Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

employee engagement survey

most folks are scared to be honest because they fear its not truly anonymous. imho, who really cares? tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may. nothing will change anyway. well actually, they will continue to trend to the bad as... —  read more 


Does anyone know how Max is doing? Christmas is around the corner so I'm sure TT is holding your bonus to get him new dog treats. Oh he will probably keep a couple of millions for himself. Sad place this is.

Resignation doubts

I finally got a better offer, but now I'm kind of in a dilemma. Anyone else who has doubts whether to leave despite being sick of this place? *Those who switch and supposedly ended up in better paying jobs need to understand they were probably... —  read more 

Let me explain

Remember when TT asked Judge Drain for 20 million as a incentive to keep him and his boys motivated to keep the company afloat? Today it is still declining and he got it during a bankruptcy. You got nothing. I'm done now.

The sky is falling

OMG, you people crack me up. Living each day wondering if today is RIF day, get a life. I have been with WIN 11yrs. I remember when I first started, I would see the old timers, the dead weight, the lifers as they called themselves sitting at the... —  read more 

The Real Deal

Don't be discouraged with TT slapping you like a work horse. Time has proven that things will only get worse. Now I know it's difficult to move on but you can and will. In this day and age companies are hiring, I see it everyday. Don't think for one... —  read more 

I promise

Your leader TT will take you to the promise land. Oh, after he push mows his lawn and post about how hard it was. Then he will take a trip to the Alps again and post about it. Then there is Max. He treats Max better than his employees. Then he will... —  read more 

What I was told

So, my husband and I are thinking about buying a house. I thought it a good idea to have a 'heart to heart' with my manager about my job security before making such a move. Here is what I was told, " Our days are numbered, but we need to "watch... —  read more 

Summer Vacation Challenge!

For the month of June, I want to challenge you to post a picture of your summer vacation destination whether it be in another town, state, country, or even a staycation! At the end of the month, we will pick two lucky winners to each win a $50 credit... —  read more 

Don't be lazy

Too many people are lazy when it comes to looking for a new job and have missed a great opportunity to leave Windstream while the job market was scorching hot. We are probably a few months away from recession, so I'd advise you to start looking right... —  read more 

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