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Sales people

I used to work there until I left for something a bit better. My sister called to inquire about services. She lives in a kinetic television area because her neighbor has it. Do they even still offer that? They didn’t even bring that up to her, or... —  read more 

Comcast tech with COVID-19

Here you go. Service tech with the coronavirus, going in and out of other homes. Let's do some math. If he averaged 5 homes a day, and didn't show signs for let's say 10 days......that's 50 homes that he exposed to the virus. But this is WS and... —  read more 

Windstream Flu coming to an office near you

I feel like we’re all being Put at risk by coming to the office for work. Windstream Little Rock can’t take much more negative presSS. Are CEOs liable for putting their employees at risk?

One SVP has bit the dust

It appears JS realized just how bad engineering under BW really was. You can't run an ILEC as if it is a CLEC. Now time to get the engineers back in the field and stop this fractured setup. I think this is a great move.

FB gives $1000 to every employee

Now contrast this gesture with the LR5s tactics. In fact clawing back the 2019 and 2020 KEIP and KERP monies and then splitting with all employees...80 mil / 11000 do the math. I don't expect anything from the LR5 but I am wondering... —  read more 

Covid-19 response

If you’re an office worker at Windstream the shelter in place and work from home policy is smart. It limits exposure and lowers the contagion curve. The policy for the front line field employees not so much. It’s basically business as usual. It was... —  read more 

$50 Million in Executive Compensation

$50 million is my over-under for how much the CEO and CFO will make over the next three years between the “key employee retention plans” and the Management Compensation set-aside in the Plan, which will be approved by the court. It pays a King’s... —  read more 

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Looks like it’s back to work for you losers. All the BS shoveling forecasters of doom, must have moved on to another board. Bet it’s Hard to admit TT and the L5 were right all along. Business as Usual! OWNED.

3 some Uniti, Windstream, Elliot Management

What a joke. Judge Drain is a typical judge who rather a plea bargain then have to rule in courts merits of right and wrong. Maybe the coronavirus will delay trial and allow corrupt management to earn more.

Failed Mergers from the LR 5

'Detroit-based Rocket Fiber acquired by Everstream' Good to see companies that aren't like WINMQ or Frontier acquiring similar companies that have much better leadership in place than the LR 5. How many failed 'mergers' did the LR 5 preside... —  read more 

The case is near will one blink

Windstream vs Uniti I scratch your back you scratch mine trial. CFO vs CEO. Will settlement happen prior to a gavel being swung by the Judge. Who will win? The whole deal was suspect will trial open eyes and trials going after fraudulent issues... —  read more 

How much longer??

How much longer under the LR5? It's so depressing. No one gives a flying rats a$$. Everyone's just going through the motions. We need new blood up in here to lead us. What are we working towards?? As long as the LR5 are in charge no one will give a... —  read more 

Why Try ...question for management

Simple question.....why should I expell any efforts? The bonus and promotion is rigged. Pay NOT keeping even with inflation. Simple question....why should I care or try to do my job. I don't expect an answer due to leaderships endless tries to avoid... —  read more 

SD-WAN "Windstream’s SD-WAN customer base tops 2,700" "During its fourth quarter earnings call, Windstream CEO Tony Thomas touted the company’s SD-WAN achievements... —  read more 

Uniti - Windstream litigation schedule

Here's the schedule of events and deadlines (depositions, etc.) leading up to the trial starting on Tuesday, March 3: The trial then runs through Friday, March 6. The judge... —  read more 

Sound advice

7 Weeks into Q1 for 2020 and we are not doing any better. I am hearing Mid march for round 2. Get your resume / LinkedIn up to date again. We will be competing with everyone that was let go in round 1. Without using that revolving credit... —  read more 

Windstream lost $3B in 2019

And somehow tony still tries to spin it as a growth company smh

How do you doom and gloomers explain?

Curious to hear an explanation of how Windstream is still actively hiring? If Layoffs are on the horizon and as this board will have you believe set to occur every Thursday, why would open positions be filled? Even in the so called screwed CLEC... —  read more 

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Lack of Management

I'll make this short and to the point. Windstream management is absurd. I'm not even talking about the folks at the top, i'm talking about those all the way at the bottom. PM's and up. It is a JOKE! I know the LR5 had a lot to do with the demise... —  read more 

Another sale and lease back

Seems awfully similar to the deal that landed Windstream in this mess to begin with. Another sale and lease back where creditors and shareholders get screwed... —  read more 

Uniti negotiations

Reportedly Windstream and Uniti are getting closer to a deal. See:

What is next

When will this all come to an end?? When will there be new leadership to get this company moving in the right direction?? I'm so lost at how the LR5 are still running this company. Employees do not care what the LR5 have to say. No one is motivated... —  read more 

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