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Customer Care Org?

I changed jobs internally the last year and my small niche group was hot potatoed from Wireline to Biz Group to Customer Care in the last year or so. My job function has no relation to Customer Care in the traditional sense. What's the deal with... —  read more 


Okay so a lot of corporate retail stores had a jam session today to speak on a lot of new changes coming. I am off today but a co worker of mine said ALOT OF CHANGES Are coming. So far I have heard leaderboard issues going to be gone as if next... —  read more 

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Verizon credit card

Credit card made exclusively for Verizon.. this should be good. At least you might get an autopay discount if you use it.

Priority 1 Meeting this Friday

Is everyone having this or just certain markets? Will upcoming changes be addressed or just a kool aid drinking party to get everyone excited about the new year of making less money?


Anyone hear about why we are having priority one meetings??? Layoffs?

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program File a petition - get extra months unemployment, training, health care savings Save all document proof (email, chats, meeting schedule, etc.) if your... —  read more 

Stock Together

We’re supposed to be happy...? For what? $833 spread out over 3 years, contingent on stock price and write-ups. FOH. That $833 will be swiped from our pockets in the form of dwindling commission payouts over the next year. It’d be nice if they... —  read more 


They are bringing back the old days of trying to coach people out of a job. Sounds like clearing some head count. Funny thing is they can't get anyone to do our job... So what's the plan fire everyone for performance as the ship is sinking. Great job... —  read more 

No backfill

Anyone hear about not backfilling GM or SM positions?

Next pulse survey.

The company really needs to know about the shady company they pay to handle our disability claims. Sedgwick is a terrible company and only cause way more stress. (Yes, I know it benefits Verizon) but we need to speak up and voice it! I mean why... —  read more 

2019 Layoff Verizon Benefits Bill

Did anyone else that was laid off this year receive a bill from Verizon Benefits Center? I received one for $1500 on Dec 15th due Jan 1st....Merry Christmas...been out for months and Verizon is still hammering me..

2020 Vacation Bid

Can’t believe they haven’t released the 2020 vacation bid results yet. People that requested any time off in Jan are getting stressed not knowing and needing to make travel arrangements.

Is anyone taking the Lumerit classes

Is anyone doing the Lumerit classes and what are your thoughts on it? Verizon is only letting us choose Lumerit and starting next year, another school will be added. I wanted to start but it doesn’t sound like I’m going to like it.

All this talk.

There is all this talk about commission going away, jobs being lost, and call centers going away. So any news on anything really happening though?

Tech support is being outsourced

Yes, it is going down... Tech Support (tier 2) is being moved overseas. A lot reps always said it wouldn't happen, but in 2020... Get ready!

You will be outsourced

Countries in South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and even Canada are taking your jobs. I'm not sure when the big one is coming but I'm sure within the next 24 months or sooner. Get your degrees and finances in order! This goes out to anyone in a... —  read more 

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Targeted for pulse survey?

Anyone else who gave an honest survey feel like they are being unfairly targeted ? Ask around you aren’t alone


Central pa going union

More and more talks of unionizing in Central PA. Quotas are ridiculously high and management doesn't go to bat for reps anymore. If they don't have our backs anymore screw em

What do you think Verizon is going to do next?

What are your insights for employees future? What do you think their motive was for giving and extra week/two weeks vacation? Do you think they are going to lay off more managers starting next year?

What is the point of the pulse surveys?

The people that answer these surveys lie because we're being monitored, Or don't answer like me. So if it's b—s— answers that they know they're getting then why even send them out. Someone needs a job to do nothing.

November Quota

Did anyone actually hit that astronomical quota? I mean do they realize that is our Christmas check?

PIP Replaces VSP

Have heard from a reliable source that the PIP is replacing the Package. There needs to be a greater reduction in headcount and as a means are enforcing the PIP process and targeting tenured employees by inflating their quotas. I'm told 2020 quotas... —  read more 

Vz India down

Verizon is going down in India. Even md not there. Only god can help us now.

Blackfriday Fail!!

Worse blackfriday in 10 years garbage promos garbage cust normal traffic after 2 PM retail is f—ing dead or at least the days of making money what so ever.

Ethics/Compliance Report:

Does anyone have any experience filling this out? I believe three of my managers and a rep have been committing time card fraud. I have little to no evidence, but it would easy to prove (if they investigated), right?


If you leave Verizon on your own terms do you get paid out for your month of commission and all the rest of your vacation time you have left?

Where to start.

I have seen so many people leave this company as their commission checks are going down each month and selling 100 phones pays you $2k now not windfall. Saw 2 reps s-xually harassed in my store and GM did nothing after it was brought up to them. I... —  read more 

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