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Windstream is making all the right moves to transform the business away from the legacy products. The only question is did they pivot in time.

Margin Expansion initiatives

The executive has been trading commodities and has decided it’s now a good time to enter the toilet paper business. They believe they can sell toilet paper with their WE solutions as part of the “over the top solution” because the customer will need... read more

Rochester Layoffs

How many people are "getting let go" in Rochester for taking hot pockets, Doritos, and Nestea without paying?

Engineering loss

Laid off after 19 years. Seems to me the people let go were some of people who had been there a long time and had higher (but still lower than industry standard) salaries. I'm leaving with a unique set of knowledge and skills, specific to the... read more

Relocation assistance

I heard that if you work in the ERC they are offering relocation assistance to Guam and Suriname. Does anyone else have more information on this?

It's continuing today

I heard yesterday they're nowhere near the desired number and that more layoffs are planned throughout the week to get there. Not sure if this is true, I have no idea where the person got their info, but since this is Windstream, I'm leaning more... read more

Layoff based on salary

Many of the layoffs today were based on pay. The senior people with the most knowledge were released. I don’t know how we are going to get by with the people we have here now. Isn’t it illegal to fire people based on pay? Guess we will all have to... read more


Non-essential services have been outsourced. For some strange reason, HR and the Executives haven't been outsourced, but that will change in a few years. With AI becoming smarter and smarter - soon it will drive our vehicles for us. That same AI will... read more

Anything bu IT affected?

Is it just IT being affected by layoffs today or other departments are being hit as well? I feel bad for folks in IT - I hear numbers of those cut are high - but I'm sitting on pins and needles here, so if somebody could reassure me and say it's IT... read more

Merit Pay Increases

My understanding is that there are no merit increases any more. TT said at a town hall meeting in LR that the only way to get an increase is to promote up or move into a position that will pay more. Good luck!


This last week Nebraska was notified of a force reduction of 8 network techs. Techs with around 45 years would get $160,000+

More layoff rumors

I heard managers recently had to rate all of their subordinates to prepare the field for potential layoffs in the first quarter. Anybody knows more about this?

Windstream employee raises in 2019 ??

It has been literally years since the bulk of Windstream employees have received a pay adjustment that at least keeps pace with inflation. What is the plan for 2019? Another 22% increase for the chosen few executives and 0% for all others? There is... read more


Am I the only one that hates this piece of half assed junk program? It’s so convenient to have to scan a modem in/out/in/out or get threatening emails about being coached. Seems something the company wasted a ton of money on and is now forcing down... read more

Question for managers if you can answer.

Okay. How is it determined in groups who gets laid off? I have seen so many good workers get let go while the horrible ones stay on. Do they put names in a hat and draw, or is it manager’s choice? I always was curious.

Layoff rumor.

I know it is hard to say, but has anybody heard any departments that are for sure getting cut? Also, some people are saying the third, and some are saying the tenth. Are these just rumors, or is this a for sure layoff that will happen in the month of... read more

Home garage

Was told the other day that ETA was designed for home garage, amidst its many other downfalls. And we’re not even using it as intended. Why is it that we can’t home garage? I think it would be much more productive.

Union is not coming to Georgia

Technicians in Georgia voted out the union, before the vote windstream offered every CST 8% raise every January. How can Windstream afford to do this, I just dont see it happening, just an excuse to get the union out of here, and it worked

January 10th Speculations

New year new layoffs. Office rumors and rampant speculation has pegged Jan 10th the first pay period of the new year as a layoff day. There is also some rumors bring tossed around about possible reorganization for some groups or that the middle... read more

The blame lies at the top

Hard to fathom this inept leadership that the stock has dropped so much over the last 5 years - the stock market until recently was going sky-high and most every stock was posting decent gains - except of course WIN. Not investing in fiber for the... read more

WIN closed at $1.90 share

We have lost over 25% of our value this week. 95% of our value from a year ago. Only one place left to go? What else can we sell off to stay afloat? Are there other fiber assets left to sell off? When does the firesale start?

Its not Tony

I see so many people on here given hell to Tony Thomas, bottom line its not Tonys Fault, the problem is technology is changing and Windstream can not keep up with it, Example, I was a CST, at a customers house complaining about slow speeds, he fed... read more

Repeating The Past Failures

A) WIN is in a lawsuit over sold fiber assets with a long term leaseback B) WIN just sold more fiber assets with long term leaseback No wonder the stock is $2.00 ($0.40 pre split) Note A) Windstream spun off its fiber-optic cable network into a... read more

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