Verizon Wireless Layoffs

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May layoffs

Certainly not just Verizon Wireless! Also many Verizon Business employees, effective 5/9/18! Posted in an old thread, any more info on this?
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So, we know that six or seven call centers are "relocating" to home based agents... for now at least. Any word on when the rest of the centers plan on doing this?
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Rumor mill RIF's coming ~ 5/17

Heard rumor that wireless RIF's are coming again, some select retail, operations, and call centers... coming again around 5/17 and paid till end of June As all the others take this with grain of salt just what I have heard.

Post to Pre

Now stores are telling us to process post paid account and convert to Pre paid account. Where is the code of conduct with this company. Oh my god

In space, nobody can hear you now

My concerns with Home Based Agents (HBAs) are multiple. First, it strips away any sort of “team building” or ability to interact with coworkers and leadership. This will make it almost impossible to move upward in the company because you’re no longer... read more


It's happening.... HQ Ops consolidating....centers going full HBA. God help us all.


Is it true Charleston is closing? Everyone is so tense ! If anybody has any news please help!

Unfortunate reality

Why is TMO a threat...because they focus on new business instead of a ton of metrics. Everyone else is a threat because of price. Ok so let’s push unlimited which is causing unfavorable network experiences and add on insurance so that bills are... read more

Talk with Hans

Online chat with Hans on Friday Feb. 16th. Catch it on line if you are still around.

February Layoffs

Is anyone else heating this rumor? Suppose to happen third week in feb. February 15th?

Made Ya look!

Now that you've found your way here, stay here.
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Is it a bad sign????

My Call Center is not going to be considered or participate in the next shift bid has this ever happened to center that did not close?


Does anyone know of a rule that would give you discounts off services if you have your age plus years serviced that equals to 72? Someone told me that he saw whereby his age and years served with VZW equals 72, he would get a discount off any... read more

Wireless side of the house needs a union

I've heard all of the anti union stuff but we need to get in sync with the wireline guys, how many more things will we let them take from us, we have a 46% EBITA and we are the largest wireless carrier in the US and we're getting laid off???? Sprint... read more
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Consolidation to 13 centers

I have heard through some of my resources that the plan is to further consolidate centers, down to 13 Nationally. Also heard some chatter from higher ups about 3rd round of center/field Ops consolidation. Bumping this to a thread to see if anybody... read more

Wireless layoffs

Heard layoffs on wireline side Manhattan area. Does anyone know about wireless side any thing happening. Did hear data center on wireless side got hit yesterday, not sure if it was true. Please real posts only, no jokes.

F-- Unions

Unions are just an extension of far left radicals. A failing mindset.

Leadership - DM/ GM

Layoffs are never easy. I have been part of job eliminations in the past and it is never pleasant so I wish everyone luck and success. My district in Fl didn't lose any SM's so I am not sure how that was determined. I am thankful for the package and... read more


ATT just got rid of their entire Indirect channel, are we next?

Oct. 5 updates

Anyone impacted today? Can you list position and location? Everything is so secretive, we are all worried.

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