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Demotions are in the works for Directors>Managers -and- Managers>Individual Contributors to help save jobs. Decisions to be finalized over the next 60 days. The two companies had hoped to complete the deal by the end of the third quarter of this year (Sept. 30), but that's been delayed. CenturyLink now anticipates the Level 3 transaction to close in mid-to-late October 2017 with pro-rated bonuses to be paid out Level 3 employees at that time. Layoffs expected to be low over the coming year as CenturyLink is Primarily Residential Retail while Level 3 thrives in the Global Enterprise sector. Enterprise businesses expect an increase in poor customer experience due to failed integrations on both sides acquiring companies- Customers expect 1 provider through L3 or CL can actually receive up to 7 or more physical networks from previous acquired companies, resulting in a very high risk in delayed installations and service issues. Employees shouldn't be as concerned on layoffs because of this acquisition as they should more concerned with fewer and fewer companies renewing contacts and purchasing new services. Over the next 2 years, retention bonuses are highly anticipated for top performers to endure the nightmare of a very messy integration over the next 18 months.

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