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HR is getting desperate

They are desperate. Experienced people quitting while HR is begging for people to mentor the less skilled. Sending out bulk emails to get positive reviews on employment sites. Some mo--n wanting CAs to send in videos to try to get people to join... read more

CLEC customers running on Windstream/Uniti fiber

A bunch of people have commented that Windstream’s CLEC business may not be very viable. I can see how relying on others’ facilities to serve customers may not have good prospects. How about situations where Windstream has its own fiber (leased from... read more

Long list of terminated sales agents

Windstream filed a list of “rejected” (cancelled) contracts in bankruptcy court today: They all look like various types of sales agent agreements: sales agents, community partners... read more
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Windstream on I just checked this out and was surprised to see Windstream has lots of open positions they’re trying to fill. I was also interested to see reviewers give them 2.8 out of 5 stars which... read more

Union Members

I am curious as to what power union reps have at the bargaining table within this bankruptcy come contract time. This seems now to be an ace for windstream in the future negotiations. Haven't heard anything out of CWA, you?

Financial advisor's monthly bill Interesting skim -- shows what they're working on and where. Not sure about the Montego Bay hotel.

Mexico Btac

Stream post questioned why Windstream decided to outsource to Mexico for tech support. Valid question... it’s been nothing short of a nightmare for many that have to deal with these clowns. To make matters worse TT has the nerve to throw his two... read more

Windstream bonds - not much change since bankruptcy Windstream's unsecured bonds are trading at 28 cents on the dollar - about where they were several days after Windstream filed for bankruptcy. This represents... read more
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Any other ILECs ever pass through bankruptcy?

I’m only aware of two since the Great Depression: Hawaiian Telecom - bought by private equity from Verizon in 2004. Too much debt, bankrupt in 2008. Reduced debt through bankruptcy and got new management. Sold to Cincinnati Bell in 2017 Fairpoint -... read more

Not paying post-petition rent

A landlord has filed a complaint that Windstream has not paid it any rent since the bankruptcy filing: The whole point of the $1 billion debtor-in-possession line of credit is to... read more

Letter From General Counsel KM

What a cheap way for Windstream to continue its BS propaganda campaign: "Customer satisfaction is, of course, our top priority, and I encourage you to continue to reassure our customers that our operations remain unchanged..." Let me understand this... read more

The numbers don't lie

We lost $33M in the month of April and had to draw $200M from our line of credit. This buys us a few more months. At this rate we are all toast by December, our burn rate of cash is way too high to sustain the business. This is pretty much it, folks... read more

Churn Rate

I haven’t heard what the current churn rate is. However I can’t think it’s improving. That being said how do you restructure if customers are leaving faster than you can sign up new customers.

Can HR provide assistance

Can Human Resources provide some assistance for those of us left behind as management grabs all the dough? Can you provide guidelines on Dumpster Diving or perhaps supply ever office with locations of nearby charity clothing or food bank locations... read more

The question no one is asking.

Today, I went into the executive suite bathroom and looked in the toilet. To my suprise someone, somehow got cr4p on the front of the toilet bowl. How exactly do you do this? Were they riding the pony backwards or something? I've seen this move done... read more

Sales Restructuring

I’ve heard the sales team and account management will be transitioned under 1 organization. Management is still working on the plan. Consolidation is coming

Account Hugger Transition to Account Management

What’s going to happen to the account huggers when they are replaced by a regional sales team. We’re replacing the huggers with the best available sales talent. We will no longer pay you guys to baby sit and collect orders when they hit your box. You... read more

Another troubled ILEC sells 350,000 lines

Frontier sells 350k lines in Pacific Northwest to private investors: Does this mean there's a market for ILEC operations? For some of Windstream's in... read more


I left the company about a month ago and was real honest about my review. I said there was no opportunity for advancement, and that the management team needed work. They asked if I wanted a call back from HR, and I said yes. No person has called me... read more


Make sure to submit your kind reviews on Glassdoor today! Uncle Tony is taking us into the future, with a side of chilli.


New standard issued today by MEF (formerly the Metro Ethernet Forum) • Other stuff: I tried to find who from Windstream is involved with the MEF but I couldn't find a name: •... read more

The sneaky layoffs

I know desperate times call for desperate measures, but aren’t times like this also a period when the company should be more considering towards the employees, as the people that built everything and the people whose lives are being destroyed. One... read more

uniti-windstream-brothers-arms Looks like TT and Ken cannot play nice in the sandbox together. I have a feeling that part of the chapter 11 gets pushed out until the end. WIN doesn't want to lease/own any... read more

time for a Union movement

Know your rights. Often, the management at a business will try to discourage employees from forming a union, as union workers usually get higher pay and better working conditions than non-union workers. It's important to know your legal rights when... read more

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