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New Quota Thoughts?

So the new quota consists of new voice lines and upgrades only to multiply rather than pull thru/strategic to help you out. We don’t get voice lines, no one comes to switch, and our new plans are overpriced. How are we and management going to make... read more


All these GMs with stores closing and you pick an SM to promote that's been fooling around with half her district plus her GM? Good job ta02

Where are my lines??

Ever since they've been laying off IT our pos system has been absolute garbage. Constant freezing and not sending lines for activation. How am I expected to just hand people the phone for set up at home if every 1/10 new lines doesn't get sent to... read more

Be careful if this is you

The standard is if you've been with the company 20 years, you are over the age of 40, and you make more than 60 - consider yourself available to be toast. Exactly what was said here. If you can tick of two (or God forbid three) of these categories... read more

Lowell out, Hans in

Why in the world would this company want a new leader with questionable integrity and low moral standards? I believe he was fired from Ericsson for improper activities involving company funds. It just makes no sense to me.

Retail sales positions being reduced?

Has anyone heard anything about the actual sales positions being reduced? I have read some entire stores closing, and management being layed off, but anything about reps?

NEW IT RIF happening- notifications in August

IT Development is having a 10% RIF. I just volunteered and this is real. Don't know if its due to outsourcing not happening in development or if its in preparation for it. The fun never stops! At least I am getting out with a package. Good luck... read more

Set Up At Home

How are you guys dealing with the Tech Coach option for setting up a customers device once they have upgraded?

New comp plan

Anyone who participated in a trial have any info on what we should expect?

Time for wireless to unionize

I feel withall the uncertainty that this company has, with employee morale low, indirect leadership skills - IT support should look into unionizing to hold their own. There apparently was a call eith an IT head stating the lay offs were part of an... read more

F'd by Verlieson

Just when you think you can't hate this place any more than you already do.... Now you are taking away our discounts, so some customers now will be saving more than employees, nice work you tools. Will Verizon ever understand how to treat it's... read more

More to come?

Heard rumors of more layoffs/ closing of more call centers the end of this year. If so which centers?

Bye bye benefits

Just got word that our 35% discount is being downgraded due to increased selection and cost. It will now be 25%. I'm sorry but in the last 4 years we have less smart accessories by a good 20%. I love how they know morale is down and they continue... read more

When did it start?

Is there truly anyone left that enjoys working for this company anymore? The life is literally been s---ed out of me. I use to love it. Not only did I drink the Verizon Kool-aid, I served it up to others. I was proud. Satisfied. Now regardless of the... read more
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Another culling of highest earners

This seems like another culling of the highest earners by Verizon. The highest earners who also usually happen to be the oldest employees who will hopefully one of these days wisen up and sue the company jointly. How many of these do they think they... read more

Store closures in Oklahoma

Just heard that about half of the corporate stores in Oklahoma are closing soon. It is all the “low” performing stores. They are about to make Oklahoma in to one district and are shutting down stores in Okc metro area. They have already shutdown... read more

Incoming layoffs

Other groups have cuts coming 5/31-6/1. Retail is just one of many areas in the company. Finance, IT, Marketing, etc all are huge departments preparing for this. Any more info on this? Is this going to turn out like May 17 or is there something... read more

It outsourcing deal

So it appears IBM won the outsourcing deal of Verizon IT or most of it. This is how the company screws its employees out of the severance packages and saves money. You go work for IBM for a year and 70% of people get replaced and your years of... read more

Key holders Retail

I was told once there are two key holders and all locations and key holder trainings another SM lay off will occur....just got asked to provide 2 Keybolds names by tomorrow....everything else I have heard so far has come to WILL happen... read more

How long for Indirect Nationals?

They are rapidly expanding third party labor that only sells wireless in Walmart across the country, Best Buy is upgrading their stores that have Verizon experts (Verizon also pays part of the labor), Costco already works on commission. Once all this... read more

Commision Restructure

Our region just received word of commision restructure. This change will take effect July 1st. Training has been sent out with information regarding change (VZ105676: The New Compensation). From the literature, we will be going from targets to a per... read more

Over staffed stores & NO TRAFFIC!

There are reps going home without a check each month because stores are over staffed, quotas are unattainable & Verizon is Greedy. They know this. A layoff, downsizing or hourly ONLY has to be in the works. It’s painful to go through each day &... read more

Everything will be ok.

The reduction occured last week and impacted SMs from select stores, in addition to few store closures. That was the extent of it. I don't anticipate us seeing other layoffs until potentially next year. The May 17th and June 1st rumors were exactly... read more

Stop hyping tomorrow!!!

Guys, there’s no way that they are eliminating the SMB role, firing 1/3 of GMs, firing a ton of SM’s and converting half the stores to indirect. Due to business needs, our stores wouldn’t run for a couple weeks and Verizon would lose money. It makes... read more

BGCO Call Centers will NEVER go HBA

If you want security in call center work, get to a BGCO center. That’ll entail moving to Maryland, Atlanta, or Salt Lake City, but they will be the last centers standing. Everything else is just quicksand.

If it happens while I’m on vacation

I’m currently on vacation, say if the layoff does occur and my store is impacted. How is that normally handled? Do I get a call? Or do they wait until I’m back in store to tell me?

What are we looking at on May 17?

Do we have any more info on what will be hit the most? Are we looking at more stores closing or only at layoffs of staff within the stores? The rumors at work have been all over the place, from conversion to indirect to elimination of entire roles... read more

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