Topics regarding layoffs at West Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at West Corp.

All Hands Call

Can anyone share the dial-in info and time for the all hands call? I have been having email issues for several days, and can't access my calendar or inbox. GTS Seems to be in shambles right now I guess due to layoffs and I can't get any help.

Too late to become relevant?

I was laid off but happy I was. West was horrible at adopting to change and heavily constrained where change even came from. Was too conservative for its own good and now they’re finally trying to be relevant but it’s far too late. There are a lot of... —  read more 

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Anyone have regrets?

Is there anyone who has left the company on their own that is happy with their decision? I want to leave but I’m honestly afraid to take the leap. I’m still young enough that I feel I can gain more needed experience working here but at the same time... —  read more 

Ego vs. Ego vs. Ego

I don't know what goes on at Corporate but the ego-driven infighting, within at least the division I'm working, has become indefensible. When we were acquired, our company and the Intrado workforce seemed to be highly engaged and employees willing to... —  read more 

If not HR, then who?

Who can I turn to if I have an issue with a manager that's making my job unbearable? I know HR is not here to help us but the company and I certainly don't want to put an additional target on my back by going to them, but what are my options other... —  read more 


How does your company wish you happy holidays? Christmas bonus perhaps? Nope...not here. How about a layoff just before the holiday season? Nothing better to lift your spirits!

Omaha Headquarters sold

They told us to come get our stuff and leave a box for our new desks because they are remodeling every floor to “keep headquarters in Omaha” the reality is they have 2 bids on both buildings and Intrado headquarters is moving obviously. We will be... —  read more 

Hard to find another job?

Imagine where people’s productivity would be if they worked for a company where they didn’t have to lay awake at night, worried about layoffs all the time. Because they ACTUALLY HAPPEN. They aren’t imaginary. And the company and anyone who knows... —  read more 

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Two months?

Apparently there was a division meeting in L&S recently, and I saw some people confusedly questioning a timeframe of "two months" in conversations after that relating to something discussed in the meeting. What's this all about? Any clues? What... —  read more 

Here we go again

Once again, rumors are starting about a fresh round of layoffs by the end of the year. A coworker heard it from another coworker who heard it from blah blah blah. If people spent half their time and energy focused on their work instead of worrying... —  read more 

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