Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

For Sale

We all know that Elliott wants to get paid. A merger with Frontier has been rumored. But now, an article on the Waa Street Journal says Zayo is reportedly in talks to buy both Windstream and Uniti.

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Layoffs are coming 200 to 1 odds

Personal being shuffled at higher levels, outages occurring more on regular and affecting business talking points. Lil T almost crying on calls. Sales without blue light special deals not getting done. Elliot going to off hand the pork, trying to... —  read more 

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as if morale in this POS company wasnt horrible enough for us to begin with, imagine getting a call from your uncle "Jiffy Shock" to inform you of your poor performance! go eff yourself. poor performance? take a look in the mirror. you and your... —  read more 

Don't believe them!

Whoever tries to convince you you're safe here, call them a liar in their face! I was an id--t who believed them and now I'm out on my a-s. I trusted my manager who swore several times I had nothing to worry about!!! This place is filled with liars... —  read more 

Breaking point

I thought I would stay here for a while longer, that was the plan,,,, but I suddenly changed my mind. I've been doing someone else's job for months and last week it all culminated when I was told I should try even harder. Really? I will be relieved... —  read more 

Health Insurance

Just received the 2022 open enrollment. All I can say is wow , hard to sell that lack of insurance to any potential new hire. I’m surprised more people don’t leave after seeing those numbers.

Network Lag

Saw the post on Stream blaming for VOIP issues since they are an upstream provider. Question is, what about our network? Can't get to external sites (OFSC, Google maps, FedEx, etc.) without several tries if at all. And it's not just... —  read more 

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We need more people

If those at the top don't realize that this company urgently needs more people, I think they will lose a lot of those who are still here. It's become unbearable to work here because we are so understaffed. I don't plan to keep doing a triple... —  read more 


Just out of curiosity. How many emails do y’all get every day that pretty much tells you that you didn’t do anything right? Like even though your a good tech, you still may not have made managements numbers what they wanted so they scold you for it... —  read more 

Could it be any worse?

Yesterday was my worst day here ever. I came very close to giving notice out of frustration even though I still hadn’t found a new job. I have long since stopped hoping that something can be changed for the better here. It is a bit sad to say that... —  read more 

The rotation has started

The expected rotation has started. Leaving windsuck for other companies. Staying only means more work and training others. LEAVE NOW. They wiil ignore long term employees expecting you to train others and ignore. NO MORE

One Meal a Day

Because of inflation and practice of averaging 1 % adjustment per year on salary i am at one meal a day. Soon to be one meal every two days. Managent at this company is evil.

New hires beware

I worked for a company that was purchased by windstream. It was in the NY/CT area. The existing windstream employees made it difficult to fit in. They did as little as possible to train or assist on existing equipment.they would also make negative... —  read more 

Do Ya Ever?

Do you ever get tired of reading about mergers, selling off the piece's, layoffs, old TDM, tip and ring, software power house, $20 million in bonuses, CLEC dying, Colo's shutting down, fixed wireless tanking, GPON not succeeding, and on and on? Well... —  read more 

Thoughts on Q4 merger ?

It's looking more and more like the ILEC assets will be integrated with Frontier by Elliott. I keep hearing mentions of it from coworkers and on here. Nothing really from the Frontier side of the house? Any idea what the plan is for the CLEC assets... —  read more 

25 & Out

Since this company is anti experience and knowledge I suggest they offer anybody with more than 25 years of experience a golden handshake buyout package. Heck just think of all the possibility’s… lower pay scales for fresh meat bodies out of school ... —  read more 

I don't understand that

It is clear what is poisoning this company and why it is sinking, and yet, there is no interest in acting against this poison. I can't understand that at all. What's the logic here, would they rather let everything be ruined?

Newbies at Windstream

I wonder what attracted them to come to Windstream? The one I know left so quickly that I believe he broke the record in how short someone stayed in the company. Only people without a skill set can come here, those who have not done research and... —  read more 

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