Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Pay cut after pay cut

VERIZON WIRELESS is the only company I have ever worked for that would give you a pay raise with a bigger pay cut. Year after year making less and less and they expect you to keep the fire and motivation going. They are putting a lot of stress in the... —  read more 

Cross Selling

Given the current situation and the pressure that is being put on front line sales team this seem alot life what happen with the WF slam, just add it, and put it in the bag. That article was just the tip of what is going to happen get the popcorn... —  read more 

Why do we complain?

I find it funny when I see people come to this site and respond to our complaints by saying that no one is forcing us to work here and that we need to get out of here. C'mon, I'll definitely get out of here as soon as I get another job. I don't... —  read more 

Sooooo funny

It’s funny that Verizon HR has brainwashed so many people to think unions are evil. Hrs biggest talking points for not joining a union are all gone now. “You won’t be able to participate in our sales contest if you join the union” and now we have... —  read more 

I feel unsafe now

Retail stores are a joke. Understaffed, extending hours, management stretched thin, too many responsibilities, less money, more stress, customers taking frustrations out on us,, the list is keeps going on. Customers are harassing us more and more... —  read more 

Truth hurts

We all know Verizon Wireless is a horrible place to work. We all know that it's filled with cr—y managers who don't know anything about their jobs and who keep making bad decisions they blame on the rest of us. We all know that the toxic work... —  read more 

No products to sell

Is anyone else having the issue in their store of not having any products or accessories in stock? We literally have no phones in stock. Free phones are gone, barely any iPhones or Samsung’s. On top of that there’s no accessories at all to sell. We... —  read more 

Forcing people to resign?

I think that the company is still able to provide us with better working conditions, higher pay and better benefits, but it seems that they deliberately don't want to do so because they want as many of us as possible to resign. That is my personal... —  read more 

Here you go


The union will not fix these problems. Finding a better job will. I work at Verizon Wireless as a Tech Support agent and having been doing this job for 9 years now. Each and every year this job just keeps getting worse and worse. We had 3 day... —  read more 


Look at how many class action law suits Verizon is going through, it’s clear now more than ever. The union would 100% protect us better than this corporation that is pushing its employees out of the door. Upper management has a super elitist... —  read more 

Elitist attitude

Corporate manager jobs are all that matter to these elitist. The people that sell and the customers that purchase just keep getting in the way. Mu hu ha ha - we can get rid of both by messing with retail headcount! Then we can take our important... —  read more 

Retail SMB?

Why were they moved to a different channel? Seems like they’re in a bad spot. Most of the reps relied on retail and now that retail has no real incentive these smb folks are getting exposed.

Part time

If they make us move to 32 hours and start making us work 5 days I would jump on that union band wagon in a heart beat and pay that $10 a week to keep me at 4 days a week. No way am I going to drive 40 minutes a day and back for 6 1/2 hours. Plus... —  read more 

Pointless meetings

Beep beep here comes the short bus... Wonder what fire crotch and miss management have up their selves now. Most likely more virtue signaling about things they are very very far from in life. The fact that they even feel the need to do it is just a... —  read more 

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What about the RWDSU?

The CWA seems like they're useless. What about the RWDSU? I know I'm going to do some research. The RWDSU even talks about unfair commission changes to pay workers less. Sound familiar? We have more options other than the CWA.

Less pay, same results?

They want to see profit even though our pay has been cut significantly. Which really goes to show how little they know. We are not going to try to sell anymore with this comp. Less pay same results (...) After my pay was significantly cut, I also... —  read more 

Part Time Transition

So part time sounds very interesting but after speaking with a few people it sounds like they can still schedule you 5 days a week and keep you under 32 hours... sounds like a great option for me if it’s guaranteed 4 days a week 9 hour shifts like... —  read more 

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