Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Wireless

New purchase announced

Newsweek names Verizon Wireless one of the most Loved work places of 2022!!! Talk about fake news !!! And in unrelated news Verizon announces the acquisition of Newsweek's parent company. "Dis proves it Vteamers, we are da best place to work -... —  read more 

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HR Inquiry

What is the annual base pay % for performing vs. leading? I've heard performing is 3% but haven't heard anything about leading. Also, has anyone attempted to negotiate a higher base pay increase? If so, what was your experience? Thanks in advance. —  read more 

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Layoffs Today

Business Account Managers were let go today. Every year this company is slashing jobs now. How is this company keeping morale up when you have to worry every year of losing your job?


If I hustle my a$$ off and contribute 60-70% to my stores quota every month, WHY should the lazy old timer that averages about 12 new lines a month & calls out twice a week be paid the SAME amount as me? For the love of god can someone please give... —  read more 

Down the shills

So apparently the company can pay people to down vote anything that is said to put the company in a bad light, but we can't hire anyone, can't get pens or post-it notes, can't get a POS system that works, can't figure out why people are dropping like... —  read more 


The inflation rate is 7%, therefore if Verizon gives you a raise of anything 7% or less, It’s not actually a raise. You are actually getting a decrease in pay.


It's bound to happen. They are so off course and blinded to reality. When the majority of DMs and above have lost touch with retail it's inevitable. Unfortunately the path they are going down is in the wrong direction. They will accidentally destroy... —  read more 

Realistic quotas

I think you will agree that quotas are mostly unrealistic. People are overwhelmed. Is it even possible to hope for realistic quotas or is the only solution to leave this ridiculous company?


We are barely hanging on by a thread in Austin-South Texas. Profits over people has been the motto around the area. How many employees need to be sick to realize the covid procedures are absolute garbage now.

Covid closures

Multiple stores in district closed. And guess what?!?! All the employees that are out with covid are VACCINATED!! How do you even push a mandate knowing that the vaccine does not stop you from getting and spreading covid? Wake up and stop being... —  read more 

Covid policy

Why hasnt this been updated yet? With the vast amount of vaccinated people getting covid the policy needs updated. They are still differentiating between vaccinated and unvaccinated as if there is a difference. 90% of new covid cases are from... —  read more 

The quarterly bonus.

Well the post here was correct. Just announced today a new quarterly bonus for Frontline employees. The top 25% of Frontline employees, dark blue on QoS and with five bars or managers with the best SWAG for the quarter are eligible for, wait for it... —  read more 

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