Topics regarding layoffs at West Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at West Corp.

Long Term Lease

Why Intrado signing long term lease for the only building they are in in Omaha when people are leaving, they are laying off people all over the world, groups are getting smaller but asked to do more work. Upper management making crazy demands of the... —  read more 

Not staying here much longer

There was no single thing that pushed me over the fence of whether I'd be staying or leaving, but more of a compilation of the greatest hits: layoffs, cr---y management, vanishing benefits, and most recently, possible RTO. I don't need that in my... —  read more 

Go Back To Building

With the ship going under why send us back to buildings when nobody wants to go … supposed to go back Oct but Johnny boy hasn’t sent email yet to say yes or no.

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We touched the rock bottom

I wonder, when did it all go downhill? This was never an ideal company, but employees used to be more valued and more respected. Now this is a joke of a company where only those who have left are happy. I stayed too long and regret not leaving after... —  read more 


The whole company is falling apart. The collections team itself is in shambles & they don’t want to address any upper management problems. They continue to sweep things under the rug, they make people cry, they are constantly targeting people & once... —  read more 

All Hands Call

Can anyone share the dial-in info and time for the all hands call? I have been having email issues for several days, and can't access my calendar or inbox. GTS Seems to be in shambles right now I guess due to layoffs and I can't get any help.

Too late to become relevant?

I was laid off but happy I was. West was horrible at adopting to change and heavily constrained where change even came from. Was too conservative for its own good and now they’re finally trying to be relevant but it’s far too late. There are a lot of... —  read more 

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Anyone have regrets?

Is there anyone who has left the company on their own that is happy with their decision? I want to leave but I’m honestly afraid to take the leap. I’m still young enough that I feel I can gain more needed experience working here but at the same time... —  read more 

Ego vs. Ego vs. Ego

I don't know what goes on at Corporate but the ego-driven infighting, within at least the division I'm working, has become indefensible. When we were acquired, our company and the Intrado workforce seemed to be highly engaged and employees willing to... —  read more 

If not HR, then who?

Who can I turn to if I have an issue with a manager that's making my job unbearable? I know HR is not here to help us but the company and I certainly don't want to put an additional target on my back by going to them, but what are my options other... —  read more 

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