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The CLEC side isn't profitable right now

We have too much TDM network out there and most of the equipment is end of life. Most of the cash generated comes fro. Carrier (WE) selling large transport deals. If you look at every business unit we support there are few that make money. The... —  read more 

Stock is up 30% this week ?

Anyone know if there is anything going on? Why the big jump in share price in 2 days?


I'm a former employee.. has anyone got their W2s yet? What the hell is taking so long?

2020 Predictions

I know the CLEC side probably will start to feel the pinch, but what about the ilec side? Seem to still be hiring CSTs and engineers are hanging around, retail stores are being opened. Layoffs expected? 2019 was a surprise to me and lots of others on... —  read more 

Feb 20th Windstream year end loss report

Feb 20th Windstream will post huge year end loss. Lil T,Bobby, 2 x time share salesman, big tex, nor the Corp Attorney will say anything, make an announcement, or hold any meeting regarding this. They will continue to reap rewards for work of the... —  read more 

Number of Lay-off Rounds in 2019

It’s impossible to get a count of the rounds of layoffs that occurred while working here in 2019 (1, 3, 5?). When management goes around laying departments off they don’t exactly broadcast it on Stream. I was thinking that perhaps folks could list... —  read more 

Math quiz for CTO

Since the CTO liked doing a math trick during the all hands call. Here is one for him to choke out. If inflation averages 2% each year for the past 5 years and Windstream employees have only received a single 3% adjustment in the 5th year, are... —  read more 

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Reading Lips

I guess we need to learn to read lips...cant even get the sound working..omg

Promote them all I say!

Is it just me or was anyone else amazed at these promotions. Promote a guy who’s entire hourly staff is managed by Planners. He and his management really have allot to do with their results! Promote a guy who came and brought his whole band of... —  read more 

Questions for Windstream Leadership on tomorrows call

1- Why is my family's financial situation of zero concern while the highest paid employees and their families continue to prosper? The fact that Leadership has spent more focus and efforts on KEIP and KERP than any other programs or initiatives is... —  read more 

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KERP, Uniti and the creditors

Currently, Uniti gets its rent money before any of the creditors. It's worth billions to the creditors to get this changed. Uniti's lease was declared a valid lease in the Aurelius lawsuit - for the purposes of that lawsuit (under the specific... —  read more 

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Rochester office

Does anyone know why the company invested to add more space on the3rd floor at the Midtown location? Seems like wasted money and lots of it. The building is half empty with plenty of room for all on 1st and 2 nd floor. Not too mention so many people... —  read more 

Townhall meeting

Any predictions as to what LR 5 are going to announce? "Business as usual" or is this a day AFTER a Wednesday when they traditionally have a layoff? Thoughts?

W-2s for 2019

I worked in Greenville NOC for two months this year and got THE HELL OUTTA THERE. Wondering should I expect Windstream to get me a W-2 mailed in a timely manner or do have I to pull teeth for it? Considering it took 2 months to get me a desk... —  read more 


Why bother with trying to vent on here when they take down any thread that has management in it.

Meet your future bosses (Elliott Management)

Elliott is a private equity fund. They own more Windstream debt than anyone else (they bought much of it at a steep discount). They shake up and restructure troubled companies. They bought a stake in AT&T in 2019, then sent its board a letter... —  read more 

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Project MAnagement Leadership

How bout the PM leadership team that use to make excuses why they couldn’t manage orders. If Anjail could turn back time. I bet she’d work those orders now. We can’t do this or that and we need all this documentation before we can do anything.

Merry Christmas

Merry Xmas to my former co-workers. The job market is great. So dont let stress from work get you down! That job does not define you. You will see as soon as you leave, so just enjoy the holidays and forget about that place for a few days

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy date pushed out AGAIN!

Link to judge's order today: New exclusivity deadline: April 22, 2020 New solicitation deadline: June 22, 2020 Filing Exclusivity Period through and including August... —  read more 

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Emerging Repair is Dead

So they decided to completely sc-ap the new Emerging repair group they made earlier this year after destroying all the technicians moral in the group and over working all of us. I guess someone above making millions didn't like the director and... —  read more 

Bad signs

They're making changes again in the gvl office. Combining groups again. Shuffling management. These 'strategic' moves are usually out of panic. Grab a box and hide it. They may be scarce soon.

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