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Level 3 is laying off 50 people from craft staff in mpls ...came from our aps...the struggle is real...bend over greybeards,we are next

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Shoe has dropped

Now, try to deny this - so, yes, f---ing yes, layoffs are happening and dont tell me it's fake news any more - ask anyone who knows what's going on at Level 3 and CenturyLink, they will tell you - YES: "As a result of our acquisition of Level 3, our... —  read more 

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Layoffs will most likely happen

knowing the History of Telecom mergers , there will always be layoffs but nothing is certain. The Level3 management from the CEO down to local managers will take over CenturyLink . many changes will be made. Both companies have a long history of... —  read more 

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CenturyLink Level 3 merger

Level 3 management will take over CenturyLink and they will continue in their layoff , sqeeze the worker, run the techs ragged style. To survive will be a challenge . If you are not in the Union . Level 3 management is not worried about your comfort... —  read more 

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Demotions are in the works for Directors>Managers -and- Managers>Individual Contributors to help save jobs. Decisions to be finalized over the next 60 days. The two companies had hoped to complete the deal by the end of the third quarter of this year... —  read more 

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Get Out of Telecom

Get out of telecom and don't look back. We know the truth behind these big corporations taking over and spying on us anyhow. Don't support the evil that serves to destroy people's lives. Don't work for such demonic entities that ruin lives and use... —  read more 

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Its Happening....

We are getting this info from the company CTL buying your company in a merger. Its in the news stories. The land is up for sale for corporate office of Level 3, The writing is on the wall. Layoffs will occur on both sides. Level 3 is posting jobs for... —  read more 

Level 3 Layoffs, Former TW Employee

Level 3 bought TW and has been slowly getting rid of all the former TW employees. The ones that are not laid off usually leave. To date the estimate is as high as 50% have either been laid off or quit on their own. Supposedly Jack Waters was supposed... —  read more 

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Here they come

I have heard (multiple times today) through the grapevine that Layoffs are coming again. This time the rumor is that announcement should come Q4 2015.

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