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How do we stop this?

When you look at Windstream's stock trajectory for the past month, it's devastating. It's a consistent downward line with no indication that it will change direction any time soon. What can we do, what can the company do right now to stop this... read more


Could it be that the weak stock performance is delaying any major announcements or cuts? Unrelated, anybody else notice the birth of a new VP today?

Looks like

Windstream will only lose $1,000,000.00 dollars today in market cap, whew! Great job everyone, high five!

Another false alarm

It looks like the much announced huge layoff round was just another false alarm. Now false alarms I understand, there will always be rumors born out of speculation and trolls having some fun at our expense. What I have trouble believing is how easy... read more

So far, nothing is happening

My location is business as usual. No indications that anything will change for the remainder of the day. Anybody else noticing something different so far?

Job security

Is there ever going to come a time when we are not fearing layoffs? I was just thinking that for the past year, I can't remember a day I wasn't worried that something was coming. Are we even in a position to turn around the company enough so that job... read more

Can anybody tell me how it's done?

I'm relatively new to Windstream, and I honestly have no idea what to expect. If layoffs do take place today, how will the people affected be notified? Is it a one-on-one meeting with a manger, phone call, email? Will we have time to pack our stuff... read more

As Talented Employees Leave

This was a long time coming and glad it finally caught up with WS. This is what happens when you refuse to pay for or to keep talented people in your ranks. Then proceed to make those that are talented feel unwanted even though they are carrying the... read more

Matching Contributions

Ain't it grand that Windstream put their matching contributions in their own stock? That way all of their employees can lose their retirement at the same time they lose their jobs! I sold my stock earlier this year but I still ate a +$10k loss. I... read more

Is the number exaggerated?

I've seen in several places mentioned that layoffs at the end of this month will be anywhere between 20 and 30 percent of the entire workforce. That's nearly 3,000 people IF it's on the lower end of predictions. I'm having a hard time believing... read more

How to know layoffs are imminent

A good article to read, especially the second part. It's easy to see that we can expect more layoffs here, we fit nearly every category perfectly. 9 Red Flags that Layoffs or Closings May Be Imminent (and 10 Ways to Protect Yourself)... read more

Sell your stock

If anyone is still holding on to WIN stock you better sell while you can still get some money. Pennies on the dollar is better than 0.


Why do some of you have such a large sense of entitlement? If you work in an employment-at-will state, you aren't owed pretty much anything by your employer. Get over yourself, entitled ones. The gig is almost over so get up and get another job... read more

Severance Pay Plan Summary Plan Description 2018

Well as long as the rules don't change we are all in good shape. If WIN Goes bankrupt we are all hosed. Severance Pay Plan - Windstream Benefits PDFWindstream Benefits › uploads › 2018/01 NB-Windstream-Severance-SPD_final.pdf Less than Two Years of... read more


I feel like productivity goes way down before a rumored/expected layoff. At least how we seem to do it. If we targeted known unproductive people it would probably motivate us all more

Good news!

The stock hit another 52 week low again today! Cheers management! Go get yourselves some margaritas, pay raises must be on way

More layoffs by the end of July?

Current rumor circulating around the office is that we'll see more layoffs at Windstream by the end of the month. Now, office rumors have proven to be highly unreliable before, so I was hoping somebody here knows more about this. Is it true or just... read more


If Windstream enterprise has this magical transformative technology that every company needs to buy to be successful, one would assume they would be the most successful company on the exchange. So if what they are selling is so great and so easy to... read more

Week of 7/15

Getting back on topic for this forum Is this the week of layoffs? If patterns fit, it will be. So far I haven't heard specifics. If anybody knows something, let us know. As for the side topics that are being discussed on here.. We all know the... read more

Using layoffs as a business strategy

Is the scumiest thing I can think of. It’s one thing do it when you go bankrupt (which is on the way) but to do it from day one, back when we were actually making money just to fudge numbers on an earning report AS A BUSINESS STRATEGY is just wrong... read more


I have a friend on my team who has an interview in another department? Has anybody seen that happen recently? Why are they cutting back, but interviewing people for other positions? Just a question. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Can the stock get any lower?

Yes. Yes it can. Another record low today. Well done executive team, hopefully this is your last big-boy jobs. What a legacy you all have made for yourselves, losing record levels of investors money, bravo

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