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Windstream Loses....shady Windsream

Windstream Loses Legal Case Against Hedge Fund Aurelius, and Now Is Stuck With a Huge Bill Windstream, a communications company, lost its battle against hedge fund Aurelius Capital. A judge ruled that Windstream did breach a bond covenant in 2015... read more


We just pivoted into bankruptcy. Even if we appeal, currently we’re in default

Did Windstream Just Default?

Not sure what's going on but stock is down 40% in after hours trading. Only news big enough to move the stock like that would be default.

Valentine's day... layoff?

Happy Valentine's day here is you a pink slip! A gift you significant other will really enjoy.... That's right folks this is Your every Thursday layoff what's happening thread, brought to you by stomach ulsurs and crippling depression! They have... read more
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St. Valentine's day m---acre

My manager pulled me aside last night and advised that some people were notified on Wednesday and more people would be notified today that their last day is on 3/1. Anyone else in Support or a NOC hear this? We are a week away from announcing the... read more

Windstream Buzzwords and project names

It’s sad every group has thrown in the towel and posts hate messages. Wanted to take an opportunity to lighten everyone’s day and create a post with buzzwords Used at Win. Most sound like a CIA mission. Lots of Pivoting But the herd is trapped... read more

Good news for everyone

Everyone employed at Windstream will be outsourced in the next 12 months including the sales team. Indirect channel is taking over and all other functions will be pushed overseas. If not, bankruptcy is coming for you. If you don’t believe it, jut sit... read more

I call BS

I read these posts and shake my head, and I call BS to them all :) The sky is fallinaseg, the sky is falling says the chicken, or the boy who cries 'wolf'. First off, about me. I sit out of the Twinsburg Ohio building, been here about 4 yrs, give or... read more

The investors woke up when will the rest of us???

People are venting at the destruction of Windstream. No raises...not a prison, more with less, fake leadership. The fact that Directors on up get stock bonuses, managers up get a bonus, more VP's than they know what to do with, Directors with 2 - 4... read more

You all get too excited over nothing

Time and time again I see on this dumb site: "Layoffs coming on (date) tell everyone!! " This "Town Hall" will just be like the others. No Layoffs - No bad news. Just TT bringing up this years goals just like he did in previous Town Halls. You all... read more

WIN Layoffs worsens culture

Sorry, just another rant post. Anyone else feeling their upper management getting very stressed and becoming evil? Are they not expecting a massive decrease in productivity? You just laid of 3 of my coworkers and you want me to be okay with picking... read more

Questions for Tony to Answer at Town Meeting

Lets start a list of questions for TT to answer on the Thursday's Town Meeting call 1 - Will employees receive any adjustments to pay this year or will their compensation continue to lose value? 2 - Was reducing Windstream's Capital market value from... read more

stock is still below $3 a share today

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in TT's office to hear what he has to say about the dismal stock prices. I'm sure that LL will give him a reach around to cheer him up, as he whispers staff reduction in his ear.

Business Sales

We have to give service away to beat Ritter. Ritter is a joke, so what does that tell you. Win the first ckts and never win again. Once you go with Win you don’t come back.

Terrible Company

Windstream is a below average Telecom company barely surviving on the oldest technology. They are lead by the worst management team I have ever seen. They over-work and greatly underpay their employees. Do yourself a favor and leave before you get... read more


Windstream is making all the right moves to transform the business away from the legacy products. The only question is did they pivot in time.

Margin Expansion initiatives

The executive has been trading commodities and has decided it’s now a good time to enter the toilet paper business. They believe they can sell toilet paper with their WE solutions as part of the “over the top solution” because the customer will need... read more

Rochester Layoffs

How many people are "getting let go" in Rochester for taking hot pockets, Doritos, and Nestea without paying?

Engineering loss

Laid off after 19 years. Seems to me the people let go were some of people who had been there a long time and had higher (but still lower than industry standard) salaries. I'm leaving with a unique set of knowledge and skills, specific to the... read more

Relocation assistance

I heard that if you work in the ERC they are offering relocation assistance to Guam and Suriname. Does anyone else have more information on this?

It's continuing today

I heard yesterday they're nowhere near the desired number and that more layoffs are planned throughout the week to get there. Not sure if this is true, I have no idea where the person got their info, but since this is Windstream, I'm leaning more... read more

Layoff based on salary

Many of the layoffs today were based on pay. The senior people with the most knowledge were released. I don’t know how we are going to get by with the people we have here now. Isn’t it illegal to fire people based on pay? Guess we will all have to... read more

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