Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

Data breach?

Any news on the data breach? It’s been reported that email servers were hacked. —  read more 

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It worked out just as expected... For the LR5 that is. 'File' for Chapter 11 after 'losing' a legal battle with New York hedge fund Aurelius Capital Management over whether... —  read more 

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Route This

Who is the architect behind this latest Windstream dream. Looks like we’re trying to reinvent the wheel again. Justifying your job at it’s finest

Are you people serious?

According to what people say, but also according to what they write here, I get the impression that there have never been more people who would like to be laid off. However, I would prefer to leave voluntarily because looking for a new job after... —  read more 

TT is Brilliant

This dude is one of the most brilliant dudes ever. This guy has held the reigns for years. Put the company thru bankruptcy, laid off thousands and have affected so many families. He even mowed his own grass and boasted about it. Oh and took his... —  read more 

Glassdoor begging

HR email begging for reviews on Glassdoor. Would any of you care to make a recommendation? I think that the stealth layoffs on the 3rd Thursday of the month is a giant selling point. We never know how many, or what groups were affected because... —  read more 

Stores Closing

I see Kinetic is closing stores. How many job losses happening with these? "Moultrie is one of nine that Kinetic will close in nine states. Among the other stores being closed are those in Blairsville, Ga., and Live Oak, Fla., as well as two each in... —  read more 

What Happens Next

Here is what happens next following a sale: About 10 of the highest paid employees will be offered more money to stick around during the transition - they will call them retention bonuses. These same employees will then lead rah rah townhalls... —  read more 

Don't underestimate

Don't underestimate TT. He and his team has ran this company in the ground. Thousands of layoffs. Off the stock market and bankruptcy. While getting the judge and court to give him millions. He is a professional cr@$k. If you think about it, no harm... —  read more 

Tony T and Sh!tb@g Team

What a dump this has turned into. Since Jeff G. left, Tony T and his Sh!tb@g Team have decimated this company. How many years given? How many years screwed? There is your answer to this travesty.

Layoffs are coming....

T-minus 10 days until another batch gets the boot. The managers are scrambling to CYA to stay off the hit list. Good ones will be let go while the cr---y ones get to stay all because of who they are friends with outside of the office.

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