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New logo same old company

Who in their right mind would think that a new logo could change the outlook of a company that is on a fast downhill track? We’ve still got the same outdated/useless systems that half the time aren’t working. We are being overworked without any... —  read more 

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Final Countdown

You can bet your paycheck, you’re about to get parted out like a car at U-Pull it auto parts. They didn’t buy you, they inherited Windstream bc they owned your debt. The only way to recoup their money is sell you off. Bye

"Windstream CEO Tony Thomas talks mowing grass and his company's accomplishments during Chapter 11 and Covid-19"

Article: "We had fully transparent communications with employees," Thomas said. "CEOs get a lot of credit for this... —  read more 

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Read between the lines

Besides lowered debt and more money to invest in the company, emergence from bankruptcy presents Windstream's owners with several options to consider: everything from keeping the business intact and running it for several years as is, to carving it... —  read more 

We "Emerged".....LMFAO

We "EMERGED"...Lol!! How much research did Tony put into that word? Haha...what a joke! Of course we did, you mean all of us down here are suppose to s— up yo the guy that created this bankruptcy to begin with. EMERGED= "Now we can Layofg... —  read more 

What’s the point!?

What’s the point with the engagement survey? No one ever listens. Nothing ever changes. It just gets Keeps getting worse. Then they sit there and wonder why participation is so low and no one bothers

Emerged from bankruptcy

The day has arrived- TT says we have emerged from bankruptcy. Now we wait and see if all the predictions on this site come to be. Is CLEC safe? Is ILEC safe? Will sales staff be cut? What changes will come about regarding middle/upper management? So... —  read more 

It's a sinking boat.

Look back at the comments for the last year. It's a sinking boat like the Titanic, just get out and for everyone that wants to say "We are keeping ILEC going", no you are not. You are the musical instruments until it sinks.

Have you wondered?

Have you ever wondered if TT and his wife sit at the dinner table and had a discussion? Wife says, TT your employees don't really care for you or the company. Their morale is really low and you dropped the company off of the stock market, and you... —  read more 

So I wanted to see nform you

I spent 25 years at Alltel/Windstream. The last 10 years were horrible. I have listened to MANY hands on calls. So many promises of coming out of bankruptcy. So many promises of GPON, fixed Wireless, Software Powerhouse and TT saying "We will as a... —  read more 

Windstream At Home

Has anyone ever looked at the comments on the FB page, Windstream at Home? We advertise all these great speeds and NOT ONE customer has anything good to say? Whoever works this site internally says the same thing on each comment. “Please DM me your... —  read more 

Let's stop gossiping

We all know Windstream s—s and has no future. TT and the boys are doing high level negotians figuring out the dollar amount. I would bet that in that executive board room there is no discussion on how to save the employees jobs. I bet that... —  read more 

So is this really happening?

I haven't had download speed over 10kb/s for about 2 weeks now (not that i've ever gotten over 300kb/s before anyway) is there really some sort of attack happening? is there any way we can support the hackers? windstream has held my town hostage... —  read more 

Not A Chance

How does a Software powerhouse company loose control of their own software and applications? I would venture to say that Windstream has already failed as a Telecom and are on their way to failing in the software powerhouse venture also. But then... —  read more 

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Wouldn't it be Nice if someone within the leadership team would address the layoffs or have a company call with all employees to give us the truth instead having to come to this ridiculous gossip website to find out what's really going on within our... —  read more 

Off Track on Track

Far, far away from all of those promises of coming out a stronger and more resilient and POWERHOUSE SOFTWARE company. There are no indications of that happening. Very strong indications of on track scheduled layoffs. That for sure is one thing you... —  read more 

OPS East

Ever since JS took over operations east the whole department has gone down hill. Nothing but horror stories about the micromanaging taking place. Local managers have turned the entire department into a clusterf–k.

Time to Go

What is with this company? It is rudderless and drifting !! There is near zero ability to get work completed because all the doers and thinkers keep getting cut or are leaving. Directors and VPs overseeing groups where they would be lucky to be entry... —  read more 

What’s next?!?

So why are they wanting to make sure our addresses are correct? Are we changing our name again to hide from our angry customers?!? All we do is polish t–ds around here.

Here is a Thought

I was thinking about something. How about focusing your energy on leaving WIN? There are so many comments about TT and the LR5 doing the company and employees wrong. Let's face the facts. Promises have been broken and in a earlier hands on everyone... —  read more 

Step up

I come on here and read so much negativity. It’s time to step up and take some pride in your company and job. Everyone blames the higher executives but they are not going anywhere so toughen up. Do your job correctly like me and you will be... —  read more 

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