Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

You all deserve better

I was let go back in August as part of the lay off. Best thing that ever happened to me. From what I am reading nothing has improved. The discussion regarding the low raises is infuriating. Taking calls for Verizon is not easy. It takes a lot of... —  read more 

WFH no more?

I keep hearing rumors the goal is to get everyone back into centers. That it’s going to start with upper management then move to supervisors then reps. Anyone else?

Pay Raise

Anyone else feel like that was just a slap in the face pay raise? Everything else goes up except our pay, All the while our boy Hans is sitting in a new yacht.

Outdource centers ramping up

Just a few days ago some centers in the Philippines got notified about more new hire classes being needed at 3x the frequency. That's right 3 new classes starting each week March to July. What does this mean for internal agents?, SAs, Management, ... —  read more 


What are the chances of retail reps unionizing? I would to be honest. It's obvious these quotas and arbitrary metrics are being designed to create turnover. Why pay a severance for store closure when you can reduce headcount through attrition?

RTO Exception

If you are not returning to the office via the way of exception watch out. It is not a matter of "if" but WHEN you will be laid off. The corporate monster wants you under its thumb at all times. Enjoy your time at home while it lasts, dust of your... —  read more 

No surprise here

Top stores not making commission, no surprise here …quotas too high so they don’t have to pay us, we all saw this coming. The company is not interested in keeping good employees or paying them! Look at the actions not the word salad they spew on us. —  read more 

Soon to be all outsourced?

Anyone else's think that Hans' goal is to move all of customer service to outsourced? We have way more outsourced or partner centers than internal cs. It seems like the public doesn't care if their customer service is in the United States anymore... —  read more 


Is a mess. Quotas close to 100 with no promotions. Leadership pounding calls after calls. Terrible car reimbursement policy. Trash network. No support in sales or with Bgco. Everything is outsourced and our customers keep getting incorrect info. On... —  read more 

We were misled

So...I worked in corporate verizon for years. When I left (I quit) I was in management. Anyway. After jumping around a few employers. I stopped into an indirect vzw to inquire about employment. I ended up taking the job. Bullsnit aside. I did enjoy... —  read more 

New title

Hey managers here is your new title, it means less then your last one so we don’t have to increase your salary as much to match the job market for your current position, but please continue all your responsibilities and we and some more to that too... —  read more 


How many punishment calls can we go on in a day? We are always treated like we have done something wrong, Thanks for making our jobs as miserable as it can be…I vote no confidence with this director.

Plan Gouge

Smb plans going up $5 get ready for all those precious Smb customers to come back and tell you what a fat liar you are just to sell a phone. Merry Christmas you did a good job!


Oh it's ok. You get the holiday off but it counts as your day off. It's fine, we are always here for the customer...What a joke of a company. We value family, yet we don't value the time with them...We are money oriented, we'd be open on Christmas if... —  read more 

Downvote Brigade

What's up with the downvote brigade on every post? Is it Corporate? Shills? The new and incredibly terrible overseas customer service department? Feel the Dignity, Inclusiveness, and the constantly Virtual Signaling Intranet page.

Sensitivity and Dignity, my a-s

Honestly, the whole byline notified with 'sensitivity and dignity' is an absolute joke! Try a VP on a group call letting everyone on the call know that they are being RIFd all at once and he was excited about the direction Verizon was headed. What... —  read more 

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Director did not know and was not able to share the names of the individuals laid off. He only knew the total number from his team. Said he would update us later. I guess local management did not have any input on the selection process.

Very poor timing

Gather all your veterans together one day to celebrate and honor their service to our country and lay a bunch of them off the next day. When our director pulled us all together to make the RIF announcement he made sure to mention how the layoffs were... —  read more 

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Down in the south here. Sick and tired from the micromanaging. Can’t take a day off with out 30 days notice. Treated like kids. Have to lay our day out minute by minute to our boss. He has more spreadsheets with numbers on them. Rather then help you... —  read more 

Customer service horrific

Wanted to do a simple online task to account. Have to reset password twice just to access then can’t even perform function wanted to do- simple data boost. Try to call 3 numbers and none have a human answering after hours. Used to be the best now the... —  read more 

Year End

We’re being asked to complete year end accomplishments, months before. Care Operations. Sounds like they’re trying to find people to axe by EOY or very early Q1.

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