Topics regarding layoffs at West Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at West Corp.

Stress through the roof

The other day my colleague left and I think it is a terrible loss for West because such an expert will be difficult to replace. He left because he could no longer bear the poor planning done by management. If I resign soon, the main reason will... —  read more 

Going Back To Building

John sent out email saying everyone needs to go back in April with no restrictions at all but also leaving it is up to managers to get the staff back into the buildings. Well, nobody wants to go back to a building John so deal with it. People have... —  read more 

UCaaS Fate

Now that Life and Safety. Notified and traditional audio conferencing are split off, what will happen to the UCaaS product? Focus is on CCPRO (cr-p) , OnSIP (self Service) , and Microsoft partnership . Are they going to dice up the Cisco customer... —  read more 


Rumor around the water cooler is L&S and EC have been sold and about to be cut up … most employees will not move with the new buyers. You have been warned

I don't want to leave my job

I want to love it. I've done it long enough to be very comfortable at it. But I'm tired of worrying about having my job the next day or week all the time. I'm tired of seeing good employees being pushed out while brown-nosers who barely do anything... —  read more 

Town Hall 11/16/21

Too little, too late. You've scaled us back so far, we've lost so much talent, too many employees past burn out ... a committee made of the managers & execs who are making everyone miserable trying to figure out how to award and recognize employees... —  read more 

West is a sh-t show

The company is a complete wreck. Why are you people working there still? You can get a job right now for more money, less grief, work with smart people on interesting problems, and have actual equity. Apply and interview, anything you believe that... —  read more 

Lessor job for more money

Just wanted to try and give a glimmer of hope here. After years of being fed up, I finally decided to look around. Found a lessor position for 25% more pay at a direct competitor. There is nothing worth staying here. Job sucks, pay sucks, benefits... —  read more 

Long Term Lease

Why Intrado signing long term lease for the only building they are in in Omaha when people are leaving, they are laying off people all over the world, groups are getting smaller but asked to do more work. Upper management making crazy demands of the... —  read more 

Go Back To Building

With the ship going under why send us back to buildings when nobody wants to go … supposed to go back Oct but Johnny boy hasn’t sent email yet to say yes or no.

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We touched the rock bottom

I wonder, when did it all go downhill? This was never an ideal company, but employees used to be more valued and more respected. Now this is a joke of a company where only those who have left are happy. I stayed too long and regret not leaving after... —  read more 

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