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Verizon’s RSU just got taxed at Commission Rate

Anyone questioning why we just got taxed at commission rate for this payout when we were told that wasn’t the case. Been on hold with payroll for 20+ minutes and now there’s an automated response saying we just got taxed at federal rates plus 22% and... read more

Any more closings coming?

I've heard something might happen next month - it would be nice to have confirmation so I can prepare in case it happens.

2.0 Coming ....

Has anyone experienced this yet ? What are the behaviors being coached to ? Anybody with details ? Any info would be appreciated.
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All stores 1 GM 1 SM 4/1 CONFIRMED

All stores will go to 1 SM 1 GM and each district will get 2 floating SM for store coverage this was confirmed by VP starting 4/1 also team commissions 4/1 also for all areas.

Department is now a ghost town.

Started out with about a 100 in my department and then 2-3 years later it’s now about 1/3 of us left. And the workload has been dumped on the ones that have been left over. More work with fewer people. I know they’ve been trimming the fat over the... read more

Profit Sharing

Does anyone know if the VSP folks that were released in December will be getting the 3% profit sharing?

VZW Network Layoffs / Reorganization

When are we going full turn key? Any ideas when the reorganization and layoffs will hit the vzw network teams? What teams will be impacted the most? How and what are they centralizing? Will we even have markets anymore? Rumor has it that all... read more

Is It Union Time?

More-n-more whispers of stores and Solutions Specialists wanting to go Union in Northern New England. Rumor has it the Cape Cod store has been meeting with CWA reps and are considering voting soon. I’ve heard reps in other stores want the same but... read more


Retail stores in my area are suffering. With headcount cuts and management cuts any small thing causes the store to be in chaos. One call out can make a very busy store run with only 3 reps. If manager goes on vacation you have the other managers... read more

Verizon wireless 50 stocks

Verizon employees (other than top management) will receive 50 shares of restricted stock, the price of which will be set on February 1. Has the first 25 shares of stocks been paid yet? All employees that have been terminated still will receive this... read more

Verizon 2.0 in Retail possibility

My guess is that we switch commission, in our current mode, into an hourly rate and make it base pay, then incorporate a team commission model with a “bonus” as an additional sales incentive for reps. What’s your guess? Fire away.

Who was pocketing from selling IT Employees to INFY ??

Kyle is not happy about it and he is getting rid of VPs he said in the email. Why do they pretend like they did not know about VZ Mgmt backing deals, buying products, and hiring consultants on fake projects. They all cut this deal together and now... read more
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Does the company really invest in our skills?

So instead of finding something better and putting your skills to work you jump on here and complain about having to do more work? For profit companies don't pay salaries. They invest in people they trust will make them more than they are paying. If... read more

B2B...Are sales roles going to get hit?

Retail, call centers, and Indirect all hit. Closed door meetings still happening within B2B any news out there on possible layoffs. The normal high pressure micromanagement has stopped the last month and even more so the last week. Nobody seems to... read more

This week at Wireless?

What's going on this week? After last week, I'm kind of hoping we are done for a while, but I can't be sure. With this company, there always seems to be some reason to worry. I wonder if there will ever come a time once again when we won't have to... read more

What locations were hit today?

It would be helpful is someone who knows posted what locations have been hit by layoffs today. Also is someone knows is there any logic or a pattern to which locations they might choose or even rumors about that would be helpful.

Stop the madness

I see leaders getting packages that want to be here. You have leaders here that hate this place and want packages. The strategy is leaving the company (a lot of us love ) with leaders in positions that aren’t invested. Employees first. Employees... read more

Are you kidding me?

They closed my department today. CLT no longer exists. No heads up, no anything. We came in, our queue didn’t work, they told us CLT was no longer a department. Is this really how these layoffs were handled? Talk about lack of common decency and... read more

More announcements today?

My store is not among the closing ones, but I'm not sure if I should be relieved yet or if we can expect more announcements today? So many things happened yesterday that I'm hoping they wanted to get it over with as soon as possible, but with Verizon... read more

STI payout for VSP

All VSP employees, eligible for 2018 STI will only receive 100 percent not the 115 percent approved by the board......needless to say our 2018 efforts are not valued the same as those receiving additional 15 percent. Please know this was verified by... read more

Indirect Layoffs happening (SEM)

Indirect Sales DMs started getting notified on Monday, 2/18 and AMs starting to be notified today. Meeting invites for Video calls or physical meetings started coming out very early this morning - meetings happening today. Not sure the # yet since... read more

Major changes

All stores going down to 1 GM and 1 SM. Team commissions to begin on April 1. More layoffs announced. Did I miss anything?

Team Commissions “Confirmed”

Whoever posted the team commissions coming in April is absolutely correct (confirmed from credible sources). Plus all the DMs, GMs & SMs are playing DUMB abt it. They’re doing it so people don’t start complaining, having conversation with them or HR... read more

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