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I love what I do with Windstream. I have a great management team. My supervisor is probably one of the most caring individuals on the face of the planet, and my staff manager is as well. I think that when writing this I am at a point where if they... read more

WIN owes you nothing

From a previous employee such as myself, I find it humorous to see so many of you bashing management, assuming they do nothing but sit there and stare at numbers all day. OBVIOUSLY, you are the ones that know nothing. I would say that most of the... read more

Too close to home?

Must have told too much truth with the previous post about outsourcing. You can delete the post but we all know what's going on you mo--ns

Disconnects in error

How many freaking customers do we need to take out of service before they realize there is god damn huge issue ! My thought for the day !

November 29

Good luck everyone. November 29th is the date when there will be approximately 700 people laid off (not all immediately) 5% reduction.

Can anybody confirm this?

NT/BST's offered a voluntary package today. $50k plus two weeks pay per year of service, up to 12 weeks total and any un-used vacation. So it comes out to roughly $75k for a senior tech to leave. Then eliminating those positions that are vacated... read more

What a disaster!!!

With all that 'talk' from the Little Rock bobble heads about the company doing great, why is the stock still in the toilet? With the adjustments from the reverse split, the stock price not many years ago was over $100 - that's 100 - not $10 - and yet... read more

Rumors of a possible buyout offering

Rumor is co techs will be offered a buyout and that a lot of the bst spots there opening up will be filled by co techs that don’t take a buyout, and co positions will be eliminated, and there’s big news coming this month I believe the date was... read more


Less is more. Synergy. Cook up a team that sings, you got gold.... Weakest link. Shine on you crazy diamond. Upstairs. Downstairs. BREAK THE LOCKS. This team, that? Windstream... You've got gold!

Hard out there

I have great qualifications, and have worked with Windstream for many years. I have a college degree from a good university, and by that I do not mean something like University of Phoenix online. I have applied outside the company, and I have... read more

Windstream Vs. Aurelius ruling??

Shouldn't there have been a ruling by now??? This finished at the end of July, if it was a slam-dunk in WE's favor one would think the judge would have said something by now. This can't be good for WE the longer it takes. Good thing the reverse split... read more

ERC is Training up Mexico's Best Replacements

Well, we had some folks go to Guadalajara and were training up replacements to apparently help with the existing ERC work. Now, we know what’s next – once you train them they take our jobs. I am just saying this to make it apparent and transparent... read more

My $.02

I left Winnstream a little while back. I really liked the vast majority of my coworkers and one common theme as we all wanted to take care of the customers. That being said, the customers hated us. In an attempt to help, I tried calling the NOC a few... read more

Voice NOC

The voice noc was outsourced. Some Ohio folks from that group were carried over for a bit. They were just released from their Windstream duties. Seems a bit cruel, however it's all for the best.

Employee engagement

73% participated in the survey. Some tea drinker on wet stream couldn’t understand how 27% didn’t participate. Why would you. Never any positive change. Use this post to express your views.

People who left

Anyone who left. Out of curiosity where did you get a job at? I was thinking of leaving. You don’t have to give the company name if you do not want to. I have been thinking of putting my resume out there. There are tons of places out there hiring in... read more
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Cox Rumor

Has anyone heard of Cox buying the CLEC and ENT BUs and the ILEC re-merging with Uniti?

What's happening to the customer support groups?

I'm going to keep this as unidentifiable as possible: I work in a group that every single issue ends up getting escalated to. Each week I'm finding that I'm spending more and more time on issues that the customer facing groups should have been able... read more


Has anybody talked to the new help desk? I had to call them last week, and they were not helpful. I waited on the phone for ten minutes, and it took them thirty minutes to solve a problem that was not solved at all. I am homebase, and I was about to... read more

CEO Outsourced!!!!

This probably won't happen anytime soon in any industry because of the 'laws' - but if TT and his VP cronies jobs were all outsourced - wonder how much money the company would save from not paying them their bloated salaries - and how much real work... read more

Loosing more key employees

Key stakeholders have been dropping and I know of more on their way out. Tribal knowledge that can't be replaced. Writing is on the wall.

Clean house!!!!

How long has this CEO and his fellow clueless group of VP's been promising Wall Street that things are 'turning around'? 5 years at least! But yet the board hasn't made any changes, as if they are afraid to think outside of the box. True, there are... read more


Any word of buyouts on Nt,s and Bst,s about that time of year

Odd as odd can be

Supervisors, team leads, and directors are leaving. One in sales left Friday, one left today, and the director’s last day is next week. It seems the supervisors, team leads, and directors know something is going on, but they are keeping quiet on... read more

More info on outsourcing rumors

Apparently all of SMB and ERC (except for the Elite NOC) will be getting outsourced. Transport is getting outsourced to Mexico and Voice to India. I haven't heard about where ERC and SMB Data will be outsourced. I believe ERA is getting outsourced to... read more

Everything seems to be quite now

Just curious why everything seems to calm and quite right now, heard a rumor managers where planning on jumping ship but you guys know how rumors are around here, just wondering what’s up windstreams sleeve on this one, fair warn the managers and not... read more

Am I the only one who has noticed this?

As some have posted below. There are job openings below, and I have applied for them. I have received the normal “after careful consideration” when it should state “dear id--t, drop dead.” What I have seen is that many other supervisors in the... read more

Sound Familiar? I feel sorry for the folks left behind that have to deal with the IT outsourcing deal (NOT the managers). So far, it seems to be a disaster in waiting. Snippet: "When... read more
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No one has posted this in a while

Today I have an interview with another company before I come to work. I am excited and nervous. Part of me feels like I am betraying my current supervisor. Did anybody feel like that? How did you all feel like that when you left? It is with another... read more

Hiring Question

I applied to over 10 jobs with Windstream over the last two months. I received 6 denial emails within 10 minutes this morning right after 6AM. I received two more later in the morning. I have had two interviews; one per HR guidelines and one not... read more

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