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Number set for direct reports.

Managers are to have 11 to 15 direct reports to justify their position. After the voluntary separations it is going to be difficult to justify the current number of managers. How will Verizon address this situation? First quarter of 2019 will be... read more

I just got hired by Verizon!

Systems Dev role. Nice pay package and signing bonus. In my 20s, so not likely to cost the company money like the fat, sick, aging boomers. Just get them out of the building aready. Sooo depressing to have to look at them.

This is salary discrimination

There will always be more RIFs. They've been going on for years. This was a financial move on the company's part, but yes, they will back fill some positions. The VSP was not targeted enough to prevent the need for back fills. This isn't age... read more


Yahoo: Verizon Deal Could Garner 29% Boost In Valuation Jul. 25, 2016 8:06 AM•AAB SeekingAlpha Summary Reports suggest Verizon will acquire Yahoo's core business for $4.8B. Including intellectual property and Yahoo's stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo... read more


Verizon said is writting off the entire cost of tbe acquisition, as is parting ways with 10,400 employees in "a voluntary separation program," despite the Trump administration providing a tax cut and various deregulatory changes that were supposed to... read more

Verizon Pension

Can anyone explain why we lose 2-3K a month in the pension after 55? Is that legal, I have lost almost 150K in the past 3-4 years how is that possible?

Merry F'n Christmas

5 customers, I helped 5 customers all day in our store, all service work, I need to sell at least 6 boxes a day to hit quota, not to mention at least one pull through product every day. Our promo's s---, we have no traffic and not 1 person in my... read more

Verizon Mobile Plan Discount

If I leave Verizon can I still keep my plan discount? I've been with the company for about 14 months and I work in a store. Please let me know.

Pure Greed

VSP Plan to Layoff Older Workers?

B2B Commission Changes

Has anyone heard about new commission changes for the BAMs and MAMs in B2B? I keep hearing about changes in January 2019. I know retail has been pretty much f---ed over with their new commission changes.


Does S-xual Harassment happen in other areas of Verizon and nothing get done about it? I'm curious if the boys club exists all throughout Verizon. NW01is going through a massive issue with s-xual harassment but between employees and the DM, managers... read more

New Commision Structure Holiday Rant.

This post will be NSFW. I’m a front lines employee. After this year’s commision debacle I have a few things to say. I have no hope of this post having any meaning to higher ups in the company or management at any level. I only want to put it here so... read more

Denied - Ask for a raise?

If I was so valuable to the company that I was denied, am I justified in asking for a raise? Any other denied's doing this?

4.6 billion charge loss on Yahoo and Aol Realy

Okay management worker union nonunion stock holder anyone with stake in verizon I would say you should take acception to the fact that the higher ups made such a dumb investment when everyone else could see it was a lost cause .They lost billions... read more


I’ve noticed they are not filling SMB roles when someone leaves. Including a manager role. Anyone else notice this.

VSP cost to VZ

“The company [Verizon] expects a severance charge of $1.8 billion to $2.1 billion in the fourth quarter, according to a Tuesday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. “ Certainly this will help VZ to reach 10B saving for next 3 years.

Could have been worse

While this situation was handled far from perfectly, I still think Verizon did a good thing by offering voluntary buyouts. It's certainly better than just laying off people left and right without any input from them. This gave me an opportunity to... read more

Legacy wireless vs legacy wireline

Does anyone know how many employees are in legacy wireless vs. legacy wireline? I’m curious out of the 44,000 offered the buyout, how many were from each side. I know we’re one company, but how many work on the wireless side and how many on the... read more


What’s next for the union, hiring or layoffs?

10 billion?

Cutting 10k jobs puts a tiny ding in the 10 billion $ goal... What's next and when?

Farewell to a few of my closest friends

I've been given a 12/28 LDW. So I'd like to say thanks to this board for years of amusement. I feel I have gotten to know many of you intimately despite a wall of anonymity. In particular there are a few tropes who merit a special tip of the hat... read more

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