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No one has posted this in a while

Today I have an interview with another company before I come to work. I am excited and nervous. Part of me feels like I am betraying my current supervisor. Did anybody feel like that? How did you all feel like that when you left? It is with another... read more

Hiring Question

I applied to over 10 jobs with Windstream over the last two months. I received 6 denial emails within 10 minutes this morning right after 6AM. I received two more later in the morning. I have had two interviews; one per HR guidelines and one not... read more

Business as usual

No raises this year for non-executives? Can't 'blame' the company's latest struggles, instead it is because a lot of your raise money went to TT and his cronies raises, and also for donating $10,000 for a business renovation... read more

Biometric data bs

If you get laid off, are you still required to pay the $500 penalty for not doing the bio metric screening c-ap that invades your privacy?? Also - anyone know of a lawsuit against windstream for this practice? I’ve seen other companies get sued for... read more

Employee Engagement Survey Coming 9/5

Email going out about the newest employee survey starting on 9/5. Even those in IT who are being laid off due to the outsourcing to IBM are getting the email. Should be interesting!

Is Windstream CEO fairly compensated?

Excellent article and I'm sure you already know the answer but now you have facts to back it up. read more

Your view on stock uptrend?

So what do you guys think? Cooking books like ENRON or are there actual improvements? Be honest.. but be nice :-) I'm a ex employee that was laid off in February.. been waiting for the zit to pop so I can return to a similar position. When and if... read more

Take me out to the ballgame...

I still believe that the chain of command is fudging the books and some numbers to stay afloat. It's more like MCI Worldcom or Enron to me. It feels like the bottom of the ninth inning and we're down 1-0. Coach is bringing in pinch hitter, SDWAN, to... read more

Corporate Bankruptcy

Start getting used to these terms...not far down the road....

Why do they ignore us?

I'm so tired of seeing MGMT stick their finger in our work. They always screw something up! You might have been a tech before, but stop zapping the passion out of us! Just because your new hires are incompetent doesnt mean you should treat us like we... read more

What to do now?

I love what I do. Honestly. I do like coming to work everyday, and I think it is probably my team and my management staff that makes me look forward to it. The pay not so much. I have been with Windstream for a long time, and every time I try to look... read more

Now what

Windstream's enterprise service sales rose 1% year over year to $730 million, representing 50.5% of the company's total revenues. Wholesale product sales increased from zero to $0.1 million. The remaining six reportable sub-divisions in Windstream's... read more

Analyst snapshot from earnings report

Still losing money - lost less money than analysts thought. So bad but not as bad as if we were run by mice so good. Great job, things should turn around and we will be able to pay our debt off and be profitable in 625 years with a 50 percent chance... read more

Earnings announcement tomorrow

Place your bets, were they delayed a month so we wouldn’t be overcome with too much good news at once or because they will s--- like past earnings and they were the middle of begging on their knees in the crotch of junk bond investors hoping to... read more

Less Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Let’s take a stroll thru history... CT Communications $585m, D&E $330M, Iowa Telecom $1.1B, Nuvox $643M, KDL $787M, Hosted Solutions $310M, Paetec $2.3B... total $6.055 B Win net value today... 41M shares at $3.88 per share = $159M

I would love to know...

...if any other department gets treated like the service techs (mainly CST's) do whenever a poor decision by Little Rock backfires? What I mean by that is, whenever the stock starts to go to c-ap, or sales fall off because no body wants our next best... read more

Outsourcing at its best!!

Apparently in india one of their ministers died and now the whole country will shut down for a few days. Since the orders are assigned in india that means its a mad scramble to figure out who will do the orders. There's a hold time for assignment... read more

There are no words...

This may be the best thing to come out of Windstream in years.

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