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Run for your life

Run run run the cannonball hit the side of the ship today,throw the life boats out this baby is going down.


Any updates on the BTAC layoff March 31st? I’ve noticed everytime I call I’m talking to another Indian I can’t understand. I figured they would be outsourced to Prodapt pretty soon. Seems like that’s all that’s answering the phones anymore.
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The ship

There are good people. There is positive intent. People want to win. The root problem is misguided decisions, caused by rapid leadership change and lack of understanding. Operationally windstream can not deliver a good experience. Distraction and... read more

windstream management

the management at our location s---s! they don't show up everyday, they tell you what you want to hear just to get you out of their office. they don't reply to emails until they have to. the bad employees are causing good employees to quit. but... read more

Latest BS Call

Congrats! Your slave labor made the shareholders an extra three cents this Q!

It's time

Have been reading these posts for about a year now and have to say that I can feel your frustration and it is well deserved. We all set out on a career journey, hoping to land at a company that has great growth potential and character. In the case of... read more


Are there any openings for VP’s? I need a raise!

Why are the C-Level Exes Lie

Do you honestly think the employees, past or present are so stupid as not to see that executives are starting threads on here. If you are on any hands on call or read Stream, then you know. This is the level that they will sink to. They say it's not... read more

I hate what this company has turned into

I used to love working here. Now every day one of the first things I do is check this page to see if there were any new rumors of possible layoffs. How sad is that? Working with no job security is neither good for the employees nor the employer (I... read more

Fear Run Amok for Windstream

Beyond SavingBeyond Saving Uniti And Windstream: Fear Run Amok Mar. 7, 2018 10:13 AM•UNIT Summary UNIT and WIN remain under significant downwards pressures. Both reported decent Q4 numbers. While there are real risks, the market appears to be... read more

C-Suite Salaries

Just in case anyone was wondering... The data is as of 2016, but it has not changed that much since then.

Use your Optional holidays

I voluntarily resigned from the company. HR told me that I would receive a prorated vacation pay on my last check (total vacation time divided by 12, multiplied by number of months completed for the year minus number of days used). For me it was... read more

When’s the next layoff

Figured it’s getting that time of the month again especially after a loss like they had the 4th quarter,has anybody heard anything


I just watched a friend get fired and 30 seconds later his badge and access was inactive. He couldn't log in, get in the building etc. I know you're thinking "idiot he was fired, of course they killed his access"; his lastday isn't until the 13th. Be... read more

Stay or leave?

I've talked to several people around the various areas of the company. Some are staying in hopes of getting the package or for some other reason. Others are actively looking around for other job opportunities. I already decided to leave this company... read more

Stream Post Scrubbing

Looks like the Stream admins are doing some spring cleaning. The NHRA post is missing a lot of comments.


Ran into an existing Windstream employee...told me things since I left this company in November have gotten glad I decided to leave! Their latest and greatest initiative (lunar) is pretty much set up for failure...they cut the due dates... read more

Voluntary layoffs?

Anybody knows if Windstream ever offers voluntary layoffs? Like many here, I'm tired of having no job security and I'm more than willing to move on, but I'm too scared to do it without some safety net - which would be provided by a severance package... read more

Lay Off tomorrow??

So my mgr has been behind closed doors for the last 2 weeks,, which is what she cowardly does when a layoff approaches. Will there be a layoff tomorrow 3/1???

Too much IQ, not enough wisdom...

There's some folks on Stream that want to be fired and call it retaliation. Convinced of this. It's hard to wrap your head around I know, but marketing/advertising matter even when your stock has tanked. Every aspect of a business doesn't grind to a... read more

its quiet

Have the peasant cattle of Windstream settled down and the fear subsided? While they continue to work their mediocre, dismal, underpaid jobs lol?

Why Windstream has failed.

In order to understand the chain of events that have caused Windstream’s current predicament, one must address the recent history of the company; specifically years 2010-2011. In 2009, Windstream was a relatively healthy company with roughly 7.7b in... read more

2 weeks notice with Windstream

Anyone who has left Windstream and still had remaining PTO and Optional holiday along with Sick Time. Do you get paid for that if you don't use it or do you use it all? Been trying to reach HR about this.

We made the earnings call this morning!

Look, they remembered those of us given the boot on today's earnings call just as expected. My only question is what efficiencies are they taking about because the folks I know that were let go are still sorely needed in their old roles. Also, just... read more

GG Windstream

Laid me off and one of your elite/major customers picked me up. Guess whos about to get the chop now of 30k+ monthly revenue. GG

To COBRA or not to COBRA

So... my lay-off date was 2/1/2018 and I have still not received information to transfer to COBRA. Called insurance, benefits expire the end of this month. Called Mercer who handles COBRA for Windstream who reached out to a benefits counselor. Seems... read more

Rebrandead Windstream

The title says it all Windstream is dead,this is one last ditch effort the stock price will shoot up people meaning investors will sell and then Windstream will announce bankruptcy and be put up for sell the upgrade they have tried to do was with... read more

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