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Stores all cleared out

Nationwide all Corp VZ retail stores cleared out all the inventory off the sales floor due to the riots and looting. So now we are working out of empty stores.. this is not going to help with retail recovery.

Hybrid retail survey

Did anyone else get the hybrid work from home retail survey. Basically indicating that there is they plan to have retail reps work part-time and store and other time working from home. It was titled "your voice matters"

Redeployment still happening?

Are they still sending retail people equipment to work from home? I thought wave three was suppose to be this week but haven’t heard anything.

Retail quota

Any talk on when retail employee’s will start getting a quota again? Any chance that they might get rid of commission all together ? Super appreciative of Verizon and how they are taking care of us at this time but I would love the chance to at... —  read more 

New rules post COVID

If you're in the US and have been working from home in your pajamas the past 2 months, your job can be done from India for 1/4 the salary. Your time is short with VZW. If your working on 5G, expect MAJOR changes. 5G is now a cold war with... —  read more 

Forced to "Volunteer"

In the Desert territory, the Director of retail basically said, "you are being watched and you are required to volunteer because if you don't your employees won't". So, VZW program of "volunteering" has now been turned into a communist tracking... —  read more 

Call centers not reopening?

On Up to Speed they said at least September 30th, however in a follow up meeting with my VP, he gave a strong indication that at least some call centers will not reopen and everyone would stay home based. Did anyone else get this impression?

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Directors birthday exempt from safety procedures?

I have to wash my hands, sanitize phones, wear a mask all day, work with the same people everyday, but in the south this does not seem to matter. I saw on instagram a birthday celebration and no one had on a mask even those in the store. Why cant all... —  read more 


Do you think they are going to keep stores closed on Sundays?

Quota reinstated

Quotas to be reinstated next month for numerous channels . I appreciate the last three months. However, I hope they are going to be reasonable.

Sunday’s off

What’s everyone’s thoughts on having all the stores closed on sundays? Do you think they are going to keep it that way or change it back?

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The furture of retail

Lets be honest and fluid about the current situation in retail alot of people lively hoods are on the line what does it look like. There has been a big push for us to use the tution program and the online options that are availble to us. Will work... —  read more 

When will quota’s be reinstated ?

Absolutely zero communication regarding commission program and how we will exactly be paid going forward. There is no way possible that things go back to business as usual because clearly everything is and will be different working in the retail... —  read more 

WFH Manager to Rep

Who else has taken a step down with their WFH redeployment? How is coaching being enforced to those who used to be team leaders and are now single contributors?

WFH redeployment expected to last 3-6 mouths

I was told today buy a pretty senior operations person. Again this is second hand info. I'm not looking for drama. Verizon is going with a national consistent reopening process for retail. Press releases have been publicly put out regarding... —  read more 


I hope they get all the remodeling done in the stores that need it. No one want to go back to work with construction going on.

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My first day back in retail.

I helped two customers behind a plastic wall (impressive). I used my own phone to teach a lady how to soft reset her phone. And another that was a (manager exception) to process an exchange. We had to disinfect ANYTHING the customer touched. ... —  read more 

You Are Powerless:

It is a precarious time. We don’t know anything, we don’t know what’s coming. We can speculate all day, but it’s ultimately meaningless. We need to start organizing our corporate stores before we start opening locations, and this includes the... —  read more 


So let me start that by saying yes we work for a great company and yes that I am happy to be employed and continue to get a paycheck. But now let me rant , so this redeployment is c-ap, you have people “randomly” chosen to work in a location, you... —  read more 


It costs $0 to put yourself and your family before Verizon. Stop white-knighting for this morally indefensible company. Ronan, Hans, along with his rag-tag team of sycophants will throw you in the meat-grinder at the first opportunity. Be... —  read more 

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Safer at home

I pray and hope for those of us that want to stay working from home can permanently. I’ve been become so comfortable being home that I believe it’s safer. I’m doing the same job as I would be doing in the call center. I’m saving on gas! My compute to... —  read more 


Anyone not gotten redeployment orders yet? Either work from home or to a store?

5G rollouts slowdown

A lot of work put on hold and now hearing of possible downsizing in VZW 5G orgs. The ram-through is being slowed down as hearing some cities are reassessing whether they want to take the risk/lawsuits. I took this job because 5G was the big thing. ... —  read more 

Redeployment round 2

Has anyone received redeployment info today 4/27? Are all assignments for customer service again? Just curious if people are being notified


Someone please explain to me why I need to use my sick or personal time when my counterparts have not been assigned to any job and are just paid to be off, the lack of fairness of this company is unreal, can’t wait unionize!

No discussions

No talking No explaining. Just simple answer. When do you expect to go back to regular work?

May the 4th!!!

The week of May 4th phase 3 will start. If your store is reopening your GM will get that notice either this Monday or Tuesday. According to our market VP there won’t be anymore temporary assignments outside or possibly working in a store that isn’t... —  read more 


COVID-19 is both neurotoxic and hepatoxic. It is not “just the flu.” Those of you advocating to reopen are mo–ns. I will not risk a lifetime of pulmonary /respiratory issues so you can have your little cell phones in a timely manner. I will... —  read more 

Love conquers all

I’m thankful I still am getting paid for sitting at home for two months...if not I’d be wanting reopening. But damn wear a mask be respectful. Take it seriously.

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