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This is absolutely ridiculous

I swear to god there are 3rd graders running this company. I have teenage daughters that are more consistent in their daily routines. These people (directors and above) are obsessed with constant change of systems. It’s literally constant!! Who and I... read more

Prayers needed

For those of you who are still hanging on - to give you a heads up- be prepared for the end by the end of the year. You have been warned. Signed- no longer staying quite Exec

Mr Chilli

Is Win giving you post bankruptcy shares or are you going to take losses with all of us for the pathetic decision making of our leaders?

Bullying and Intimidation

I’m so sick of the bullying and intimidation the director uses at 2134 laburnum ave richmond va. He has his on set of rules that are much different then people practices. Everyone is terrified and walks on eggshells around him. Windstream will never... read more


In another post ( @YBt2lx3-ika) about today's hearings, I noted: "Interestingly, some of those wording changes had to do with preserving the various creditors' rights to challenge the Uniti-Windstream arrangement later on if so desired. I don't think... read more


Can someone explain why we have more recruiters on the org chart than we have in most departments? What exactly are we recruiting? That seems to be a lot of wasted money when we are in bankruptcy and people are not exactly beating the door down to... read more

Windstream Sales Reps

Any of you guys still holding on to hope? If you’re still sitting at Win it shows how bad you must be at sales. You iPad playing non working account huggers should get let go. Running errands, responding to RFPs not following up on anything except... read more

List of first lien holders

The first lien holders are the people who have the "first mortgage" on Windstream's assets and business. They'll get paid before the second lien holders (the companies that hold the "second mortgage") and the unsecured creditors (in most cases, folks... read more

The reality of working at WIN

"Would anyone recommend working at Windstream" You can go work there if you want an uncertain job situation. If they hire you, they could lay you off in a few months because of continuing 'cash problems'. Most groups you would work in - except the... read more

Sales Team Uncertainty

Shouldn’t the sales team be concerned with their numbers being so low? Who would sign something with Win in bankruptcy. Seems like a career limiting move.

Losing more good people

This didn't take long. Several key players have left and anyone else I talk to is looking for their exit. Win is about to be in even worse shape. A few are wiling to ride it out, but they are not top talent. I'd really like to help turn this ship... read more

Keep an eye out for tire-kickers

Based on my experience elsewhere: Keep an eye out for non-employees visiting facilities and asking questions. They could be potential buyers of all or part of Windstream. Alternately, they might be consultants for one of the creditor groups sizing up... read more

Board of directors

I’ve seen posts elsewhere about the board’s failures in letting the company sink this far. In fact, by law, this is ultimately their fault even more than the CEO’s. They have a hard job because they’re outsiders and they don’t know everything that’s... read more

An organized wave or layoffs little by little?

When the time comes, and chances are the time will come sooner rather than later, how do you think they will perform the layoffs? Will they go in the manner of one, or a few organized waves or will they thin the herd in smaller portions as the demand... read more

Mr Thomas

I am just glad tony got his bonus while the ones that retired at the beginning of the year did not get there lump sum pension as they were promised. Screw the ones that make his 2 million bonus possible.

CLEC fiber value

The CLEC side leases 1000s of miles of fiber cable from Uniti on an exclusive basis. I think those lease rights can be sold. I've seen mineral leases sold in another bankruptcy. Clearly, this fiber would be worth a whole lot more to Windstream if... read more

The old Concord Telephone Co (NC)

CTC was in very good shape when Windstream bought it for 585 million 12 years ago. It had 120,000 customers then. CTC had just run fiber past many homes but not marketed it yet. Windstream finally started offering 1 Gig broadband here in the last 18... read more
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Are any current customers commenting on here as to what may ultimately happen to them?

What assets could be spun off?

It’s obvious that the company needs cash in order to operate and navigate through Ch 11, so I consider the possibility of assets being spun off to be very strong. Any idea what assets are they most likely to sell and what impact could that have on... read more

The judge will decide, not the TT

So, we had our Tuesday morning conference call. Our boss, IT Director out of Twinsburg told us that NO ONE can be let go without the judge who is over seeing this mess approves it. We did breath a sigh of relief, at least knowing that the TT and... read more

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