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Severance package

Sorry if this was posted already, I tried the search option but something seems to be out of whack with it. Can anybody please tell me what is the severance package at Windstream? I am trying to be prepared in case I am a part of the next layoffs... read more

Windstream as a Career

Bottom line is don't depend on Windstream to be a career oriented company anymore. Nothing wrong with working hard while you're taking a paycheck from them. But don't fool yourself into thinking that they need any one person. There has been a lot of... read more

We are headed for bankruptcy

Windstream can last for a couple more years, when some debt comes due, unless Aurelius forces them into Chapter 11 bankruptcy sooner. The FCC and various state public service commissions will weigh in during bankruptcy since they need to maintain... read more

Windstream Layoffs 2018

My husband is working for the company and he's very concerned that job cuts might be coming and that he may lose his job. He works in Little Rock.

How much longer will windstream last

Just curious how much longer windstream gonna last since they have had declining revenue now for 3yrs and by looking at this board ive been here a short time thinking I had a pertty secure job as a cst but I’m not too sure bout any of it no more... read more

October 12th next round?

An all hands on deck email just went out scheduled for Thursday Oct 12. I dont want to fear monger but it seems these layoff events are always scheduled near these conference calls. Also this day happens to be a Thursday which all these layoffs have... read more

When is the sale?

With a complete re-inventory of all company assets going on into a new, completely nonfunctional system...sounds like they are building up their spreadsheet for a sale...

Keep hearing more layoffs or buyouts

Keep hearing there may be more layoffs or even more buy outs coming first of October, just reaching out too see if anyone else has heard anything else, find this site quite useful since windstream has left us all in the dark and I see a downward... read more

20+ Laid off in Rochester by Windstream

As always, our local WXXI is on top of things (with a bit of a delay)... This is about 3% of the total headcont for Rocherster...
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Some numbers . . .

Windstream Holdings Inc. WIN: US NASDAQ GS $1.75USD -0.21 -10.71% As of 8:10 PM EDT 9/26/2017 President, CEO & Director, Windstream Holdings, Inc. Age 45 Total Calculated Compensation $4,410,699 As of Fiscal Year 2016 50% Recommend to a friend 60%... read more

Time to leave Windstream

In this situation, the only way to stick it to the man is for the good talent at windstream to polish up their resumes and leave. Go someplace where you will be treated with respect and can be proud of the company you work for. Windstream struggled... read more

There was a better way to do this

I hate the way they let some people go, escort them out the door and don't let them even get their belongings from the desk. One guy had worked there 28 years told him they would box up his belongings for him. That seems so humiliating on top of... read more

Anything on VSPs

Have you guys heard anything else on VSP coming? We are in Charlotte and they let go of like 5 of us, and one of the managers in Richmond.
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No layoffs in kentucky

Not sure where all this post about layoffs are coming from cause in the Kentucky market seems we are all still running strong and no one has been laid off, the Lexington market has numerous techs and at one time they said we had to many but opened... read more

We need to market our products better

We do not market our products. We spend so much money putting infrastructure in the ground, and then get a 30% taje rate, if we are lucky. Some potential customers do not even know who Windstream is, and here we are the ILEC. That is sad. Sales... read more

Any other news

I heard there are other layoffs scheduled for October and November. Does anyone know if these will be voluntary?

450 so far

At least 450 have been let go in the last 2 days across all departments

Called in for "training"!!!

Called in for "training" then got booted. This is how a Fortune 500 operates. The new normal. WS will not say how many were let go, because they aren't done yet. They probably need to look at the "C" level group to get replaced. There is no one at... read more

I took a buyout

I was a Windstream network tech for 31 years and 1 month. Was offered a buyout on July 6th 2017, had until July 12th to accept or reject the offer. I took the offer, was informed I was accepted on July 18th... and I was out the door on August 3rd... read more

Don't Post Here From Office Computers

In an unusual companywide email today, WIN reiterated its right to audit work computers and data transmitted to/from them. It threatens legal action and/or termination for "misuse or misappropriation" of network assets. Keep the info coming, but I... read more


I have heard about 2 lawsuits in the making. 1 African American workers let go are saying they were targeted intentionally. 2. Packages supposedly will be offered Oct will challenged by a class action lawsuit. Check out ref form... read more

This week's layoffs at Windstream

There were many rumors circulating, but from what I have gathered, until now only a few people have been confirmed to have been laid off yesterday. Hopefully, today is going to continue this trend. My location is so far calm, so I am optimistic. Let... read more

This sums it up
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Sorry this is a better link

This is actually Windstreams's Facebook page
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Leadership is pathetic

The company has absolutely No direction. They spend time asking questions and surveys with stupid meetings -- and NOTHING of value ever comes from them. Lots of top tier talent left today -- not the bottom of the barrel. This was a numbers game and... read more

More Layoffs

Windstream continues to punish the people who get it done everyday. The leadership for the past two years has been terrible. They continue to purchase debt heavy companies. Then address that through continual layoffs. I think they need to clean house... read more

I work for a wonderful company now

I got the axe back in 2012...i had taken a week off to move into my new home. I got a call to come in for a training seminar on the Wednesday of the week I HAD PRIOR APPROVAL TO TAKE OFF. I didn't have to come in...for all they knew I was using my... read more

Debt Ridden Acquisitions

People keep complaining about the debt ridden companies that Winstream is buying.. You do know that Earthlink - though in a bad spot - was making HUGE strides. What did we get out of the merger? Lower stock value... Why do you think ELNK, at just a... read more

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