Topics regarding layoffs at TELUS Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at TELUS Corp.

Layoffs at TELUS next year

layoffs happening in 2020. trying to hire for my team and open positions not being approved for hire. This is not that bad, if true. That means that we are safe at least until next year, which in this industry right now is eternity. It'd be good to... —  read more 

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SBS Reorg

SBS about to undergo major reorg with 'efficiencies' says Navin...fair review process taking place. we'll hear in late Oct.

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The team is shrinking

Layoff being renamed as re-org never stop at TELUS, and the real number is much bigger than what they announce. My team had 2 people being let go in 2015, another 3 including my director in 2016, and we don't know how many more will come in 2017... —  read more 

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