Topics regarding layoffs at West Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at West Corp.

New West Moto

West: The leftovers no one wanted


So what is happening in the Notified organization with conferencing? Is it doing good, fair, poor? What is going on since they changed leadership? Anybody have suggestions or ideas?

Partner Convey

Anyone else reading between the lines with the partner convey message this morning? The runway statement tells the tale. None to worry, the VPs have chosen their MS support team and leaders to retain and others will cruise the runway to a RIF after... —  read more 

A miserable feeling

Some say that the job market is excellent, but my experience with looking for a new job does not confirm that. I feel stuck here. I have been looking for a better job for almost five months. How much effort did you put in until you found a better... —  read more 

Job gone

My job is gone in 4 days due to new system. But have not been told if we transferring to another position. Thoughts? Does Apollo put you in different positions or just lay you off?

Weak leadership

I have no other word to describe people who'll only promote yes-men and yes-women and blacklist or push out anybody who dares go against the grain - even if it's in the better interest of the company. Unless you're willing to kiss the right behinds... —  read more 

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