Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

Quality is declining

I don’t know how the top of this company thinks it’s possible to have a quality product while at the same time requiring to do more with less. That is simply impossible. The quality is significantly declining and this is becoming noticeable... —  read more 

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My coworker is safe

I notice a lot of people saying that nobody is safe here anymore, but that's not true. My coworker who rarely does anything beyond the bare minimum is never worried about his job. He's good friends with our manager's manager (I have my suspicions on... —  read more 

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We can't do more with less

Windstream thinks they can do more with less..all this does is drive the remaining employees into the ground. People are working 60-70 hours a week with on call and after hours already. This last one may cause an exodus of people who were already... —  read more 

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How many?

It seems that the so-called "stealth" layoffs are not so stealth anymore since so many people now know about them. Good. Is there any way to know exactly how many people received their walking papers? I'm trying to figure out how big this round was... —  read more 

401k Match

I am no longer with WS left prior to BK. How are they now matching the 401k? They used to match with WS stock. They did this to save on cash. Pay with stock instead of actual dollars. Look where that went. So are they matching in cash now? —  read more 

More stealth layoffs today

Getting word that the axe has fallen on some of our team. Of course, NOBODY in upper management has the stones to publicly address any of it. Hearing field operations and OSP so far, but it's all through the grapevine.

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Where’s Waldo Train Today

Did Lil T, Mr Bear, 2 times timeshare men, and other deplorables jump on Airstream and head to PTC during omnicron outbreak to try and make business in the Pacific. Shoot they can’t run a network in rural KY why would anyone buy type 2 off net... —  read more 

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Give TT a break

Y'all give TT a break and be gentle. He has really had it tough and all with Max taking his reading chair. Push mowing that yard has been brutal. He will calm down after his vacation and come back to a world class network. Just keep suffering and... —  read more 


Elliott........when? We are waiting. Too much synergy. A bunch of fluff management doing nothing at both companies. Time to stir the pot! write them..........toot your ho-n because the piped piper is coming... —  read more 

They deserve it

I hope W S gets bought out and employees are treated the same way they treated employees of companies they bought out. I worked NY/Ct/MA area. I worked for a company that was bought by W S. Management (M J) and existing employees (D B) treated us... —  read more 

Getting back on topic

Is there any new information/ rumors about the next round of layoffs? Honestly, I would love to be a layoff target because I have less and less motivation to work in an atmosphere like this. The air is thicker than ever.


It's sad to see so many people live in fear of being laid off. The fact of the matter is you do it day in and day out. When you finally realize the Top 5 is there to fill their pockets then you will realize how little they care. Proven time and time... —  read more 

Don't Ride it out

I know techs that create tickets from the planners to make themselves to look busy. Don't fool yourself, it's a money game. If the company isn't making revenue and they are not then you don't matter. Pride yourself and move on before they tell you... —  read more 

Morale is zero

It has become very difficult to work here, the morale is almost non-existent. Everyone is depressed, everyone is looking for a way out and no one is expecting anything good to happen. I think as far as morale is concerned, the situation has never... —  read more 


I have to say this is one of the better places I've worked..the environment is competitive yet friendly, and we're tearing down elements of it that cost us a lot of money.

Get out while it's good!

Maklet for experienced techs has never been better..get out now! Windstream will have you working nights and weekends because they've laid everyone off. They do not have the manpower to cover what they expect their employees to do. Check out surf... —  read more 

Get out now

Customers are lowest priority..techs who know their networking sh-t being converted to doing simple fiber stuff..hybirid stupid sh-t while support for customers has all but ended. They don't care about customers anymore..they care about taking fiber... —  read more 

I'm waiting

I'm waiting for the "join conference call at 8:00 am. Do not forward this to anyone," email or text. That's the layoff call. Until then I will do just enough to get paid. Not busting my bu-t for this company. I don't care about me, I don't care about... —  read more 

Losing Ground at Windstream

Even workers that got large increases are now losing ground to inflation. Imagine being employed at Windstream and thier COLA standard of 1% or less a year. Winning ??? To leadership, if you will not address this on Townhall meeting then just cancel... —  read more 

Let's go back in time

TT and the top 5 got a 20 million bonus to have a incentive to keep this company running. Now let's move to the present. Where are you today as a employee? Any bonuses for you? Didn't think so.

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