Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

I'm confused

I kept waiting for a notification that my store is closing and it never came. And it makes no sense. I know we are one of the most underperforming stores in the state. I was certain when the closing started we'd get the call. The fact that it's done... —  read more 

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Hanzi-scheme The act of incompetently managing a company to benefit few in leadership positions. Typically the instigators of such schemes add little value as they are not innovative by nature and only serve as a mouth piece to appease... —  read more 


You know what hurts? That they consciously reduced our pay...only to offer us a lot less in severance because it’s based of your last annual income which just happened to be the year of a global pandemic, when the company has been receiving... —  read more 

Verizon Layoffs Q1 2021

Verizon randomly announced its consolidating their company by reducing amount of store managers, district managers, etc. They’ve already changed commission structure which deters employees from striving to perform. They are making drastic changes... —  read more 

Still more to come .....

Yesterday’s announcements didn’t mention anything about getting remaining retail stores to the new part/full time structure. We still have thousands of stores filled with grandfathered in 40 hour a week jobs. Most stores don’t even have part time... —  read more 


Anyone knows how long they let us keep our benefits before we’re cut off when we’re taking a severance package? Like the 50% off our mobile service? & our healthcare?


My store closed today. (Houston) (Last day working is the 30th & the 1st of Feb it’ll be open as Indirect. A few GMs & DMs have been laid off. I devoted a few years of my life to this company but I’m glad I started preparing early for this. Business... —  read more 

Yeah it’s real

Our store just got told today that our store will be shutting it’s doors for good on January 31st. We were given options for severance or applying within the company. So basically they want everyone to be either do telesales and work from home or do... —  read more 

Southern Ca now

It is now happening now! It’s like 50pct DMs Retail/Indirect, 50pct GMs so far, and whopping 75pct Acct Managers. This is real! Good luck to everyone! Don’t listen to the Trolls that keep saying nothing is happening. That is sad when people are... —  read more 

Houston area

Today there are calls with stores that are closing. Handful of stores in each district have been notified already. 2 weeks severance. Relo for anyone moving over a certain distance. Payout of year 1 of stock together. This is not like the last summer... —  read more 

9v is safe

If you are in retail and aren't a manager you have nothing to worry about. Worst case you will have transfer and take a 32 hour position. Their are 100s of headcount available nation wide

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