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Who r we

We are an accessory and insurance company now. More praise for that then growing customers.

Hans webcast question

Looking for someone to post to Hans webcast questions im fearful of reprisal....... When I first joined Verizon the company culture was dramatically different. Employees cared about the company mission/vision and strived to set the bar in telecom... read more
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Time off

How does time off work for those who took the vsp? I’ve heard some people have taken a month off to use up vacation/personal

Comedy show

DM just told my gm how he hates his boss and how all he does is make fancy speeches and tries so hard to be everyone's friend but talks behind employees backs. Meanwhile everyone hates the DM and our Director ha! Fake fake fake Let us go please ... read more

Lowell Marni John ...3 Stooges

Congratulations on destroying Verizon Wireless The 3 of you singlehandedly left the company with $113 Billion debt, bad choices with fake leadership and not to mention....industry recognized failed acquisitions like Yahoo and AOL. Go90 (... read more

The days of large commission checks are gone

This is what the company wants, keep the goals unattainable we all make $800 or $900 in commission and pretty soon that $1350 looks good. He days of the 3 and $4000 commission checks are gone. This company doesn't give 2 c-aps about it's employees... read more

Next Roud of Layoffs in Jan 2019

I heard that they are doing this but has anyone heard what positions it will effect? This will be the 3rd year in a row of major layoffs plus the voluntary one. I understand that this is to save money but to what end? Verizon use to be a place to... read more

Get rid of R2B managers

R2B managers are the most useless and overpaid positions in retail. Most have just a few employees and spend most of their days working from home or the golf course. While the retail stores are making them look good. When there’s another round of... read more

Systems Down...Again!

Systems down again! Shout out to Verizon Leadership for going above and beyond to screw us all the way over in the name of savings!

Involuntary Severance

The Charleston call center has been given 3 severance dates. Dec 28, Mar 22 & June 28, there is a rumor floating around that they are letting the supervisors who took the severance go the first round. We find out on Dec 10th if we got selected or not... read more


Ever since Verizon has changed the credit scoring fraud has skyrocketed. I'm 300% to qouta because people are getting approved for 1000$ iPhones and telling us they won't pay the bill and that they are just selling the phones. Our store went from... read more

Black friday

Why does Verizon keep it's black Friday deals under wraps. It makes no sense to release them on Thanksgiving because people already have in their heads where they want to go beforehand. Even Cyber Monday deals are closed. That's not how other tech... read more

Call centers

Anyone find out that their center is for sale that has renovations going on? They are telling us we’re safe, but there is all kinds of work being done here that’s a little concerning that makes me think this place is next.

Time is up...

Well....after over 20 years, this is how it ends. Was a great experience and career initially. Saw things start to slide downhill a few years ago when the layoffs started happening and watching benefits slowly erode. There really isn't anything left... read more

Verizon 2.0

Can someone, anyone enlighten me to WHAT really is going to happen to retail for this new “rebranding” to 2.0. Some stores changed their outside signage to just “Verizon”, Landline wrote off a metric ton of employees, and retail stores’ headcount has... read more

What's going on?

The Murfreesboro call center is for sale. So what does that mean for the employees there? Will they be laid off? Transferred to HBA? What is the time frame when this will happen?

Flex Quotes

Anyone heard about presenting “Flex Quotes” to the customer with “Every” single transaction yet?? Even if they’re just there to pay their bill? We’re asked to do Flex Quotes (which freezes on everyone) just so it seems like Verizon is going digital?... read more

Corporate call centers

Any corporate call centers in danger from this restructure? A lot of rumors floating around that big wigs positions were “dissolved” and that centers could be closing after it is all said and done. Can’t imagine that telesales could be discontinued... read more

Want change?

If you want REAL change, then you need to start the union talk again. Do you remember the time before we had smart attire? Ties and dress shirts everyday was the required dress. Once reps started to talk about unions and stores in Brooklyn and... read more

Rats from a sinking ship

Here's what happens: Position eliminated: Manager blacklisted me because I asked HR about the bereavement time allowed when an immediate family member passed...She said I was sneaky and went behind her back. The first question she asked when I told... read more


Does anyone wonder why Hans didn’t mention the SMB reps yesterday in the restructuring.

Be prepared

No chance everybody survives the restructuring. Actually, I'm pretty sure this might end up being one of the biggest cuts once it's all over and done. Hopefully everybody here has a backup plan in case their number is up. There will be a lot of... read more

Fired and Free!

Came back from baby leave and hit windfall two months in a row! Then I got canned from the SMB channel. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Seems like there are just more and more changes. People. Get you degrees and move on. Life is better on... read more

Cross channel call going on now

My GM and the SM working are both on a call now that is being led by Hans regarding the changes coming down. If you work in Corp Wireless and are a part of that call, please comment with what is discussed in it and what your take away is. I'll... read more

Commission Layout

Is no one else angry about the 25k a year pay cut for Solutions Specialists? The new structure is unfair, some people have families and mortgages. I don’t understand the lack of concern.

Wireless why so quiet? What are you hearing?

OK what is everybody hearing on the wireless side? BGCO, CS, Marketing, HR, IT, etc. What Rumors are you hearing? VPs changes their tone after finding out they have to interview for their jobs? How many people in your org are accepting the offer?... read more

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