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Retail SMB

Does anyone know what's happening with the position? There is no more job openings nationwide. I also know of a few positions that were open a few weeks ago that have not been filled yet. Is there a hiring freeze or layoff coming soon? Please help... read more


ready to call for some help with job protection. Keep loading managers with Work and no help. Change quota so nobody gets paid, doing more work and after the entire retail staff is unhappy I hear there is a survey coming out on leaders. Hey you in... read more

Is this still happening?

I’ve been gone from Verizon for a few years, but when i was there it drove my crazy how this company could get away with dumping workload on the in store reps and never increase their pay and how they can constantly change quotas and commission... read more


This has got to be the most useless position in the company. They don’t drive sales in the least bit. Our first person was a female who barely said a thing when she was in our store. She would come in and say hi to the management and just sit down in... read more


Quite a few stores in my district are talking union, we are sick of write ups and unattainable quotas, we have no stock in the store , but we need to be at $120 accessory take rate, no traffic but our quotas keep going up, and the new comp plan is... read more

SMB Life Expectancy

Anyone feel like the SMB role will be the next to go? With One Talk sales going down ever since AR and Hunt are no longer free no one gives two sh--s about it. Not to mention the fact this it just had another outage.....


Why does VZW still have an indirect channel...waste of money and no value add. Gravy job for high pay. Smh Track them and see exactly what they do other than talk on conference calls and bs in the field. Easy.

Interesting Time for Stores to Unionize

Verizon Wireless, ATT and T-Mo/Sprint have all been open with their investors that in order to maintain EBITDA and margins, they have no choice but to rely less on brick and mortar stores and more on the cheaper (digital) channels. None of the... read more

$120 ARD

High unattainable expectations are given when someone doesn't want you to win. $120 is the ARD now. Canton Ohio


Is it okay to ring out Prepaids if a customer wants to buy a phone at full retail?


I’m in GL and was an RIFed SM recently. Never on a warning and in good standing. I heard An SM position recently opened in Cranberry, PA, which from what I understand is a highly sot after store. The position was opened with relocation assistance.And... read more


What does everyone think of their new commission set up? Do you think you will make more or less? What are some of your quotas?


What is the deal with Personal state sick time and sick days? How many times can you call off?Nobody can ever give me a 100% correct answer on this.

Any reorgs?

Asking for a friend...
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Charleston Financial service

Does anyone have any details on this center? Reps in Care have been given an end date of September 24. Their managers have went over their severance packages as well. On the other hand Financial services reps are in the dark. The Charleston call... read more


Anyone heard anything about the status of the whole commitment coaching system. Seems shady that one rep could potentially be terminated for not attaining commitments that other reps never had to do in the first place. Also seems easier for managers... read more

September RIF

I am hearing, from having to think about what names to give the next rif is moving from 10% to 30% or higher. This is for IT development groups, not sure about the rest of the company. Wish they would let me volunteer before the ship sinks. It is... read more

Fake News

Most of you complaining are probably bottom performers that should be doing something else. Sorry no handouts getting lucky by clerking. Those days are over, time to sell. Most of the stuff on here is fake. And are posted by losers. No one is forcing... read more

New Quota Thoughts?

So the new quota consists of new voice lines and upgrades only to multiply rather than pull thru/strategic to help you out. We don’t get voice lines, no one comes to switch, and our new plans are overpriced. How are we and management going to make... read more


All these GMs with stores closing and you pick an SM to promote that's been fooling around with half her district plus her GM? Good job ta02

Where are my lines??

Ever since they've been laying off IT our pos system has been absolute garbage. Constant freezing and not sending lines for activation. How am I expected to just hand people the phone for set up at home if every 1/10 new lines doesn't get sent to... read more

Be careful if this is you

The standard is if you've been with the company 20 years, you are over the age of 40, and you make more than 60 - consider yourself available to be toast. Exactly what was said here. If you can tick of two (or God forbid three) of these categories... read more

Lowell out, Hans in

Why in the world would this company want a new leader with questionable integrity and low moral standards? I believe he was fired from Ericsson for improper activities involving company funds. It just makes no sense to me.

Retail sales positions being reduced?

Has anyone heard anything about the actual sales positions being reduced? I have read some entire stores closing, and management being layed off, but anything about reps?

NEW IT RIF happening- notifications in August

IT Development is having a 10% RIF. I just volunteered and this is real. Don't know if its due to outsourcing not happening in development or if its in preparation for it. The fun never stops! At least I am getting out with a package. Good luck... read more

Set Up At Home

How are you guys dealing with the Tech Coach option for setting up a customers device once they have upgraded?

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