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6 foot rule

Go ahead and open all of the stores. I want a strict quarantine protocol. We unlock the door, customer waits for entry until we back away. Customer led to a spot in store predetermined as a safe distance spot and we help the customer. Other... —  read more 

Rude Awakening

It blows my mind....a lot of the people on here complaining need to keep something in mind. The reason retail stores are dying is not because of lack of customers, it’s because of s$?t for brain reps that are inside the stores! Not all, but most. It... —  read more 

Profit sharing smaller than it should have been

I know they are doing away with profit sharing all together next year but it was supposed to be 2.25% put into 401k this year and I noticed that they put in a good bit less than they were supposed to. Anyone else notice that?

Bringing union to Texas

Anyone have any interest in helping bring the union to Texas? I feel like it would be a welcomed change to the bs that we currently put up with, especially in this pandemic situation.

Hilliard closed starting today

The Hilliard office will be closed for at least a few days. An employee in Bldg 2, 6th floor is suspected of having Covid-19. Wonder if they will bother to reopen before booting the 500 on 4/6? And if they really do a “deep clean” it will be... —  read more 

Appalling Wireless Service

Unbelievable how bad VZW’s wireless service has become. I recently ordered a new line of service and a new iPhone 11, and It was the worst wireless experience ever! Consistently no more than 2 bars of signal when I used to have full signal with... —  read more 

April 6th

Managers running stores until April 5tth. Reps will be returning April 6th. No word on at what hours. They said we will know when we know. They said the intention was to give all reps a14 day quarantine. Guaranteed at risk for commission again in... —  read more 

How long can stores stay closed

Ok so let's say in 9 days (what's left on 15 days) nothing has changed and stores stay closed. Does Verizon start layoffs? What about after 30 days? Basically is retail safe? Or is this the end?

I Think They Got It Right

First off I’ll start by saying up until today my store was open and we were a fairly busy store. I’ll also disclose I’m a Gm for that strore. I say all that to say I think Verizon Verizon got this right finally. As far as working I could care... —  read more 

More store cuts

Update: Effective March 22: Our retail stores Out of an abundance of caution and to balance the safety of our employees with that of our customers, Verizon has taken the following steps: All Verizon owned and operated stores will be closed on... —  read more 

Verizon Has Mishandled Coronavirus Crisis

My store is currently closed (high risk). Management asked for volunteers so that employees in other locations that are still open can have an extra day off with their families. Why am I being guilt tripped into working and exposing myself and by... —  read more 

Managers are FORCED to work?

Managers got a call today or joined a call to communicate recent Changes that impact Solutions specialist to not show up to work until April 1st but managers will cover shifts in surrounding store to their home address. Is this fair? Was this the... —  read more 

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Wilmington Center shut down

I can’t believe after we learned the South Carolina call center had a positive test that we would remain open. We did till today with positive corona virus test. It was ironic that everyone got their work from home kits Thursday and then they... —  read more 

New hire layoffs

I wanted to bring this up because some points could be made about this in future layoffs (face it we all know Verizon, they will happen again) Our call center hired 17 new employees, we thought this was a good sign that maybe our call center will... —  read more 

Waiver to work!?!

So get this....the employees who’s stores were closed aren’t REQUIRED to work. Instead of any of them WANT to work they have to fill out this form to allow them to work. The reason behind it is so they don’t spread the the corona if they were to get... —  read more 

Hey Verizon! You want to protect your employees!

Set up an on call service. If a first responder needs anything that’s important they can set up a same day appointment with a manager to get the help that is important. They would just call customer care and care would reach out to the manager to set... —  read more 

Up2speed live Twitter comments

Today was the first time people got the balls to negatively comment about retail stores open. A few were the typical a– kissers who think they have a future in retail. Verizon is putting employees at risk. Now that most of the country wants limited... —  read more 

Red travel advisory- still open?

We're on the brink of going to a red travel advisory and local government has already shut down all non-essential business. Yet retail locations are still open? I understand as a WHOLE Verizon is essential but using the reasoning that we assist... —  read more 

Los Angeles

What’s going on in Los Angeles for store closures due to coronavirus?

Why are we still open??

Its obvious Verizon does NOT care about its employees. Our credo is BS because it was written by people who dont have to rush to the frontlines of a disaster. They should be the ones who come and work on the front lines. Atleast close all stores... —  read more 

Why are we still open??

Its obvious Verizon does NOT care about its employees. Our credo is b—s— because it was written by people who dont have to rush to the frontlines of a disaster. They should be the ones who come and work on the front lines. Atleast close all stores... —  read more 


Verizon is falling a**-first into a pandemic and dragging frontline employees down with it along the way. Verizon is not valuable if the workforce isn’t behind it. When will some of you realize that? The economy is tanking because our LABOR has... —  read more 

Special Award *check*

Why would Verizon delete direct deposit info the day they are processing special award checks for VSP'rs? Especially when I went in there and made sure it was active the day before?

401k going down the drain and can't stop it.

It s—s that vested employee's are forced to watch their 401k go down the drain because they are only allowed to take out 50% or less ,than what they put in. If you have been vested for 10 years or longer you should be allowed especially during a... —  read more 

Any district with more than 2 stores open....

Your DM isn’t backing your safety and wants to look good - just to generate some profit, good dms have been getting there slower stores additionally closed and pressing for employee safety. Look around Vzw should have more locations closed. ESP with... —  read more 

Modeling the Greed(o)

We are literally running to a crisis down here in Florida while executives play it safe from home. Select store closures even though we are all equally as vulnerable. Let’s stick it to Verizon the way Wells Fargo did once this is over.

Pay for employees

I understand store closings and reps/managers getting there 40 hours pay...I’m ok with that!! But us frontline employees should be getting time and half , we are the ones exposed to this nonsense

Just Close the Stores

Is anyone actually coming in for anything that is absolutely necessary for retail? The only people we've helped all week are non-believers that think Coronavirus is a hoax or are ignorant to what's going on in the world and tank our RIS for not... —  read more 


I wonder will our stocks be affected due to the economy on the brink of collapse?

Wireline seeing an uptick in scheduled installs

The older people who once had landline want it back. Cellular is not reliable if your phone doesn’t work and you have no where to go to get a new one. Just when you thought landlines phones were done.

10 Person Max Restriction

Since President Trump announced a 10 person max gathering restriction. Will Verizon abide by this? What measures will be taken? Will managers be by the front door to limit the people in store? Will employees count towards the 10?

Tank the next Pulse Survey

For the employees who are still at this hellhole, I say we tank the next Pulse survey. That's the only way to get their attention. They like putting on broadcasts and highlighting their "highest ever ranking"......we can all end that. They always... —  read more 

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