Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Who is to Blame?

Who is to blame? Every idea Verizon has put in place over the last 5 years has been a bad idea or at best a poorly executed plan. Most of these ideas have had to be reversed or we have taken a hit as a company due to these decisions. Verizon has... —  read more 

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Anyone else get the feeling that this guy won't be happy until we've outsourced everything and he runs the company into the ground???

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Video Call Desperation

If I’m not mistaking i believe the customer will have to use blue jeans to do a video call. If this is the case then Verizon is simply trying to get more downloads and put lipstick on a billion$ pig. It’s a dud and hopefully they can make it look... —  read more 

2022 year ends

Get ready for the woke-adjustments. I went through all the raises in reps/AM in my territory, why are an overwhelming amount of LEADING ratings going to female employees? Some reps with bottom of the barrel performance numbers, getting a LEADING... —  read more 

Wireless layoff trend

Here’s my take…it seems every Feb and every Oct is the announcement timeframe. Last year it was Thurs 2/10 (first pay week of Feb) with 30 days notice and last pay cycle of Oct with 60 days notice. Should we expect announcements on 2/2 or 2/16? ... —  read more 

What if we ALL go Union???

If AT&T can do it, so can we? And at this time, we should all do it. Recession is on the rise and who they’ll come after is Solutions Specialists, NOT SMs, NOT GMs, NOT Area Managers, DEF NOT “USELESS” DOSs and the main corrupt one the VP. Once again... —  read more 

2023 Dog and Pony Tour

Well ladies and gentlemen it appears the annual Dog and Pony Show is making its rounds in a city near you very soon! It’s the same song and dance as the DM scrambles to run his fire drills to make sure he looks good. Get your “culture board” nice... —  read more 

Davos B-ms

“Elite” being over paid for a job that involves little physical effort but requires a great sense of self worth. Most of the time these people have skills equivalent to a drunk guy at a bar claiming to be a navy seal and unfortunately a majority of... —  read more 

TMobile Layoffs

You guys should head over to the Tmo board and read some of the threads over there. They had a massive layoff across frontline stores and indirect support on Friday, and things sound just as toxic there as it is in our stores. We have terrible... —  read more 

Will quotas go up?

Well, seeing as we're are short staffed and have been for 2 years, we are 9-7 mon - sat and we just added an hour on Sunday, so we're 11-6, so we still have 2 shifts and now an extra hour on Sunday, gotta love the thinking behind this!! Not to... —  read more 

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