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Are we safe until July?

As somebody said, the layoffs seem to be quarterly right now. October, January, April... If Windstream continues that pattern, we should be safe at least until July. It's sad but knowing that would make me feel better. I gave up job security long... read more

The forum has lost a little focus.

Enter - The purpose of this site is to provide a space for anyone who'd like to discuss the possibility, likelihood or impacts of layoffs in a company of interest. Sad to come here and see so much bickering and blaming. When EarthLink... read more

More layoffs to come?

I have been out of the office for a week because of vacation. Has anybody heard anything about layoffs coming? I just need to be prepared.

Restructure the management

If this company was truly concerned about the salary costs they would have restructured management by now. Most front line employees are either 6 to 8 layers of management from the CEO each level salaries grow grossly out of control as you go up that... read more

Management is the BIGGEST issue in this company

Management is the BIGGEST issue in this company...for the past several years, several managers are only interested in their personal agenda....making the most money they can, it is not about improving the company and watching out for their employees... read more

Rumors I’ve heard

-ILEC’s are going away -ILEC techs are also going away -We are going to a Enterprise Cloud/Application model -Heavily pushing partner and agent sales -Lots of internal fighting in sales -Stock split at end of May Some of this is more than rumor, like... read more

What’s going on in morehead

Came up from hazard today and morehead has all kinda big wigs everywhere, just curious if there planning another layoff or what, since it’s not really hit Kentucky yet

Glassdoor reviews

Do you think anybody from the management actually checks Glassdoor reviews for Windstream? That place is a true reflection of the current state in the company. Barely 2.7 stars with majority of latest reviews not just being bad, they are brutal. I... read more

Call center closure question

I have heard from a very reliable source that Charlotte call center has stopped hiring for customer service reps. The person told me that they do not have the call volume. If one leaves they are not replacing. Our team is the same way, but we are not... read more

Windstream Class Action Settlement

Yesterday I received notice of a class action settlement that states Windstream’s board of directors failed to disclose material facts in connection with a stockholder vote on two charter amendments relating to the partial spin off and reverse stock... read more

Windstream bankruptcy

Internet search for “windstream bankruptcy” brings up stock and company value analysis. A 1.48 and debt downgrades for both win and unity it will be harder to get financing as they begin to outsource things overseas to stop the bleeding as execs... read more

Millions in bonuses to execs amid mass layoffs

Funny how execs are milking this company, they are initiating massive layoffs while giving themselves millions in bonuses and raises. Why buy Mass Comm? There is no network or anything of substance, you bought customers who will leave in the near... read more

Layoff Bot

I think I'll write an app that just posts a layoff rumor ever 3 weeks. Probably 50/50 chance it'll be right and maybe it'll save you fear mongers some time.

Eligible for Re-Hire

When I was let go I was told that I was eligible for re-hire. I had applied online for a number of Windstream positions but they went no where. Matter of fact I applied for my old position. How do I know it was my old position. I found out the hiring... read more

2018 Q1 earnings to be announced on May 3rd What are your thoughts on Q1? Which direction do you think we will head in? Buyout by CLINK or bankruptcy?

Reverse Stock Split Coming

Per latest Proxy filing for upcoming shareholder meeting. 5:1 reverse split to be voted on: "To approve an amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation of Windstream to: (i) effect a reclassification (or reverse stock split) of Windstream common... read more

The Downward Spiral Began

Windstream And Uniti: When Financial Engineering Goes Wrong Sep. 25, 2017 10:17 AM•UNIT Summary In 2015, Windstream split its infrastructure to a REIT structure, Uniti. The value creation came from the higher multiple than the REIT market was... read more

Any layoffs this week?

We know layoffs are coming, do we know if anything is happening this week? I've realized that most of my weekends lately have been spent worrying about the following week at work and whether I'll have a job or not instead of relaxing and properly... read more

Run, run, run................

Windstream Holdings lies in the middle of a very wide and falling trend in the short term and further fall within the trend is signaled. Given the current short-term trend, the stock is expected to fall -11.36% during the next 3 months and, with 90%... read more

They will be reducing headcount

Windstream is in trouble and is struggling. There's no question of that. A lot of people are scared right now because nobody knows if they will be on the next layoff list or if the company will eventually fail all together. All I know is that there... read more

Time to move on

I worked for this company close to 30 years, at the beginning of my career I would have said yes..however for the last 5 to 6 years it’s has become extremely stressful...lace of direction and the current management is in such a self preservation mode... read more

Would you accept a job with Windstream

If you was offered a job with Windstream would you accept it.Lets just hear all of the real thoughts cause in my mind Windstream could still be a company you could retire from.

'This is Not the Windstream of the Past' Meanwhile in the real world:

How long has this been going on?

How long have people on here been saying that Windstream will be bought out.From the posts it looks like years and guess what we are still here.Understand that when you employ thousands and thousands of people you will have naysayers no not everyone... read more

Real Classy DoubleT Was this the chicken or the egg.
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5 to 1 reverse stock split coming!

The proxy also asks shareholders to approve a reverse stock split, which which would collapse five shares of stock into a single share. (Windstream stock was trading at $1.52 late Wednesday morning.) The total number of shares of common and preferred... read more

Business as usual

Going good in Iowa

We are busy to the bone in Iowa,signing customers up daily.They are also hiring customer service technicians left and right.We really don't see any problems here.I don't know why people say it's so bad because it isn't here.I think Windstream will... read more

Two dollar SD Wan

When is SD Wan going to save us? We’re losing millions each month and all management can say is sell over the top solutions. Get real, our customers are running as fast as they can. I hope Frontier buys us soon so we can flush out the top and their... read more

Run for your life

Run run run the cannonball hit the side of the ship today,throw the life boats out this baby is going down.


Any updates on the BTAC layoff March 31st? I’ve noticed everytime I call I’m talking to another Indian I can’t understand. I figured they would be outsourced to Prodapt pretty soon. Seems like that’s all that’s answering the phones anymore.
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