Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

covid policies

had 3, yes 3 people in my location test positive for covid! anyone know the new safety protocols for quarantining and being exposed? we got sent a form to fill out if you’re not fully vaccinated but states if your not fully vaccinated and havent ... —  read more 

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Join the call at 9 pm ET tomorrow (Aug 3) and learn how workers won a big pay hike with the union. Go to VZW rising on FB to learn details and pre register for the call. Non managers only. REGISTER HERE bit(dot)ly/vzw83 Topic VZW Town Hall: Don't... —  read more 

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Is it fair to say...

That the POS 2.0 team are just dragging their knuckles at giving us a POS that actually works? Are they trying to justify their existance? Stretch every dollar allocated to them for as long as humanly possible? How is it possible a retail store... —  read more 

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Covid Policy

What’s the policy when someone gets COVID in a store nowadays. Had someone gets covid and we were all around them and they keeping us open like nothing happened

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2 Hour Wait Times?

How have Corporate doors ended up with "2 hour wait times" this summer? It isn't December 23rd. We are a Big6 store in a mid-size east coast city with 6 Corporate doors and 16 Indirects; all within a 35 minute drive of each other. Only this summer... —  read more 

Finally happened

Got laid off. Wish it would have happened after I became debt free in January. I'm getting a severance so that's nice but ultimately stressful.

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HR useless

I have been hearing stories where there have been a couple different scenarios lately where employees were steered away from HR because it is basically useless. I’m not going to get specific because the employees involved don’t need the negative... —  read more 

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Within the last week the VP of the West left and the VP of the East was repurposed to another position. Very interesting.

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Explanation: poor planning?

Never understood why we had entire dept especially in indirect dedicated to something reps were already selling pretty successfully. We were essentially paying additionally salaries and commission on SMB sales to 3 more Vzw employees for something... —  read more 

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Verizon pay

Rough estimate what we use to make if you use to hustle at Verizon 8-6 years ago = +$100,000-$80,000 4-6 years ago = $60,000-$50,000 2-3 years ago =$40,000-$35,000 Now = 💩 I thought the longer you’re with a company, Your money is supposed to... —  read more 

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Cellular Sales

Come to the light. Quit complaining on forums and make the leap. Competitive commissions. Fair hours. Save up some money and work on yourself.

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Indirect Omni tickets

With all the Omni issues and critical tickets/promo issues on daily basis they can’t get rid of IAMs for a while. As long as IT continues to do a sh---y job we should be good. Someone in that dept keeps f*ing up the code/algorithms. It’s pretty... —  read more 

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Still no replacement

Do they think that when someone leaves an already understaffed store, they don't need to be replaced at all? I’d just like to know what’s going on, whether they have no intention of making a replacement or can’t actually find anyone to work here. It... —  read more 

How picky are you?

This is my last week here. I stayed too long at verizon. I was looking for a job for a long time, but only because I was picky. Lately I no longer had to be picky at all because it is better to work almost everywhere than here. No one wants to work... —  read more 

Age Based Discrimination

There are tactics being followed to harass or unnecessarily write up “Tenured Reps” to get rid of them & hire fresh new “Young” staff that too part time. It’s all happening here in “Arizona State”. That should ring a couple of bells and somewhere... —  read more 

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Salary plus

How is it even legal to break down management payment by the hour and then turn around and pay them half time for any hours over 40 hours??? That's so sh---y that they're asking their managers to work multiple stores sometimes over 40 hrs per week... —  read more 

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Shut up and be compliant.

Here in ET we are being told just suck it up and comply. Be nice to people or you’re out. Sell all the stuff, but don’t slam (or get caught slamming). Do this all while being undermanned or get out. Seems like a good plan( if we were making... —  read more 

WFH outsourced

We all know it's coming. The systems constantly not working, other departments like tech, pact etc... outsourced. Call routing issues. Customers having to jump through hoops to reach someone and then being forced to do self serve. We are told they... —  read more 

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I’m curious

Has anybody else had their GM call their friends/family up to come in and add esim “ghost lines” to their account to hit quota? Our store has been horrendously slow as of the past few months, and instead of our management going to bat for us... —  read more 

Only 2 staff?

Please explain to me how the **** running a store with 2 staff is safe. What if you have to use the bathroom? What if you need something from the inventory room? What if? What if? What if? It's unfortunate that it will take something horrible to... —  read more 

No breaks?

After working here for a long time without taking breaks and thus allowing Verizon to exhaust me both mentally and physically, I started sending applications and got a new job in record time, long before I had hoped. I don't understand now why I... —  read more 

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