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After any good topic, someone comments saying telesales to distract the simple-minded. Thought I’d do my job. Keep your focus on leaderships failure

Black Friday? Is it safe?

There seems to be talks of a boycott on Black Friday for safety concerns. Makes sense. It has the potential to be very dangerous should Verizon not get ahead of this and make it completely digital. That would be my vote. What do you guys think? If... —  read more 

Reps in store

How many reps are you down in your store? It seems like they are trying to keep headcount way down to where reps can’t even take a vacation or a couple days off cause all the stores are short staffed. Our store has 8 reps but we used to have 11... —  read more 

Layoff site

This used to be a site where people would post speculative comments about life. Not it basically just a site where leaders and worker bees banter back and forth and troll each other. It’s for real the most passive aggressive place out there... —  read more 

How long?

I haven't heard anything, but I'm still worried that we are due another round of layoffs before the end of the year. Am I way off base here?

Innovative Leader

I’ve been in Kansas City for many years. I’m what you call an innovate leader. I was taught from the best to lead by fear. It is the most effective leadership style there is. The guy who taught me everything is now an RD. I myself took a temporary... —  read more 

You had one job.......

You had one job...... Come up with a style shirt and color for front line workers that makes sense Develop a business 360 system that actually works and isn’t an embarrassment Design a commission pay plan that actually gets reps... —  read more 

Time off Requests

Anyone having an issue getting their time off requests approved? I was under the impression the new system was designed to make it easier for us to use our time to be off. I’ve been met with nothing but refusals. I get that stores only have 5 or 6... —  read more 


Two coworkers where offer the telesales position took what they were giving for the increase. One got dropped 5k and the other 7k from hourly. They do make almost twice in commission but still make 3k less after everything is said and done. The f up... —  read more 

Part timers hours

Has anyone had someone in their store drop to part time? If so are they getting weekends off and leaving 2 hours every night before we close? We have 2 reps who dropped down and haven't worked a weekend and haven't worked past 6 when we're open until... —  read more 

Business Acumen

In a healthy free market the aim is to create more jobs so that people can take care of their families. Job creation is the main goal. Verizon started this way! Over time people lose sight of the vision and focus shift’s away from the original... —  read more 

Retail vs. Telesales

Retail Rep here. Been with Verizon about 18 months. Worked Telesales WFH for about 4 months this spring, now back at the store. Got offered a permanent Telesales position. Still trying to decide on wish is the better career move over the long... —  read more 

Digital First

I’ve worked at Verizon for “like” a long time. I was talking to one of my employees the other day and I was like “dude” this digital first stuff is great because as we clean up on our cost factors we show more profit and then our stocks rise... —  read more 

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