020. They were originally scheduled to expire on April 30, 2020. The Letters of... —  read more 

Westchester Monitoring Of GPS

Lots of monitoring boys and girls, and lots of flies got caught in the web, they just don’t know it yet. Screwed it up for everyone. Thanks


Verizon will not be doing any layoffs this year

Earnings Report is out !

Well we’ll, a beat on the EPS and a miss in the revenue. I’m sure you know what that means for employees. Rif is coming. Verizon always increases revenue by reduction of staff. If you listen to what Hans said on the call he wants to reorganize the... —  read more 

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