Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless


Read the quarterly transcripts with executive management and stock analysts if you want to find out about company Go to investor relations quarterly earnings usually in pdf format. You can see what the executives value from reading you do not need to... —  read more 

Something has to be coming

In my territory there are several temporary store closures due to staffing. My store is running 3 reps at most per day, some days 2 (should be 5 minimum). Can’t imagine this lasts much longer. Verizon needs to do a reevaluation of what they are going... —  read more 

Pulse Surveys

Intrigued to see what the verbatim on your stores pulse surveys consisted of. Ours were ALL around the changes to the comp plan, systems working inconsistently and contribution standards and the inconsistencies behind them. How does one complete a... —  read more 

Verizon AKA Blockbuster

You guys know what happened to Blockbuster right? Who knows the CEO that brought down Ericcson? Ok, I gave you enough clues... Good Luck! ps how is your billing system? how short staff is your store? how high and ridiculous is your quota?... —  read more 

B360 is a joke

Customer wanting to add 3 new lines to existing business account since we opened the store. I’ve encounter every error known to man. After 50 minutes I had to look the customer dead in the face and say “sorry I can’t sell you these phones because... —  read more 


Any other retail reps get harassed on the daily to do their “ALLEGO” assignment? 😂 I’m just here to sell phones , sorry sir I will not be doing homework for this sh*tty job. You want me to do cold calls and homework assignments ALL while paying me... —  read more 

Holiday hours

Why are we closing an hour later on holidays now? They pay more in operations and employee pay than what will be made by sales. Some of these summer holidays we shouldn’t even be open.

This place is a Joke

This place is a joke at the moment up leadership is trying to do things from years ago that do not work. Stores are falling apart from leadership that is not present and out of touch. They think all of these changes are doing anything only making... —  read more 

Almost the same pay

Offering almost the same pay to newly hired employees compared to long-term employees is a humiliation for all those who have given their best to this company over the years. What will Verizon achieve with this, apart from the loss of experienced... —  read more 

Third Party Everything

Is this the new normal within our company. It seems like every department is slowly becoming Third Party. IT, Every r department in customer support, maintenance, network…. Anyone figured out how to get answers you need from actual corporate verizon... —  read more 

Kool aid

Remember a time when we loved this company and drank the Kool aid because it was delicious and tasteful and refreshing. Who else is drinking oiss these days?

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