Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

Where to look?

I've been trying to find a new job and I even managed to get an offer from AT&T but I feel like I'd just be exchanging one bad situation for another if I accept. I've checked their page here and it seems they have much of the same issues as we do. ... —  read more 

Home garaging over

Workers told no more home garaging and to report back to the base to start & end their day. Windstream states cost & lack of production for the main reason. Safety once again takes a back seat , oh btw the local managers are still using the company... —  read more 

HR Please stop all the Social Engineering - Do you think so little of Windstream employees?

I work at Windstream to make money as do 99.999% of the other Windstream employees, I do not work at Windstream so I can be Socially Engineered while my wages continue to fall against inflation. Tell us about raises in 2021 to inspire us to care and... —  read more 

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The Shade Tree

I was thinking, whether you are sitting under a shade tree in the hot summer days at a local campus watching your clock, or at the local hardware store shopping just wishing you had at least 1 install to do a day would be awesome. Then I thought gee... —  read more 

Windstream in a Nutshell

Went online and ordered Windstream internet, put in all my info, selected my package (only one choice), and completed the order. Said I'd get an email wit further instructions. Waited and waited and no email, said to myself....maybe I should go with... —  read more 

Anyone else...

Look for work expecting to be laid off, get hired and since no one really knows what they do, keep getting a WS check while "working from home?" Just wondering because its kind of awesome and has made up for the years of c-appy pay, benefits, and... —  read more 

Incentive Payouts

Being pushed on projects? Ask about an incentive payouts and then wait for correct answer before doing squat. I am sure it is important and we need to make the dates....if it is that important then SHOW ME THE MONEY

There Never was!

There never was a software powerhouse and most likely there never will be. CLEC is dead at this point. The ratio of disconnects to turn ups are astronomical. All of the dreams that you where promised never happened and probably never will. The... —  read more 

Same BS, different year

I’ve reached a point where it doesn’t matter what day it is or even the year - nothing will change. We all keep hearing how great things are going then we are hit with another round of layoffs. I’ve learned by now that when you see upper management... —  read more 

Kinetic vs clec

Anyone else in clec notice they are recruiting people to go to kenetic??? Thinking clec about to be bought out with the force of integration Everything this moving to one system. Meta. Makes it more appeasing to other carries

Give it a Break

Everyone just give it a Break and enjoy your Christmas with your family. It's been a hard year for everyone. Don't sweat it TT and Max the dog are chilling. Max may have more gifts under the tree than you. It's all good

Layoffs are inevitable

History keeps resting itself with Windstream. Be prepared for us to hear how things are onward and upward....and there are no layoffs. That is your que to hold your breathe not to get an unexpected meeting invite. If you are not riffed, be... —  read more 

Where are the jobs?

How many people are struggling to find employment after being laid off? I wasn't too worried when I learned I was being let go because I was confident I'd have little trouble finding a new job. But apparently experience, knowledge, and knowhow mean... —  read more 


No sales, mostly disconnecting circuits, layoffs for years, maintenance on equipment that is not supported. I live in Little Rock and people don't even know who Windstream is. No advertising. Nothing.

Question for Management

Since no one feels comfortable asking questions during the Town Hall meetings without fear of retribution, maybe a question here will warrant a Stream post or some other response. The culture at Windstream is sick. People are are angry, bitter... —  read more 

OfficeSuite ?

Someone in our organization (about 1000 employees) got talked into getting Windstream OfficeSuite. We're a Windstream ILEC customer. My impression is that's it's just a rebranded Zoom. Is there any reason to use OfficeSuite instead of Zoom? Is it... —  read more 

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