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This can't be a surprise to you

Face it folks, the C suite in Verizon is known for one thing... Boosting there dollars and laying off Employees. If this 44k outsource is a surprise to you, then you've been blinded by the board. When Vodafone sold the 49% stake back, Wireless, the... read more
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SMB Role

Any word on whether or not the SMB Specialist role is going away?


Do people have employees who still slam customers? As in.... are there still reps that will lower a customers plan (bill) to add pull through or just re rate a plan to slam a hum. Is that still a thing?

If you are wondering why they are stalling

they are trying to prevent retribution and lame duck behaviors. if you do not get super eisp you will get regular eisp and off books 12/28. the mass exodus will be big. not many folks connecting the dots. VZ over the last 15 years used consumers to... read more

Store Write Ups

Yea.......pretty much entire store is on a “note to file” or written for various metrics including hum. Salesforce is also being threatened if the goal isn’t met you’ll receive one for those as well! Morale is an all time low when majority of traffic... read more

PDF List?

Someone mentioned that if you follow the breadcrumbs there’s a list of all affected in a PDF 166 pages long - anyone know where this is? I can’t find it.


Will HR advise sooner than the 12/10 email date if one places an inquiry?

Retail Severance

When will the majority of the Corp stores close? I'm so sick of this place. Been here for 7 years and I'm so jealous of those who get the package. Most of my coworkers can't wait for the day we get notice that our doors will be locked! There are 6... read more

Here is a great idea Verizon leadership!

How about we offload AOL, Yahoo and all the other ridiculous companies that we dump d billions into. Another smart move was buying out our shares from Vodaphone! Yes let’s take on billions of dollars of debt all within a very short period of time and... read more


So how mad will you be if you decide to stay on and don't volunteer. And get rif later for a lesser package. This board is going to be on fire lol

Sound advice

Take advantage of the tuition assistance, get another degree/certification. Find a new career that you can use that new degree/certification in. Move on! Retail is changing, and if you refused to do any personal development with your education then... read more
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Quotas need to be eliminated

Quotas need to be eliminated. On the surface quotas look like a win win win situation, instead they are the death of quality and quality improvement. Eliminate quotas that are unachievable!! replace the mentality of quotas and shift our mentality to... read more

OCT 1st Retail Management will be Offerred Packages

I had a meeting with other directors from various locations in the business. We were told to disband any large Cisco Teams (Spark groups) that were larger than a zone level. This will help rumors stopping of “people that left” so when they deliver... read more

Need a VZW Retail Thread

Tired of hearing from worthless non-customers facing people... (insert flaming) I’ll ask this if your so damn important and so much better than us in retail stores then why are you being let go and I’m still getting paid?

Verizon's IT Culture

Over the last 5 years or so, the culture of VZW IT has changed dramatically. Instead of empowering engineers, they have essentially turned away talent and replaced with VDSI resources. There are 2 big problems here. Time zone issues: The turnaround... read more

Call centers are DOWN

Network has been down 30+ minutes. Customers (BGCO and employee line at least) are down. Someone sent me a text so I tested it... called the employee line and got a strange message that my call was being transferred and then the call dropped TWICE... read more

Infosys wins $700 million contract from Verizon What can Trump do about this ? Its betrayal of American workers. We don't owe anything to a 3rd world country 'India'.

Just Got My Offer

$1 Billion dollar lump sum free service for life with insurance and a VZW wrapped Lambo with matching shocker shades...
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Restructuring and less/larger regions

Voluntary separation package received today (Wireless). My guess is that the different markets/regions are going to be consolidated again. Whoever doesn't take the buyout will likely be Rif or asked to relocate in the near future. Texas & North... read more

Transition to Infosys

A lot of talk about it on VZ forum page here. Some say that some VzW IT guys already got an e-mail. Can anyone confirm this? What was in the mail? Does anyone know how many people will be impacted. Couldn’t find much details about it on the the other... read more

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