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Survey Games

Surveys will be "gamed" and I am in "leadership". And as usual, dishonest stores will be rewarded in their paychecks while other stores following the talk track of not asking each customer for a TEN will be penalized and scolded. Not such a fair... —  read more 


I’m glad Verizon is taking steps to limit exposure some of their employees. No on site visits from ops analyst, HRBP, or executive leadership. DM’s are allowed to make a small appearance every other week. On the other hand, I’m expected to help Barb... —  read more 

Day off no pay

Pretty simple. We all have lives outside of Verizon and need to be able to request specific days off like we used to. Where is the flexibility that was promised? This is very aggravating. And no part time is not the answer. Stop pushing that scam... —  read more 

Touching a customers phone?

Are we required to apply screen protectors? Touchless says no, but local “leadership” says we are not to deny any customers wishes.

New hours

Anyone hear rumors of 11-7 every day including sundays?

Verizon Commercial

When is the Verizon commercial coming out that shows our level of safety at stores and how we are protecting our customers?

Telesales shifts

I’m interested in switching from retail to telesales. What are the hours and shifts like?

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Unlimited Paid Sick Days

Verizon now provides unlimited paid sick days off. Just call out. No negative consequences. No question asked. This policy was confirmed by management. Several reps have been calling out many times and told us that there were absolutely no negative... —  read more 

VZPulse+ Survey is Out

VZPulse+ Survey was sent to all the employees this week. It is our opportunity to participate and let management know our concerns and suggestions. Check your work emails.

Verizon Has No time off Policies

Verizon does not have unapproved absence policy or it does not implement existing policies. You can call of unlimited number of days, there is no consequences whatsoever. People keep calling off and not showing at work many times, but zero action... —  read more 

VENS message abuse. Lies and mistruths.

The leadership at least on the retail side is incompetent from the top down. why are we getting Verizon emergency management notifications to tell us to watch an up to speed about our quarter results. How is that an emergency? because they want... —  read more 

Back to 5 days

I don’t mind working but one min this is super dangerous life threatening close all stores min contact with customers to 5 day work week. So I guess Sr. Leadership stays home because their life is more valuable than ours!

So Ronan Dunne nice shirt

So is this now do as I say not as I do? I was under the impression the old T-shirts were to be sent back and not to be kept or worn anymore. So we get to use these horrible Chuck Norris uniforms is the dead of summer and you rock a Tee? Great... —  read more 

Customer Surveys

I understand this is an important subject to Verizon and the surveys customers take are treated like gold. I was scanning surveys from throughout the country over the last month and customers are relentless. Most of the negative ones always had the... —  read more 

Massive riffs today

All positions. Leaders of frontline, quality, sm doesnt matter. Certain individuals were able to b mapped to new positions. I bet I can guess what their qualifications are....

Foreign Call Centers

I don’t know why they don’t included their real location in remarks. It is like Verizon is trying the hide the fact that we started outsourcing customer service and other departments. Everyone needs to be equal I thought.

What Virus?

By the look of my quota Verizon thinks the virus is over. Not going to quit so just keep raising it. Nice try though. I appreciate having a job, but the unrealistic expectations are pretty hilarious!

Someone in my store got covid

So we split into two groups in the store to work 3 days. Someone in the other group got covid. Didn’t tell us for another week or so. Now they want to clean after a week of working in there. If I get this virus at work I will be taking legal... —  read more 

How Strict is Telesales/Care Advocate?

Like, will I get in trouble for stepping away from the phone for 5 minutes? Will I be hyper-monitored? I’m so worried I’m going to hate being in a store, but the uncertainty of a WFH position is even scarier to me. I don’t want to be... —  read more 

Severance possible for call centers question

Since, store workers are getting of option of wfh or severance, does anyone see the possibility of severence for call center workers who either cannot meet the HBA requirements or do not want to work at home?

Retail severance?

I missed the call the other day. Are retail workers going to get a severance option?

Customer Care Advocate:

Can anyone give me insight into this role? Honestly, I don’t think I want to be in stores anymore, but being a redeployed WFH isn’t quite the same as a typical day-to-day because there really isn’t any structure. Am I going to be coached every... —  read more 

Class action lawsuit?

Verizon said the focus will be on lower-wage workers, including those who work in factories, restaurants and as drivers. There will be an emphasis on young, Black and Hispanic workers who have not gone to college. Age discrimination? Race... —  read more 

What happened

Can someone post and say what happened with "the call" I have family that works for verizon but I don't work there anymore. Is it a standard "wfh or severance" type deal?

5g OLT

Anyone notice the new OLT no one had these god awful uniforms on. Hell I would buy my own tshirts to get out of these jay leno approved shirts. Or is this a bright look to what we will be getting.

Beyond Crooked:

Just got off the call. Insane how it is being flaunted as an “opportunity.” It’s not an opportunity. It’s not the job I signed up for. It’s a LAYOFF, but don’t let your boss hear you say that or he’ll fight you tooth and nail to argue... —  read more 

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