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HR is not your friend

HR does not exist to help employees. The only function of HR is to prevent a lawsuit against the company. They pretend to be on the employee's side only to gather information to prevent a lawsuit. After all.... who does HR work for in the first... read more
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Survey Scores

Whose smart idea was it to make a failed survey an 8 or below? That means you can get a 10 for yourself on a survey and get an 8 for Verizon satisfaction because of their experience with previous rep which you have no control over. If we are supposed... read more

Screw it

Screw it , maybe we should go union!! Everything that "they" are doing is pushing customers away from stores We have no traffic...but yet "they" still want you to hit astronomical numbers What is the plan? With the F is happening? Let us know what... read more

New safes in inventory room

Anybody know what's going on with the safes in the inventory room? Was told only managers and keyholders will have codes to sell an iPhone 8 or higher and Galaxy so and higher. Welcome back to wait times

No new call centers will ever open corporately

Rolling Meadows is the last new Call Center location that Verizon Wireless will ever open corporately, and even that’s a loose definition since it’s really a relocation of the former Elgin, IL call center (much like how ironically, Columbia, SC was... read more
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New Store Builds?

Does anyone else find it odd that some areas are hiring experience positions again? That there will be smaller locations holding “non commission” representatives basically encouraging online orders and in-store pickups. I hope if your in an area that... read more

HR needs to be aware of this

If we are suppose to be all one company then why is their so many inconsistencies within call center mangers? Why are some managers awesome and as long has your hitting your PA goals or exceeding them they leave you be while some are allowed to be... read more

It has been Confirmed!!

Is Confirm!! They want all the reps that where around when we use to make 4K plus out of the business. They want to bring new reps that never saw checks like that and pay them a higher hourly and eventually just quarterly bonuses. They are using In... read more

Mid-Sale Touches:

Just got realigned into a new district, and the changes keep coming, each worse than the last. Our schedules were changed to reduce OT, so work-life balance is absolutely out of the window, even for those of us used to retail hours. Mid-sale touches... read more

Why are we doing this?

Apparently reports are now being run to determine the length of time from the order to pickup. They are assuming that the less than an hour pickups were rep assisted. Also, mgmt is using the beacons to verify that the customers phone was in the store... read more

Firings are cheaper

They are firing reps left and right over Ins-tore pick ups and Tmp. Why don’t you lay them off instead I guess firing Is cheaper for the company. This company is the biggest scam. Asked and answered. The more people they can fire, less severance they... read more

Union Coming

The union busting tactics of this company are over. What’s to loose? Your job is already on the line. Smart setup is in place to make customers need you less. Now they are wanting you to create a dossier on customers (leads) that they will use to... read more

Call centers

Thing aren’t looking good from my perspective. Morale is at an all time low, system issues every single day, getting harder to make money because call volume is extremely low but the quotas remain high. All anyone here does is deny deny deny, but my... read more

VSP last day on payroll

I took the VSP and left 12/18. I know some people who took VSP left in last March. What is the last day off payroll for employees who took the VSP -- I think it's late June, but not sure.


Director in Store?

How often do people see their retail directors in their stores? Our director has been in our store once and she has been in her role approximately 18 months. I know that we have a DM that visits once a week, but it would be nice to see higher... read more

Call Center closings

Anyone have any info regarding the remaining 10 ( give or take ) Corporate wireless call centers closing?

Gms just as miserable as reps!

I was an Sm for a long time, finally I made the move to GM, big mistake as some people did warn me. First the pay increase was marginal almost laughable, but still an increase so I took it. What I wasn't prepared for was the amount of stress and... read more


Maybe the VZsatisfaction scores wouldn’t suffer so much if the company quit laying tenured peeps that actually know what they are doing off.


So 2.0 is an joke, nothing has changed and the ra ra motivational speeches coming from DM's and above are sickening. Also now we are getting the "integrity" conversations ... Here's an idea, you want reps to sell with integrity? Then eliminate... read more

This place is ridiculous

This company is just pushing customers away from stores with better upgrade fees online while sales reps and managers are just sitting around for hours at a time doing nothing being completely unmotivated , all the while the DM's and above are... read more

Integrity 2.0

HR needs to complete a thorough investigation into the manipulation of in store pick up transactions in OH. Some of the leaders that came up with this shady practice knew exactly what they were doing and their spin of how it was “only being done to... read more


Is there something happening with asurion reps that help Verizon?

New Next Gen Store Opening! Oh Wait...

Its just another authorized retailer! Had me fooled, looks just like a Verizon Corporate Store. Hmm....
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So don't tell me to shut up and sell

I have been here 12 yrs, I do sell, I sell twice as much as I used to, I also make almost half of what I did in the past, I'm doing the job of all the people the company has fired, the tech, the greeter, the csr, the inventory specialist and I have... read more

Changes to fees are coming

Upgrade and activation fees are going to $40. If you do it online it’s going to be $20. This will push what little traffic there is out of the stores. Say goodbye to discounts in store for consumers with ECPD as well.

So much truth in this

Turnover in wireless is horrible, 45 percent is pretty close, in my store we have 2 people that have been here over a year, most new hires bail once ramp up ends, quotas are to high, they are told they will be making x amount of money, they end up... read more

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