Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

50% less GMs and DMs

Terribly tragic. We are in the process of cutting 1/2 the GMs (each GM will be over at least 2 stores), and half of the District Managers (each DM will have the same amount of GMs reporting to them, but now covering twice as many stores)... —  read more 

Something is in the air...

Does anybody have a clue what is happening? Leadership has been cancelling meetings and events and not saying why. Some are not even able to be reached and have gone off the grid. Anybody have news on whats happening right now?

Cen Sored site

Most of the posts here are pretty innocuous but within one week multiple posts have been removed by the site. The post details for the most part were about the leadership direction at Verizon and the significant offshore outsourcing which leads to... —  read more 

Global 2021 kick off

The t shirt the executives were wearing on the global 2021 kick off call were interesting. Now we just receive an email from Hans about what happened today in dc.

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Ridiculous Hold Times

HBA call center rep here...lately the hold times for our department have exceeded 1.5 hours regularly for several months and it’s getting unacceptable. It’s not our faults and it’s affecting survey results. Have they just secretly gotten rid of a lot... —  read more 


What do Care Supervisors even do? Baffling that you can get paid more than us for being in “meetings” all day and not knowing a gd thing about ACSS or how to resolve issues. Whoever hired/promoted some of these supervisors... I hope you lose... —  read more 


Is anyone else (from overstuffed stores in retail who accepted HBA) being forced out of their job because they weren’t told they could move to a different state? How is that legal?

Salary Range

What's the salary range percentage for roles in Verizon (where 100% is the midpoint). e.g. 70%-130% How does where you are in the salary range impact your annual base pay increment?

Mom took package

Hello! My mom has worked for at least 32+ years at Verizon in NYC and recently took the retirement package with no plans to work again. My mom is horrible with money and only 60 years old, so I am extremely worried about her financially as she gets... —  read more 

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