Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

want to get promoted to DM?

If you want to get promoted to DM all you have to do is go run a high volume store and lose over $5k in inventory, go out on leave let your ASM's take the fall for you by them getting Finals when you were the one who gave them direction to lie on the... —  read more 

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If they would just offer it to any of the 10+ or 15+ year employees in retail many would take it and be off your books. Win-win

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Total by Verizon?

What is the logic there? It is clear that Hans, Manon, and KB are imposters who lack a real plan to generate new revenue streams in the US telecom market. This new brand is merely replicating Visible and Tracfone. When has duplicating costs to... —  read more 

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The problem with layoffs here

Hey guys. layoffs are a net benefit because they're what enables rebalancing departments in a competitive environment. The problem with Verizon's layoffs becomes apparent when they are reactive for budgetary reasons. This isn't changing direction... —  read more 

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Verizon Stock about go under $40

Verizon is a very big big ho-e!!! Hans skinny jeans please leave, Vteamers no longer believe you are doing great for the company. Our billing systems, Suck! (3 years trying to fix POS2.0) Customer service, Sucks! (India is horrible) Tech support... —  read more 

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Inflation must not be real

Does leadership live in a bubble. The customers are coming to try and save money and we are supposed to quote them with new lines and insurance so instead they opt for the transfer pin in the end. If I can’t sell it, my mgr comes in and can’t sell... —  read more 

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Layoffs will never stop

That's the easiest way to cut costs and it's been the crutch of this leadership for years. Don't expect to see that change any time soon. Unless a miracle happens and the entire ELT is replaced with competent people who know what they're doing. I'm... —  read more 

Verizon home

So anybody else getting a-s ridden by the powers that be to sell Verizon Home. The ONLY way to sell this is to slam it, I ( or anybody in my store for that matter ) has ever had 1 customer see any value in this, it's a horrible product, not to... —  read more 

View Together

The Wizards of Ver Oz n need to come out from behind the curtain and get back to work. Even their handlers from blackrock have ordered their employees back to the office. The only thing that needs Viewed Together is how low the stock has dropped. I... —  read more 

Class Action Lawsuit?

Verizon Wireless Delayed 401k payments during off cycle paychecks. This mostly happened during off cycle commission checks. It’s a small amount to the person getting it but adds up to a lot when combined with everyone’s payout. The scheme falls... —  read more 

Dividend Guy Here

So saw a post back asking so decided to add a new thread: Still surprised no one else noticed during off cycle pay (commission checks) that 401k deposits were delayed until the next payout. At least when people were getting commissions. Since it... —  read more 

What’s happening in care?

I have been with Vzw a little less than a year working care. Recently within the past month and a half, they have trained myself and other care reps in TYS and now Pact. ‘No worries this is only to backfill calls the main department can’t handle... —  read more 

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Union? Don't be a fool!

as much as I don't like VZ, Union is not the answer. The answer is to find another job! Union to pay dues and for what? Verizon tomorrow can close your store and the Union won't do cr-p, or do you think they will stop that? Leave verizon with... —  read more 

They Don’t Care!

They do not CARE! We are all just a number to these folks. The main reason why they do not, I repeat, do not want us to unionize is because they can’t impose their nonsense on us! The union is 100% needed. That is why they dislike it. Save your... —  read more 

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