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Positive vibes please

Could we please try to be positive on this site for a change?? Yes we know what happened to Windstream and we know the people who put us in this mess. However, this Doom and gloom is so unnecessary. We get it,Elliott Management is going to come in... —  read more 

It's Political and Money

Yes, ILEC and CLEC can be abandoned for the most part, unless you are a Critical end user (ie, Hospital, 911 services, police or fire). The little people can find another company to provide services for them (ie, Comcast, Frontier, CenturyLink, ATT... —  read more 

It's over if you accept it

The Top 5 got their money. It's a private company now, meaning Elliot can do what is in their best interest to make a profit. They will pay TT out and he will take his luxurious vacations while the hard worker's of Windstream will look for other work... —  read more 

New board of directors

See: Starts on page 5. Most have significant telecom experience. There's one carryover, William LaPerch, from the old board (that's not uncommon – it's helpful to a new board... —  read more 

Doom & Gloom

You people crack us up. My Director (SB) told me that no matter who runs WIN they will still need computers. WIN has a little over 10k Computers within the company. So who ever takes over will always need these computers maintained. SB tells me " I... —  read more 

The Fact Is.

All of these threads are for a reason. Upper Management, if that what you prefer to say they are is not really Management. They didn't manage this company well. The facts are is Elliot will tear it apart and make their money. This is what they are... —  read more 

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Windstream restructuring gets court approval Windstream Holdings' (OTCPK:WINMQ) restructuring plan has been approved in court, and the company now expects to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August as a... —  read more 

Something coming...

I was told by my manager that raised are minimal, if any, promotions are cancelled and if I don’t like it, I need to do what is best for me. I get along with my manager very well and felt this was more of a guiding hand that I better jump ship now... —  read more 

Happy Fathers Day !

Let me offer to TT and HI Voltage Bob a Happy Fathers day ! I am sure your children must be very proud of their fathers accomplishments :)

Everyone is all up in arms.

You all know where this is going, yet you still keep hanging around the place. I left months ago, and yes believe it or not the grass is greener. Focus your energy on you and your family. Stop focusing on Windstream and Elliot. Trust me, their focus... —  read more 

Windstream to go private

What are your thoughts around TT and the gang taking us private? Is this a way to skirt public scrutiny and do what they please? I know he preaches long term value but I don't see that happening. I process more disconnects than installs.

Windstream requesting forgoing DIP monthly payments

Windstream is requesting to augment DIP financing agreement to forgo 21million of payments due each month beginning on July 1st and extended through October 1st. The company has run through 1 billion dollars of cash in 16 months amazing. MASS... —  read more 

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Responding to LR5 Injustices

So the LR5 that denies 95% of the employees raises while hoarding millions for themselves preaches to us about injustice. This from the same people that also tell us that Windstream is not a prison? It would be funny if not so pathetic and sad.

Mailing List Q.

How do I get my name off the Windstream Mailing list? I was let go back in 2017.

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Outsource the LR 5!

How much money would the company save if they outsourced the LR 5? Smart decisions would be made Employee morale would be at an all-time high

I finally get it

Per management losing money every quarter is a Win Win. This is the reason 95% of employees receive annual increases that do not keep up with inflation. Because losing is winning in Senior Management's view. Unless it applies to Senior Managements... —  read more 

RIP Windstream 2006 - 2020

It's been nice knowing you. Every year and every acquisition things have got worse not better. We all know this place isn't a prison, it's also NOT a software powerhouse. I'll sit back on cruise control for the next 2 weeks and collect... —  read more 

Another round of Layoffs today

I think they are trying to do smaller layoffs to not trigger the warn act. More talent lost today. I'll enjoy my last few days here

This is why we are losing customers

I left Windstream 2yrs ago, but worked closely in data centers with alot of enterprise customers as a net texh. Had a customer hit me up on linked in today asking for advice as they have been down hard for 2 days with no updates and has been on hold... —  read more 

Windstream SD-WAN article Enterprises have been embracing SD-WAN and it now has the attention of the cloud ecosystem as well. As more applications move to the edge from the cloud, SD-WAN’s... —  read more 

All Employee Town Hall sessions today

I am surprised no on here has posted yet. We all know it's going to be a dog and pony show from HR and the LR5 filled with softball questions. Anyone going to challenge them and pin them down with difficult questions and answers? Why did we... —  read more 

"Windstream Adding YouTube TV"

This is a good blog post by Doug Dawson, one of the smartest people I know in the rural telco business. He's writing this not so much about Windstream but about the significance of this move to the industry and why he thinks this is a good idea. He... —  read more 

Same old windstream

Haven’t posted a profit in years, Claim to have a world class network and supposedly winning new customers. Additionally claim to be #1 SDWan provider in country, but have no real path out of bankruptcy besides Uniti funneling money back to them... —  read more 

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