Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Union negotiations

If the union actually stands against the mandate, you would have droves of stores signing up. Wouldn't this be in their best interest? Well see Oct. 25th with the negotiations.

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Verizon is stupid

I have been reading so many posts by the Verizon sales people. It sounds like you have the worst job on the planet. You lose money for bad customer surveys and have to cold call customers to sell them a phone when you got customers in que at the... —  read more 

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Religious Exemptions

I encourage everyone to read up on this subject. The main theme running through the whole process is that it's up to the employer to determine the following: Do they recognize your religion as valid. Is the head of you religion for or... —  read more 

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Productivity calls

90 minute wait times and we are asked to make calls while customers stand around the store in our que. Nothing like calling customers from another part of the country to find out why they abandoned their cart order. As the customers signed into our... —  read more 

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Don't Go To Work Black Friday!

Let's make this a movement, Black Friday everyone stay home enjoy your family and let them worry about their sales.... Either way WE ARE NOT GOING TO MEET THE SALES Q AND THAT BONUS CHECK WILL ONLY BE $1200 IF NO BAD SURVEYS DON'T GO TO WORK ON... —  read more 

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Side gigs

Almost all my colleagues have something on the side. I think a lot of employees have side jobs, (only they don't use their company computer for side jobs). What will never be clear to me is why do employers feel so threatened by side gigs?... —  read more 

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Vz playing games

Of course the retail vax mandate isn’t going into effect until after the holiday season. Verizon can’t afford a massive push back and refusal from employees when they can barely staff stores as is. Its obvious the end goal is work us to death during... —  read more 

Verizon Vax Mandates

Anyone have any insight as to what the “accommodations” would be for religious or medical exemption? I suspect that it will be WFH customer service.. will they decrease pay if that’s the case? Does indirect have to get the Jab?!

Door Greeters & New Hires

Our door greeter makes around $20-$23/hour. He’s awesome btw. Doesn’t let ANY bs into the store unless it’s a new line or someone trying to spend $$ But some of our reps that have been working for Verizon for a couple years are a little salty... —  read more 

Mass Exodus?

I know at least a few people if not more are quitting soon at hour store due to hours, team commission, rude customers all day etc. Anyone else seeing this? If this happens everywhere it is really going to hurt Verizon right before holiday season

More stores going union!

Just got off a panic call. 6 Texas locations and 5 North Carolina locations will be unionized starting next month!! Upper management is panicking over this. How many more stores will go union??!?! They are apparently spilling the beans in writing... —  read more 

Pivot Award

Verizon and Hans won the pivot award for best covid response... (We shifted store reps to home based jobs) now we should win the Razzie award for worst response to get the stores back up to speed.

Pay increase needed

Is Verizon going to do anything about increasing pay? With the yearly pay increases of 2 to 3%, we're losing purchasing power each year. Also, who wants to bet that "corporate" and "network" gets another 100%+ STI while all other workers get less... —  read more 

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Well it’s what some of us were waiting for! Information on the mandate. Looks like wireless has time to get their religious/medical exemptions in! Stand strong

Visible Hack Anyone know anything about this?

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